15 Hot Pics Of BFFs Shay Mitchell And Ashley Benson

Is it really that important to have a best friend? Of course it is! With the majority of people having a select group of friends that they have the pleasure of calling their bestie, there is always that extra special someone who seemingly sticks out that little bit more. That's right, usually referred to as your favorite one, your best friend is there for you when you are sad, happy, homesick, lovesick, or even when you don't actually need them at all. Yes, everyone needs a best friend, and what better than one who is just as stunning, just as ridiculously famous, and just as disgustingly rich as you are, meaning no arguments with regards to who always picks up the tab.

Not your average kind of best pals, Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson have been best friends for a number of years, often photographed together looking as hot and attractive as all those other BFFs that also come from the glitz and glamor of Hollywood's own Tinseltown. Best friends on the popular show, Pretty Little Liars, the pair is also the bestest of pals in real life, declaring their first meeting as "love at first sight", awww. Often holidaying together, Instagramming together, and doing a number of silly things together, the favorite friends are the epitome of girl on girl friendship goals. So, to celebrate the love and happiness in the world, shared between two best friends, here are 15 hot pics of BFFLs Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson. Enjoy.

15 When They Rock Out Blonde Vs. Brunette

Born in California, Ashley Victoria Benson is a jack of all trades, dipping her toe into the acting, singing, modelling and dancing world. That's right, appearing in a Lil' Romeo music video in 2002, Benson seemingly had a knack for the cinema of music, going on to star in music videos for the likes of NLT, One Call, and Hot Chelle Rae. However, with acting her ultimate passion, Benson pursued, starting work in a number of commercials, before finding success in the ultra popular daytime soap opera, Days of Our Lives. Somewhat cut from the same cloth, Shay Mitchell is also a woman of many talents, having dabbled in singing and dancing from an early age, as well as being related to Tony Award winning legend, Lea Salonga. It's in the blood it seems.

14 When They Do Photo Shoots

Originally born in Canada, Mitchell's first love was that of the dancing world, learning to pull shapes at the tender age of five years old. Competing in a number of competitions, Mitchell was extremely successful, touring the country in order to take part. Nicknamed Shay Lo, due to her love for Latino legend Jennifer Lopez, Mitchell began modelling, which in turn enabled her to travel all over the world. However, on her return to her native Canada, Mitchell signed a deal with her first theater agency, later going on to star in the popular Canadian teen series, Degrassi: The Next Generation. Partial to a music video or two, just like her best pal Benson, Mitchell later starred in a music video for Jamaican rapper Sean Paul, garnering her worldwide fame.

13 When They Practice Their Blue Steel

Playing the role of a witch disguised as a cheerleader in the immensely popular Supernatural, Benson was then quickly thrust into the spotlight, going on to land her first lead role in the fourth installment of the cheerleading franchise, Bring It On. However, in 2009, Benson was offered the role of a lifetime, cast as diva chick Hanna Marin, in the drama series Pretty Little Liars. Based on the novel of the same name, the plot sees four friends caught up in a murder mystery setting, operating a sort of "who dunnit" type plot. Meeting her now BFF on set, Mitchell was cast as the "jock" of the group, while Benson took on the classic "airhead". Extremely popular, the show is now on its seventh and final season.

12 When They Act Out Titanic

Best friends forever on-screen as well as off, Benson and Mitchell became firm friends while filming famed show Pretty Little Liars. Often snapped lovingly holding one another, or just plain old larking around, the pair are not shy when it comes to confessing their love for one another, with Mitchell even claiming, "it was love at first sight" when first laying eyes upon her future best pal. Plus, with their careers currently blossoming, Benson was recently cast in the critically acclaimed Elvis & Nixon, with Mitchell later starring in the commercially successful Mother's Day, with Julia Roberts. And, if that wasn't enough, Mitchell is also an acclaimed author, co-authoring the young adult novel, Bliss, with pal Michaela Blaney. Wow, is there anything this girl can't do?

