15 HOT Sirens Both Gay and Straight Men Drool Over

It takes a special kind of woman to be adored by people across the sexuality spectrum. But what is it that makes these women so appealing?

It takes a special kind of woman to be adored by people across the sexuality spectrum. But what is it that makes these women so appealing to both types of the opposite sex? When we think of female gay icons, we typically think of strong, feisty ladies with a good eye for fashion and an outrageous lifestyle – in other words, a diva! Diva’s are notoriously worshipped by the gay community, but they also have something that makes them irresistible to straight guys, and that’s unbelievable sex appeal.

The ladies in this list are powerful with bags of attitude and that’s sexy whichever team you play for. Gay men look up to these sassy babes because most have overcome some kind of adversity and prejudice in their time, only to come out on fighting form. Women and gay men have a lot in common, mainly because both groups have always been marginalized in society. It’s no surprise then that the gay community have such strong admiration and affection towards the Britney’s and Madonna’s of this world.

As well as having fierce personalities, these women are also fiercely hot. From the hourglass curves of Marilyn and Beyoncé to the ‘girl next door’ charms of Selena and Ariana, these women have the ability to make grown men lose their minds. Gay men want to be BFF’s with them and straight men just want to be with them. In a tribute to the hottest divas around, here’s our rundown of 15 ladies that are loved by gay and straight men alike.

15 Beyoncé

Most straight women will admit to having a girl crush on Queen Bee (myself included!), so it’s little wonder that Beyoncé is worshipped equally across the scope of sexuality. From her days with Destiny’s Child singing Independent Women to her solo career as alter-ego Sasha Fierce and beyond, Bey has always reigned supreme in the hearts of gay men (and in the fantasies of straight guys).

With her out-of-this-world curves and honeyed singing voice, Beyoncé makes grown men melt and makes the rest of us want to unleash our inner diva and do the Single Ladies strut at any given moment! Bee’s explosive ‘Lemonade’ album of last year just goes to show that this girl still has it and probably always will. The ultimate sexy diva that women want to be and men want to be with.

14 Britney Spears

When it comes to pop princesses and prejudice, Britney has faced it all and survived. Drugs, depression, heartache – America’s original pop princess has battled her demons under the constant scrutiny of the press and is still standing strong. There aren’t many people who could endure what Britney has and still come out fabulous, which is probably why the gay population hail her as such an inspiration.

Her other support system of course has been a strong following of heterosexual men. Boys and men have watched her evolve from her innocent schoolgirl persona in Hit Me Baby One More Time to a sexy, provocative woman who famously locked lips with Madonna and seduced us all with her sexy dance moves and ‘can’t hold me down’ attitude. We’ll happily be slaves for you, Brit!

13 Mariah Carey

When we think of the word ‘diva’, no name springs to mind more than Mariah Carey. With her big hair, and even bigger voice, Mariah has all the ingredients of a diva superstar and is not afraid to tell it like it is – a trait that has won her a proud place in the hearts of the gay community.

It isn’t just her glamorous image or sassy attitude that has gained Mariah such a diverse fan base. Although she hasn’t actively referenced gay rights in her music, her iconic 90’s ballad Heroes has gradually become an LGBT anthem, since its lyrics talk about finding strength in your darkest hour. Her own troubled childhood and struggles with addiction over the years has also helped this beauty gain the support of the LGBT crowd.

12 Lady Gaga

Since Miss Gaga exploded on to the scene in 2008 with her wild outfits and even wilder attitude, she became an instant hit with the LGBT community. With her power anthems such as Born this Way, Love Game and The Edge of Glory, Gaga inspired a new generation to love whoever you want and live life on your own terms.

As well as being a vocal advocate of gay rights in her music lyrics, Lady G has never shied away from expressing and exploring her own bisexuality in many of her videos – appeasing her straight male fans with steamy girl-on-girl scenes, sexy outfits and fun-loving promiscuity. Nearly all of Gaga’s music videos depict a wild party that gay and straight men alike want to be at!

11 Marilyn Monroe

With her pretty pout, ‘come hither’ fluttering eyelashes and hourglass figure, few can dispute that Marilyn Monroe was and always will be the ultimate sex symbol. But as well as being an iconic beauty, she was also an icon amongst the gay community. On the issue of gay relationships, she expressed that “It’s two human beings. It’s beautiful. Love is beautiful.”

Her appearance in films like the cross-dressing comedy Some Like it Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in particular, cemented her reputation as a blonde bombshell that oozed sex appeal at every turn. But it also gave the world the famous gay anthem ‘Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend’. Madonna would later pay homage to this song in her hit ‘Material Girl’ - helping Marilyn’s legacy live on.

10 Christina Aguilera

Since her innocent days of Genie in a Bottle in 1999, Christina Aguilera has changed her look more times than most of us have changed a tyre. Male jaws were well and truly dropped when she released her steamy video for Dirrty back in 2002 - leaving her wholesome, family-friendly image behind in favour of something that could almost pass for soft porn!

Throughout her career, Aguilera has always managed to balance her raunchier side with plenty of beautiful love songs and power ballads - owing to her incredible vocal range. One ballad in particular helped propel her to iconic status in the eyes of the gay community – her 2002 hit Beautiful. The video featured gay couples being out and proud and it didn’t take long for the song to become an anthem for acceptance.

9 Katy Perry

She kissed a girl and liked it – a teasing confession that is guaranteed to get many men hot under the collar. When Katy Perry and her classic ‘pin-up’ good looks burst onto the pop scene in 2008, men of all sexual persuasions could scarcely believe their luck. Perry’s fun pop hits and colourful dress sense made her an overnight hit with the gay community, whilst her porcelain skin and ample chest have made her pretty popular with straight guys too.

