15 Hot Pictures Of A Young Amber Rose

Amber Rose is constantly in the headlines these days. But it wasn't always this way. Way back in the day, she was just another girl with big dreams. Nowadays, every little selfie she takes ends up getting talked about the world over, and she seems to love the attention. She's also prone to stirring up a little controversy from time to time, which also keeps her in the limelight. But where did this girl even come from? What's this superstar's past? If you do a little bit of digging, you find some really interesting things lurking in her closet.

Amber Rose is first and foremost an incredibly hot woman. But many people say that she looked even hotter when she was young. Is that even possible? Others insist that Amber Rose is actually getting hotter as she ages, not the other way around. Amber Rose is still young at 33 years of age, and she looks as if she's aging really well. Still, it's interesting to take a look back at pictures from her past. I think you'll find that Amber Rose has always been an incredibly hot young girl.

15 A Very Young Amber


This is one of the earliest known pictures of Amber Rose on the web. There are her childhood pictures, but those don't fit in an article dedicated to her hotness, do they? This picture shows Amber as a blossoming young girl who is just beginning to turn into a woman. Doesn't she look gorgeous? I wonder if people fully realized her potential back in the day... I think it's pretty clear that this hot young girl was destined for great things, right from the very start. At first glance, it's almost hard to recognize her. But stare into her eyes and you'll see that same personality we see today.

14 Amber In High School


This is what Amber Rose looked like when she was in high school. Amber Rose grew up and went to school in South Philadelphia, and I'm pretty sure she had quite the reputation, even back then. Her beauty must have been a favorite topic for all the boys she went to school with, and I'm sure she broke more than one heart along the course of her high school education. She looks beautiful, yes, but it's pretty amazing how different she looks! Her skin is extremely pale, and her hair is, well... Still there!

13 Amber's "Dancer" Days


This picture allegedly depicts Amber Rose on the job as a stripper. For those of you who don't know, Amber Rose was forced to strip from a very young age. When her parents divorced, she took a job as an exotic dancer to support her family's dwindling income. She was only 15 years old. This continued for years, and she adopted the stripper name Paris. It's not certain whether the blonde woman in this picture actually is Amber Rose, but I think we can make an educated guess and say that it is. If you look at her cheekbones and nose, they're identical. Besides, stripping is not something Amber has ever shied away from talking about in the past.

12 Amber's Past Boyfriends


It's no surprise that a girl like Amber Rose has had a lot of boyfriends over the years. I'm sure the fact that she was a stripper helped a lot too. She probably had her choice between tons of guys that were lining up to win her affections. And as you can see, she really embraced her sexuality with them. Amber Rose has since described her days as a stripper as the best days of her life, and pictures like these show why she might have that point of view. She's young, hot, and living the wild party life. What more could she want?

11 Young And Hot


Here's another picture from Amber Rose's relatively far away past. Just to give you some perspective, Amber Rose is 33, and she was born in 1983, meaning it was only 1998 when she started stripping at age 15. She's probably a bit older in this picture, but I'd say it was still in the 90s or early 00's. The picture quality, the outfit, and the hair all have a definite '90s vibe to them. That's not to say she looks bad. Far from it. I mean, it was the 90s, that's how everyone looked. It was the style, so we don't blame Amber! In fact, I'm sure a lot of people would rather have this young version of Amber Rose than the present day version. Not that they'd say no to her today, of course.

10 Remember Her Hair?


Remember when Amber Rose actually had hair? She looked pretty sexy, no? A lot of people point to pictures like this and wonder why in the hell Amber ever decided to shave her head in the first place. Well, she recently explained: "I think that I'd definitely seen Sinead O'Connor's 'Nothing Compares 2 U' video. I was inspired by her. And I grew up in Philly... Eve was really popular, and my friends said, 'Please don't do it, Amber, you're gonna look crazy.' And, of course, me being me, I rebelled against everyone and went straight down the middle at a barber shop. Fourteen years later, I still have it." Not many women could pull off a shaved head, but Amber definitely makes it work.

9 18 Years Young


After she had made the decision to cut her hair, she stuck with it. Just to give you some perspective of how long she's had this haircut, this picture was taken back when she was 18. And She's had the exact same haircut ever since! There's no denying she looks extremely hot in this picture, and to be honest the haircut actually adds to the whole look. This picture was taken in Miami Beach, and she must have had a lot of guys staring as she walked down the sidewalk in her tiny little pink bikini. She's with her cousins, who look equally hot. The one on the right even seems to have copied Amber's shaved head! Or was it Amber that copied her? Hmmm... Either way, they both look smoking!

