15 Hot Pics Jennifer Aniston’s Husband Doesn’t Want You To See

Death, taxes and Jen Aniston’s beauty; these are three guarantees in life. Since Aniston’s claim to fame in the mid-90s, she’s been regarded as one of the most beautiful creatures in all of Hollywood. Truly surreal, but decades later, she’s still looked upon in that same regard, winning the Most Beautiful Woman of the Year award for Men’s Health in 2004 and even recently, in 2016, which really sums up her years and years of beauty. She’s inching towards her 50s nowadays, at the age of 48, but you’d think she was still in her 30s as she continues to dazzle both on and off set.

Along with her prestigious and well recognized looks, Aniston is also a beast financially. She has a staggering net worth of $200 million. Not only did she dominate TV, but she continues to pile up quite the resume in film. Even if her roles aren’t the most prestigious, her name alone is enough to drive people to the theaters. Now that’s something not many can say.

In this article, we look back at a variety of moments from her film, TV, modeling and even candid life, as we take a look at some edgy photos her husband likely doesn’t want us to see. Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to pass it along. So without further ado, here are 15 hot pictures Jennifer Aniston’s husband doesn’t want you to see. Let’s begin!

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15 Getting Frisky With Courteney

Following the end of Friends, Cox, Aniston’s co-star for a decade moved on to a producer role on a new FX series. You might not have noticed because the show tanked so badly, but Cox also played the lead role as an editor-in-chief of a tabloid magazine. Yup, the plot wasn’t the greatest and the show followed along, lasting only two seasons and a mere 20 episodes. FX would later decide to cancel the show in 2008.

In order to gain some ratings, Cox added some Friends flavor to the cast bringing in Aniston. The two got intimate in a certain scene, one that likely both regret looking back. Not even that could have saved the show as the series went south nonetheless despite the star power. The heated moment was the only memorable part of the entire series but at the end of the day, it was a forgettable one for all those involved.

14 Skimpy Candid Bikini Shot

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but the paparazzi has been all over the Friends star since her early beginnings on the hit show. To this day, pictures of Aniston remain very sought-after and a big reason for that is the fact that she still looks incredibly stunning. Aniston has aged gracefully, unlike some of her former Friends cast members. She’s almost 50 (at the age of 48, however, with such a booty, you’d think she was still in her 30s rocking one heck of a skimpy bikini. On another note, Jen’s glute area appears to be larger than ever!

Whether it’s in her residence of the Bell-Air area, or on vacation as you see in the picture above, the paparazzi always has an eye on Aniston. Husband Justin Theroux, likely doesn’t want us to see some of those shots including this one above.

13 Smoking Hot Cleavage

Not only does Aniston have the booty, but she even has it going on in other areas. She’s notoriously known for her beautiful facial features, however, this picture clearly shows she’s no slouch in another area. The photo was only taken a couple of years back and judging by the insane cleavage, we have reason to believe her husband might have been sweating a little bit more looking at such a shot. Aniston was looking spectacular in her dress that very night, and the cleavage only added to the beauty. Ross is smiling somewhere...

Aniston remains one of the most popular and highest paid actresses to this day. Staggering to think that as of 2017, she has a net worth of $200 million. That along with being regarded as one of the most beautiful females in Hollywood is quite the mix, wouldn’t you say?

12 Unforgettable Doctor

In terms of “not so PG” content, Aniston has kept things rather tame throughout her career, which is why her role in Horrible Bosses came as such a shock. Well into her 40s, Jennifer took on the role which was quite rated R in its nature. Jen was quite edgy throughout the film, even taking part in an intercourse scene. The photo you see above is another steamy moment as Aniston enticed the audience rocking the doctor’s coat with nothing under. It was a part of the film that raised a couple of eyebrows that’s for sure.