Katy is known for putting on a flamboyant show on stage and off. Her high-profile relationships and subsequent breakups have put lots of pressure on this pop temptress but this hasn’t dampened her spirit. In fact, it’s made her grow in confidence and this self-assurance is pretty clear in stomping power anthems like Roar and Fireworks. There's plenty of these when Katy’s around too. Yowza!

8 Madonna

The quintessential Queen of pop has long been worshipped by men and women alike, but her core audience has been predominantly gay men, due in part to giving the world some of the biggest gay anthems in history (Vogue, Material Girl and Holiday, to name a few).

In between vogue-ing and getting up close and personal with Britney Spears, Madonna has also been very vocal in advocating gay rights. She has also always made her support for same sex relationships known throughout her videos - such as 1990’s Justify My Love - which have often caused controversy for depicting bisexual love scenes. The mother of pop isn’t about to stop now though, still flaunting it at 58 and reminding everyone why she deserves the title of fearless pop icon.

7 Kylie Minogue

Compared to some other divas on this list, Kylie doesn’t have a tragic past or struggles with addiction that the gay community can often relate to. All things considered, this pocket pop enchantress has lived a pretty squeaky-clean life. But over the course of her career, Kylie’s stunning image and infectious dance tunes have built up a loyal and fiercely protective army of gay followers.

While amassing her ever-growing gay fan base, Kylie also blew straight men away with her alluring music videos and sexy outfits - particularly the famous skintight gold hot pants which she wore in her video for Spinning Around. Now at nearly 50 years old, the pint-sized Aussie stunner is still spinning us around with her unbeatable sex appeal and showing the world that age is nothing but a number.

6 Pink

Gravelly singing voice? Check. Female empowering anthems? Check. Bags of attitude? Triple check. It’s not hard to see why Pink is a hit with every kind of man. This feisty punk princess has a look that suggests she could eat men for breakfast, but with love songs like Who Knew? And Please Don’t Leave Me, it’s clear that she also has a vulnerable side to her – a combination few men would find hard to resist.

Over the years, Pink’s music has seen her open up about a lot of personal issues, including her struggles with love and drug abuse, a move which has helped endear her to the gay community. The plucky rock chick has shown them plenty of love back by regularly coming out in support of same-sex marriage and has called her LGBT followers “my honesty in an ocean of bullshit.” Word up!

5 Gwen Stefani

With her Marilyn blonde locks and iconic cherry red lips, Gwen Stefani always had the attention of male fans, but when she split from her band No Doubt and decided to fly solo in 2004, the world could not have anticipated how explosive her comeback would be. The crazy video and bold new look for her solo single, What You Waiting For? was just a taster of what was to come. Miss Stefani was back with a vengeance.

Gay men no doubt (see what we did?) lapped up Gwen’s outlandish new style and eccentric performances, whilst her straight male followers were treated to a sexier new Gwen who had ditched her wholesome look of the 90’s to become the edgy, glamorous pop star we all know and love.

4 Kelly Clarkson

With empowering anthems under her belt like Since U Been Gone and What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger, it’s not hard to see why Kelly Clarkson is highly regarded by the LGBT community. The former American Idol winner turned international pop star has amassed a big gay following throughout her career, and has been approached by lesbian fans who affectionately call themselves “Kezbos”.

As well as remaining empowered in her music, Kelly has also shown strong resilience in response to the cruel fat-shaming she has received in recent years. Her weight may have fluctuated since winning American Idol back in 2002, but Kelly’s curves are gorgeous and healthy and she seems to be happy in herself. Ignore the haters, Kelly – there’s nothing sexier than a self-confident woman.

3 Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber’s ex may only be 24, but she has already made a big impact on the gay scene (and an equally big impact on plenty of straight men). For one thing, Selena is a classic example of good girl gone bad. Despite her doe-eyes and youthful face, Miss Gomez has challenged her perceived innocence both in her music and notably by appearing in the sexy teen comedy Spring Breakers in 2012.

As for championing gay rights, Selena has openly expressed her support for the LGBT community, even when it affected her career. Gomez was due to perform at a concert in Russia in 2013 but was banned due to her support for gay rights. Selena recently stood up for LGBT rights in a big way in response to the ridiculous bathroom law in North Carolina that prevented a transgender women from using a female restroom. Selena joined in with fellow stars to put on a concert that helped fight the insane law - well and truly earning her the title as the gay icon of her generation.

2 Nicole Scherzinger

Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was hot like her? The lead Pussycat Doll has been tempting men with her sultry voice and sexy dance moves ever since the Dolls first arrived on the scene and has been named the sexiest singer alive more than once by Glamour magazine.

But as well as creating a stir among millions of straight men, the X Factor judge has also made a strong impression within the gay community. She has made regular appearances at London’s famous G-A-Y night club and has described the special vibe she gets when performing there - “I come alive and have the most confidence because they bring it out of me. You just feel the acceptance and the love.” You give us certain vibes too, Nicole!

1 Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande may not have been on the music scene for long, but her cutesy cheerleader style combined with her impossibly pretty face (and some pretty camp music videos!) have quickly gained her some love across the reach of male sexuality.

Straight guys are spellbound by her doe-eyes and flirtatious hair flicks, but gay men (and indeed the LGBT community in general) can relate to many of her song lyrics. In tunes like Break Free and Love Me Harder, Ariana sings about feeling liberated and craving the love she needs. Like all powerful pop divas worth their salt, Ariana Grande has plenty of empowering gay anthems under her belt. And at only 23 years old, there’s plenty more to come from this sexy siren.

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