15 Hot Women Who Have Dominated Cristiano Ronaldo

In North America, the sport Cristiano Ronaldo plays is called soccer while most of the world calls it football. No matter what you know the sport as, however, one thing is clear, he is one of the most famous athletes in the league due to the many accolades he has earned during his time playing. A former FIFA World Player of the Year who has won a long list of other awards over his illustrious career, his skills on the field are a major portion of his claim to fame. On the other hand, his looks have also earned this team captain a great deal of attention including working as a model and fashion designer due to people wanting to look a little bit like him.

Also very well known for his ability to bed some of the most beautiful women in the world, Cristiano is well-known for his love of dating some of the most desired models alive. We guess that landing famous beauties gets a whole lot easier when you are world famous and look great but the sheer quantity of gorgeous gals by his side is extremely impressive. Considering how many hours he must spend playing and practicing, the fact that he has enough time to spend with everyone you’ll see listed here, let alone the ones we left off, is awe-inspiring. We guess it is perfect evidence of the fact that the man’s life is dominated by his lust for women considering he seems to be the very definition of a serial dater. Coming to that realization is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen hot women who have dominated Cristiano Ronaldo.

In order for a woman to be considered for inclusion here, they first and foremost need to have been reported as being romantically involved with the famous athlete. It doesn’t matter how long they were together as long as there is something pointing to at least a dalliance or even a single event. We can’t say with one hundred percent certainty that is always the case, as we don’t know any of the people involved personally but in every case, there are good reasons to believe they belong here. Next, they need to be a woman that is attractive to the eye and while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, these ladies will likely be considered hot by almost everyone.

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15 Alice Goodwin

Via Pinterest.com

An English glamour model, Alice Goodwin is said to have been discovered while sunbathing on a Bournemouth beach by talent scouts and looking at her it is clear what probably caught their eye. Going on to appear in the pages of The Daily Star, a British newspaper, as well as magazines like Zoo Weekly, Nuts and Maxim, all of which publish photos of attractive women. If that weren’t enough of a reason to know of her, she also appeared on Elite TV, a channel dedicated to beautiful women, daily for quite a while. Attached to Cristiano Ronaldo for a while, even after she married Jermaine Pennant, Alice continued to be referred to as the ex-girlfriend of the man this list is dedicated to even though both had moved on.

14 Maria Sharapova

Via Pinterest.com

Another Russian beauty, Maria and Mr. Ronaldo have a lot in common. Both professional athletes at the top of their sports, they also turned enough heads with their looks to become models in their own right. An Olympic medalist who has won the “career grand slam”, an achievement that means winning all four major tennis championships, it is safe to say that few people can relate to greatness on that level. While neither of them has confirmed or denied a romantic relationship between the two has existed, they have definitely been linked by a number of reports and given everything they share, we are inclined to believe the possibility is extremely possible.

13 Naya

We’re going to have to be delicate with this one. It is clear from the existence of this article alone that a lot of people are obsessed with the love life of Cristiano Ronaldo. As such, the media loves to report on the women he is involved with and were chomping at the bit to find out everything they could about his love life. Evidently, if a woman that goes by Naya is to be believed, she was paid by a media outlet in order to seduce Cristiano, bed him, and reveal the details. While that is an outlandish claim, the fact that tabloids oftentimes seem to have zero morals and the man is known for his weakness for women, it seems quite possible to us. If her stories are true, then she could have easily taken our top slot as she clearly used him, but due to the uncertainty, we’ve opted to place her here.

12 Diana Chavez

Via headshotsla.com

Despite Cristiano’s known love of models, he made an exception when it came to this gorgeous actress. Not exactly a huge star, her resume includes guest shots on shows like CSI: Miami, Us Too, and Hawaii Five-0. We didn’t see her appear on any of those shows but we find it remarkable that she didn’t get more work off of appearing on the latter show, at the very least. We say that because of it taking place in the tropical locale of Hawaii which is bound to have led her character to appear wearing fewer clothes than typical. Since that is probable and she has looked like that, we have to ask, who wouldn’t want to see more of it? Someone who is said to have had a fling with the famous athlete, the fact that she bagged such an admired and desired dude must be a feather in her cap.

11 Luana Belletti

Via Twitter.com

Prior to putting together this list, we had no idea who Luana Belletti was and why her one-time relationship with Cristiano caused a great deal of consternation. Best-known for the men she has been involved with, she is linked to two soccer players who happened to have been rivals at the very top of the sport. First, of course, is the man this list is focused on, but she is also “the sister of Juliano Belletti, a member of English Premier club Chelsea, bitter rivals to Ronaldo’s Manchester United”. Can you imagine waking up to find out that your own sibling is dating the lead figure in a team you oppose to your very core? She must be an iron-willed individual to be able to get away with that. After all, you have to be a strong person to go after what you want no matter the consequences. When you have a man like Cristiano in your crosshairs you need to be an exquisite beauty too, which Luana clearly is which is why we knew she belonged here.

10 Georgina Rodriguez

Via thesun.co.uk

A Spanish woman who used to work as a nanny and bagged Cristiano Ronaldo when he came across her at a VIP event, could it be any clearer that she holds power over the megastar athlete? After all, when he saw her out and about it seems as though he simply had to have her which is a testament to how desirable he found her from the start. Her story is also the perfect example of what it means to become involved with him as suddenly her history gained the interest of many simply due to her being seen on his arm. The Sun’s website even went so far as to take excerpts from words she had written looking for an English host family and detailing the work she was willing to do in return for staying with them. While they’re over there focusing on such a trivial thing, we’ll be happy bowing down to her incredible body and exquisite face.

