15 Hot Stars Who Think Underwear Is Outerwear

If you watched the Grammys last Sunday you saw a collection of great outfits, many of which looked more like underwear. Rihanna wore what appeared to be an orange sequinned sports bra, and up-and-coming country star Maren Morris wore a couple of different sheer outfits that could have easily made the runway for Victoria’s Secret. Sure there were a couple normal outfits, like Katy Perry singing her political metaphors while wearing a white pantsuit, but overall the women were dressed very seductively, with plunging necklines and revealing fabrics that used to be reserved for the bedroom. It seems as if lingerie and clothing has become one and the same. And that’s good news for most guys.

So when did this awesome fashion trend begin? Well, back in the Wild West days and then later in Vaudeville acts, women wore barely anything at all, but we can be more specific and modern than that. If we’re going to point fingers, Cher really shocked everybody when she did her “Turn Back Time” video back in 1989. She strutted around onstage, live in concert, at a military base. All she wore was a very thinly meshed lingerie leotard, with a black “V” stretching across her front like black duct tape, strategically connecting the space between her legs and her nipples. She also wore a black leather jacket, open obviously, and her backside was entirely exposed. Then just one year later, in 1990, on her Blonde Ambition Tour, Madonna debuted her infamous pointy cone bra in concert. Since then there have been tons of other examples, from Britney to Beyonce, of wearing only undies while singing.

Somewhere along the line, these underwear outfits transitioned from onstage costumes to acceptable outerwear. Award shows like the Grammys, placed performing artists on the red carpet, and they still dressed radically, and the fashion lines were blurred. Soon actresses followed suit, showing off their hot curves. Then social media stars jumped in and all bets were off. Public lingerie is a thing now, and we couldn’t be happier. Here are the finest examples of times the hot trend went over the top.

15 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is the queen of wearing undies as outerwear lately. It's almost hard to find pics of her without her undies exposed. There are hundreds of pics of her online sporting her intimates across the country. One day, Gaga decided to go to a Mets game wearing a totally unbuttoned Yankees jersey, and some underwear. There are pictures of her flipping off the camera, cheering on her team, and talking to Jerry Seinfeld, who obviously wanted to get a closer look. Gaga's career is on fire right now, so she can wear whatever she wants. Exactly one week after killing it with Trump's favorite songs, "This Land is Your Land", and "Born This Way", at Super Bowl 51, Lady Gaga got up on stage and rocked out with Metallica. For the first verse, Metallica lead singer James Hatfield's mic didn't work, but Gaga didn't even notice. She was too busy shaking her behind and fully embodying the spirit of a rocker chick.

14 Rihanna

Here is another classic example of how blurred the lines of underwear and outerwear have become. This is obviously a slip, which is a silky item that belongs under a dress. You are supposed to wear something on top, Rihanna. I know it’s shiny, pretty and comfortable but that's because the dress that goes over it is likely scratchy or thin and needs a little help underneath. But who are we to correct Rihanna? The woman is a fashion icon. She constantly takes risks like this one, and many of them don’t pay off. But she doesn’t care. That’s how Rihanna rolls. Half of her fashion experiments suck and the other half are incredible. She shows a ton of skin and often prefers transparent fabric to opaque, which is totally fine. One more question, is that a bathrobe? On second thought, maybe Rihanna is just sleepwalking.

13 Miley Cyrus

Miley is actually pretty tame in this one. There are many pictures online that feature her tying to pass off suspenders as outerwear. In this pic she is rocking a pink satin bra. It doesn't matter if you have the matching skirt, Miley. It's still just a fancy bra. Miley is another pop star who cares very little about fashion norms. Ever since her engagement with Liam Hemsworth fell through, Miley totally went off the deep end. She started twerking, swinging nude on wrecking balls, wearing latex, dread lock weaves, and performing favors on plastic inflatable dolls in concert. But then, Liam came back and Miley has calmed down a ton. She must have had her heartbroken and went on a rampage. Everything is back to normal now. There were even rumors that Hemsworth and Miley secretly tied the knot. And more scandalous, that Miley was pregnant. Miley has repeatedly denied such rumors, but they may come true eventually.

12 Bella Hadid

Don't you just love it when your sister gets famous, so then you get famous too? Well, I guess it goes further back then that, since their mom Yolanda, was also famous and the topic of a reality TV show. Regardless, Gigi Hadid pretty much handed the torch to sister Bella, seen here in a sheer top straight out of a Frederick's of Hollywood catalog. Here's a tip: if it's COMPLETELY see-through, you're not supposed to wear it in public. That is bedroom attire, Bella. This woman is a repeat offender too.  There are pictures of her online wearing a white, sheer bustier at a masquerade party with Kendall Jenner. That outfit had zero coat over top and the results were as revealing as it gets. Bella has also appeared completely bare for a French magazine, and TMZ initially broke the news with a hilarious sketch of the photo, since the real photos were under copyright.

