15 Hot Women Who Are Married To World Leaders

Every kid dreams of becoming a president when they grow up. It is a very noble dream, to say the least. Presidents have all the power in their hands, and they are responsible for a better life of their nation. Well, at least that's how it is supposed to work in theory. Anyway, it is probably impossible to find a person who is not into having absolute power. That is why all the children want to rule their countries. However, there might be another reason to consider a career in politics, which tops all the wealth and influence that one man can earn. Have you ever seen how hot are the wives of the most influential leaders in the world? There is something about the highly-respected people that attracts beautiful women. And let's be honest; there is hardly any profession in the world that is more respected than being a leader of a whole nation.

So, I would like to introduce you to the hottest first ladies from all over the world. Those women come from completely different cultures, and their political views have nothing in common, but they still share one thing that we all love - they are the most beautiful women that you can ever expect to see. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that 70-year-old presidents are lucky enough to marry smoking hot women in their 30's, but well, that is how the world works. It is too difficult to tell if those marriages are built on love or money or power, but who cares? All that matters is that those women are hot and we sure as hell are happy about it!

15 Mehriban Aliyeva (Azerbaijan)

Mehriban Aliyeva is smoking hot. I can tell from one look at Mehriban that her husband is the luckiest man on earth. Besides that, Mehriban's husband, Ilham Aliyev, also happens to be the president of Azerbaijan. With all due respect, Ilham wouldn't have had a chance with Mehriban if it was not for his title.

However, Mehriban Aliyeva is not only beautiful. She is also smarter than the majority of the world. Apart from being the first lady of Azerbaijan, Mehriban is also the acting vice president (smells like corruption, huh?), the president of Azerbaijani Gymnastics Federation, and a goodwill ambassador for UNESCO and ISESCO. On top of that, she runs her private foundation. That is quite a lot of work to handle for one person. I hope it won't affect Mehriban's beauty.

14 Melania Trump (The United States)

This list would never be complete if Melania were not on it. Yes, the presidency of Donald Trump might be the most controversial thing that has ever happened to the US, but let's not talk about politics today. Love her or hate her, Melania Trump is undoubtedly one of the hottest first ladies ever to walk on the surface of Earth. I even feel sorry for her because she has done nothing wrong to deserve becoming the least-favored first lady in US history.

Of course, the fact that people can see photos of naked Melania all over the internet, which makes the whole situation quite strange, but who are we to judge? I mean, Melania used to be a model, and she never thought that one day she would become the first lady. That is why I totally understand and support Melania Trump. She is a very hot and smart woman. Shaming Melania because her husband became a president is disgraceful.

13 Rania Al Abdullah (Jordan)

First of all, Rania Al Abdullah is not just the first lady; she is the Queen of Jordan. You know what? I would have no problem calling Rania my Queen if I ever got a chance. But let's get back to reality for now. Queen Rania is married to Abdullah II, the rightful King of Jordan since 1999. Yes, Queen Rania has been the most influential and respected lady in Jordan for 18 years already. What fascinates me the most, Rania did a great job being the Queen for so long.

She is extremely popular in Jordan because of her work related to education, health, community empowerment, and cross-cultural dialogue. Rania uses her rank to increase the quality of life of her people. I think I'm in love with Queen Rania. If you are too, you can find her on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram as she is also using social media to spread the goodness.

12 Angelica Rivera (Mexico)

I just love Mexico. It might easily be the greatest country in the world, and beautiful women, like Angelica Rivera, are one of the main reasons. Angelica Rivera is the first lady of Mexico since 2012 when her husband Enrique Peña Nieto became the president. On top of that, Angelica Rivera is the president of the National System for Integral Family Development, organization which helps poor families all over the Mexico. Yes, Angelica is not only a stunning lady, but she is also a very kind woman.

Just look at the picture one more time. It is clear that Angelica Rivera is deeply in love with her husband, and isn't that the most important thing in life? Of course, critics might say that Angelica Rivera is faking it all, and they would have a good foundation to do so. You see, before becoming the first lady of Mexico, Angelica Rivera used to be an actress in telenovelas. On top of that, Angelica was also a singer and model. Is there anything she cannot do?