11 When They Get Up Close And Personal

Coming across as genuinely lovely people, there is something quite refreshing with regards to the relationship between Benson and her BFF Mitchell. Adorable to say the least, the pair lovingly like to express their love for one another all over social media, especially Instagram. That's right, each uploading a ton of photographs of each other, the friendship is the envy of girls everywhere, displaying an unconditional bond between the two young leading ladies. From vacationing together in Hawaii, to wearing matching outfits, the two are extremely close. Speaking on Instagram with regards to Benson and her Pretty Little Liars castmates, Mitchell declared, "I am a better person for knowing them, learning from them, and loving them endlessly…" Ahh, so nice!

10 When They Wore Matching Sunglasses

With Benson and Mitchell obviously inseparable, it seems the pair are also on good terms with the rest of the cast. That's right, discussing her love for her fellow cast mates, Benson lovingly declared, "they're like my family. I've spent seven years with them. I've seen them more than I've seen my own family in the last seven years. It was really special to have such an amazing bond with these people, and the cool thing is I know that we'll one day work together again." Celebrating the end of an era with matching tattoos, stars of the show, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Janel Parrish, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell and Sasha Pieterse, all inked the first initials of their character's name on the inside of their index fingers, cementing a lifetime bond between them.

9 When They Hit The Beach

As well as being super talented, Mitchell is also super generous, often helping to fund a number of charities. Supporting the Somaly Mam Foundation, a non-profit organization that fights against the use of sex trafficking, Mitchell has also worked alongside the NOH8 campaign, as well as donating to famed LGBT organization GLAAD. With her character on Pretty Little Liars a closeted lesbian, Mitchell has often spoken out with regards to her support for the LGBT community. Although straight in real life, Mitchell has refused to label her sexuality in the press, alluding to the fact that her sexuality may not be as accurate as one would like to assume, claiming, "sometimes I'd rather kiss another girl than I would some random guy I don't know. They smell pretty, they have cute lip balm on." Hmm, interesting?

8 When They Have Fun On Set

Best friends for life, Benson and Mitchell even have cute nicknames for one another, often seen writing to one another all over various accounts of social media. In fact, things got so serious that Mitchell wrote her best pal a birthday love letter through the glorious use of Instagram. That's right, declaring, "to my little sis on her birthday — PLL has given me so many things I'm thankful for but you are easily at the top of that list. Having experienced something so life changing together has bonded us in a way that's impossible to describe, and I am forever grateful you were by my side the entire time (literally). We have spent so many early mornings and late nights together and it's those moments, those exhausted, delirious, and hilarious moments I can't wait to look back on in five years and tell our kids about years after that. I know this next year of your life will be your best yet and I am so lucky to be along for the ride. I love you Benz and I'm so thankful you were born. - Buttah" These are what friendship goals are all about.

7 When They Drink Cocktails

Rocking fabulous friendship nicknames like Benzo and Buttah, as well as a number of sickeningly sweet selfies, the pair is also amazingly dressed, sometimes even matching their outfits. Discussing her character's style on screen, Benson often comments on how they sometimes share similar clothing tastes. In fact, sharing the same love for certain jewelry, Benson recently admitted, "I'm always wearing my Cartier Love ring—it's so elegant and simple. An ex gave it to me three years ago, and since they aged my character, Hanna, on Pretty Little Liars up five years, it's believable that she would have one—so they let me wear it while shooting." With her character's wardrobe somewhat of a perk, Benson also confessed, "my character, Hanna, has always dressed super, super girly. But recently, they've been putting me in designers like Chanel and Givenchy. It's opened me up to wearing fancier things during the day. I'm going to ask for everything when the show ends!"