11 Kim Kardashian West

The woman in this entry is no surprise. Good old Kim Kardashian West, staying relevant, revealing those massive body parts that nobody gets tired of staring at. In this recent shot of Kim, we can see an obvious lingerie ensemble masquerading as an evening dress. See those high lines off the hips, and deep "V" shaped neckline? Notice how the fabric is sheer at the top, and there appears to be a freaking zipper down the front? That means it's bedroom clothes, Kim. Also known as lingerie. And just because you are carrying a purse, that looks like a plush beanie boo, doesn't make it right. I like laughing at the dude behind her. Not Kanye, the guy with the camera. You know he has the best view of Mrs West. He is probably hitting zoom on that camera right now.

10 Charlotte McKinney

Was there a Carl's Jr. ad in the Super Bowl this year? I have no idea, because I am still reeling from the ad Charlotte McKinney did in 2015. If you google Carl's Jr. and Super Bowl she gets the top ten hits. Her commercial was amazing and hilarious. The setting of a farmers market was perfect. Hiding her intimate body parts with melons? You can't get much funnier than that. Actually, I do know who starred in the latest Carl's Jr. ad. It was a woman named Katherine Webb and she was getting all sweaty munching on a burger with hot sauce and blue cheese. Remember it now? Maybe. But it's still not anywhere near as good as Charlotte's commercial. In this pic Charlotte is wearing what is known as a black teddy, which appears to be a popular underwear as outerwear choice among celebs, as you will see further on down the list. The expression on her face is that of boredom, right? How can you be wearing that in public and be bored? Maybe she's only comfortable in string bikinis.

9 Gigi Hadid

Ok, Gigi Hadid. Nice try, but this is still obviously a bra that's showing. You may try to call it an evening dress. We know you're a model and maybe you're trying on a new designer, but this outfit is not fooling us. Black bras are black bras, Gigi. Especially at an event sponsored by none other than Victoria's Secret. Here is another celebrity who shows off so much skin that it's hard to find her with photos that don't reveal a midriff. Gigi grew up rich, but made a name for herself as a swimsuit model, so she's perfectly comfortable in skimpy outfits. She has been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for several years now, and was named 2015-2016 Vogue Model of the Year. She looks great but didn't do so hot when she spoke on camera, hosting the 2016 American Music Award with Jay Pharoah. Gigi received a lot of criticism after doing a spot-on impression of Melania Trump. Gigi later apologized for the incident on social media, but she shouldn't have. All of the Trumps are roasted weekly on SNL, way worse than that.

8 Kendall Jenner

Just because you put a sheer fabric over-top, it doesn't mean that you're not showcasing your bra as the focal point of the outfit. So we are going to have to classify this as underwear as outerwear. Dressed all in black, Kendall looks like she's going to the funeral for a stripper. Then there's little sis beside her, Kylie Jenner, and her outfit is suspect as well. It that a satin bathrobe? Does a bathrobe count as underwear or outerwear? I suppose it's outerwear, but that's a close call. It's definitely apparel that is supposed to be warn inside the house and not outside. Of course neither of these girls really likes wearing that much clothing at all. They are both constantly shot by the paparazzi, usually wearing a bikini, either lounging at a beach resort or sailing the high seas on a massive yacht. If I had to choose a favorite, I'd have to say Kendall, the least annoying of all the Kardashian Jenner clan. Reason being, she's not as "made up" as many of the other girls, right?

7 Bella Thorne

At first glance this my appear to be workout clothing. After all, the young actress and singer, Bella Thorne, is known to be a gym rat, constantly jogging, spinning, lifting weights or whatever, and the results are dazzling. But if you peel your eyes off of her perfectly trimmed abs for one second, you will notice that she is not wearing a sports bra. I'm no fashion expert here, but sports bras are usually sporty, right? They aren't supposed to be frilly with bows, lace, ribbons and padding, and they're not supposed to lift the breasts either. Actually sports bras do the opposite, flattening the breasts so they don't get in the way while you're running. So what appears to have happened is Bella got warm doing something inside that building behind her, took off the sweatshirt, which is tied around her waist, and commuted back home in just her bra. No complaints here.

