15 Hot X-Men Who Would Make The Worst Girlfriends Ever

The X-Men franchise has been extremely successful and for good reason. It’s expansive, with almost too many characters to keep track of. While Wolverine, Professor X and Magneto may be the most well-k

The X-Men franchise has been extremely successful and for good reason. It’s expansive, with almost too many characters to keep track of. While Wolverine, Professor X and Magneto may be the most well-known X-Men, the universe has quite a few interesting and endearing female mutants. While you may fall in love with a few of these characters, we're here to warn you that some of the most lovable female X-Men would make awful girlfriends.

Having a girlfriend with superpowers seems cool. At first. When you truly sit down and think about the ramifications of dating someone who has superhuman powers, you realize that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Of course, some of these mutant powers are worse than others. For example, you wouldn’t want a girlfriend who could literally read your mind. The fact that she knows all your desires and needs is nice, as she can make you a drink after a long day of work, before you even ask for it. However, the fact that she’d know every single time you were lying is rough. We’re not promoting lying to your girlfriend, but sometimes a little white lie doesn’t hurt anyone. Little white lies would not work when dating someone with telepathy. You'd simply have to tell her that you don't like her haircut - and that example is small scale. Heaven forbid you have something to really lie about.

Below are 15 powerful X-Men that would make the worst girlfriends ever. Of course, they’re fictional so you’ll probably never be in the position to actually date them, but you get the point.


When Olivia Munn is cast as a mutant, it gets your attention. Olivia Munn is smokin’ hot so we can all assume that Psylocke would be just as hot if she was a real person, right? The character was also portrayed by the beautiful Mei Ling Melançon in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. We’ll stop talking about how she looks right after we mention her outfit. We mean, seriously.

So, obviously she’s attractive. The character was even a model before developing her powers of telekinesis. Unfortunately, her body did not have strength equal to her mind. This was fixed through a body swap with Kwannon, a badass ninja. After this she would share a mind and memories with Kwannon, this is until Kwannon died of the Legacy Virus. As if dating someone who has the memories and personalities of two women wouldn’t be complicated enough, Psylocke has telepathy, meaning she can read your mind. While she’s not the strongest telepath in the X-Men universe, it’s still not a power you would not desire in a girlfriend. You think a girl is hot? Well, she knows. You cheated on her? Yep, she knows that too.

Also, Psylocke is not opposed to killing her enemies. If she were to read something in your mind that she didn't like, you could be in some serious trouble.

13 Polaris


Polaris may seem like your average mutant, but she is so much more. She has the power of magnetism, much like Magneto. That's not her only connection to Magneto. After long speculation that Magneto is her father, it was finally confirmed in 2003’s Uncanny X-Men #431. Picking her up for a date would be the most intimidating thing in the world. Just imagine making small talk with Magneto. Oh, and if you were a mere human courting his mutant daughter, forget about. You’d never win the approval of Magneto. End of story.

On top of the whole dad factor, Polaris also struggles with mental health issues. This would typically be a storm you could weather with a loved one but a mutant with mental health issues could be very dangerous. Sure, you may be into having a girlfriend who can control metal and fly, but Polaris comes with a lot of baggage.

12 Domino


Domino was just a woman, until she became part of a government program trying to create the perfect weapon. Every other test subject but Domino had died. It’s this particular luck that's her power.

This power is a telekinetic power that allows her to flip the odds in her favor, meaning that in battle she’ll have good luck while her opponent will have bad luck. It’s more of a subconscious ability that relies on her own actions to work. If she was standing in front of a firing squad, she’d be dead if she didn’t move. If she did move, however, the odds of her avoiding every single bullet would be high because of this telekinetic power.

Considering that Deadpool was even infatuated with Domino, it’s safe to say that she’s pretty lovable. However, dating a mutant with subconscious abilities would be difficult, as she doesn't necessarily control them. Plus, if you ever broke up with her, you’d find yourself having some pretty bad luck.

11 Mystique


The ever-fascinating Mystique has been played by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn. While the most recent films have made her into something of an antihero, the comics usually display her as a supervillain and foe of the X-Men. That being said, Mystique’s ability to look like whoever she’d like is pretty cool. You could be dating the blue Mystique one minute, Megan Fox the next minute, and Kate Upton the following minute. The possibilities would be endless. However, it’s not as harmless as it would seem.

