15 Hot Stars Men And Women Love For Different Reasons

When it comes to female celebrities, women and men tend to look at them a bit differently. Women look up to them as role models. And guys look at them as women they would want to bed.

Of course some women look up to female celebrities as role models and emulate behavior that is trashy, but some other female celebrities are role models in the right way. I am talking about women who stay true to themselves, make their own decisions, both for themselves and the world around them. And of course guys only care about one thing, how hot they are. So basically these women are influencing women in their minds, and guys below the belt.

Some of these women are on this list, because they are charitable and do a lot of work to help others. Some are on this list because they are strong women who own their own business or keep control of their finances. Others are on the list purely because they exemplify, beauty, class and intelligence.

All of them are on the list because they are super hot; because when it comes to guys, most of us don't care about all of that stuff when we look at female celebrities. We just look at the face, as well as the body.

Here are 15 female celebs that guys think are hot, and women think are role models.


15 Mila Kunis

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While a lot of the women on this list are here for being involved in a lot of charities, some of them are on here for just simply being cool. Mila is one of those women. While she is a total knockout, she has always given the vibe of being totally down to Earth. She has managed to seem that way even now that she is married to Ashton Kutcher, who is one of the biggest stars and male sex symbols in the world. Mila is also totally hot, and has been right from when she first started to become a big star on That 70's Show. She also manages to remain modest, despite her sex symbol status. I hate to tell you all that may not know, but when you thought you saw her topless in Forgetting Sarah Marshall it was photoshopped.

14 Jessica Alba

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There is no doubt that Jessica belongs on this list. She has long been considered one of the hottest women around, and one that just about any guy would want on his arm, or anyplace else. She also is a business owner. She owns the Honest Company, which sells non toxic household projects. Not only that but she works with a ton of charities including, Clothes Off Our Back, Habitat for Humanity, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Project HOME, RADD, Revlon Run/Walk for Women, SOS Children Villages, Soles4Souls, and Step up. Alba has long been  an ambassador for the 1Goal movement which works to help educate children in Africa. So basically what I am saying is, she is a good role model. And more importantly she is super hot, too.

13 Beyonce

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While we all know that Beyonce is super hot, and super talented; but how many of us know how much she gives back to the community? Her charity BeyGood does all sorts of positive things including giving supplies to kids at underfunded school districts. The thing about her is she does this for the right reasons, and not to seem cool that she donated more than $7 million to a Houston charity that helps the homeless. She didn't even announce it to the public. Beyonce is one of the stars that manages to be all things to all people. She is someone that women and girls look up to, and that guys just like to look at. Because there is nothing wrong with saying how hot that Beyonce is. She is amazing in pretty much every way.

12 Kate Winslet


Kate Winslet is beauty and class personified. There aren't many other women that could be a more positive role model. First of all, she is truly a great actress. Winslet won an Academy Award as well as many others. But it does not stop there. She is also the founder of the Golden Hat Foundation, about which she says: "It makes me incredibly proud to work on this effort to bring awareness to the plight of people with autism. I believe that all people with autism should be given the opportunity to learn to communicate, receive a suitable academic education and experience social relationships." But once again, there is more to the story. As classy, intelligent and gorgeous Kate is, she has a lot of male fans that don't care about that at all; they just think she is hot.

11 Kristen Wiig

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Kristen is a role model in a way that has nothing to do with being a business owner, or someone who is big into charity. She gets her place on this list for being a smart, funny and intelligent women who does her own thing her way, without being trashy, and has become a big success because of that. Of course there is another thing she has to have going on in her favor to make that list, and that is being hot. While she is not as smoking hot as some others on here, she without a doubt qualifies.  Throughout the years, lots of younger women have looked at Kristen as someone to emulate in their careers, and lots of guys have looked at her and said "I would hit that." And isn't that what this is all about?

10 Zooey Deschanel

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Zooey is without a doubt a role model. She is funny, talented and gives off a vibe that women can look up to. She also started her own business.  Because of the success of her HelloGiggles YouTube channel she founded the website,  which is a entertainment website geared towards women. Zooey also has A.D.D, which makes her a role model to women out there everywhere that are afflicted with that. So there is no doubt she is a big enough role model, but is she hot enough? Oh yeah she is. Zooey is more than hot enough to be a role model and also has guys want her at the same time. You can even find entire lists out there about how hot she is wearing a bikini.

9 Jennifer Lawrence

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There is no doubt that Jennifer belongs on this list as a woman that is hot enough for guys to want to be with. But for a woman as young as she is, she is quite the role model as well. After nude photos of her were leaked  she called the leak a "sex crime" and said  "anybody who looked at those pictures, you're perpetuating a sexual offense and you should cower with shame". She is big into women's rights. She is very open about being pro-choice and is a strong advocate  of Planned Parenthood. She calls herself  a feminist and wrote an essay once in which she came down on what she considers to be the gender pay gap in Hollywood.  Oh yeah, and sorry Jennifer, but you are smoking hot, too.


