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15 Hot Singers Who Hooked Up With Their Backup Dancers

15 Hot Singers Who Hooked Up With Their Backup Dancers


Hunger, taxes and death, these are three constants in life, as they are unavoidable for every single one of us, but everyone also has to deal with at least one other constant, which entails developing relationships with other human beings. We can all agree that there are three main types of relationships a person can have, the familial kind you have with members of your family, the fun and social relationship you have with your dear friends, and of course, the romantic and/or intimate relationship you have with the individuals you are attracted to. No one can argue that the intimate relationship is the hardest and most stressful to maintain because of the roller coaster of issues and emotions associated with it, but it is these types of relationships that we tend to gain the most life experience from.

Celebrities may be famous, as well as incredibly attractive and wealthy, but when you cast all of those things aside, they are all ordinary people just like the rest of us, which means that they too get involved in intimate relationships. The main difference between their intimate relationships and ours, is that theirs are far more publicized, and usually involve people who work in the same industry. There are not just singers in the music business though, as recording artists meet and associate with people hired to be one of their backup dancers, and sometimes, these singers get into relationships with these dancers. Here is a list of 15 singers who at one point hooked up with their backup dancers.

15. Prince

via people

2016 was a terrible year for the entertainment industry as a whole, as so many actors and musicians unfortunately passed away from a variety of reasons, and one of those losses was the musician known as Prince. As a musician, Prince sold more than 100 million records worldwide, and went on to win numerous awards which included an Academy Award for his hit single ‘Purple Rain’, a Golden Globe, as well as six American Music Awards and a total of seven Grammys. In 1990 while at a concert, Prince met a woman named Mayte Garcia, who upon meeting her, decided to go and hire her as a backup dancer for his own tour, a decision which led to a relationship between the two that resulted in them getting married in 1996. The marriage did not turn out to be a happy one though, as they filed for divorce in 1999 shortly after their newborn son died as a result of a rare genetic disorder called Pfeiffer syndrome.

14. LeAnn Rimes

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The country music genre may not be all that popular in other parts of the world, but it is incredibly popular in the United States, to the point that some country singers are capable of using their fame to branch out a little into acting. LeAnn Rimes is a perfect example of this, as she is a country, pop singer who has sold over 37 million records in her career, and her music has garnered her numerous awards, including two Grammys, and while she was hosting the 2001 Academy of Country Music Awards, she met Dean Sheremet who served as one of her backup dancers for the event. They started to date after the show, and got married the very next year, but separated eight years later, after it was revealed that LeAnn was cheating on her husband with actor Eddie Cibrian, who she co-starred with in the TV movie titled Northern Lights, and she and Cibrian have now been married since 2011.

13. Ginger Spice


Throughout the mid and late 1990s, the music industry was filled with singing groups of both the male and female variety, and although boy bands like NSYNC and Backstreet Boys received most of the attention, there were incredibly successful girl groups as well. The most successful girl group of all time is without a doubt The Spice Girls, who emerged out of England, and ultimately went on to sell over 80 million records worldwide. The group consisted of five members, including Geri Halliwell who to fans was known as Ginger Spice, and she like other members went on to have a solo career after the group initially separated in 2000. When the group reunited for a tour in 2007, fans went apoplectic, and while on tour, Geri found herself hooking up with Ivan “Flipz” Velez, one of the backup dancers, and went on to date him for eight months in a relationship that many fans believed would culminate in marriage; but in 2008, Geri broke things off with him in the best way possible-over the phone.

12. Justin Bieber

Canada may be known as a country that supplies the world with hockey players, maple syrup, and surprisingly apologetic and nice citizens, but the country has also provided the world with talented actors and singers. Unfortunately, it is because of Canada, that the world has Justin Bieber, who may in fact be a talented musician, but who is pretty much a huge douche in virtually every other aspect of life. Due to how popular he is, it is not all that surprising how much attention he received when he was in a very public relationship with singer/actress Selena Gomez, but after breaking up, he went on to have a small fling in 2015 with one of his backup dancers-a girl named Elysandra Quiñones. This hookup may have flown relatively under the radar, but that year, photos of the two in London acting real cozy together did surface; but the relationship did not last long though, as Justin moved on to several other women that year.

