15 Hot Singers You Haven't Heard Of Yet

When it comes to singers, there's one thing that can really help them appeal to the masses: Hotness. Some people see it as somewhat of a shame that you can really only make it big if you've got the looks to match the voice, but these singers are taking full advantage of what nature gave them. And can you blame them? Every little advantage counts in a fiercely competitive industry like the one they're in. You have to use what your momma gave you, as they say! And these amazing singers are a lot more than just a pretty face - just wait until you hear their music.

Their physical attractiveness may be what initially gets people's attention, but once folks experience these singers' voices, they're hooked on a lot more than just their bodies. Every single one of the singers on this list has both beauty and talent. Otherwise, they wouldn't be getting so popular. And make no mistake about it - these talents are getting  popular. Many of the singers on this list have been highlighted by critics as the next potential mega stars. So watch out Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus! Just a word of warning though - you may develop an extreme crush on some of the scorching hot singers on this list. On the other hand, you may well become their newest fan! And if you're like me, you might experience both of those feelings...

15 Julia Michaels 

Although Julia Michaels has really shot to the top of the forefront of the music industry lately, a lot of people still aren't too familiar with her. But take one look at her amazingly hot face, and you're sure to  remember her for the rest of your life. She's young, she's talented, and boy can she sing. This 23-year-old American is known for writing hit songs with well-known artists such as Demi Lovato, Gwen Stefani, Justin Bieber, and many others. Part of the reason a lot of you haven't heard of her yet is because she just released her first debut single, entitled "Issues," this year in 2017. With this hit,  she rose straight to the number 12  spot on the Top 40 Billboard chart, and we're sure that we're going to be hearing a lot more of her in the future.

14 Daemon & Airdrie

Another singer you might not be aware of is the musical  duo called Daemon & Airdre. This band  hails from beautiful Victoria in British Columbia,  Canada, and they're really starting to turn some heads. Part of this is probably due to Marley Daemon, pictured above,  who is undeniably attractive. This definitely doesn't hurt when you're trying to get your name out there,  and this group is doing just that! Although they're definitely not just relying on Marley's beauty to find success, as their actual music is simply intoxicating.

It's slow and atmospheric, but very gripping, due to the strong vocals  by both performers. While Marley handles the vocals and keyboard, Jesse "Airdrie" Thom handles the guitar, beats, and jumps in to provide vocals himself. But for me, Marley's voice is the one that really soars and brings their music to life. This band really deserves to have more mainstream recognition, and I can totally picture this music being used for "slow dance" music at a trendy club, or even being used for the soundtrack for a surfing movie.

13 Maggie Rogers

Another very alluring singer that you might not know about yet is Maggie Rogers. She's another young singer that's just starting to break out, and she definitely has the powers of attraction on her side. She looks like that sexy girl next door that we all used to know, and her music doesn't disappoint either. She was actually discovered by Pharrell Williams, who heard her singing her hit song "Alaska," a song she wrote in about 15 minutes. That song went on to be one of her major hits, along with another song she wrote called "Dog Years." In 2017, all the right people are starting to take notice of this very talented 23-year-old, and she's set to appear on The Tonight Show this year. It also helps that a viral video of Pharrell Williams losing his mind over her voice  started to circulate!

12 Cali De La Rosa

Another artist that pleases both the ears and the eyes is Cali De La Rosa. This New Orleans beauty has created a unique style of pop music that beautifully showcases her flawless voice. Her music truly sounds like it belongs on the radio along with all the top pop singers. But I really think that Cali De La Rosa wouldn't just match these other artists  - she would surpass them, and add a unique flavor to a very repetitive and saturated pop genre today. Her newest  single, "Summer Baby" mixes chill House and Techno vibes with her soothing, undeniably pleasant voice to produce a stellar track. This is a song that you might just hear when you hit the beaches this summer, as it really captures the relaxed, laid-back feelings that a lot of us hope to experience in the summer! And if that wasn't enough to convince you, the fact that she's totally hot  should put her on your radar.

