15 Hot Pics Of Holly Madison You Can't Ignore

Holly Madison first caught the public’s attention as one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends on the reality television show The Girls Next Door. Since then, she’s managed to carve out her own identity, snagging a starring role in a Las Vegas burlesque show and moving to Vegas for the position. She snagged her own reality show, Holly’s World, penned two books, and found the perfect partner she’d been searching for. While Holly first shot to fame while she was living in California and immersed in the Playboy world, she’s proven that she’s able to carve her own path – and reach even higher levels of fame, all on her own.

Now, Holly Madison is living her best life in Vegas, married to Pasquale Rotella with two kids, and trying her hand at all types of entrepreneurial ventures, including opening her own speakeasy and restaurant. There’s no telling what the future holds for the Vegas queen, and even though she’s nearing 40 now, she’s quite possibly looking even better than during her Playboy days. She frequently rocks the red carpet at Vegas events, and the woman just gets hotter and hotter.

Here are 15 pictures of Holly Madison through the years that you absolutely need to see.

15 Hooters Throwback

Most people who know Holly’s story know that she worked at Hooters for a period in her 20s when she was trying to make it in Los Angeles. While she’s since moved on to bigger and better things, she’s not one to be ashamed of her roots – so for this Vegas event, she put on the old uniform and let’s just say she still rocks it. In fact, she looks way better than she probably did in her earlier Hooters days. We feel like being a reality television star probably pays slightly better than being a waitress at Hooters, but who knows – if she ever wanted to return to that game, she obviously could, given how amazing she still looks in the uniform.

14 Floral And Flirty

Now that she’s living her own life, out from under Playboy’s wing, Holly can dress basically however she wants. And while she definitely still shows off her curves – they’re her moneymakers after all, with her breasts being insured for a whopping one million bucks – she’s also gotten a lot more diverse with her fashion choices. Take this outfit for example – it showcases her curves perfectly, but leaves a little to the imagination in the silhouette. Plus, it has that whole retro vibe that she adores so much. It seems that being in the spotlight for so many years has encouraged her to find the right fashion choices for her own personality and body type, and we love it – she looks fantastic.

13 Workout Hottie

Obviously, in order to have a body like Holly Madison’s, you can’t just be sitting on the couch eating junk food. You have to get your body moving and work out on a regular basis, as well as eat fairly clean. While Holly has never really been a big gym rat, she knows she has to exercise in order to look the way she wants to look, so she finds creative ways to do that - including doing a bit of yoga and stretching in the park. The paparazzi have captured her in a Las Vegas park, getting her sweat on, and honestly, it could be an advertisement for whatever brand she’s wearing because she just looks that ridiculously amazing here.

12 101 Hot Bodies

This picture was included in a round-up of hottest celebrity bodies, and to be honest, we totally understand Holly Madison’s inclusion in that list. I mean, just look at her. The one-piece suit is a bit different than her typical bikinis, but it shows off her curves perfectly – and the aqua colour is amazing with her pale skin and blonde locks. Seriously, every year that passes, she seems to get better at figuring out her makeup look, better at figuring out what clothing best suits her, and just better at presenting the whole Holly Madison package in general. While some women she used to hang out with are battling aging desperately, Holly seems to be looking better with every passing year.

11 Vegas Vixen

When you live in Vegas full time, you’ve probably got a fair amount of pictures taken on the Strip. Even if you don’t tend to hang out there in your downtime as much as the tourists do, there is a lot to explore there, from great restaurants to high fashion stores to interesting architecture. In this shot, Holly is rocking another retro bikini, posing poolside yet again, and looking incredible doing it. We have to hand it to her – since she left Playboy, while she does rock string bikinis from time to time, she tends to favour retro cuts that are more true to her personal style – and we love it. The little ruffed skirt may not be for everyone, but that top is definitely incredible on her.

10 Peep Show

As most fans will know, the thing that first brought Holly to Las Vegas was the fact that she snagged a starring role as Bo Peep in Peepshow, a new burlesque show debuting on the strip. This sweet pale blue and lace costume is from the show, and she’s cheekily posing with a gnome what looks to be backstage. We have to hand it to her – even though she’s constantly around scantily clad women, and has been for over a decade, the reason the public has always loved her is because she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She lets her nerd flag fly from time to time, and that’s part of what makes her interesting – and it’s kind of endearing.

9 Poolside VIP

Obviously, when Holly Madison hits the pool nowadays, she doesn’t have to squeeze into the busiest spots with the rest of the regular people. She’s a Vegas VIP, now, and is treated as such – that means bottle service and placement in the more private, VIP areas of every major hotel’s pool. Of course, she mingles with the guests and does her job to perfection – but when it comes time for photo opportunities, she has a spot to go where the camera can capture her in her full glory. This snakeskin and lace string bikini definitely doesn’t have the retro look that Holly prefers, but it’s totally hot, so we can understand why she picked this one. In fact, we’re just surprised that more pool party guests aren’t staring at the blonde bombshell a few feet away!