Despite Aniston pushing the envelope, she has no regrets pertaining to the film. She even went as far as to call it the most fun she ever had on a movie set. So it seems like the only one pulling a sweat watching this film was her husband Justin Theroux. The couple got married a year after the movie release, so we hope he didn’t catch the film....

11 Bringing The Heat On Friends

Throughout the show’s ten seasons, Aniston kept things quite tame on the legendary NBC sitcom. Her outfits were rarely revealing, however, mega fans of the show do remember that she pushed the envelope a little further at one point. Rocking a sexy lingerie type outfit, Aniston wore the ensemble to impress one of her former love interests on the show. The scene was done with the intent of comedic relief as the dude’s parents walked in on Aniston in the outfit. However, it was a hot moment and one Friends fans remember genuinely as one of the rare instances that Rachel pushed the envelope a little bit more on the show.

As you all know, the series would enjoy a decade of success. The cast is still profiting off of the show to this day as it continues to replay on multiple channels, including Netflix.

10 Candid Booty On Set

This candid shot was taken on set as Aniston appears to be glowing (not to mention her booty gains seem to be in full effect in the shot). Surreal to think that Jen has maintained such a slim figure throughout the years. Looking back at her body since the beginning of Friends, she’s maintained a sleek and slender look throughout, which is truly incredible.

In terms of maintaining the look, Aniston credits a variety of things. For one, she’s a big yoga follower. She even took Budokan Karate as well. Along with the practices, meditation has also been a huge key to Aniston’s healthy look. Obviously, a proper diet has also been key along with exercise, and she’s kept these healthy practices throughout her fame and as she inches towards her 50s, these rituals still remain a part of her everyday lifestyle.

9 Throwback Cleavage

We take a page out of Aniston’s past for this photo as she looks ravishing in that revealing shirt which gives a fantastic hint of cleavage. Whether it’s her facial features, legs or even “middle area”, you can take your pick on which asset is Aniston’s best in the photo.

Growing up, both of Aniston’s parents were in the acting field, so it was only natural that she chose to follow a similar path. Jen first got involved in the field following her parents’ divorce. At the age of 11, she started to take a serious liking for the field. She started off in Off-Broadway productions and would later make her television debut. Obviously, the role on Friends changed her life as she became a megastar in the mid-90s; something that still holds true two decades later.

8 Bounty Hunter Heat

Back in 2010, Aniston and Gerard Butler paired up to co-star in the film Bounty Hunter. Looking back, some of the scenes might be hard for Aniston’s husband to digest as things got hot and heavy between Jen and Gerard. Rumors from the set even indicated that two were an item at that point; but again, those were only rumors.

The film had some serious edge with all elements including comedy, action and some intimate moments (including the one you see above as things got steamy between the two in the bedroom). The film was no Oscar winner as it generated some terrible reviews, however, it was remembered for the edgy scenes between the two megastars. The formula for Aniston and films seem to be simple: put her in R rated scenes and the people will come...

7 Kissing A Boy

Let’s not kid ourselves here, Aniston’s TV legacy isn’t even comparable to the projects she’s taken in the film industry. Don’t get us wrong, she’s had plenty of work, but usually, that work was of the loose nature in various easy going comedies. The picture you see above is from another comedic film she worked on in the past; We’re The Millers. Once again, in this film, things got a little edgy as Aniston, who played the role of a “fake” mother, got intimate with actor Will Poulter (who’s only 24 today). Do the math folks, that’s a difference of 20 years and over. That moment was truly something her husband wants to put in the past.

Again, the scene was done for comedic purposes as Aniston was showing her “son”, how to kiss. However, looking back, it’s a part in her film career she likely wants us to forget about. As For Will Poulter, he can live with that memory forever.

6 Smoking Hot Legs

This is a recent picture that proves Aniston is still quite the smokeshow. The true hero in this picture is Jen’s set of legs. In terms of her top assets, many believe that Aniston’s legs are the lead candidate and it’s hard to complain about that judging by this picture. Her calves are glistening in the light; seriously, we need a moment to pick up our jaws off the ground... Okay, we’re good. Let’s resume.