Mystique could test your faithfulness whenever she wanted. If a hot girl approached you at a bar, it could be a genuine hottie trying to strike up some conversation or it could be Mystique testing you. Imagine living your life on the edge like that! Oh, Mystique also appears to be ageless and has even mentioned that she’s over 100 years old. Obviously, that could be an issue. When you’re 85, she’ll still look the exactly same. When you're dead, she'll probably still look the same.

Jennifer Lawrence may be very attractive, but dating Mystique would be a total nightmare of anxiety.

10 Moonstar


Moonstar is the beautiful, Native American mutant who was born in Boulder, Colorado. While Moonstar has telepathy abilities, she doesn’t seem to have the ability to read minds, which is a plus in the girlfriend department. Trust us, you don’t want a girlfriend who can actually read your mind whenever she wants.

Instead, Moonstar can create illusions of people’s hopes or fears, which means you should keep your distance relationship-wise. If you’re on her good side, perhaps she’ll charm you with an illusion of your hopes and dreams. If you break her heart, though, you’ll probably be plagued by illusions of your worst fears. Not very desirable.

She also has an ability to sense someone’s impending death. You wouldn’t want a girlfriend who could tell you how and when you’d die, would you?

9 Blink


Blink made her film debut in X-Men: Days of Future Past. She’s the mutant who can, well, blink away from the Sentinels. Her ability to teleport herself and groups of people proved to be a great skill in the battle against the Sentinels. While she can transport herself and others, she can also only transport part of an object in order to deconstruct a threat. She also uses her ability to make bullets or other projectiles disappear.

This doesn’t seems like such a terrible mutant person to date, but just think about breaking up with her. It may be cool that she can teleport you two to Italy for the best pasta dinner of your life, but the break up could reveal a new side of the teleportation. If you’ve ever had an ex-girlfriend who you felt like you couldn’t get away from, Blink will take this to a whole new level. You’ll never be able to get rid of her. It would be the most extreme case of having a crazy ex-girlfriend.

8 Pixie


Let’s get the obvious out of the way: Pixie is adorable. She looks like a mutant Tinkerbell. This is because she’s actually a human mutant and faerie hybrid. Her beautiful wings allow her to fly and she has pixie dust, which causes hallucinations.

Besides her faerie abilities, she also gained the ability to use magic, which she mostly uses for teleportation. The teleportation and wings create the same issue we pointed out with Blink. You won’t be able to avoid her, even if you try. The pixie dust hallucination is a problem we explored with Moonstar and her illusions. Besides these obvious issues, Pixie’s father just so happens to be Mastermind, a supervillain who founded the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. While Pixie has always been on the side of good and allied with the X-Men, the fact that her father is a supervillain is definitely something to keep in mind.

7 Marrow


To be completely honest, Marrow’s ability is a little sickening. Her bones can grow out of her skin and be used as weapons. Like, she can literally grow a bone out of her body and use it as a knife. It’s similar to Wolverine’s retractable claws, but it's everywhere in her body. Picture this, if you will: The lights are low and things are getting steamy with Marrow. Your two bodies are pressed against each other and BAM, Marrow grows a new bone right through you. You wouldn’t even see it coming. This would be a possibility if you were dating Marrow.

Marrow isn’t generally evil but if you wronged her, who knows what she could do with those bones of hers. The fact that the closer you are to her makes her more dangerous is something to think about. Typically, you don't want to be scared to cuddle your girlfriend.

6 Emma Frost


It pains us to include Emma Frost on this list because she’s so hot. Just look at the above photo of January Jones’ portrayal of the character. Obviously, you want to date her, but you really shouldn't. The cons outweigh the pros by a long shot.

The first alarming issue is that she isn’t necessarily a good guy. She begins as a supervillain and a foe of the X-Men, only to later become a superhero and important member of the X-Men. The fact that characters can evolve from supervillains into heroes, or vice-versa, is something that makes the X-Men universe so interesting. Back to hottie Emma Frost, though.

With telepathic abilities like mind control, memory alteration and astral projection, you’d be in for a world of mind games if you were dating her. Those abilities are so much more than just the reading of one’s thoughts. She can change your memories and control your mind! Also, her abilities don’t just stop at telepathy. She has superhuman strength and can shift into a solid diamond.

The fact that she isn’t afraid to use her sexuality is what sets her over the top. Hooking up with Emma Frost would end up being one of the worst decisions of your life, even if she's a knock out.


Being that Kitty Pryde was the youngest person to join X-Men, she’s had some time to develop her powers and skills. Her specific power is that she has intangibility, meaning she can move through matter like walls and whatnot. Basically, she's ghost-like in the sense of walking in and out of rooms without using the door. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, her powers went one step farther with a new ability to time travel as well as send people back in time.