6 When They Went To Winter Wonderland

With the end of Pretty Little Liars now in sight, the world has now become somewhat of an oyster for the two best pals. Now starring in her own YouTube channel, Mitchell is a self-professed style guru, giving tips and advice on makeup and fashion. Popular to say the least, Mitchell has over 120,000 YouTube subscribers, and that's with just two videos. In fact, no stranger to the world of social media, Mitchell has nearly 3 million Twitter followers, 5 million Instagram followers, and a ridiculous amount of people that have all hit the like button on her Facebook account. Speaking of her love for trying new things, Mitchell recently confessed, "the message I'm trying to put out there is that you can do whatever you want to do and if I'm going to say that, I need to do it myself, if I want to become a singer and drop a single next month, I'm going to do that."

5 When They Feed Each Other

Despite rumors that the incredibly close pals were more than just good friends, it was recently revealed that Mitchell was in fact seeing someone else. That's right, secretly dating ET Canada reporter Matte Babel, it has been reported that the pair is becoming quite serious. Both hailing from Canada, the Toronto natives were introduced through a mutual friend, as well as sharing a pal in another Toronto legend, Drake. With her love for social media no secret, Mitchell has been up to her usual tricks, sharing a number of pictures with regards to her secret beau. That's right, throwing shapes all over her Snapchat, Shay and Matte are often seen in a number of different filters, as well as videos of them singing their hearts out. Let's hope Benzo approves.

4 When They Dress The Same

Stunningly attractive and incredibly beautiful, it's no surprise to see that Ashley Benson has had her fair share of equally hot and attractive men in the past, notching up a long list of famous exes. That's right, counting Justin Thorne, and Glee's very own Chord Overstreet as past and failed romances, Benson also once dated Twilight hunk, Taylor Lautner, much to the jealously of young girls all over the world. However, it was her dalliance with the leading lothario James Franco that really thrust her into the spotlight, with the love birds often snapped looking extremely cozy together during the filming of popular movie, Spring Break. Now, seemingly happy with swag coach, (is that a thing?) Ryan Good, the pair has been on and off again since 2011, yet remain perfectly happy for the time being.

3 When They Nap Together

Those that nap together stay together, proven so with best mates for life, Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell. However, with Mitchell now branching into the world of social media, as well as a YouTube connoisseur as such, Benson has decided to take it easy. That's right, with seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars seemingly taking its toll on her, Benson recently claimed, "I am just kind of taking a break right now with everything, we worked so long for seven years, I kind of wanted to take a couple months off." Deciding to focus on the things she wanted to pursue before her acting career took off, Benson revealed her plans to take up everyday activities such as ballet and working out more. Taking some time away from Los Angeles and the wonderful world of Tinseltown, Benson also let slip that she would be moving to New York City, in order to "rest her brain".

2 When They Take Selfies

Half-Canadian and half-Filipino, Mitchell is proud of her heritage, however, this was not always the case. That's right, recently revealing that she used to be embarrassed of her ancestry, Mitchell admitted that she was extremely unhappy. Going out of her way to look more Caucasian, Mitchell claimed growing up in the predominately white area of her Toronto neighborhood was to blame for her insecurities. Recalling the time, Mitchell admitted, "I hated being asked who I was, and all my friends had blonde hair and blue eyes". Going on to state how she would dye her hair and wear contact lenses to hide her eye color, life was difficult for the teen queen. With things sadly going from bad to worse, Mitchell then revealed how she would eat her lunch in the bathroom, hoping to avoid the "mean girls", of her high school.

1 When They Color Coordinate 

With the end of teen favorite Pretty Little Liars in full swing, fans everywhere will be crying over their TV sets, wondering what will become of their adoring characters. However, with it recently announced that Mitchell will now star in her own reality show, fans across the globe can rejoice. That's right, aptly named, Shades of Shay, the eight-episode series will follow Mitchell throughout her daily life, watching as she slowly adapts to life on the outside of the hit television show. With it a sure thing that the reality show will see the likes of her Pretty Little Liars co-stars, it is also extremely likely that BFF Benzo will also make an appearance. That's right, proving that they are the ultimate in best friends forever, Benzo and Buttah will go on to make best friends all over the world envious of the friendship goals that they have to offer.

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