8 Blonde Bombshell


Here's another photo that shows what "could have been" if she had kept her hair long. This is obviously a more recent photo, meaning Amber Rose must be wearing a wig here. She does this a lot, actually. And it allows her to experience the best of both worlds. She spoke about how she loves to switch up her hairstyles, saying: "I never want my fans to be like, 'Hey, you have to stay bald-headed Amber for the rest of your life. It's unfair to me. I'm a girl. I love to experiment. I love to have fun. I miss having hair. It's been 14 years. I know people aren't used to seeing me with hair, and they get a bit weird about it, but I thought, 'Why not try it on TV, on my own show?'"

7 Modeling In 2009


Her modeling career was what really set her on the path to fame. It started in 2009, and it quickly blossomed into something new and exciting that would eventually take her away from her humble beginnings. As she started to get noticed by people like Young Jeezy and Kanye West, she didn't have to strip for money any more. Young Jeezy actually cast her in his music video, "Put On" in 2008. That was when she really started to appear on the radar of a lot of people, like Kanye West, who put her in the ad campaign for his sneaker line with Louis Vuitton. Not too bad from a former stripper from Philly!

6 That Famous Dress


2009 was the year that the paparazzi started to take a real interest in her. They quickly realized that Amber Rose looked smoking hot wherever she went, and the camera loved her - even when she wasn't even aware it was rolling and snapping away. This dress is a great example. She was spotted hanging out with her girlfriends in an undeniably sexy dress, and the photos really do her body justice. When people saw these photos on the Internet, everyone wanted to know who Amber Rose was. This was the beginning of her fame, and it's never stopped for her.

5 Her Bikini Shots From 2010


2010 was an equally successful year for Amber. The paparazzi were following everywhere, just waiting for an opportunity to snap pictures of her in a sexy bikini. And as you can see, they finally got their wish. Fans got a glimpse of just how incredible Amber Rose's body was with these candid pictures. She has some of the most incredible curves I've ever seen, but everything is still very much tight and slim in the right places. You can see from these pictures why so many guys and big name celebrities fell head over heels for this amazing woman.

4 Looking Gorgeous In 2011


Although Amber Rose is famous for her more sultry photos and controversial comments, she's also equally capable of looking classy. And as we all know, classy can be very sexy. This is a wig, but it does look like a very nice hairstyle on her. So much so, in fact, that I think she should consider this if she ever decides to grow her hair back. It reminds me a lot of how she used to look in high school, only more mature. But let's be honest - Amber Rose looks good with pretty much any hairstyle, and in any outfit whatsoever - even if she's not showing off her goods. She would probably look amazing in a potato sack, hair or no hair.

3 Vibe Magazine In 2011


In 2011, Amber Rose made the cover of Vibe Magazine. That was surely a sign of her rising fame, and she looked tastefully sexy in all of the pictures from her photoshoot with the magazine. She also did an interview, in which she discussed her bisexuality. But that wasn't the last time she candidly talked about sex with the media. In 2015, she said of her relationship with Wiz Khalifa: “Maybe in a couple years, we’ll get back together and have some more babies. I tell him all the time, ‘Please just give me your sperm. That’s all I want.’ He’s like, ‘No,’ and I’m like, ‘Well, I’m just gonna have to take advantage of you then.’”

2 Makeout Session With Rosa Acosta

Speaking of bisexuality, Amber Rose has made it adamantly clear that she'll date whoever she wants, whenever she wants. In 2011, the same year that she talked about being bi in her Vibe Magazine interview, she was spotted making out with Rosa Acosta. And it was anything but a friendly kiss. You can still watch the full video of the kiss on YouTube, and it looks extremely sensual.

Speaking about her bisexuality in 2009, Amber revealed:  "They label me a bisexual freak stripper that f**ks Kanye [West] on a daily basis. To answer that: I’m extremely open with my sexuality. I can be in love with a woman, I can be in love with a man. I’m not into bestiality, but as far as humans go, I definitely find beauty in everybody, whether they’re heavy-set, super-skinny, if they’re white, black, Indian, Asian, Spanish. I can see beauty in anybody. I’m not into threesomes or orgies and sh*t like that. If I see a women and I think she’s beautiful and I like her, and she likes me back we can definitely try to be in a relationship together."

1 Looking Chic In 2012


Our last picture is of a sexy chic Amber Rose just 5 years ago. It's amazing how fast time flies. Five years is actually a very long time, but Amber Rose doesn't seem to be changing at all. A lot of people say that's all down to her liberal use of cosmetic surgery, but I'm sure at least part of it has to be due to her natural beauty and good genes. We've looked at pictures of Amber Rose from when she was barely a woman, all the way up to this picture, where she would have been about 28. And to be honest, she hasn't been getting any less hot during all of those 20 plus years! This is incredible, and I'm sure the trend of her amazing beauty will continue for many more years.

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