15 Hot Stars Who Were Ruined By Their "Enhancements"

The limelight is harsh, and not many could easily put up with its intense glare. For those who are forever under the gaze of paparazzi flash bulbs, red carpets and studio lights that ape mini LA Suns, there exist extremely few shadows where movie stars can hide their flaws. Of course, we all have flaws, but the wealthy and famous strive to create an image where blemishes do not exist – no matter what salacious secrets about their personal lives emerge in the press or online.

One of humanity's major, unavoidable flaws that everyone almost universally despises is the fact that we age. Skin cracks, lines appear and sprout like bamboo roots over skin the older we get, teeth yellow and boobs and muscle droop, not to mention hair going grey (or falling out if you are a man). Makeup and flattering lighting, even Photoshop nowadays, can hide some of the signs of ageing, eventually though drastic times call for drastic measures and that is where the wonders of medical science come in.

Many famous people opt to place themselves under the knife to desperately correct the cruelties nature has inflicted on people with its cruel accomplice, time. However, skin is only so elastic, and the maintenance celebrities adopt to keep wrinkles at bay soon have them looking rather feline. Then there are those who go under the knife when there is no need for it: "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Moreover, with the following list of celebrities, their choice of surgical enhancements is now beyond fixing!


15 Jennifer Grey

Remember the girl from Dirty Dancing, who also played the sister in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Perhaps you did not know that she was also in several episodes of Friends? That is because when Jennifer Grey appeared in the major hit 90s sitcom, she looked entirely different from her 80s heyday. Her distinctive look gave Grey an appearance of a girl next door innocence, and of course, starring in the kitsch classic like Dirty Dancing assured her position as being famous, until she had her nose job. The procedure altered her appearance so much that allegedly not even friends or close relatives could recognize her, such a drastic alteration turned Grey from looking unique to just looking generic. A few episodes in Friends as Rachel's friend Mindy aside, her career never again reached the heights that she attained when being lifted by Patrick Swayze.

14 Axl Rose


The Guns N' Roses frontman has always been a tad on the lunatic side. His legendary rifts with former band mates about song ownership rights more or less shot his successful rock career in the foot during the 90s. Despite a natural gift of a singing voice that could reach 5 octaves - which is higher than many opera singers - Rose tried to reform Guns N' Roses with some new members, yet many always believed Slash stole the show. However, at least Slash has the good sense to conceal most of his face under hair and a top hat, meaning that presenting this appearance means he never seems to age. Axl never seems to learn from his mistakes though, getting cheek implants and a facelift that gives him seemingly baby-faced cheeks that look, well, weird and like no "Sweet Child O' Mine" or anyone!

13 Michael Jackson

There are plenty weird rumors surrounding Michael Jackson's life, his bizarre over-fondness of children among them. However, what first got tongues wagging about one of the most successful recording artists of all time was his constantly changing appearance. Belonging to a family of singers and performers from a very young age, Michael stood out as the most gifted even then. Also, there were claims that his father Joe, was overbearing and physically abusive, so that is bound to damage anyone.

After his mega solo career launched with albums like Off the Wall and Thriller - the biggest selling album in history - it was at the time of his third album, Bad that people began to note differences in how Jackson looked. Over the years, his skin grew lighter, which Jackson claimed was due to vitiligo that makes white patches appear on the skin, and the autoimmune condition lupus. Over the years, his appearance became more bizarre, and though he admitted to two rhinoplasty operations, his nose began to crumble towards the end of his life. It may well have been the repeated and unnecessary medical procedures that drove him to reliance on prescription medication that led to his death in 2009.

12 Joan Rivers


The late comedienne was famous for her cutting humor and badass takedowns of Hollywood star's bad fashion choices for the red carpet. She was also known for being a total slave to cosmetic surgery, almost a poster girl for such procedures, in fact. Even so, Joan Rivers had a very self-deprecating sense of humor and never spared herself a roasting for her reliance on going under the knife. At the age of 81, the comedian did not have one wrinkle on her face, and she was quite open about the fact that she had had work, even appearing on the hit TV show, Nip/Tuck as a senior woman who wanted all of her work undone. It was this reliance on surgical enhancements and anti-ageing treatments that proved Joan's undoing, a minor throat operation that should have been straightforward caused her to fail to wake from a medically induced coma.