11 Buscabulla 

Bascabulla is a music group that certainly knows how to capture  your attention. And a big part of that is due to the sheer hotness of the female half of the duo, Raquel Berrios. Although her partner Luis Alfredo Del Valle is a huge part of the band, he won't mind that she soaks up all the attention, because they're sure to sell a lot more records that way! Their music is super chill, with a Latin vibe that is feels like honey dripping into your ears. Their name comes from a Spanish slang word for "Troublemaker," and they're looking to do just that in the music industry. They've never even tried to play by the rules, and their music video for their hit song "Tartaro" was inspired by sex hotels in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Some people have described their music as a Puerto Rican take on disco music, but it's honestly so much cooler than that, and I really feel like this group is doing something totally unique, free-flowing, and organic.

10 Freddy Hale

Freddy Hale is a total rock star. There's no other way to describe it. He's got the looks, he's got the attitude, and above all, he's got the musical talent. Of course, it definitely doesn't hurt that he used a smoking hot chick in his recent music video for his recent single, entitled "Troublemaker." This guy knows how to get people's attention. But he's definitely getting on the radar of both male and female music fans. I can see the girls going crazy about this dude once more of them hear about him. His music is like a blend of Justin Bieber and more mature artists like The Weekend. In fact, I can see this guy basically being a pop singer that fans of Justin Bieber will turn to once they've grown out of the more juvenile artist. This Swedish-American is a musical genius, not only singing but also producing all of his own beats.

9 Daya

Another scorching hot female singer that you probably should have heard of by now is Daya. Even though she's only 18 years old, tons of people are talking about her right now and she's been marked as the next big thing. Even though she's still just a teen, she's actually been at it for years, and released her first EP in 2015. On that EP was the hit song "Hide Away," which made it up to the top 23 spot on the Billboard Charts. Not bad for someone who was barely 16. She's since released her debut album, "Sit Still, Look Pretty," and it did not disappoint. A huge part of her appeal is definitely her looks. Just like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and many other young female pop singers, she benefits from a very attractive image that undoubtedly draws in a lot of fans. But I wouldn't say she relies on her looks - far from it. Just a few months ago in February 2017, she won her first Grammy for Best Dance Recording for her collaboration with The Chainsmokers, "Don't Let Me Down."

8 Christina Rubino

Meet Christina Rubino. This beautiful young singer has what it takes to kick Katy Perry right off her throne. But although she may look like a slightly hotter version of the aforementioned singer, she has a musical style that's totally her own. It's a lot less "pop" and a lot more "soul." She also dabbles in slight rockabilly influences, which I personally am a huge fan of. I basically see her as a female Johnny Cash, and that's just as awesome as it sounds.

But if you're not into these types of genres, and you want something a little more upbeat, Christina Rubino probably isn't for you. Because it's the type of music that might be a little hard to dance to, I'm not sure that Christin Rubino can appeal to the masses with the kind of music she's making right now. But if you're the type of person who likes to really listen to the lyrics and sit in your room thinking about them, then definitely give her a listen. Many of her songs are based on her experiences with childhood trauma, so there's some very real and meaningful stories being told by this singer. The main thing to recognize about Christina Rubino is her really powerful voice, which is full of emotion and soul. If she channels this talent towards the mainstream, I really think the sky is the limit for her.

7 Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld is a very talented young lady. She's got the looks, the voice, and she even acts too. She's just 20 years old, but she's already pursuing a very successful career in both film and music. The gods are smiling down on the young artist, and they've also blessed her with strikingly beautiful good looks. Her eyes are captivating, and her youthful face and luscious skin are simply intoxicating. Although she burst on to the scene with her role in 2010's Western, True Grit (for which she earned herself an Oscar nom!), she later proved herself to be an equally promising singer with the release of her debut single in 2015, entitled "Love Myself." She later collaborated with Zedd for the single "Starving," which reached the number 12 spot on the Billboard charts.

6 Mama K & The Shades

This band is making funk sexy again. Was it ever not sexy? I'm not sure, but if it wasn't then, it sure is now with the addition of their lead vocalist, Kelsey Garcia. She leads this funky group and her hot voice and body are making people pay close attention to this very promising musical group. But there's tons of other talent packed into this band with Willie Barnes as another vocalist, Johnny Storbeck on guitar, David Thacker on the keyboard, Lee Braverman on bass, Chris Barnes on drums, Wesley Gonzales on percussion, Joseph Morrow on trumpet and Flugelhorn, Dustin Hunter on tenor and baritone sax, and Donald McDaniel on trombone. Needless to say, this band has a lot of members. You could even call it a party. And that's exactly the type of music this Austin-based band strives to make - party music. For those who like funk, soul, and R&B, this kind of music is a godsend, but those new to the genre may have a little trouble getting into it.