8 Ready For The Show

Honestly, we have to hand it to Holly – being a part of a Vegas show is a ton of really hard work, especially for someone who isn’t a trained dancer. She rose to the occasion and did a hugely successful stint on the show, and kept her trademark sass the whole time. In this picture, she looks totally amazing in her stage outfit, posing with her sparkly staff, and there’s one important thing to note. Unlike many photos of her from long ago, she’s not forced to stand alongside an army of other women in bikinis posing. The picture is all about Holly, posing in front of the bright stage lights, and we love her confidence and the way she’s serving up some serious attitude.

7 Corvette Cutie

We have to admit, we totally dig the retro vibe that Holly has going on in full force now that she’s a Las Vegas vixen. For this photo, the photographer had a lot of fun with the set up, and she’s posed in a retro outfit alongside a vintage red Corvette. I mean, it’s kind of perfect. We don’t know what kind of car Holly’s driving nowadays, but it really should be a red Corvette. Honestly, we’re surprised she doesn’t do more vintage car shows – sure, she’s probably too big a star for that kind of thing now, but just think of the photo ops possible when you have that many vintage muscle cars around – the options are endless, and the blonde bombshell would look incredible in all of them.

6 Post-Baby Body

One of the things that the public is most obsessed with when it comes to celebrity bodies is how quickly they bounce back post-baby. While a regular mom in the regular world can take her time getting back in shape in privacy, going at her own pace, celebrity moms are under public scrutiny basically as soon as they’re finished giving birth. It’s kind of their job, yes, but it’s also kind of unfair to expect a new mom to bounce back as quickly as some of them do. However, Holly Madison certainly wasn’t getting slammed by the tabloids – she bounced back in record time, and after having a baby, looked like this. Incredible. Everything from the quirky pattern on the bikini to the fun pose with the beach ball in this photo is just flawless.

5 Little Red Dress

A lot has been said about the little black dress and what an essential part of any woman’s wardrobe it is, but let’s be honest – there’s something insanely sexy about a little red dress. Perhaps it’s the colour – a woman in a fiery red dress automatically looks sexier because everyone knows it takes a lot of confidence to rock a colour that bold. And it seems that Holly Madison definitely has what it takes – she’s opted to strut her stuff on the red carpet in a red dress that is bodycon and shows off all her curves. I mean, you know what they say - if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and Holly Madison most certainly has it. She likely caused quite the splash on this red carpet.

4 Bikini Babe

Given that Holly now lives in Las Vegas, it’s no surprise that she’s frequently a guest at various pool parties around town. And, attending those types of parties means rocking a hot bikini for the cameras – and that’s exactly what she does. In fact, there are probably about as many pictures of Holly in a bikini as there are of her in a dress on the red carpet, just because of how many poolside events take place in Las Vegas. Hey, we can’t blame her – if you look this amazing in a bikini, why not wear one? This multi-coloured suit shows off her curves perfectly and the retro white sunglasses definitely add to the look. It’s more casual than she usually tends to be poolside but that’s sort of refreshing.

3 Ice Cream Babe

One thing we love about Las Vegas Holly is how she’s embraced her personal style. Yes, she still rocks her platinum blonde locks most of the time, but every now and then, she branches out a little – in this shot, she’s gone for a brownish reddish auburn colour that is super flattering on her. And, she proves that you don’t necessarily have to eat only salads in order to get her body – while she likely eats clean most of the time, she also indulges every now and then. It is Vegas, after all. We have to admit – that ice cream cone looks pretty good, and Holly definitely looks good eating it. Now that she has two children, we imagine they’re always begging for outings to the ice cream shop.

2 Poolside Lounging

When Holly Madison is hanging out at the pool, for the most part, she isn’t just there to work on her tan and enjoy a little bit of relaxation – she’s there to work. Whether she’s promoting her show, her personal brand, or a certain company or hotel, she’s always looking her best because there will be plenty of photo opportunities. Take this photo, for example. She may be in a gorgeous one-piece swimsuit, but the glam stiletto sandals and bangles on her wrists prove that she’s certainly not about to hurtle down a water slide and splash around in the deep end. She’s there to show just how good you can look lounging poolside – and she definitely does just that.

1 BFFs And Popsicles

When she went to Las Vegas, Holly managed to find a group of close friends, some of who starred alongside her in her reality show, Holly’s World. Amongst that group are single mom and blonde bombshell Angel Porrino, and Josh Strickland – pictured here alongside Holly at the popular poolside hangout Wet Republic. While you’ll often spot her sipping an icy cocktail poolside, sometimes, a popsicle is exactly what you want to enjoy in the scorching Vegas heat. Although, it would be easy to get distracted from the popsicles when you have someone like Holly looking this incredible in a teeny red bikini. Seriously – if this didn’t make everyone else at the pool want to get in the popsicle line-up, we don’t know what would. It’s basically the best advertising ever.

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