15 Hot Star Wars Cosplays You Have To See

It’s well known how Star Wars transformed popular culture as we know it. From movies to TV to just how people took in science, the movies were massive in how they shifted culture. That included sci-fi becoming more accessible and fans loving the figures and merchandising. What is often overlooked is that the movies also helped give birth to what we now know as cosplay. Sure, fans had popped up now and then in costumes but once the movies hit, comic book conventions saw folks coming in costumes. From Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker and more, fans loved to dress up and form groups to have contests and such.

The prequels just added to it with new characters and new ways to dress up. The Expanded Universe of the comics and novels gave even more options as did video games. Now, the new set of films is offering fans more ways to dress up, including in sexy ways. Many ladies enjoy flaunting a variety of outfits, some better than others (too many think a costume can simply be a bikini and a Stormtrooper helmet). But other ladies go full out making these iconic characters look hot and that includes a few who would surprise you. It’s not just fans as even some celebrity ladies have dressed up in ways to wow those watching. There are tons of options but these stand out from the pack, take a look at these 15 sexy Star Wars cosplays and how fans love to give these characters a nice spin.

15 Sith Lady

Jedi are a common sight among Star Wars cosplayers. Fans enjoy showing off as these heroes of the galaxy, in robes and a variety of species while mixing up their looks a bit. But the Sith just make things hotter. The Dark Side has its allure and many ladies enjoy cutting loose majorly for revealing outfits as the Sith embrace their power and no shame in showing off. That their colors tend to be black and/or red adds another touch as those are great for sexy cosplayers majorly.

Popular cosplayer Heather 1337 shows that big-time in this pic. The background of the Death Star window is a genius one to set the mood and the lighting throws the perfect level of shadow on things. The outfit is terrific with black dress and fishnets, dark gloves and pendant throwing more shade on things. The effects are terrific with the red lightsaber in one hand and lightning in the other and the way she gazes up from the hood is the topper. It just goes to show how some ladies look so good being so bad.

14 Classic Leia


The recent passing of Carrie Fisher has only enhanced the power of Leia Organa and how she was an inspiration to countless young women. With cosplayers, the usual choice is the famous “Slave Leia” metal bikini that flaunts plenty of skin. However, some pay tribute to her original look in long white dress and famous bun hairdo. A few flaunt a bit more skin, usually with leg and yet capturing the elegance of Leia. Veteran cosplayer LeeAnna Vamp does her own spin on it with a swimsuit with a white cape over her cleavage. Her legs are flaunted in high boots but still look pretty damn great. The blaster in a hand shows the power of Leia on display and the nice smile the warmth as well. It’s one of many ladies who paid tribute to the beloved Princess and why, even as hot as she could be, Leia also remains one of the greatest icons in all of popular fiction.

13 Adrianne Curry As Imperial Officer


Adrianne Curry is best known for three things: Being the first winner of America’s Next Top Model, being married to Christopher “Peter Brady” Knight with their own reality TV show, and being a complete nutcase. But many find that a great bit as a hot woman who has almost no shame can gain a large following. Curry sure has, still very popular when she hits conventions as she goes all out with costumes. She has, of course, worn the iconic “Slave Leia” metal bikini and looked sensational in it. But this look may actually be hotter.

Imperial officers are known for an intimidating look with their marching and their black uniforms. Leave it to Curry to make it look sexy as hell, the tight latex flaunting her amazing curves and skintight. The top has removable patches to flaunt her cleavage and the detail is terrific in symbols and buckles. The cap on her hair is great as is her smirk. Seeing Curry in this outfit is more than enough to make any fanboy stand at attention.

12 Chewbacca

It’s LeeAnna Vamp again who manages to top Boba with another character you wouldn’t think would lend itself to sexy cosplay. The Wookie has been a loved icon for Star Wars fans ever since the first movie, his gruff manner, some comic elements and his partnership with Han Solo making him a hit. Fans were outraged when a 1999 Expanded Universe novel killed him off, arguing it robbed Star Wars of someone special. Thankfully, when the canon was rewritten with The Force Awakens, Chewie was alive and still working with Han for a new generation.

Given the character is head to toe fur, you’d think ladies would have a hard time cosplaying it. But leave it to Vamp to pull it off. The furry top and shorts show skin yet also capture the character and the thick furry cuffs are a nice touch. The bandolier around her makes it clear who she is and that pout just adds to the fun. Real female Wookies may not be as sexy but this look sure is.

