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15 Hot Singers Who Like To Bare It All On Stage

15 Hot Singers Who Like To Bare It All On Stage

It seems like stars are revealing more and more on stage as the years go by. What was unthinkable 50 years ago is now becoming relatively commonplace. It’s so common in fact that singers are considered “weird” if they don’t get naked on stage at some point in their careers. It’s almost like you’re not considered “cool” or “with it” unless you’re willing to show some skin with hundreds if not thousands of fans cheering you on. We’ve even witnessed girls who were once seen as innocent completely shed their previously shy inhibitions, and join the ever-growing ranks of stars that love to show off their naked bodies on stage.

But why do they do this? Is it just because they love to get naked? Indeed, some people are known to get a thrill from flashing their bodies, and it becomes something of an addiction to them. These people are known in psychological lingo as “exhibitionists.” Could it be that these stars are getting aroused from showing their bodies to their many screaming fans?

The real explanation might be a little more simple. At the end of the day, musicians want to make a good income. They want to make sure their concerts sell out every time. If rumors start to float around that they’re liable to show a nipple or two at a concert, that’s probably going to help their ticket sales. And these days, concerts are a huge part of a musician’s income. With everyone pirating and downloading music, concerts have become the only real source of income for these artists. So can you blame them for making sure people come to their shows by getting naked?

15. Madonna


We all know that Madonna has a wild side. We’ve seen it before, many times. But it wasn’t always like that. At the start of her career, her whole image was based on innocence. Much like the Miley Cyrus (who makes an appearance later in this list) of her day, she suddenly switched over to a more dirty, sexy, and seductive side, and she became a lot more revealing… A LOT more revealing. She started to wear less and less clothing on stage, well into her prime. Her clothing became more and more skimpy, until finally she started not wearing clothes at all. The best example of this was her recent world tour, where she actually purposely flashed her nipples at a concert in Istanbul. The news story went viral and rumors quickly started to spread. She shocked the people there, but in the end, everyone wasn’t really surprised – this was Madonna we were talking about after all…

14. Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga has become famous for her crazy antics: meat dresses, bizarre costumes, and music videos, and many other things that contribute to her strange behavior. As I’ve said, she’s pretty well known for her crazy choices when it comes to what she wears, but sometimes her craziest choice of an outfit is when she chooses to wear nothing at all. Such was the case on a seemingly normal night in London, circa 2013. She surprised the audience by making her performance very interesting on the stage of the G-A-Y Club, when she wore nothing at all. She was promoting her new album, Artpop and she probably got the attention she wanted from this crazy publicity stunt. She waited till the very end of the show till she stripped out of the dress she was wearing, let the audience see virtually all of her body, and then walked off.

13. Britney Spears


Britney Spears also has a reputation for being pretty crazy, but unlike Lady Gaga, she’s mostly kept her clothes on when on stage doing her concerts. We all know she had a pretty crazy past, where she was put in rehab for her addiction and mental health issues, and she even once shaved her head. But in recent years, she’s made a huge comeback, and now fans are piling in to see her perform once more. On the night of one recent concert in Las Vegas, she shocked everyone by marching onto the stage in a tiny bodysuit that just barely covered her boobs and butt. “Barely covered” being the operative phrase here. It looked like her boobs were struggling to stay inside her top, and sure enough, one of her nipples burst free. But whether she wasn’t aware of it, or she planned the whole thing as a publicity stunt, she just kept on dancing and singing, even with a nipple on display. One thing’s for sure – she’s a professional.

12. Janet Jackson


One of the most infamous exposures on stage was when Janet Jackson took to the stage at the Super Bowl halftime show. It was her and Justin Timberlake on stage during this momentous occasion, and they both made sure it was a halftime show that wouldn’t easily be forgotten. Whether it was unintentional or intentional, Janet Jackson’s nipple made its way out of her top and into plain view of the thousands of cheering onlookers that day. The duo tried to play it off like it was a mistake, but we’re not too sure. There were widespread rumors that the nip slip was all a huge publicity stunt. Their pleas that it was all a huge mistake were met with some pretty staunch skepticism all around America and the globe. But they were right about one thing: They gave a performance that nobody will ever forget… Until someone else’s nipple “accidentally” slips out during a halftime show.

