15 Hot Stars Who Started Their Careers Playing Daughters

Everybody knows that making a name for yourself in Hollywood is not easy. You have to audition and fail, and audition and fail, and just about when you're ready to quit, that's when you get a break. For an actresses, their first break might mean a commercial, or maybe a one-liner in a TV show. The next break might mean another commercial with a better product. Or maybe it's a TV role that's a little bigger, with more lines this time, practically a conversation. Maybe the character even has a name, and is featured in the credits. The actress keeps auditioning and working, until finally the big break comes along.

A daughter role in a TV sitcom or film is definitely considered a big break. This means you are a featured regular. You are part of a family. Even if the show isn't based on you, your role really matters. You have several lines in each scene you are in, and you do your part to help resolve the conflict.

And for some reason, even when these roles involve young women, Hollywood finds a way to pick out the most gorgeous ladies to play these roles. How do they do it? If the star is young, do they make them bring in pictures of their parents or something? That sounds creepy, but this is Hollywood we're talking about here. It is not anywhere near a moral high ground, and that's why it's so interesting to talk about.

So here are some of today's hottest actresses that began their career, or boosted their career, by playing a daughter role. Some of these women will come as no surprise, while others are classics, and they're all totally awesome.


15 Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has been talked about a ton lately, and that’s simply because she is so hot. And the way she works out and flaunts her body on social media, it seems like she’s not going anywhere any time soon. Bella first made herself known on the Disney sitcom Shake It Up, and we could probably count that as daughter material. But what really qualifies her is when she appeared in Blended, as Adam Sandler’s daughter. That's something about Sandler that you can count on-- he always gets the prettiest women in his movies. This is material for another list all in itself. There’s Brooklyn Decker, Jen Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Salma Hayek and the names go on and on.

14 Kaley Cuoco


Good old Penny, from The Big Bang Theory, has been super hot lately. Ever since her marriage crumbled, she seems to have bounced back and unleashed her sexiness like never before. She was an easy inclusion on this list since she launched her career on 8 Simple Rules, the sitcom that starred John Ritter during his untimely death. Kaley’s mom on the show was played by Hollywood mainstay, Katey Sagal. Katey first made it big as Peg Bundy on Married with Children, and her daughter on that show was Kelly Bundy, aka Christina Applegate. If you think about it, Kaley looks a little bit like Christina, right? Those two should play sisters in a flick. That would be pretty hot. Kaley has been on several TV shows throughout her career, including Ellen, the sitcom Ellen DeGeneres had way before her talk show. Speaking of baring a resemblance, in that show Kaley played Ellen as a young girl in a flashback.

13 Alyssa Milano

You have got to remember Samantha Micelli from the classic 1980s sitcom, Who’s the Boss?. The girl grew up on the show, and she admitted later that the pressures of looking good on TV, while you’re going through the most awkward and hormonal stage of your life was the most difficult thing she had ever done. And this was before the internet. Can you imagine how difficult the pressures are now? Alyssa may not have survived. After Who’s the Boss? wrapped, she did a racy movie called Poison Ivy 2, in 1996. In this film, she appeared quite naked and later regretted it. She tried to get the online images removed during the dawn of the internet, and that obviously did not work. Alyssa has gone on to have a successful career on shows like Charmed and Mistresses. She is also a mother, and avid proponent of the breast feeding movement.

12 Selena Gomez


Selena is such a big star now, but her past follows her around like a shadow. There’s always mention of Bieber, and Disney. Wizards of Waverly Place undoubtedly launched the pop princess’s career, and in it she played daughter to the beautiful Maria Canals-Barrera. It’s rather odd that Selena is such a huge star. If you look at her resume, there’s really not much there. With both her acting and singing career, neither has produced any blockbusters. She has survived on social media, charisma, and hype. She’s a beautiful woman, without a doubt, but she needs to produce something with depth soon, or her star will fade. She tried to do a serious role in Spring Breakers and then again, with James Franco, in In Dubious Battle, but either performance was lackluster. And as far as critics go, she's won 15 Teen Choice Awards, but not even one Grammy nomination.

11 Jennifer Aniston

Jen Aniston has been in the public eye since the mid 90s, when she appeared on the legendary sitcom, Friends. Since then she’s been in tons of movies, and her dating life has also been quite public. What’s not as public, however, is her pre-Friends roles, and one of those was Jeannie Bueller, Ferris’ older sister in the TV version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Aniston’s dad was played by Sam Freed, a no-name actor in comparison to Aniston, as is just about everybody else in the short-run sitcom, which only had 13 episodes. One of the reasons the show failed, besides changing all cast members from the movie, was that Ferris, the inferior TV show, claimed to be the real-life inspiration for the vastly superior film. The TV Ferris even took a chainsaw and cut a cardboard Matthew Broderick in half. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you.

10 Eliza Dushku


Eliza Dushku has been a fan favorite since starring in the science fiction series Dollhouse, and prior to that she starred on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She has appeared in many television shows, but her first major role was on film. She played Dana Tasker on True Lies, who was the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger. True Lies had a massive budget, and if you remember the climax, it was extremely far-fetched. Dushku was being chased by a stereotypically Middle-eastern cliche of a bad guy, and then Arnold showed up to rescue her in a Harrier jet. Dushku and the bad guy end up balancing on the jet for dear life while Arnold drives. The bad guy eventually falls off the plane, thanks to Arnold’s sharp turn, and he lands on its missile, which Arnold promptly shoots into a nearby helicopter full of terrorists. "You're fired," Arnie says. Classic.