11 Olivia Munn As Leia


Carrie Fisher had no idea the sensation she was creating when she donned the now iconic metal bikini for Return of the Jedi. Over the years, she would regularly joke about how it felt looking in that wild outfit yet it remained an amazing look. Since then, the metal bikini has been a standout at conventions as many a woman has donned it (including, let’s be honest, a few who shouldn’t). Something about it just screams out a great look and if it’s the right mix of metal and cloth on a hot body, it looks utterly stellar.

A few famous ladies have donned the outfit but this one stands out. Before her later fame as an actress, Olivia Munn got her break hosting Attack of the Show and getting into some sexy outfits. For a trip to Comic Con, Munn wore the bikini and was soon attracting such a following that she needed a security escort to get around. Any lady in this outfit looks great but Munn takes Slave Leia to a new level of pure sexiness.

10 Maitland Ward As Vader


Maitland Ward is best known for her role as Rachel on the long-running hit comedy Boy Meets World. Her acting credits since haven’t been as notable. However, Ward has become a hit on social media thanks to postings of herself in hot outfits and quite often flashing skin. The woman has naturally turned to cosplay and gets huge attention in a variety of hot outfits for conventions. A famous one is the “Slave Leia” metal bikini that she pulled off quite nicely. But Ward may have done better by managing to make the most evil character in the series look great.

“Sexy Darth Vader” isn’t an easy thing to imagine. But Ward pulls it off, the black latex dress sensational with the high boots and a nice attitude. She flaunts the iconic Vader helmet and lightsaber and it shows her amazing body off nicely without being too exposing. Usually, the sight of the Dark Lord instills terror but Ward manages to make him look hot as hell.

9 C-3PO And R2-D2


One of the key influences of Star Wars was the Akira Kurosawa film The Hidden Fortress. George Lucas has admitted borrowing a lot from the movie, including the pair of bumbling woodcutters who are pulled into the adventure. He used that to create the two most famous robots in fiction. It’s a classic pairing of the prim and proper C-3PO and the whistling smart R2-D2 and the fact they have appeared in every movie just adds to the popularity. With cosplayers, it can be tricky pulling the looks off (especially the short Artoo) but they try.

Yes, these two ladies don’t do too much in mega outfits or makeup. But there is no denying that those bikinis (which look like they were painted on) are amazing, especially how detailed they are in the robots’ looks. Sometimes less is more and these two ladies prove it with how they make these droids hotter than ever.

8 Ewok

The Ewoks have long been a bone of contention among Star Wars fans. Kids loved them in Return of the Jedi but many felt they were made just for toys and hating how these pack of furballs took down the Empire. Others defend them on the idea of showing how the underdogs could be victorious no matter the odds. The characters have lived on in cartoons and comics and still have an odd base. Usually, you’ll see kids going around as Ewoks in outfits and makeup and some cosplayers don’t mind having them around too much.

Heather 1337 is one of the hottest and most popular cosplayers on the circuit. She always goes all out finding a way to make any character stand out. Yet it’s still amazing how she turned an Ewok into a hot outfit. The furry top and shorts look nice on her, showing her mid-riff and legs off nicely and the brilliant touch of furry ears and orange hood on her blond hair add something alluring. Somehow, Heather turns this hated character into something sexy to make fans reevaluate their opinions majorly.

7 Mara Jade


If there’s one character from the Expanded Universe fans wish would get into the new movies, it’s Mara Jade. She was the breakout of the very first EU novel, Heir to the Empire and its sequels. A feisty red-haired lady, she was the Emperor’s Hand, a Sith-trained special agent whose goal was to kill Luke. However, she ended up aiding him and the New Republic and becoming an agent for them. After years of dancing around, she and Luke finally were married and had a child before her tragic death.

Since that debut, the character is a must for any red-haired lady on the cosplay circuit. This is one of the hotter looks, capturing the younger Mara, when she was still a tough independent agent. The leather and latex mix is terrific and the model is able to pull it off wonderfully. The pose is epic, the red hair flashing and that smirk on her face is the perfect topper. While movie fans hope she somehow makes the jump, for now cosplayers are doing their best to bring Mara to wonderful life.

6 Boba Fett

For a guy who had only a handful of lines and scenes, Boba Fett made a huge impact for fans. The armored bounty hunter stood out in The Empire Strikes Back, just a cool sight and even his frankly lame death in Return of the Jedi couldn’t slow that down. The Expanded Universe revived him for a variety of adventures while the Clone Wars cartoon showed his early beginnings. Thus, Fett has been a huge deal with cosplayers although some ladies manage to put a nice spin on it.