5 FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs is another name that's on a lot of people's lips right now. Her real name is Tahliah Debrett Barnett, and she's been around for quite a while. But only now is she beginning to rise to stardom, and she's doing it in a spectacular way. She began her career as a back up dancer in South London when she was just 17 years old. Today, she's 29 years old, and she's advanced her career by leaps and bounds. Her debut album came in 2014 and was met with critical acclaim. In 2016, she appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and she's working on a project that will probably propel her into the spotlight in 2017, alongside all of the other main pop stars today. Her musical style is completely unique, and mixes all kinds of genres, including trip-hop, industrial, and R&B.

4 C.K. Flach

One singer that's sure to turn some heads in the coming months and years is C.K. Flach. He is getting more and recognition for his relaxing, down-to-earth music, which is a pleasant blend of folk, alternative, and indie rock. Although he's obviously a very talented singer and guitarist, I also see him really taking advantage of his rugged good looks in the future. I can totally predict a time where girls around the world scream his name at concerts. He could totally become the next big heartthrob, much like Adam Levine or  Justin Timberlake.

Musically, however, he is more similar to artists like Elliott Smith. One of the most interesting things about this guy is he loves to use real world issues as an inspiration for his music, and he once said, "I think music is the strongest medium we have to share ideas, feelings and views. And what I hope for is that whoever listens to my music can take something away with them. Be it a thought, feeling, idea or inspiration." His newest album, Empty Mansions, was released last February and is really worth a listen.

3 Tove Lo

It's surprising that more people haven't found out about Tove Lo. She's a drop dead gorgeous singer from Sweden, and she's 29 years old. In all that time, it doesn't really make sense why more people haven't caught on to this amazing piece of talent and beauty. She's not above trying more risque attempts to get attention, and she has a funny habit of flashing the audience her boobs at her concerts. As well as having a reputation for being incredibly sexy, she's also known as "Sweden's darkest export" and "the saddest girl in Sweden" for her grungy, brutally honest musical style. She just signed to an American record label, so expect to hear a lot more from this singer soon. She was also recently featured on the 50 Shades Darker soundtrack, and will be touring with Coldplay in 2017, which will also no doubt add to her fame.

2 Jordan Alexander

Stars burn bright, and this rising star in the music industry is scorching hot. Her name is Jordan Alexander, and expect to hear a lot more of her in the future. This talented young artist has her roots in Vancouver, British Columbia, but now the whole world is starting to hear her name. She's been blessed with tons of media attention, with many sources marking her as "the next gay pop star." And that title is well-deserved. Her voice is simply amazing. Her newest single, "Cool," is a really great showcase of her vocal skills. What I love about this song is that her voice actually carries the whole track - she's not relying on effects or beats to make it sound interesting - her voice is enough. Have a listen and see for yourself. One person who has recognized this artist's potential is Bif Naked, who wants Jordan Alexander on her tour this year.

1 Velvet Winter

The artist that tops our list of "hot female singers you haven't heard of yet" is Velvet Winter. And as you can probably tell by this picture, she really deserves to be on this list. The word "Hot" is actually somewhat of an understatement when it comes to this girl. And her music is just as unforgettable as her gorgeous physical form. Her most recent single, entitled "Crystal Heart" is a really catchy tune, and I wouldn't be surprised if it starts getting played on the radio around the world in the weeks and months to come. Her music has a little bit of rock, a little bit of pop, and tons of attitude from this amazing singer.

And her vocal skills really are amazing. Her voice is on par with any of the more popular singers today, so she really deserves to be up there with them. Her newest single actually just dropped on March 24th, 2017, so be the first one to tell your friends about this amazing new talent! The only piece of advice I'd give Velvet Winter is to carve her own path. She sounds a lot like many other pop singers out there right now. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as she's proving that she's just as good as them, but I think she needs something to set herself apart.

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