11 Charlene Wittstock (Monaco)

Forget all the Disney princesses as they have nothing on Charlene Wittstock when it comes to beauty. To be honest, I don't understand why people still want to create fictional princesses if there are real ones, like Charlene, who captivate everyone with their perfect looks. Anyway, Charlene Wittstock is the wife of Prince Albert II, and that makes her one of the key members of the most influential family in Monaco.

Charlene was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in South Africa. What did she do there? Well, she was a professional swimmer and represented South Africa at the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympics. It is quite fascinating to see that one woman can do so much. On top of that, remember that she looks like a princess (pun intended). Actually, Charlene has something that reminds me of Charlize Theron. Maybe it is her name, but it might as well be her gorgeous face.

10 Eva "Evita" Peron (Argentina)

Eva Peron, better known as Evita, was the wife of Juan Perón and the first lady of Argentina from 1946 until her death in 1952. People in Argentina will forever remember Eva Peron as the most beautiful, loving, and passionate woman in history. She left a true legacy behind her. Sadly, Eva Peron died of cancer when she was only 33 years old. It was probably the biggest tragedy in Argentina's history. I know, it is hard to imagine that one person could be so important, but that is what Eva Peron was. Actually, there are no doubts that Eva Peron would have become a president in no time if not her death.

I could talk for days about Eva Peron's beauty and charm, and it would not still be enough. There are simply no words to express her elegance. When I visited Argentina and asked people about the legacy of Eva Peron, I could see in peoples’ eyes how much she meant to them.

9 Carla Bruni (France)


Carla Bruni is a wonderful woman. Not only she is smoking hot and charming, but she is also intelligent and kind. She was the first lady of France from 2008 to 2012 when her husband Nicolas Sarkozy, ran the office. Yes, Carla is no longer the first lady, but it does not make her any less beautiful. She is without a doubt the hottest first lady ever in France and maybe in the whole Europe.

What is Carla doing today? Well, she is a model, singer, songwriter, and actress. Once again, it sounds like quite a lot of things for one person to handle. I don't understand where do all the first ladies get the energy from. So yeah, Carla Bruni is still busy working on her career. And I bet that she has no problems with such a beautiful body. I almost forgot; Carla and Nicolas are the perfect French couple as Carla is much taller and younger than her husband.

8 Marcela Tedeschi (Brazil)

Meet Marcela Tedeschi, the first lady of Brazil. All the first ladies so far on this list were beloved and appreciated for their kind nature by their people. However, we cannot say the same thing about Marcela. With all due respect, she reminds me of a classic gold digger. I mean, her husband, President Michel Temer, is 42 years older than her and it does not look like she is in love with him. However, Michel has a lot of power and money which Marcela uses to satisfy her ego. For example, Marcela Tedeschi demanded $2,000,000 of taxpayers money for the renovation of her private house. It sounds a little bit ignorant, doesn't it?

However, we cannot deny the fact that Marcela Tedeschi is a goddess. I don't know much about President Michel Temer, but I can guarantee you that he has a perfect taste for women. So, while the whole Brazil is hating Marcela, we can relax and appreciate her beauty.

7 Sylvia Bongo (Gabon)

Sylvia Bongo is the wife of Ali Bongo Ondimba, the president of Gabon. They have been married for 28 years already, and she is the first lady of Gabon since 2009. Like many of the first ladies all over the world, Sylvia has created a foundation in her name which works "to improve the plight of vulnerable and disadvantaged people around the world." That only shows us how kind she is, compared to, let's say, Marcela Tedeschi. What fascinates me the most about Sylvia Bongo is the fact that she is not one of those women who earned respect only because of their husbands' titles.

At the age of 25, Sylvia already had her own wealth management firm, Alliance S.A. On top of that; she gained experience working for the biggest real estate company in the country, Gabon Immobilier, where she was responsible for marketing and economic development. So yeah, Sylvia was important way before becoming the first lady.