Her powers aren't really the reason she makes this list, though dating someone who could sneak up on you all the time would be spooky. The real reason that dating Kitty Pryde would be difficult is that you’d have to compete with Star-Lord… y’know Chris Pratt’s character in Guardians of the Galaxy. The pair’s relationship has blossomed to the point where Star-Lord popped the questions and Kitty Pryde said yes. Duh, who would turn down Chris Pratt, err, we mean Star-Lord? Competing with Chris Pratt is rough. He’s adorable, humble and have you seen his body these days? The dude is ripped.

5 Jubilee


Lana Condor played the character of Jubilee in X-Men: Apocalypse and she was totally adorable as the very '80s mutant. Unfortunately, we weren't shown too much of her in the film. Her role was, more or less, a cameo.

Before becoming depowered, her mutant powers were that she could evade telepaths and charge objects to become explosives. There powers aren’t necessarily enough to put her in the ‘bad girlfriend’ category, though the fact that she could make a bomb with her own two hands is something to consider. However, her story gets really weird.

At one point she is turned into a vampire. Yep, we’re talking full-blown Buffy the Vampire Slayer vampire. So, that’s the issue here. Dating a vampire comes with its own complications, like the fact that they feed off blood.

4 Rogue


Here’s the thing about Rogue – she doesn’t have the best handle on her abilities, which are pretty powerful. If you're dating a mutant, you want them to be in full control. Otherwise, you could end up an accidental victim.

Rogue can absorb the memories, strength and the powers of anyone she touches. Anyone she touches! That makes things, err, difficult to say the least. Because of her ability, Rogue often considers her ability a curse. She does get a handle on it later, but we still wouldn't chance it with Rogue.

The transfer of ability or memory isn’t usually permanent. However, if Rogue holds on for an extended period of time, she can kill her victim. If you were interested in Rogue, despite the obstacle of touching, you’d have to duke it out with Gambit, who is often her love interest. Though one of his abilities is that he’s a skilled card thrower, there’s much more behind it than that, so he’d prove to be a formidable opponent.

3 X-23


X-23 is the female clone daughter of Wolverine. She might be hot but she’s Wolverine’s daughter. As if dating Magneto’s daughter wasn’t intimidating enough, imagine dating Wolverine’s daughter. We may love the character in the films but shaking Wolverine’s hand would be terrifying. Claws come out of those hands! Though, if you were dating X-23, you’d have to be used to claws, as she also has adamantium-coated retractable claws.

If none of this scares you away, the fact that she was created to be a killing machine and worked as an assassin for quite a few years should finally send you in the other direction. Break her heart and she wouldn’t think twice about offing you – that’s if Wolverine hasn’t gotten to you first.

2 Scarlet Witch


While Scarlet Witch appears in the Avengers films, she was initially a mutant and made her first appearance in The X-Men #4 (1964). Scarlet Witch’s abilities include probability manipulation (much like Domino’s power), reality warping and chaos magic. Basically, she can screw with your mind, much more so than your typical girl.

Sure, her abilities are worrisome but her relationships are even more so concerning. Until 2014, it had been believed that Magneto was her father. Yep, another one of Magneto’s daughters. They should consider doing a Meet the Parents with Magneto in Robert De Niro’s role. In 2014, it was revealed that she was actually only lead to believe that Magneto is her father. Since she's not his biological daughter, Magneto may be a little more lax. You'd still have to deal with her twin brother - Quicksilver. If you broke his sister’s heart, Quicksilver would get revenge in, quite literally, the blink of an eye.

1 Jean Grey


Jean Grey may be the hottest redheaded mutant in the X-men universe, but she is also one of the most dangerous. Her powers include telepathy and telekinesis, but that's not nearly the extant of her powers. As Phoenix, she also has cosmic abilities like reality warping, space and time control, and life control. Yes, you read that correctly – she can control reality, space, time and life force. She is powerful AF.

While her ability to read your mind is certainly a downfall, it is not the only one. She’s basically a god. In fact, in X-Men: Apocalypse, her character was portrayed by Sansa Stark (sorry, we mean Sophie Turner) and was able to take down Apocalypse. He was portrayed to be the all-powerful first mutant and Jean Grey took him down. In other words, if you pissed her off, she could snap you like a twig.

Besides the fact that she is super powerful, she also already has her hands full with suitors. She’s married to Cyclops. Wolverine has been harboring unrequited love for her for just about ever. While the powerful beauty may seem seductive, Jean Grey would eat you alive.


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