LeeAnna Vamp (which may be the best cosplayer name ever) showcases that with this stunning Fett outfit. It has the nice coloring down for her outfit, capturing the green motif of Fett with Brown trimmings. Of course it also shows plenty of skin with her mid-riff and the stockings on her legs a nice touch. Vamp tops it with a tough look and showing off that famous helmet to make this one bounty hunter you wouldn’t mind having on your tail.

5 Sara Underwood As Padme

Natalie Portman was in between her turns as child star and Oscar-winner when she landed the role of Padme in The Phantom Menace. The first movie had her mostly in incredibly elaborate dresses and makeup and those became popular at conventions. Attack of the Clones had Padme stepping it up a bit, including a white outfit that turned into action garb for the film’s big climax. That was an even better hit with cosplayers (not to mention a hell of a lot easier to dress as) and became a quick sight at conventions.

Leave it to Sara Underwood to give the outfit a sexy spin. The former Playmate had a long run as a host of the popular Attack of the Show that gave her chances to show her sexy side off. This outfit was great, baring her mid-riff and a nice attitude. Underwood used it for a charity car wash where all the other models were dressed in the “Slave Leia” outfits, a fantastic sight. Any lady in Padme’s clothes looks hot but Underwood makes it out of this world.

4 Oola


Her role was brief but very memorable. In Return of the Jedi, Oola is a Twi’lek, a race known for their variety of skin colors and twin tentacles on her head. She’s a dancer in Jabba’s palace, doing a good job but resists his wanting more from her. So fed up, Jabba sends her down to be a meal for the rancor. Even before cosplaying was a huge deal, Oola was a must-see on the circuit and many a hot lady did her best to look great. It’s not that hard overall as most agree the tricky part is how to make those head tentacles work without looking too fake or falling off. Dancers enjoy doing it to show off their real moves and the mesh outfit can be easy to handle. All you need is green paint over the skin and this model manages to achieve that well. Any take on Oola is hot and this showcases how a short-lived character has had a long life with players.

3 Han Solo


For kids in 1977, Han Solo was simply the coolest guy they’d ever seen. Cocky, joking, an ace pilot, good fighter, this smuggler talked a game of being out for himself. But when the chips were down, he ended up saving the day to help the Rebellion. Harrison Ford made the character an icon for the two follow-ups and cheers when he returned to the role for The Force Awakens. The Expanded Universe gave him more to play with, marrying Leia with children and handling various new adventures.

It also made Han one of the first guys to put on the cosplay circuit and in many ways, the easiest. All you need is dark pants, white shirt and cool jacket and you’re set. But several ladies like to do a spin on it with a gender-bended Han to show it works for both genders. This is great with the bare stomach and abs flashing yet still retains the strength of the character. Even a female Solo works well with the character’s fun attitude.

2 Jaina Solo


For nearly two decades, the Expanded Universe kept the Star Wars franchise alive through books and comics. A major character was Jaina Solo, one of the two twins born to Han and Leia. Like her brother Jacen, she grew strong in the Force and was trained as a Jedi. An ace pilot, she aided the New Republic in a brutal interstellar war. The book series hit a climax with Jacen turning to the Dark Side and Jaina had to defeat her twin in a brutal duel.

While the books are no longer considered canon, Jaina continues to be a quite popular figure, especially in cosplay circles. Many go for her X-Wing pilot outfit (often in the act of peeling it off) which looks good. Others, choose a variety of looks she sported over her career as a Jedi. This one is a hot look, from the later books of Jaina taking on Jacen, the tight latex looking great, a flash of sexuality but also the strength that made the character so loved even if she’s no longer official.

1 Darth Talon


In 2008, Dark Horse Comics launched Legacy, a unique Star Wars comic. Set 150 years after the movies, it imagined the Sith Empire rising once more to take on the Republic, led by the deadly Darth Krayt. Opposing them is a ragtag alliance that includes Luke’s reluctant descendent. From the start, one character was an instant fan favorite: Darth Talon. A Twi’lek Sith, the woman was notable for her black and red tattooed skin and her skimpy black uniform. Dark Horse wisely used her in promotional images and that alone got fans interested and wanting to check the comic out.

Even before the first issue hit, ladies were showing up at conventions dressed as Talon. True, the black and red look is a tough one to pull off with so much paint and fake tentacles on her head. But this lady does a great job making it work with the right style and the tight leather over a great body. The book has long since been canceled but Talon has left plenty of a legacy for cosplayers to use for years to come.

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