15 Hot Pics Of Current WWE Divas In Yoga Pants

In this article, we pay homage to fifteen WWE Divas and their glorious curves while rocking a fantastic pair of yoga pants.

Oh, the life of a WWE Superstar. Not only are you travelling and working multiple dates a week but you’re also asked to stay in shape. No, the WWE does not pay for nutrition nor does it pay for gym memberships; as an independent contractor for the company, wellness all falls on you.

With that said, we truly take the physiques of WWE Superstars for granted. Yes, back in the day the company was filled with enhancement users but those are now done and those under contract with the WWE work extra hard outside of the ring to maintain a fantastic figure.

In this article, we pay homage to fifteen WWE Divas and their glorious curves while rocking a fantastic pair of yoga pants, or even some tightly fitted leggings. The list ranges from Divas working out in the yoga attire, to them just posing for a picture whether it be for a shoot or just a pic for their Instagram page. Boys and girls, make sure your eyeballs stay in their sockets as you stare down these 15 awesome pictures of WWE Divas in yoga pants. Enjoy and let us know your favorite entry from the list!

15 Stephanie McMahon

Hard to find a picture much better than this one, as Stephanie McMahon not only appears in yoga pants but heck, she’s even smiling at us. Along with her busy lifestyle as the on-air Commissioner for Raw and the Chief Branding Officer of the company, Steph has made it a priority of hers to live a healthy lifestyle outside of the ring. Along with eating healthy foods, Stephanie frequently gets her workouts in alongside her hubby Triple H and the couple’s personal trainer Joe DeFranco. Creeping towards her 40s, Stephanie appears to be in the best shape of her life.

The WWE tried to pounce on her fantastic figure by creating an easy to follow DVD workout with Steph leading the way. Unfortunately, the DVD sales tanked horribly and it’s more than likely we won’t see something similar again. At least we have this picture of Stephanie in yoga pants to make us remember.

14 Mandy Rose

Die-hard wrestling fans are well aware that the Tough Enough reality series is pretty much a joke. In the past, those that haven’t won appear to have brighter futures than the actual winners. This is once again the case, as 2015 winner Sara Lee is out of the company while Mandy Rose continues to improve and is very close to becoming a mainstay on the NXT roster.

Along with in-ring improvements, Mandy is noticeably stunning to look at. Before her WWE days, Rose was a fitness competitor taking the first position in multiple competitions which took place as recent as 2013 and 2014. Along with her competition success, Mandy has also been included in various fitness publications.

At the age of 25, she has quite the future in the WWE. Looking at the pic above featuring Mandy in some tightly fitted yoga pants, you know WWE fans will be drooling over her for years to come.

13 Charlotte

Known as The Queen, Charlotte continues to pay homage to the Flair family, becoming one of the greatest faces we’ve seen in the women’s division in a very long time. Her in-ring skill-set is truly superb and her charisma on the microphone might be even better. Not only is her Superstar work fantastic, but she also works as hard outside of the ring as a huge fitness fanatic.

Prior to joining the WWE, Charlotte had a passion for fitness, becoming a personal trainer. Although she works a crazy schedule with the WWE, she still manages to get in a workout on the regular. Looking back at her 2013 NXT debut, it’s rather clear to see how much muscle Charlotte has gained since that time. This picture justifies that even further as The Queen performs a fantastic snatch while her glutes are looking pretty top in a pair of tightly fitted yoga pants.

12 Dana Brooke

The initial purpose of NXT was to train top of the line athletes from around the world and turn them into brilliant pro wrestlers, or as the WWE would call it, sports entertainers. For the women, most of them came from bodybuilding backgrounds and Dana Brooke was just another name to add to that list. In all honesty, Brooke had a fantastic run as a bodybuilder, even earning a pro card, which is only given out to top of the line competitors. She plans on competing once more in 2017 as she’s set for the Arnold Classic being featured in the International category.

Still only 28, Dana has ways to go in the WWE. The company is very high on not only her talent levels, but the way she presents herself as an absolute pro both in and out of the company. Her training regiment has stayed strong and that’s well documented by the picture above as Brooke fits the pants to perfection.