6 Kristen Stewart

Just because it's some high wasted 1920s style fancy granny panties, it's still underwear, Kristen. And as we've already covered with Kendall Jenner, a thin mesh of fabric does not make it a dress. You are showcasing your underwear. Why is the mesh there again? Is it for warmth? To hide bad skin? In Kristen's case she should have just gone bare. Her skin is flawless, right? It looks like porcelain. No wonder she was cast as Snow White in Snow White and the Huntsman. Of course that movie may have been her greatest downfall. After having a well-respected relationship going with Robert Pattinson it was the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders who was caught on camera cheating with Stewart. After that fiasco the public sided with Pattinson and Stewart's likability suffered. So, Kristen said forget this, and gave up men altogether. Recently when she hosted SNL, Kristen came out publicly, saying she was, "so gay." She wore another underwear as outerwear outfit for that announcement, this time in black instead of white.

5 Selena Gomez

Looks like Selena Gomez tried to fool us again with the old --this is actually a dress-- trick. Not going to work, Selena. We can see that teddy popping out from underneath and the results are very attractive. We want to see more of the teddy and less of the gown that is draped over top. Selena has been somewhat influential in the fashion world, but nothing nearly as notable as her peers, especially the Hadid sisters, or the Jenner sisters. Of course, most of them are models, and Selena doesn't have the height for that. Standing at 5'5" Selena towers over Ariana Grande, at an even five, but is dwarfed by Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and even Taylor Swift who all stand at 5'10". Last year, Gomez sang during a Victoria's Secrets Fashion Show, and stayed as far away from the models as possible, to cut down on her height contrast.

4 Mariah Carey

This is a black teddy. There is no doubt about it. This is something that Nick Canon saw in the bedroom nine months before the twins were born. Why on earth would you want to wear this out in public? Well, we are dealing with Mariah here, who has been known to do some pretty goofy things in the public eye. Remember TRL, on MTV back in the day? One day, circa 2001, Mariah showed up on the set unannounced, wearing a baggy gray t-shirt and pushing an ice cream cart onstage. She proceeded to take off the gray t-shirt and reveal a VERY skimpy halter top underneath. Always on his toes, the host Carson Daly, quipped, "Mariah Carey is stripping for me, is it my birthday?" And then once he saw what was under the shirt he remarked, "Can we turn the AC down, turn the AC down." Seems like the whole event may have been too exciting for Mariah to handle. That's a classic live TV moment, folks.

3 Rihanna

Okay, Rihanna is a repeat offender. This outfit is obviously a skirt with a bra on top. Some may argue that it is a matching outfit, but no. Wrong answer. That is called a strapless bra, bro, and I don’t care what type of material it is made of. We all know Rihanna is a show-off, but did you also know realize that she is becoming quite the actress? She is due to star in Ocean's Eight, an all female prequel to the George Clooney Ocean's Eleven movies in Vegas. Not only that, the self professed horror buff, will star as Janet Lee's character, aka the woman that gets stabbed in the shower, in the recent Psycho-based A&E drama series, Bates Motel. There is no word yet on how much Rihanna's scene will resemble Lee's, but the high expectations must be met somehow. Rihanna also did a surprisingly good job with voice work in Home, which also starred Jim Parsons and Jennifer Lopez. In the film JLo plays RiRi's mother. Burn!

2 Britney Spears

Ok, ok, this shot was taken a few years back. Back when Britney was in her prime. But the point we are making is that all the rest of the girls on this list, whether they admit it or not, used to idolize Britney. Every move she made in the fashion world was plastered all over MTV, back when MTV was as relevant as she was. Another thing you may notice in her outfit is the fact that it's one of the tamer ones on the list. And that's because it's from years past. As time goes by, more and more clothes seem to come off. These reality stars and social media players keep pushing and pushing and pushing. So what will there be in another ten years? It won't be undies and outerwear-- it may be who's topless and who's completely naked. Well it might take longer than ten years, but we'll be waiting. Remember when people said that someday we would have video-phones? Those days are here, people. You never know.

1 Katy Perry

This is what is known as a red teddy. Just like Mariah Carey's black teddy, but way better. We've all seen Mariah's aging physique a bajillion times, it's still great, but not as good as it used to be. Katy Perry, on the other hand, is still young and relevant. She is a constant tease with all of her outfits. Keeping her audience at attention with just the right amount of skin showing. Like we mentioned in the intro, her latest single is a political jab at the current president, Donald Trump. Katy participated in the Women's March on Washington, and her latest track, "Chained to the Rhythm", is all about encouraging political action. Lyrics like, "Keep sweeping it under the mat/ Thought we could do better than that/ I hope we can," are obviously pointing to the Trump election. And she shows even more conviction in a later verse, "They greed over the people/ They stumbling and fumbling/ And we about to riot." Good for you, Katy. Way to use your voice.

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