15 Hot Photos Of Kaley Cuoco In Yoga Pants

If nothing else, this article further proves why America loves Kaley Cuoco. Yes, she’s beautiful, but it’s the fact that she’s a natural beauty that makes her shine so much more. In each of these pictures she’s dawning limited amounts of makeup while still looking jaw-dropping; this is the power of her greatness!

Oh, and in terms of like, life-wise, she’s doing pretty darn good as well. Cuoco has a disturbing net worth of $45 million and is arguably the most popular TV show actress in the world at the moment. Big Bang is still going strong entering its 11th season and that wouldn’t be possible without her beauty and acting chops.

In this article, we celebrate her booty specifically, with some stunning pictures of Cuoco in yoga pants. Most of the shots are candid in nature and feature Cuoco doing everyday  things like putting gas or even, heading to yoga class. The final picture is a treat for Big Bang fans as she busts a yoga pose on the show. So without further ado, enough of the chat; here are 15 hot pictures of Kaley Cuoco in yoga pants. Grab your inhaler and enjoy!

15 Checking The Meter

Oh, good heavens! Yes, we know that all of you are thinking: my goodness what a booty! But before we dive into that, let’s just take a minute and enjoy what a cool chick Kaley really is. Despite all of her fame and success, she lives a regular lifestyle and judging by all the pics available online, she doesn’t let the paparazzi dampen her plans. Cuoco has a plethora of photos at the yoga studio, she’s stayed at the same one despite the fact that the paparazzi knew that was her go-to place. Good for you Kaley, good for you!

As for the picture, well not only does it show that Cuoco does regular girl things like fill up a meter (and not get herself a driver), but she also has one hell of a damn booty as you see in the picture. These next 14 photos will also justify that even further!

14 Putting Gas

Cuoco recently made headlines for claiming that she and her fellow Big Bang cast members made science sexy. She certainly has a point as the show has taken a life of its own in popular culture, unreal to think that they're headed to an 11th season and still receiving top of the line ratings.

Not only did Cuoco make science look sexy but it seems like she also makes everyday things look even sexier!. We took a look at her and a friend next to a meter in the previous photo and we now switch our focus onto something as simple as Kaley putting gas. Once again, doing such an average task, Cuoco manages to look mesmerizing as she rocks the yoga pants to perfection. Chances are the dude in back of her is pouring gasoline all over his eyes!

13 Yoga Mat & Protein Shake

When it comes to Cuoco, the paparazzi have a slew of similar pics of the star, in similar places, doing similar things. They just can’t seem to get enough, even if it is the same type of picture over and over again. Although we must admit, we don’t have a problem with the pictures even if they are the same in nature.

Just a simple pic like Cuoco putting gas has been taken multiple times. Do a quick Google search and type in “Kaley Cuoco putting gas”, you’ll be astonished at how many different pics there are. This is another typical paparazzi pic showing Cuoco walking down the street following a yoga session with her protein shake in hand. She was rocking the long hair to perfection in this picture and once again, she isn’t shying away from the photo. Well played, Kaley!

12 LuLu Head to Toe

Yup, so we can officially say Cuoco can rock any type of yoga pants, whether it’s long, short or even as this picture shows, ¾ long. Once again, Cuoco is up to her rituals of putting money in a meter and attending yoga class. Although this is a huge reason for Kaley’s booty development, she also credits following a proper diet for her gains. Cuoco simply stated that she stopped eating “crap”, and that alone was a big time change for her body.

In the picture above, Cuoco is seen leaving a yoga class in Sherman Oaks, a location not too far from her residence. Kaley once again is looking very top notch rocking LuLu from top to bottom. Wearing lower cut yoga pants is quite different, but we can safely say she easily pulled it off.

11 Snapping A Selfie

Looking very lean and mean, Cuoco is rocking a tightly fitted pair of yoga pants. Some creepy fans wish she took the picture turned around but hey, when it comes to Kaley’s beauty, we’ll take anything and everything.

Nowadays, Cuoco is residing out of her beautiful LA home living the life. She’s dating Karl Cook nowadays, but it still appears as though Cuoco is enjoying her life in her fabulous single girl home. In 2014, it was reported that Cuoco spent nearly three million on her beautiful Sherman Oaks home. So yup, she’s doing pretty good nowadays and as you see in this article, she also has the booty to back up her success. Oh, and let’s not forget the biggest factor of all, Cuoco’s age. Seems like she’s been around forever but yet, she’s just entering her 30s at the age of 31!

10 Sizzling Walking Down The Street

Oh lord, where to begin with this picture?! Seriously in terms of heat factor, this one ranks at the very top of this article. The black yoga pants seem to be painted on, her miniature top is quite jaw-dropping both front and back (like her yoga pants) and most of all, her face tops the picture as she seems to take a sexy bite out of her yoga mat. Either it’s a vegetable scented yoga mat, or she’s just really hungry. She’s got no shake in her hands so maybe she forgot it at home. Nonetheless, the picture is still a perfect ten.

Cuoco continues with the breathtaking pictures today, especially via her Instagram account which is followed by over three million people (now that’s not too surprising given her mega fame).

9 Another Candid

It might be annoying for Cuoco to face the reality of having to deal with so many candid shots, but for her fanbase, the true sentiment is; just keep them coming. What we love the most about these yoga pants pictures (aside from the obvious, her booty and curves) is the fact that she always looks so natural. For that exact reason, Cuoco has turned into America’s sweetheart for her very real and natural way of life. She doesn’t need to hide behind pounds of makeup that’s for sure.

Making her way to yet another yoga class, Cuoco also enjoys a classic weight training session from time to time. Although yoga is without a doubt, her favorite fitness practice as it not only helps out in terms of flexibility, but eases the tension one has. Being such a public figure and going through several breakups, we can imagine she’s had a bit of stress throughout her life.