11 Alexa Bliss

Like Dana Brooke, when Bliss was recruited she came from a bodybuilding background competing in prestigious competitions like the Arnold Classic. Despite her lack of experience, the WWE signed Bliss and she joined the developmental branch that is NXT.

A common story in the world of pro wrestling, Bliss started off with a lackluster gimmick only to completely turn things around as a heel. Her managerial service for Blake & Murphy went over so well that the company decided to branch her off all by her lonesome. Since the move took place, Bliss has taken the WWE by storm, already cracking the main roster and winning the SmackDown Live Women’s Championship at the age of 25; now that’s something.

Along with her in-ring accomplishments, social media platforms love to creep on her fantastic curves. Various websites showcase Bliss and those curves through candid live photos. In this picture, we show Bliss enjoying a fine workout while sporting a wonderful pair of yoga pants which complements her gracious curves.

10 Carmella

Former New England Patriots cheerleader and LA Lakers Girl, Carmella made the jump to the WWE in 2013. Like Bliss, her popularity grew as a manager and the WWE would ultimately decide to let her fly solo. The decision paid off as Carmella continues to improve as a part of the SmackDown Live roster.

What makes Carmella so unique is how different her build is. Unlike most of the WWE women that are thickly built, Carmella has a very lean base which resulted in a flat, chiseled stomach. Not too worry though, the Massachusetts native even has some decent curves as you see in the picture above, sporting some wonderful leggings, the equivalent to the yoga pants. At the age of 29, Carmella has some strong years ahead of her and we seriously hope she reunites with real-life boyfriend Cass and Enzo Amore, sooner rather than later.

9 Eva Marie

Signing with the WWE in 2013, the company rushed Eva Marie onto the scene, and man did it ever make for some embarrassing television. Eva was a Botchamania regular during her initial stint. Finally, she took the wise decision to leave the main roster and join NXT in search of revamping and restarting her career.

Since she decided to do so, nothing has really happened. Instead, Eva continues to succeed outside of the company with a variety of movie, television and modelling gigs. If we were to bet, it seems more than likely that the red headed beauty will no longer be with the company looking ahead at the future, as it just seems like it’s not working out.

On the flip side, she’s an absolute beauty and it’s hard to truly hate her with such a look. This picture further justifies that as Eva looks like a perfect ten (10!10!10!10!) while rocking her yoga pants.

8 Naomi

As fans of the WWE, aren’t we all suckers for a good story. Naomi epitomizes that, as she’s managed to resurface her career as a relevant in-ring performer. The days of her awful Funkadactyls gimmick are done, and she’s now thriving on her own as a strong babyface over on SmackDown Live.

Along with her obvious in-ring improvements as a high flyer, Naomi continues to fit the bill outside of the ring with some hard-nosed training routines. Her results are pretty well documented whether it be on television when she competes in her short shorts ensemble, or, via her Instagram page snapping such pictures of her rocking some yoga pants following a workout. It seems like Naomi is hitting her squats to perfection along with eating an extra box of Booty Os at night. Without a doubt, spouse Jimmy Uso isn’t complaining one bit and enjoying “the glow” of Naomi’s booty.

7 Lana

Her popularity as a WWE Superstar came from the left field as Lana played the role of a villainous heel supporting her “native” country of Russia. Despite that, fans cheered Lana every week and it caused the WWE to change her role as a babyface, although that didn’t last too long thanks to a leaked TMZ picture (which was posted by Lana) showing Lana’s real-life marriage to Rusev.

Today, she continues to be a popular figure despite the fact that she’s not an active performer. Instead, she’s a manager and a newly placed character on the reality series Total Divas. Oh, and her social media presence is pretty darn good as well with a following of over two million. Not too shabby.

Like other WWE Superstars, Lana has branched out into the world of fitness as you see in the picture above. Lana claims she loves the world of fitness and sharing her secrets to a perfect body. We can’t deny her claims as she looks top in the photo rocking a nice pair of tightly fitted yoga pants/leggings.

6 Noelle Foley

We still can’t figure out how Mick Foley created such a fantastic looking human being, but we’re truly not complaining. Despite the fact that Noelle hasn’t stepped foot in a WWE ring, her fame continues to grow at the age of 23. It looks like Vince is well aware of her fame as the company basically decided to start an entire reality series based off of her journey to becoming a pro wrestler for the WWE, while dad watches on and gives her some advice along the way.