11. Perrie Edwards

via: Irish Mirror

Due to how much success the Spice Girls had during the 90s, record labels all over the world have tried to duplicate that success by creating girl groups filled with attractive singers, and although some of these groups have attained some success, none have ever reached the heights achieved by the Spice Girls. One of these groups is Little Mix, a pop group from England which has been together since 2011, and which consists of four members including Perrie Edwards who was likely the best known member of the group due to her past romance with former One Direction member, Zayn Malik. After the two broke up, Perrie went on to accuse Malik of being bad in bed while also searching for a suitable rebound, which came in the form of Claudimar Neto, who served as one of her group’s backup dancers. The two were seen on several occasions leaving nightclubs together with her holding his hand, but the fling was short lived as she soon started dating a British actor.

10. Mel B.

via foreverspiceworld

The Spice Girls have already been mentioned twice on this list, and this will be the final time they are referenced, as Geri Halliwell was not the only member of the group to hook up with one of their backup dancers. To fans, Mel B will always be known as Scary Spice, but after the group initially separated in 2000, she went on to become a model, television personality, actress and author; and during the group’s Spiceworld Tour in 1998, she started a relationship with Dutch dancer Jimmy Gulzar. Later that year, the two got married after it was revealed that Mel B became pregnant, but the marriage was not a happy one as they got divorced in 2000, and according to Scary herself, she was not very happy in the relationship as she even contemplated taking a lot of pills just to put an end to the situation; and the problems did not end there as her ex was charged for battery in 2011 when he would not let their daughter leave the house.

9. Mariah Carey

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Welcoming in the new year is a big deal in New York City, as there are live performances that take place after the clock strikes midnight, and 2017 was ushered in by an odd and terrible performance by the usually outstanding Mariah Carey. As a whole, Mariah’s career has been spectacular, as she has sold over 200 million records worldwide and won a multitude of awards including 11 American Music Awards, 14 Billboard Music Awards, and 5 Grammys. As for her personal life, Mariah has two children with her ex-husband Nick Cannon, and up until fairly recently, she was engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer, but they split up last October presumably because of Mariah’s relationship with her backup dancer and choreographer Bryan Tanaka. Prior to the split, Mariah gave Tanaka a lap dance in South Africa, which did not sit well with Packer, who confronted him and even banned him from Caesar’s Palace. A source close to Mariah even said that things between her and Parker had been shaky for months and that the singer felt abandoned, which is why she developed a close relationship with the backup dancer.

8. Ashley Tisdale

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Several of the singers who appear on this list have Disney to thank for their success, as they would have likely had a much harder time getting into the entertainment business if it were not for the company Walt Disney built. Ashley Tisdale is one of those singers, and although she started acting from a very early age, her career did not really pick up until she was cast in Disney’s television movie, High School Musical, where her singing talents were also put on display. Thanks to the High School Musical trilogy, not only was Ashley able to launch her own music career, which was fairly short lived and included two records, but she also met and started dating Jared Murillo, who was a backup dancer in the movies. This relationship lasted for two years before ending in 2009, and in that time, Jared even appeared in some of her music videos, including the one for the song “He Said, She Said.”

7. Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift is obviously one of the most popular female singers in the entire world, and out of everyone who appears on this list, she is probably the most beloved and respected of them all in regards to her fans. Swift has risen to superstardom thanks in large part to her songs which tend to be based on her personal life and her romantic relationships, which includes several celebrities, and she made headlines last year when she was photographed multiple times with Loki actor Tom Hiddleston. The reason why this was big news, is because Swift had just broken up with her Scottish boyfriend, and renowned DJ, Calvin Harris who she had been dating for over a year, and people began to speculate that Hiddleston had caused the pair to split. It is believed though, that the reason behind the breakup stemmed from the actions of both Swift and Harris, as she is believed to have hooked up with one of her backup dancers to get back at him for spending time in a massage parlor known for handing out happy endings.