12. Miley Cyrus


Where do I even begin with Miley Cyrus? First of all, she’s basically a mandatory addition to this list. Not only has she gotten more naked that a lot of other singers on this list, she’s also got the most publicity as a result. It all started way back when at the MTV Music Video Awards, where she took to the stage and everyone was shocked. This wasn’t the Miley Cyrus we remembered… This was a completely new person… She was no longer that innocent little girl that had captured our hearts. She had morphed into a raunchy, sexy, and seductive woman who wasn’t afraid to bare it all on stage. This was never more apparent when in 2015 she announced that she would be performing completely nude in a concert with the Flaming Lips. And she actually did it. Other examples of her nudity on stage include flashing her boobs to the audience while she was smoking weed on stage.

10. Tove Lo


Another singer who quite blatantly flashed her boobs to her entire audience was Tove Lo. She’s a Swedish singer-songwriter, and the only thing she loves more than singing is flashing her boobs to her audiences, apparently. She’s actually done this more than once, numerous times on her American tour. Honestly she’s constantly showing off her boobs, and if she’s not blatantly showing the audience her bare breasts, she’s probably doing something like wearing nipple pasties instead of an actual top. Her songs are also of a pretty sexual nature. She’s been quite popular across the world, even getting one of her songs to the number 14 spot on the top 40 Billboard charts. Her tour, which involved so much toplessness, was called the “Lady Wood” tour, alluding to her feeling of female sexual arousal. No one really seems to care about her antics, and why should they? She’s a beautiful woman.

9. Jhene Aiko


Jhene Aiko is one of the most well-known singers in the R&B world today. She’s known for her outspoken views on the immorality of wearing fur, being Drake’s ex, and generally being an extremely hot singer. But during one concert, fans got A LOT more than they paid for when they got to see Jhene Aiko’s boobs live on stage. The year was 2014, and the concert was in Detroit with none other than Big Sean. Jhene Aiko took to the stage, and shocked everyone when her top had a bizarre malfunction that pushed her shirt all the way up, leaving her breasts completely exposed. The singer just kept going however, and showed no sign that she had even noticed. Or maybe she just liked the attention. Whatever the case was, Big Sean made sure to quickly give her a hug at the end of the song so she could try to fix her top without making a scene. Her one saving grace? The fact that she was wearing nipple pasties which, as she so hastily reminded us on Twitter after the show, technically meant this wasn’t an actual nipple slip.

8. Rihanna


By now, pretty much everyone knows that Rihanna has no problem with showing off her body in public. She wore basically nothing when she returned to her home nation of Barbados for the Carnival Festival in a very revealing, glittery outfit. She often (and by often, I mean always) decides not to wear a bra in public, even when the cameras are completely on her and are able to snap some very revealing pictures. So it should come as no surprise that Rihanna is extremely revealing when she gets up on stage. She’s famous for showing off her body in her performances, and what this usually entails are some very transparent outfits. One specific moment comes to mind when she was wearing a completely see-through bodysuit, and was grinding up on Drake who was also on stage. Her dancing was so hot that Drake looked like even he couldn’t handle it.

7. Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj has completely taken the rap world by storm in recent years. It was her that really put female rappers on the map. Sure, there were female rappers before her, but she definitely led the way, and proved that female rappers can make it in the mainstream and sell a hell of a lot of records. But it wasn’t easy, and she had to use every weapon at her disposal to make it the top and get people to notice her. Some of these weapons were things male rappers didn’t possess – a nice booty and some amazing curves. She, like so many other female vocalists today, made sexuality one of her main trademarks. And you know what they say – sex sells. It’s hard to actually pick out one specific moment where she showed off a lot of her body…. Mostly because EVERY time she takes to the stage, she’s showing off her body. She’s done concerts in little more than a thong, she’s worn transparent outfits, and many other sexy pieces of clothing, and it’s all in a day’s work for Nicki Minaj.

6. Ariana Grande


One girl who has actually taken to the stage alongside Nicki Minaj in recent memory is Ariana Grande. And it looks like she might have learned a thing or two from the female rapper, namely the value of showing off a little skin on stage. Indeed, the very moment she stepped out onto the stage alongside Nicki Minaj, she seemed to bewearing a hell of a lot less than we were used to seeing. Before her collaboration with the female rapper, we were used to her wearing pretty conservative outfits in the past. Don’t get me wrong – she’s always looked hot on stage, it’s just that only recently has she been getting more and more adventurous with showing off her body. Most recently, she pushed the bar even further when she took to the stage wearing a tiny skirt that clearly wasn’t designed to cover anything, and a transparent bodysuit underneath that didn’t do a good job of covering much up either.