9 Nicole Eggert

Once upon a time, back in the early 90s, there was a sitcom called Charles in Charge. The star of the show, Scott Baio, played a nanny who watched three kids, one of whom was the lovely Nicole Eggert. Now, Eggert looks a bit old nowadays, but back then she was as hot as it gets. In 1992, she tried to shed her teeny-bopper sitcom image in a movie called Blown Away, starring Corey Haim and Corey Feldman. Eggert got so naked in this film, in a very intimate scene with Haim. But the film was a total flop, and went straight to video. Her career did manage to recover however, and she appeared on Baywatch, when the show was in its prime, during the Pamela Anderson years. Allegedly, Eggert was jealous of the screen time that Anderson was receiving in the show, so she secretly went out and got a boob job. Then she showed up on the Baywatch set with a giant chest and blew everybody away.


8 Jessica Biel


Jessica Biel seems to be on just about every hot list possible. Although her career hasn’t been as critically acclaimed as she would have liked, she remains in the public eye, largely due to her spectacular body. Biel came onto the scene with 7th Heaven, when she played the daughter of actor, Stephen Collins. The show was a springboard for her, and she tried to screw up the opportunity by posing nearly nude for Gear Magazine when she was only 17 years old. The show dropped her, but brought her back on later, after she somehow managed to redeem her reputation. Then she got naked again in Powder Blue, and her career kind of faltered again. But she is still a wonderful talent and a beauty, and one of our favorites.

7 Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis started out as a daughter on two shows. She played the high schooler Jackie Burkhart, on That '70s Show. Her mom was played by Brooke Shields. Mila also stars as the animated Meg Griffin, daughter of Peter Griffin, on Family Guy. Her relationship with Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane extended beyond the television series when she starred in Ted, the feature film about the teddy bear that comes to life and doesn’t go away. Mila looks beautiful as always in the film, which was a raunchy laugh fest. Mila, who played Mark Wahlberg’s girlfriend, did not come back for the sequel, Ted 2. However, Ted’s girlfriend, played by Jessica Barth, happily returned.

6 Miley Cyrus


If you’re writing a list about Hollywood daughters, then you have to include Miley Cyrus. Cyrus is the only one on this list whose father was actually played by her real life dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Of course, we are referring to the infamous Disney sitcom, Hannah Montana. The sitcom isn’t really that infamous, but it seems a bit jaded, due to the fact that Miley got SO weird there for a while after she had left the show. She was going way over the top with all the twerking and tongue flapping stuff, right? But she seems to be calming down lately. Maybe she grew up and matured, and her love life with Liam Hemsworth is back in line, so that may have helped her attitude as well.

5 Christina Applegate

We’re going to include another old-school character here, who has influenced dozens of TV characters in the past several years. Without Christina Applegate, aka Kelly Bundy, or the entire Bundy family for that matter, the whole television landscape may have changed. Rosanne came out a year after, but its influential in-your-face style would never have gotten the greenlight without Married. Sex couldn’t have been discussed so freely on Friends had it not been for the Bundys. And speaking of Friends, Matt Le Blanc, who played Joey, may not have been discovered had it not been for the 7-episode Married spin-off he starred in called Top Of The Heap. Two and a Half Men, or 2 Broke Girls could never have been so crass without Married. And what would Modern Family be with anybody else but Ed O’Neill? Great job Ed, but as far as we’re concerned, Kelly was the real star.

4 Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland


Speaking of Modern Family, we couldn’t decide which Dunphy daughter to include on this list, so they’re both sharing one entry. Both Ariel Winter and Sarah Hyland are beautiful in very different ways. They are both still in the beginning of their careers as well, and it will be interesting to see who comes out on top. If it is a race between them, then Ariel has obviously not hesitated at all out of the gate, especially when it comes to social media. Her Instagram page is not safe for work, and that’s what most dudes love about her. Sarah is sexy too, but nowhere near as exposed as Ariel. Both are great on Family, but their side projects are way different. Ariel has focused largely on voicing Disney animation, while Sarah has stuck to live action, and will star in the upcoming TV movie remake of Dirty Dancing. She's not playing the lead, Baby, though, that's Abigail Breslin.

3 Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci has that unique look that has kept her popular in Hollywood for decades. What many have forgotten is that she got her start in the Addams Family movies, as the creepy daughter Wednesday. What’s even lesser known is that her onscreen brother Pugsley, is the older brother of Ariel Winter. His name is Jimmy Workman, and if you look at him and little sis side by side, you can see the resemblance. But back to Ricci, here. She has done some of the most provocative and risky characters of all the daughters on this list. Her roles in movies like Prozac NationBlack Snake Moan, and Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas were no joke. Ricci is not afraid to take on the gritty projects, in fact she seems to prefer them.

2 Emmy Rossum


Emmy Rossum has gained quite a following as Fiona, Frank’s daughter on Shameless. If you are one of the three people on the planet who haven’t watched Shameless yet, you’ve got to check it out. The Showtime series in on Netflix now too, so it’s even easier to access. And it's not going away soon-- just renewed for its eighth season. Emmy plays the promiscuous female lead, who likes to drink smoke, and have relations in just about any room of the house. The entire Gallagher family just seems to behave worse and worse, and the predicaments they find themselves in are unreal. Before Emmy played Fiona, she was Christine in the Phantom of the Opera. Seems like she went from class to crass in her roles, and we're not complaining.

1 Megan Fox

We all know Megan Fox, and that is largely due to her role in the Transformer movies. That was when she went from hottie in the background to major film star. She covered the men’s magazines and was in all of the entertainment blogs. Her career has since slowed down a bit, but she is still loved, and widely regarded as one of the most beautiful actresses on the planet. What many don’t realize is that before transformers, she starred on the TV show Hope and Faith, as Sydney, Hope’s oldest daughter. She portrayed the typical sitcom teen, who was boy crazy and kind of a ditz. She didn’t think her mom was very cool, and preferred taking whacky advice from her aunt Faith, played by Kelly Ripa.

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