6 Ri Sol-Ju (North Korea)

Did you think that Kim Jong-un, the infamous dictator of North Korea, would settle for anything less than downright beautiful? Of course, he wouldn't and his wife Ri Sol-Ju is the best proof of that. I could talk a lot about Kim Jong-un and his controversial political views; however, this article is about the steamy wives, remember? Sadly, I don't have much to say about Ri Sol-Ju. I mean, it is probably not even her real name. North Korea's intelligence does it all to hide every single fact of Ri Sol-Ju's life from the people. She only appears in public with her husband. The only thing we know is that Ri Sol-Ju used to be a singer before marrying Kim Jong-un. Yes, their love story is basically La La Land, as Kim saw Ri singing and felt in love. I just hope that Ri felt the same way about Kim Jong-un.

Of course, there are no controversial photos of Ri Sol-Ju posing for GQ or Playboy, so let's continue with our list.

5 Michelle Obama (The United States)

Michelle Obama was the first lady of the US before Melania Trump took over the title. Let's be honest; both women are smoking hot, but Michelle Obama has more charm and manners than Melania. I mean, remember the fact that Melania Trump stole Michelle's speech? That was the funniest thing ever.

Anyway, during her time as the first lady, Michelle Obama became a role model for women all over the world. She made a significant contribution in bringing the awareness of poverty, physical activity, and healthy eating. On top of that, people from all around the world were jealous of the happy family that Michelle and Barack Obama has created. It was obvious from the first day that those two are in love with each other and their kids. And that is an incredibly important thing to show the world nowadays. Oh yeah, Michelle Obama was also gorgeous throughout the whole time as the first lady.

4 Dominique Ouattara (Ivory Coast)

Dominique Ouattara is the first lady of Ivory Coast since 2011. She is currently 61 years old (looks stunning for her age, right?), married to 75-year-old President Alassane Ouattara. From what I read, it looks like they have a very happy family. I mean, who wouldn't be happy, married to such a beautiful woman?

Dominique Ouattara reminds me a lot of the stars from the 70's sitcoms. She has that old school style, and her looks are perfect for playing a mom of five problem children in one of those cliche sitcoms. Jokes aside, Dominique used to be a serious businesswoman. She was CEO of many big real estate companies in her past, but she left the business when her husband became the president. At the moment she is focused on fighting against poverty, inequality, and child trafficking.

3 Queen Jetsun Pema (Bhutan)

Queen Jetsun Pema is the wife of Bhutan's King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck since 2011. She was only 21 years old when she became the Queen of Bhutan. It is quite extraordinary. There are no doubts that she is a gorgeous looking woman. However, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck also fell in love with her kind heart. Before the marriage, he said some lovely things about Jetsun Pema:

"While she is young, she is warm and kind in heart and character. These qualities together with the wisdom that will come with age and experience will make her a great servant to the nation."

That shows us that Queen Jetsun Pema has everything that a woman needs. I mean, the King himself fell in love with her, so she must be special. Let's be honest: if she is at least half as kind in character as she is beautiful, the people of Bhutan must be happy with her.

2 Princess Lalla Salma (Morocco)

Princess Lalla Salma is married to King Mohammed VI, the rightful ruler of Morocco. She has been the princess of Morocco since 2002, and it looks like she has many more years to come. Despite the fact that King Mohammed VI had been involved in many corruption scandals during his reign, the nation still supports him. The nation also loves Princess Lalla Salma, and I completely understand why. She is a classy looking redhead lady with enough charm to make any man fall in love.

Although Princess Lalla kept a low profile ever since she joined the Royal Family of Morocco; she still did a lot to make her country a better place. Lalla actively supports associations which fight against cancer, AIDS, and many other deadly sicknesses. She is a very kind woman, and that also adds to her beauty.

1 Queen Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano (Spain)

Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano was a journalist and news anchor before marrying her husband, King Felipe VI. This fact didn't surprise me at all because it takes only one look at Queen Letizia to understand that there is something special about this woman. She looks stunning, independent, and fierce. She looks like a woman that every man wants to love, but no man can handle.

King Felipe VI is the second husband for Letizia Ortiz. She was married to a writer Alonso Guerrero Pérez in the 90's, but sadly, the marriage was not successful, and the couple divorced. It is not a surprise that people were shocked after they learned that King Felipe VI is going to marry a "casual" divorced woman. That said, Letizia earned her good name in no time. As of today, the couple has two beautiful children. People in Spain love their Royal Family.

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