8 Emma Watson

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So you knew Emma had to be on this list right? Talk about a good role model.  Girls everywhere have seen Emma perform for years, as part of the Harry Potter series.  Watson has long been involved in promoting education for girls even traveling to Zambia and Bangladesh. She even has been appointed a UN Goodwill Ambassador. She even has delivered an address at UN Headquarters for the campaign HeForShe, which calls for men to advocate for gender equality. In that speech she said when she was eight years old, she was called "bossy" while boys were not, and saying  she was "sexualized' by some of the media.  This may be a bad time to say this but Emma is super hot. Sorry Emma.

7 Emma Stone

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Emma Stone is a total smoke show who just happens to be a pretty awesome role model as well.  She is big into a variety of causes, one of which is promoting breast cancer awareness. She  has done so in a Revlon campaign and in other commercials and  from 2012 to 2014, she hosted the Entertainment Industry Foundation's Revlon Run/Walk, which is held to fight women's cancer.  She also is active in promoting teen issues and also ones to deal with autism.  Emma Stone is obviously a celebrity who takes her job as a role model  for women seriously. This is quite impressive, although somewhat  less clear is how seriously she takes her role as eye candy for dudes all over the world. 

6 Taylor Swift

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Is Taylor Swift hot? Oh yeah she is. There is no doubt about that. There is also no doubt about the fact that she is a great role model.  She is the recipient of The Big Help Award for her "dedication to helping others" and "inspiring others through action", and also the Ripple of Hope Award because of her dedication to advocacy at such a young age.  She  also throws her money at causes that she cares about, and it appears that floods are her thing. She gave $100,000 to the Red Cross to help  victims of an Iowa flood. Victims of a  Tennessee flood got $500,000 from Swift, and she donated $1 million to victims of the 2016 Louisiana floods. So if you have a flood you know who to call. Speaking of floods, when I look at Taylor it feels pretty hot in here, or is it just me?

5 Anna Kendrick

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Anna Kendrick is about as big of a role model for women as there could possibly be. She is smart, funny, and gives off that whole vibe that most women want to convey.  She also is involved with charities; Anna is from Portland, Maine and helps a lot in her home town. Kendrick and an anonymous donor will fund a total of 74 requests for project funding this year in Maine schools, said Maya Kriet, a spokesperson for On top of all of this role model thing, Anna has something else going for her. You guessed it, Anna is hot. While most, or at least a lot of, Hollywood stars have a touch of the bimbo about them, Anna does not. She is a truly hot chick who still manages to have most women respect her.

4 Uma Thurman


While Uma Thurman has long been considered a very beautiful woman. At one point she was thought of as one of the very hottest women in the world. If you don't believe me, just ask Quentin Tarantino who has long been a fan of Uma's beauty, as well as her feet. She also has long been a strong role model for women. She is a big supporter of the Democrats, so much so that she has given money to the campaigns of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton She is also a strong advocate for gun control laws, and was a participant in an “End Gun Violence Now” campaign that was put on by Marie Claire.  Uma is a board member for Room to Grow, which is a charity that gives aid to poor families and children.  She also is on the board of the Tibet House, which is an organization that preserves Tibetan culture.

3 Naomi Watts

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Naomi Watts is smoking hot. She first became a big star in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive.  She also is a great role model for women; Watts is a goodwill ambassador for Joint United Nations Programme  on HIV and Aids. On  World AIDS Day 2009, she said: "It has been both unfortunate and unfair for HIV infection to be considered a shameful disease, for people living with HIV to be judged as blameworthy, and for AIDS to be equated with certain death. I have personally seen that dignity and hope have been strongest among those whose lives were changed by HIV." With so many celebrities just concentrating on being cool, rich and famous, it is always cool to see someone work so hard to help others, which is what being a role model is all about. Oh and Naomi, we guys think you are still hot.

2 Kristen Bell

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Kristen Bell is totally gorgeous and one of the best role models a woman could have. She has been open about struggling with depression and anxiety, which lets other girls and women know that they can have the same issues and still have hope. She has also donated to the non profit Sun Cedar.  Bell explained: "I found Sun Cedar because I loved that the cover of their page said, 'nothing will work unless you do.' I definitely believe in charity, but more so I believe in giving people a chance to help themselves because they're not just changing their external circumstance, they're changing their internal situation." Most guys could care absolutely less about any of this of course; they just think she is hot. Of course ladies, they are not going to tell you that, but believe me it is true.

1 Charlize Theron

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Beautiful, classy, a total smoke show, and also a leader in charity work? Yeah you must be talking about Charlize Theron.  She started and runs the The Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project (CTAOP). The goal of the charity is to  support African youth in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  The focus of the charity is mostly based in Charlize's home country of South Africa. She also is a huge supporter of women's rights, same-sex marriage, animal rights, etc. She also has adopted two children. While women are impressed that this beautiful star uses her position to help others, most guys think something entirely different when they think of Charlize and the word "position." Hey it is true. Don't shoot the messenger.


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