9 Letizia Filippi

Via listal.com

Letizia Filippi clearly has a lot going for her. Some of which is quite clear on the surface, including her insanely hot body and facial features that seem to be the very picture of perfection. On the other hand, if the stories about her are true, she seems to be a woman that has connections in high places, even if she got them in morally questionable fashion. First off, of course, is the fact that she is linked to one of the most famous footballers alive, you know who, but that isn’t her only famous relationship, at least if the allegations are true. If you didn’t know, she was actually investigated for providing “sex escorts” to Silvio Berlusconi, a man who was once the Prime Minister of Italy. We’re guessing that if she has lived the jet set lifestyle that implies she probably held the upper hand even over someone as sought-after as Cristiano.

8 Rita Pereira

Via flagra.pt

A Portuguese beauty for the ages, Rita Pereira has created quite the career for herself. Starting out as a model, she first began that portion of her career at twenty-two, a far older age than most women in that industry, but she has since gone on to try her hand at several other jobs. A television presenter for shows in her homeland, she has also given acting a go, including on a telenovela called Meu Amor which is the first show of its kind to win an Emmy. In short, she is a jack of all trades and seems to find success at everything she tries. The same seems to hold true for capturing the affections of Cristiano as she is heavily rumored to have had an affair with him while he was involved in a high-profile relationship. For him to have allegedly put his romance with a world famous model on the line to spend time with Rita, it certainly implies that she dominated him, at least on some level.

7 Andressa Urach

Via lifeandstylemag.com

First things first, we want to make it clear that Cristiano has categorically denied that he was ever involved with this model who claims they were together while he was in a long-term relationship. We don’t believe in presuming someone is guilty but considering she is far from the only one to put forward such claims, we’re including her here as there seems to be something to it. A woman that has called herself a “luxury hooker” and has competed in a unique Brazilian beauty pageant called Miss Bum Bum, it seems clear that she exerts her sexuality over others happily. A buxom blonde who is the epitome of curvaceous, her body could easily be referred to as a weapon of mass seduction and it seems like she lorded it over Mr. Ronaldo.

6 Paris Hilton

When putting together this list there was one woman that seemed to be utterly unlike the others Cristiano has been involved with. Somebody who seems to have a type, the vast majority of the women he has been involved with have had bodies to die for, bountiful breasts and bigger butts. On the other end of the spectrum is Paris Hilton, a woman who is certainly attractive but is also stick thin and lacking the curves of the others on this list. Said to have been the one to put an end to the relationship, ostensibly because he was “too feminine”, that proves that it was her that held the power while they were together.

5 Bipasha Basu

Via moviegalleri.net

An Indian actress who is best known for working in her homeland’s Hindi film industry, Bipasha has managed to spread her wings and find acting work in several other languages as well. Someone who has won thirty different major accolades over her career, including Filmfare, Stardust, Zee Cine, and an International Indian Film Academy Awards, in her homeland she is a huge star. Someone who was photographed in an embrace with Cristiano in the past, she has claimed that the photo can’t be taken seriously but from the other things she has said about him, she clearly had his eye. Saying she “felt like a princess”, she revealed he plied her with “so many compliments” and danced with her “throughout the night”. A man who could have almost anyone he wants, we’re impressed that Bipasha, an alluring former model, seems to have inspired him to run game on her all night long and the kiss is enough to include her here.

4 Imogen Thomas

Via sofeminine.co.uk

First proving herself worthy of the attention of us commoners when she won Miss Wales, Imogen cemented herself in the public’s eye by competing Big Brother UK’s seventh series. Creating a modeling career for herself ever since, she is best-known for having a body that is typically more associated with glamour models. Involved with two footballers simultaneously, one of which, Ryan Giggs, led to her being hit with a gag order, the relationship that is freely discussed is her time with Cristiano. Pursued by him, he is supposed to have said she was so excited about him that she was “doing back-flips”. However, through a spokesman, she claimed “she wants him to stop calling her and has no intention of meeting him. She’s ­saying she has never, in her life, met him”. Considering she likes soccer players and he likes women with bodies like her, as well as the fact that several outlets reported on them as a couple, it seems like they were a thing that she ruled.

3 Kim Kardashian

A woman who has made a career out of a “reality” TV empire shared with her family, Kim Kardashian-West has been a mainstay of the tabloids for several years now. Someone who has also had her picture taken enough times that she has turned it into a profession, she may not be your typical model but she could definitely be categorized as one. Currently married to Kanye West, she is the mother of two of his children but she has been linked to other men in the past, including Cristiano. Caught kissing in Spain, they are believed to have shared a romantic dinner and whirlwind romance during a “three-day visit” in Madrid.

2 Irina Shayk

Via laughspark.com

One of the world’s best-known supermodels, Irina Shayk has been seen modeling lingerie, swimsuits and practically every other kind of clothing you can think of. This is because she looks extraordinary no matter the type of covering she has on, and especially when she is without any. The first Russian person featured on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which may just be the most coveted cover in her industry, there seems to be little she could do to stand out more. Involved with Cristiano for five years, she was such a major part of his life that his sister referred to the breakup as “like a death”.

1 Gemma Atkinson

There haven’t been too many women who have turned a career as a glamour model into opportunities in other forms of media, but Gemma was able to do just that. Going on to act in shows like Hollyoaks, and three of its spin-offs, she also played notable roles in both Casualty and Emmerdale, the latter of which she remains a part of to this day. A blonde with a bottom and rack that can’t be missed, to say she is arousing is an understatement. Revealed to have dated the footballer, she would go on to reveal the quaint dates they would have. If you ask us, that certainly makes it seems as though he would jump through old-school hoops to earn her company.

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