5. Selena Gomez


Another star singer that seems to be getting more and more adventurous with the amount (or lack of) clothing she wears on stage is Selena Gomez. This ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber was once seen as innocent and even classy, but now she’s really pushing the envelope with her sexy on-stage antics, and she’s starting to be seen in a whole new light by her fans and the entire world. She’s gradually started to wear less and less clothing over the past few years, starting with smaller outfits, progressing into dresses that were so flimsy they seemed to brush right aside in the areas where it mattered most. But it all hit a climax when she did a very sexy performance in Las Vegas where she got virtually naked on stage. Audience members must have been pinching themselves to see if they were dreaming when Selena’s topless form was flashed on the big screen during the show, with her wearing just a thong. Then the star came out onto the stage, and she wasn’t wearing much then, either.

4. Toni Braxton


Toni Braxton is one of the biggest R&B singers ever, and although she was huge in the 90s, she continues to make the headlines in recent years. But sometimes, it might just be for the wrong reasons. Back in 2013, she was performing her hit song from the year 2000 – “He Wasn’t Man Enough.” Everything was going fine until her skirt basically began to fall apart on her. It got to the point where her entire booty was display, and the skirt was hanging uselessly below her bottom, doing absolutely nothing to cover up her nudity. It wasn’t until many minutes had past that a man on stage with her came up to her and informed her of her wardrobe malfunction, and she was quick to accept his offer to use his jacket to cover up her rear. But the damage had already been done, and the crowd had all seen her butt. Credit to her, she had the great sense of humor to joke about it after the show. But some people took this as a sign that the whole thing was an intentional publicity stunt.

3. Katy Perry


Katy Perry is definitely one of the most popular singers today, and the fact is that you just don’t get to be that popular in this day and age without showing off a little bit of skin on stage every now and then. Katy Perry is actually pretty respectable when it comes to this, as she’s never flashed her boobs on stage, either intentionally or unintentionally. But her outfits are almost always extremely sexy, and because they leave so little to the imagination, audiences are basically treated to a half-nude Katy Perry most of the time she’s on stage. Of course, we all make mistakes, and some of Perry’s more revealing moments involve her bending over in plain view of a cheering crowd of thousands of people, giving them all a tantalizing view of what’s up her skirt. While these little mistakes might just be accidents, it sure doesn’t help to have a little extra publicity, right Katy?

2. Mariah Carey


We all know that Mariah Carey has received quite the reputation for being a little crazy recently, but she’s always had a reputation for revealing A LOT on stage. She’s always worn some pretty sexy outfits on stage, but the most memorable are the moments when these outfits fail to cover her body. To be quite honest, it’s not too surprising that these outfits fail to cover her, seeing as how these outfits are usually extremely tiny and ridiculously tight, coupled with the fact that Mariah Carey is a very voluptuous woman, and those curves would be hard to contain even in the most conservative of outfits. One prime example of her tendency to reveal it all on stage was in Paris during a show this past year in 2016. Her tight bodysuit just wasn’t enough to cover up her boobs, and her nipple slipped out for the entire audience to see. This is hardly the first time something like this has happened to Mariah Carey, and it’s probably not going to be the last, prompting many to say that these little “accidents” might just be cleverly disguised publicity stunts.

1. Beyonce


Beyonce has long been known as “Queen B” when it comes to her singing career. But depending on how you look at it, she’s also the queen of something else: near-nudity on stage. Her outfits just seem to be getting more and more revealing as the years pass. It’s almost like Beyonce is going with the trend of turning concerts into strip shows, something that many other singers seem to be doing these days. Maybe she’s not following that trend, maybe she was the one who started it. Considering her long history of revealing it all on stage, this just might be true. One prime example was during Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter World Tour in 2013, when she took to the stage in Serbia. She wore what can only be described as a bunch of sparkles stuck onto her naked body, or at least a body suit that looked like her naked body. That was it. Her nipples and every other feature of her body were clearly visible, and it was an unexpected treat for her fans abroad.

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