6. Miley Cyrus

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With this entry we have another former Disney star in the form of Miley Cyrus, who entered into many people’s lives through the show Hannah Montana, and has since gone on to become a fairly successful singer. Cyrus rose to fame thanks to the good-girl persona she maintained for her Disney show, but when all that was said and done, her music and performances became much more provocative and controversial, which catapulted her to an even higher level of notoriety and fame. Right now, Miley is in a committed relationship with actor and former co-star Liam Hemsworth, but years prior to this romance, she was allegedly involved with a backup dancer when she was still touring as Hannah Montana. What makes this relationship stand out, is the fact that at the time, Miley was only 15 years old, while the backup dancer was apparently 22, which is a bit creepy if you think about it.

5. Ariana Grande

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Disney may be the largest content provider for children in the world, but there are still other successful networks who make their living catering to a much younger demographic, and Nickelodeon is one of them, and they are essentially responsible for Ariana Grande’s popularity. From the end of 2014 and throughout most of 2015, Grande was among one of the most listened to artists in the U.S. and her album My Everything earned her much praise, including four Grammy nominations. In the summer of 2015, she also made the news when she was caught on a surveillance camera licking a donut at a donut shop, and in that video, she was with her former backup dancer and boyfriend Ricky Alvarez. As a couple, the two stayed together for about a year before separating, and during the relationship, Grande admitted that the two were happy, and that she was “a very happy girl”.

4. Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera first entered our lives by appearing on Disney’s The New Mickey Mouse Club when she was twelve years old, and since then she has gone on to become recognized as a pop-music icon. Over the course of her career, Christina has gone from portraying the girl next door, to a ‘dirty’ girl, to a sultry singer, and has been successful at each and every turn, having won five Grammys and selling over 50 million records. During her ‘dirty’ phase in 2000, Christina hooked up with and started to date Jorge Santos, who can be seen as a backup dancer in her Dirty music video; and they went on to date for a good two years. During the relationship, they continued to work together, with Santos appearing with her on tour and in other videos, and must have been deeply in love because she was the one who suggested the two get married. That was not the case though, as they were done by the time 2003 came around, and they even continued to work together for a good year after the split.

3. Britney Spears

via newsweek

The final former Disney star to appear on this list is Britney Spears, who even appeared alongside her colleague and rival Christina Aguilera on The New Mickey Mouse Club, and she is also considered to be a pop icon who helped to revive teen pop in the late 1990s. In her career, Britney has sold over 100 million records worldwide, and has won multiple awards including one Grammy and six MTV Video Music Awards; and early on in her career, she was in a high-profile relationship with former NSYNC frontman Justin Timberlake. Britney is regarded as one of the best female artists of all time, and of all the singers on this list, her relationship with a former backup dancer is the most well known publicly. Kevin Federline is his name, and aside from working with Britney, he also danced behind other artists like Pink and the aforementioned Justin Timberlake, and after just a few months of dating, he and Britney got married in 2004. The marriage lasted until 2007 when they filed for divorce after Britney developed some mental health issues, and they now share custody of their two sons.

2. Jennifer Lopez


At 47 years old, Jennifer Lopez is still as breathtaking as ever, and aside from being a talented and successful singer, she is also known for being a dancer, actress, author, fashion designer, and producer. As a recording artist, Lopez has sold over 100 million records worldwide, and is viewed as the most successful Hispanic performer in the history of the United States, which makes the fact that she has yet to win a Grammy utterly absurd. JLo has had romances with more than one of her former backup dancers, with the first being with Chris Judd who she met on the set of the music video “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” in 2001, and later that same year they got married… only to separate two years later. The second backup dancer is known as Casper Smart (above), who she met while shooting her “Dance Again” video, and they have actually had an on-and-off relationship since 2011.

1. Madonna

via celebitchy

There is no doubt, that many female recording artists were influenced by the one and only Madonna, as she was the first female performer to make a name for herself via provocative and somewhat controversial lyrics and video/dance choreography. Madonna is a legend in the music industry, as she has sold over 300 million records worldwide, which is the most sold by any female performer, and she is the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time, with over $1.3 billion earned from concerts. After her marriage with Guy Ritchie came to an end in 2008, Madonna went on to have relationships with two of her backup dancers who were both more than half her age, with the first being Brahim Zaibat (above), who she met in 2010 and dated for about three years. She did not stay single for long though, as a month after the breakup, Madonna hooked up with backup dancer Timor Steffens, who she dated for eight months before breaking up with him.

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