11 Pete Burns

Pete Burns was a British 80s pop star who seemed to strive for a gender-bending appearance when indulging in medical alterations. His music career was rather unsuccessful, being a one-hit wonder; though, in his later years, he became more known for being a cautionary tale in not taking things too far. His facial surgery went drastically wrong, and Burns needed to spend years getting reconstructive procedures to his face and lips that were severely damaged. Burns allegedly spent over £2 million fixing the errors dodgy enhancements left behind on his face, but even so, much like Joan Rivers, he continued his surgery odyssey. Subjecting the body to so much what is essentially injury intentionally, is bound to have an adverse impact on someone's body and health. Not to mention that by going under the knife so many times always means placing oneself under sedation while being treated, it is little wonder that last year Pete Burns died from heart complications.

10 Tara Reid


Tara Reid hit fame after starring in movies like the rude, gross-out coming-of-age teen romp American Pie. She made a fine living off her looks that may be straight out of many adolescent boy's fantasies. Blonde haired, great body, a body that no doubt induced jealousy in many women too, but typecasting and a wild personal life that included three marriages - two of which Tara denies - and a growing reliance on reality TV to stay known, took its toll. Nothing hampered her career more than opting for a boob job. It must be hard for someone who relies on looks as much as Tara Reid does when gravity takes hold but getting a procedure that suddenly makes them look even worse is a real career epic fail! Reid has admitted that the operation went wrong too.

9 Donatella Versace

The sister of fashionista Gianni Versace, Donatella took the reins of her brother's business after Gianni's murder 20 years ago. The Versace fashion house remains a success, and that is all thanks to Donatella, yet fashion is known for being edgy and getting noticed, especially on the runway. As the face of Versace, Donatella is often in the limelight, and that face itself has drawn plenty of speculation over its appearance. Over the years, the fashionista has indulged apparently in a series of procedures, including facelifts and enhancements to her lips. She appears to indulge in operations more often supermodels don her clothes for a fashion show! Style often works by being understated than ostentatious and having so much work done far from couture, but with fame, blowing up lips and stretching skin is in!


8 Michael Douglas


Michael Douglas' is a story about how the eyes of the paparazzi never shut and how an innocent pic can leak worldwide, revealing something a star may wish hidden. Michael Douglas is Hollywood royalty, son of actor and producer, Kirk Douglas and even though he may possess his dad's longevity - who is 100 - those genes do not, however, contain a fountain of youth. Douglas has battled alleged sex addiction and battled cancer and is married to the beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones and it was a rather afterthought photo from a paparazzo of Douglas leaving a restaurant with Zeta-Jones that sparked speculation that the movie star had had work done. Closer inspection of the image show scars in front of Douglas' ears that looked suspiciously like those left from a face-lift. When you are famous, and your face is Falling Down, by all means, get surgery, but be open because the paparazzi will eventually get full Disclosure!

7 Megan Fox

Megan Fox hit the big time starring in the Transformers movies alongside Hollywood weirdo, Shia LaBeouf. The world immediately took notice of this young and upcoming starlet, most notably for her beauty. With overwhelming natural beauty, Fox seemed to rival the old actresses of Hollywood's golden age, beauties such as Elizabeth Taylor, for example. Megan embodies "if ain't broke, don't fix it" on a much larger scale than Jennifer Grey, taking an unblemished face and, well... keeping it flawless, but also unnatural too.

The star has gone under the knife and recent pictures of her show a distinct difference in facial structure. It was her appearance that caused Fox to part ways with Michael Bay and the Transformers franchise when the director apparently asked her to gain 10 pounds. Later, she likened working with Michael Bay to working with Hitler and mentioned that the Transformers executive producer, Stephen Spielberg had dismissed her, which Spielberg denied. As a devout Christian, Fox claims she still often speaks in tongues at church, but maybe that is all a side effect of the anaesthesia?