Her social media popularity is certainly not a problem, as she has more than half a million followers (that’s more than some WWE Superstars on the active roster). Her claim to fame is not only being the daughter of legend Mick Foley, but sporting a fantastic look which has made her a huge fan favorite amongst the masses. This picture further solidifies that as Noelle takes a brilliant selfie while rocking a nice pair of yoga pants.

5 Summer Rae

With the WWE since 2011, poor Summer hasn’t done much since entering the main roster aside from assisting the likes of Fandango and Rusev. Time and time again, it seems like the WWE was going to push Summer, only to see her advancements fall flat. Nowadays, Summer is off WWE television as she’s currently nursing a knee injury on the sidelines.

At the age of 33, it seems like Summer’s time with the WWE might slowly be coming to a halt. With the women’s division deeper than ever, it seems like Summer’s relevancy with the company just won’t cut it any longer.

However, we can’t discredit her fantastic look which is well documented on her Instagram page. In addition, she can rock the hell out of yoga pants, looking pretty top in the photo above. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the veteran, but if we can hope for one thing, it’s more yoga pants pictures.

4 Liv Morgan

Another NXT recruit with a spectacular body, Liv Morgan is certainly a special case as the New Jersey native is only 22 years old and already actively competing as a star in the women’s division down in NXT. A huge wrestling fan during her youth, Morgan came from a world of acrobatics as a pro cheerleader. She even used her beauty to work at the popular restaurant chain Hooters. Not surprisingly, she even has a past as a model, something she can always go back to.

Nowadays, she’s kicking butt in the ring while rocking a pair of tightly fitted leggings on the regular during her bouts. This picture shows just how darn well she rocks the pants as she looks simply jaw-dropping while posing to the crowd. Without a doubt, we’ll be seeing the youngster on the WWE’s main roster sooner rather than later. For now, she continues to sharpen her skills down in NXT.

3 Paige

The WWE’s wild child continues to be away from WWE television. At one point, Paige was all the talk of the town but now, that has subsided immensely since she picked up an injury and fled the scene alongside Alberto Del Rio.

The good news for Paige is the fact that youth is on her side. At the age of 24, it seems like Paige is 34, but that’s just because her massive push started at such a young age. With that being said, she still has a chance to recapture the magic and that needs to happen ASAP once she returns from injury.

While she remains out on the shelf, let us take a moment to pay homage to this picture featuring Paige rocking some yoga pants. She might be only 24, but her backside says otherwise as it appears Paige is also eating her Booty Os before bed.

2 Nikki Bella

It seems like along with improving her in-ring skills, Nikki also keeps getting better and better looking as the days go by. Instagram seems to agree as Nikki has more that 5 million followers checking out her every move. With the rise of Total Divas and now Total Bellas, Nikki just keeps growing in popularity whether it be inside of the ring, or working as a reality star outside of it. At the age of 33, she’ll continue to thrive for a very long time.

Praised by Bret Hart for her in-ring work, Bella has a unique blend of vastly improved ring skills along with the beauty to back it up. Whether fans want to admit it or not, Bella is a pioneer in the wrestling business helping to bring in mainstream entertainment to the mix as a popular reality star while still kicking butt in the ring. Speaking of butts, this is a fantastic candid shot of Nikki’s butt as she gets into shape.

1 Sasha Banks

Destined to be a WWE Superstar, Sasha began her wrestling journey as a teen working the indie scene. After a successful tryout camp, Banks was signed to a WWE deal in the summer of 2012 and from then on, her career would sky rocket.

Surreal to think that with all of Sasha’s fame as arguably the most popular female on the roster, she’s still only 25. Along with her spectacular in-ring work, Sasha is truly stunning to look at. As the years roll along by, so do her looks as it seems to be trending upwards. Sasha continues to fill out and that’s been well documented on social media as flocks of creepy fans continue to post candid pictures of Sasha’s phenomenal booty. In most of the pics, Sasha’s rocking her short shorts from her attire, but in this picture, we’ll shake things up showing you guys a wonderful pic of Banks in a pair of WWE inspired leggings.

Sources: Instagram

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15 Hot Pics Of Current WWE Divas In Yoga Pants