8 A Touch Of Purple

Most of the time, black is the preferred color for females wearing yoga pants. Let’s face it, black is slimming and shows off the curves in all the right places. Wearing another color is rather risqué, but hey, Cuoco didn’t get that memo as she rocks the purple yoga pants better than most. The color is a little out there, but that’s all forgotten about once you see them on Cuoco. Once again, well played, Kaley. Well played.

This is yet another candid shot of Kaley out and about trying to live her life only to get stalked by the paparazzi. Residing out of LA, we can assume Cuoco knew the risk involved moving out to such a destination. In this picture, she finally seems a little annoyed, however. She’s only human after all, folks!

7 She Needs More Gas

Taken a couple of years back, this is another shot of Kaley putting some fuel in the engine. As we stated earlier, there’s a slew of Cuoco-putting-gas pictures out of the LA area and most of the time, she's rocking them yoga pants, providing us with quite the picture despite the fact that she’s in such a simple setting.

However, Cuoco does have some other “annoyed” pictures from the same gas establishment; after a while, being stalked on such a regular basis would get to anyone. Cuoco looks tired and like she just had enough in some of the other shots. Seriously though, camping out of a gas station waiting to snap a pic? Man, that’s a little much but hey, with such a look and booty, can you blame the press for wanting such a picture? Yes, we realize we sound creepy...

6 Yoga Pants & Veggie T-Shirt

As we discussed earlier in the article, Cuoco’s diet has been a big part of her crazy body transformation. Kaley was a big fan of sweets before her diet began, but once she gave that up the transformation was in full effect.

As you read on her shirt, Veggies played a big role in her body changing to a leaner look. Cuoco stated in an interview that she’s not a vegetarian, but loves what the veggies do to her body and how they make her feel. Vegetables are great sources of carbohydrates as they’re not only light in nature, but can leave you feeling full, especially veggies like broccoli. Well it seems like Cuoco picked up on that, and she’s proudly showing her support for the food group, rocking the long sleeved shirt along with a nice pair of black yoga pants.

5 She’s Going Home

Once again being mobbed by the press, Cuoco enters her car on a rainy day with a half smile on her face. Great to see what a trooper she is with the press. Not many in Hollywood have shared a similar attitude or sentiment, even her co-star from Big Bang Johnny Galecki, is said to have a short fuse when it comes to paparazzi invading his life.

Kaley continues her success nowadays as a major television star. She hasn’t made the jump to film yet and the movies she’s appeared in haven’t been the most popular yet. However, once Big Bang finally comes to a close, it’ll be interesting to see what’s next for her career. Looking at her popularity, all doors are open whether it be a prolonged television career or a greater pursuit in the world of film. At the age of 31, she certainly has time on her side to make such a decision.

4 Short Yoga Gear

We showed a picture from the back, and now, we unveil the front of Cuoco’s LuLu outfit. The shorts look pretty spectacular and tight, and the top itself looks even better from the front as the goods appear to look pretty darn nice!

Heading to yoga and keeping active has always been a part of Cuoco’s daily habits, even as a child. Her parents wanted her to stay active and she took a liking for several sports which included an amateur career as a tennis player. Cuoco actually pursued the sport for quite some time, playing since the age of three. She finally stopped her pursuit of the sport at 16, making the full time jump to Hollywood and acting. We can say she chose correctly, but man, would it have been something to see Cuoco as a pro tennis player!

3 Cycle Pants & More Yoga Classes

The greatest part about some of the celebs in the spotlight is their willingness to never settle; even when the not-so-glamorous spotlight is off them, they still practice those habits and rituals that make them great. Take Dwayne Johnson for example, the dude wakes up at the break of dawn and gets in an early workout while dieting throughout the day and oh, he’s even on set later working, whether it be on a movie project or guest appearance.

The same can be said for Cuoco who, like The Rock, doesn’t need to practice such things as she’s already reached significant levels of fame, but she continues to do the little habits that make her great like going to yoga class and eating healthy. For that reason, it’s no wonder why she looks so gosh darn good in yoga pants, even if they have weird thunder bolts on them.

2 Another Small Top


Rocking a Beetlejuice-inspired top, Cuoco is once again looking quite ravishing in the picture with the yoga pants, again stealing the show in the shot. That damn Karl Cook is quite the lucky dude for landing such a stunner.

Kaley has been in various relationships before Karl, and as you likely already know, she’s even been in a marriage. Cuoco married Ryan Sweeting in December of 2013. It appeared as though the two shared a great relationship but in 2015, less than two years later, the two filed for divorce which was done amicably according to tabloids. She was even engaged back in October of 2011, to Josh Resnik, although that was broken off before the wedding. Of course, her most popular prior relationship took place with Big Bang co-star Johnny Galecki. At one point, not only were the two dating on the show, but they were also dating in real life. Despite the break up, they remain on great terms and thankfully, it hasn’t affected the show in any way.

1 Big Bang Booty

We rightfully end off with a picture of Cuoco rocking yoga pants while on The Big Bang Theory. Rightfully so, her booty looks pretty darn top in the picture. Who can forget those classic episodes of Sheldon and Penny pulling off some of the positions together; man, was that ever great!

As we discussed earlier in the article, the show that launched in September of 2007 is still going strong showing no signs of slowing down. The series has made the cast members filthy rich, particularly Kaley who has a disturbing net worth of $45 million. The majority of that income has without a doubt, come from the popular CBC show which launched her fame to unthinkable heights. She’s come a long way from playing the rebel on 8 Simple Rules from back in the day! Oh, and on that note, so has her booty!

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