6 Renee Zellweger


Zellweger broke through in the hit Tom Cruise movie, Jerry Maguire, where she uttered the now immortal line: "you had me at hello." She continued her success after this critically acclaimed movie by gaining a few pounds and adopting a convincing British accent for the Bridget Jones series of films, followed by the musical Chicago. So Renee is used to altering her appearance for a movie role, but a yo-yo dress size on the scale is reversible, the transformation she undertook in 2014 however, will get the actress saying: "you had me at who are you?" Because like Jennifer Grey mentioned earlier, Renee Zellweger's treatments left her looking unrecognizable, especially after she was out of the public eye for several years before this. It is one thing to alter a nose and smooth away wrinkles, but Zellweger's facial structure seems completely different too.

5 Mickey Rourke

The Oscar-winning actor of The Wrestler has had a rather checkered career that started off well enough. He had some success, especially in the rather racy film, Nine-and-Half-Weeks, but he decided to veer off from cinema in a somewhat odd turn of events that led to him becoming a boxer. Inevitably taking a series of blows to the face altered Rourke's good looks, which led to the actor seeking surgery to right those ring induced wrongs. Although the procedures did not recapture the magic and some botched work left Mickey Rourke looking the worse for wear. However, Rourke made a comeback, starring in Sin City and eventually winning Best Actor for his turn as a washed-up wrestler. For both movies, he played a scarred - more than physically - middle-aged man, so it seems that boxing and botched surgeries paid off for him in that sense.

4 Katie Price


Katie Price began her career at the end of the 90s, appearing topless in the British newspaper, The Sun on their infamous Page 3, under her pseudonym "Jordan." Her "fame" continued when she dated a string of celebrities and top soccer players and continued to bare all for magazines. She has since made a career by appearing in a series of reality TV shows and publishing numerous books, including several autobiographies! Her foray into all of these avenues of media has earned Price an estimated £40 million. However, she is just as well known for being a slave to cosmetic enhancements. Price has undergone many boob jobs that her breasts by now should resemble inflating and deflating balloons. She also had surgery on her lips and buttocks, ensuring that much of her fortune goes on going under the knife, her surgeons must love her!

3 Alicia Douvall

Alicia Douvall is a former British model. As the daughter of a wealthy self-made, British Conservative politician, she suffered from anorexia as a girl, before being expelled from boarding school. Eventually becoming a teen mom, Douvall began modelling and dated a string of famous men, including Sean "Diddy" Combs, Simon Cowell, Mickey Rourke and Dennis Rodman. Perhaps it is the tragedy of her trauma of an eating disorder in early life, combined with a desire to be found attractive that has made Alicia so addicted to cosmetic surgery? The list of her procedures is extensive and include operations on her face, waist, breasts and feet, totalling 400 in all! Her many operations have cost Douvall an estimated £1 million and who knows, she will likely have more in the future too.

2 The Human Ken Doll


Although described as a TV presenter (presenting what exactly is a mystery) by some sources, this does not diminish the fact that most people know him purely from his addiction to altering his body. The man in question is Brazillian-born, 33-year-old Rodrigo Alves, who now dwells in London. Alves is a self-described cosmetic surgery addict and has - so far - spent close to £400,000 on changing his appearance and will go to any lengths to satisfy his urges, even if they are to the detriment of his health. Rodrigo's litany of enhancements number at 150 and include botox, lip fillers and even six-pack implants. Whereas others may pause and wouldn't think twice about a surgery that may damage their health, such a matter is trivial for Alves. He has recently travelled to India to undergo an operation on his eyes, to turn them silver in color, he is risking losing his sight should anything go wrong, but beauty is pain, right?

1 Jocelyn Wildenstein

A New York socialite whose marriage to billionaire, Alec Wildenstein was marked by their extravagant fondness for spending their vast wealth. The pair are also famous for undergoing one of the most expensive and bitter divorces in history, with a rumored $2.5 billion settlement! No less extravagant than Jocelyn's wont to splash the cash is her love of cosmetic enhancements, strangely most of which consisted of committing to surgery in order to make herself look more cat like for her husband! If their marriage was rocky before this, her decision to appear more feline must have used up all nuptial's nine lives! No doubt eager for more money to make herself appear even less human from the divorce settlement, Mrs Wildenstein claimed she needed more than $1 million a month to run her household, because she'd relied on servants so long that she didn't know how to light a stove... MEOW!

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