Nowadays, edging towards her 50s, Jen remains active in Hollywood, taking part in films on the regular. The Yellow Birds was her most recent release and she’s now set to appear in another feature film, set to come out in 2018: Dumplin’. She’s also still featured on various talk shows and a multitude of magazines. Aniston’s fame simply won’t ever be extinguished, that’s for darn sure.

5 Lady In Red

In terms of the top pictures from this article, this one might be the very best and even wallpaper-worthy. Aniston looks spectacular in her red corset! That Justin dude is one lucky son of a gun.

The origins of Jen’s beauty have some European flavor. Aniston’s father was Greek, and she even had a great-grandfather of Italian decent. As for her mom, she had a variety of European ancestry with English, Irish, Scottish and Greek roots. What many people tend to forget is the fact that Aniston even lived in Greece for one year at one point in her life. Oh, how different things could have been had she stayed overseas... Just imagine Aniston not being Rachel! We could not live in such a world. She would end up moving back to New York City, the same area she resided in during her stint on Friends, portraying Rachel.

4 Sharing A Kiss With Meryl Streep

Sharing a recent kiss with Meryl Streep, this was truly an iconic moment of two prominent Hollywood figures. Aniston has made lots of friends during her claim to fame, however, she’s even had the adverse effect on some people with a couple of rivalries.

Her most recent feud took place with highly coveted comedian and talk show host Chelsea Handler. The tabloids are all over this story as the two were regarded as the closest of buddies at one point. It seems like the love affair is now over with, as the two are in what the press calls, an “epic feud”. According to the news sites, things went south between the two when it was revealed that Handler was leaking out information pertaining to Aniston’s personal marriage. That caused a big rift between the two which concluded with a verbal joust according to the media.

3 No Bra Needed

Sometimes the simplest pictures can cause a reaction, and that’s exactly what took place with this candid shot. Looking like a true natural beauty, Jen looks like a perfect ten in this shot. Also, if you look a little closer, you’d realize that Aniston appears to be braless, something we’ve witnessed on various occasions throughout her career. Now, we’re not rocket scientists, but we feel confident in saying that her husband would rather we did not stare intently into her chest area...

The screenwriter and Aniston have been together since 2011. They would later purchase a home together in Bell-Air a year later, and in August of 2015, they tied the knot inside of their beautiful estate. The couple had been engaged since August of 2012, getting married three years later.

2 More Rated Antics

As we discussed earlier in the article, Horrible Bosses shed a different light on Jen, as she played a different role than what we were used to seeing her in. However, we all know she’s quite tame and heartfelt in real life. Though, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t had her fair share of relationships.

Following her devastating breakup with Brad Pitt that shocked the Hollywood landscape, Aniston dusted herself off and began to date. She was linked to several men, usually of the celebrity kind. Her love interests included actor Vince Vaughn, who she dated for a year, British model Paul Sculfor and the popular musician John Mayer, as the two dated from ’08 to ’09. As we just discussed, Theroux would be the one to sweep Aniston off her feet in 2011, and the two remain together today.

1 Vacation Tan Lines

It was only right to conclude the article with an inappropriate vacation picture as once again, the paparazzi went out of their way to take an edgy shot that Aniston knew nothing about. While bending over, the paparazzi snapped this jaw-dropping photo, and you probably didn’t notice, but Aniston has got them’ tan lines, looking quite red on her backside. Nonetheless, the picture once again speaks for itself and Jen looks absolutely spectacular. The only person that likely opposes this view is her man, Justin, because like, the shot was insanely inappropriate.

Voted the Most Beautiful Woman for 2004 and 2016 by Men’s Health, it’s truly surreal to see how constant Jen’s beauty has been throughout two different decades. As of 2011, she was voted the Sexiest Woman of all Time, which should truly surprise nobody, especially her husband!

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