15 Hot Photos That Prove Selena Gomez Isn’t So Innocent Anymore

Selena Gomez has come a long way in her career and certainly has grown as a woman. She started as a Disney star who turned her childhood fame into the opportunity to become a pop sensation as well as

Selena Gomez has come a long way in her career and certainly has grown as a woman. She started as a Disney star who turned her childhood fame into the opportunity to become a pop sensation as well as a bonafide movie star. Not many young stars transition into adult movies easily; in fact, many don’t, but Selena seems to have transitioned rather smoothly without the antics of stars like Miley Cyrus. There’s been no rehab or public scenes of embarrassment. She acted alongside some of the most eligible men in Hollywood and for awhile dated her longtime love, Justin Bieber. She has been in the limelight since she was a child and has made quite the career out of it.

These days the beautiful starlet is focusing on a more adult-oriented career that’s nothing like her Disney days. Her Revival album went to the top of the charts proving that she’s more than just a pretty face. In fact, she’s becoming a force to be reckoned with and even a breakup can’t seem to bring her down. Although she is no longer with Justin Bieber, the two seem to continue to share a spark though they both deny wanting anything to do with one another now. She’s a sexy star who seems to have the world at her feet. She has come into adulthood knowing what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. These pictures prove that Selena Gomez isn’t a little girl anymore.

15 Sweet Bikini

Via PopSugar

Everyone loves a lazy day on the beach, and Selena is no different. She looks sexy and divine in this bikini shot that shows she’s no Disney star any longer. Selena has always had a great figure, and she shows it off perfectly in this angled pose. Her parents wanted to name her after someone who was important to them, an inspiration. You might be surprised to find out that she was named after the famous Tejano singer, who passed away three years after Selena was born. It’s amazing that Selena too became a singer just like the woman that she was named after. Maybe a part of the singer passed on to the beauty and gave her a gift. Selena has spent most of her life singing even though she started out her career as an actress on various Disney shows.

14 Happy Birthday!

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Talk about a great way to ring in someone’s birthday! I couldn’t think of a better birthday gift! This lady looks beyond sexy in unmatched lingerie. She has a sexy look while she holds onto a balloon. I love the way that her hair falls in front showing off her beauty and insane body. The girl works really hard to stay in shape like most actresses do because having a great figure is all part of the biz. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but when you are on the run all the time it’s best to live a healthy lifestyle. Speaking of sexy clothing, Selena launched her own clothing line in July of 2010, and she named it Dream Out Loud. It’s a collection of clothing that’s inspired by her own personal taste. Not only is this girl an actress, and singer but she’s now part of the fashion world as well.

13 For All the World to See

Via OceanUp

Whether or not Selena is aware that the paparazzi have zeroed in on her, she doesn’t appear to care. It must be exhausting to watch your back wherever you go, to have to worry about how you look just in case someone is out there taking a picture of you. In this case, Selena should have been more aware of her angles because this one is very unflattering. She’s pretty much letting it all hang out, and it’s just not a good look for anyone. Selena looks like she is on vacation enjoying some much-needed pool time, but she’s showing the world a little more than they bargained for. People certainly love her pictures though because she is currently the most followed person on Instagram, which is pretty huge. That girl has an astonishing 90 million followers on Instagram, the photo-sharing app.

12 Over the Shoulder Look

Via Pinterest

With this style, there is nothing about the look that screams Disney star. Selena Gomez looks stunning in a white dress that shows off her booty. Everything is right when it comes to this sexy dress. The over the shoulder look that she produces is heart stopping, to say the least. What a stunner! Selena Gomez has her own celebrity crush, and it’s not who you would expect. When it comes to being star struck Selena is obsessed with actress Rachel McAdams. She met the actress at an acting class and was so enamored with her that she froze and was unable to talk. It’s funny to think that people can get star struck in their own industry but it happens to all of us when we meet the people who inspire us in our own lives. Rachel is known to be very gracious, so she probably didn’t mind Selena’s reaction.

11 Lady in Blue

Via LaughSpark

This lady in blue is a perfect example of how well this woman is making it in the adult world. Everything about this picture is stunning and all the blue! The car and her jacket perfectly master the look of royalty. She doesn’t seem like a little girl any longer. A quick fact about her is that her first acting gig was on the Barney show which is beyond lame. Admit it; you hate the show as well. But girls gotta do what girls gotta do. She started working at the age of seven and had some struggles of her own. “I was very shy when I was little...I didn't know what 'camera right' was.” She said she learned a lot about acting from Barney. It obviously did her wonders because her acting career has gone a lot further since.

10 Nothing at All

Via Moviepilot

What a breathtaking photo and this lady doesn’t have a stitch of clothing on. Whether she’s wearing a fancy dress or swimming in the nude, this woman knows exactly how to draw the eye. In this photo, she is drawing all eyes while she is swimming in the buck. You can see why people can't help but want to go to her concerts or watch her movies. Before she became a superstar, however, she started up a YouTube series that went viral. She did the YouTube series with her best friend at the time, Demi Lovato. They called the series, The Demi and Selena Show and it lasted longer less than a year.

9 Sexy in Black


Pair Selena Gomez with some black lingerie and you get this gorgeous photo. The photo shows that Selena can do no wrong when she gets in front of the camera. This jaw-dropping photo is one that you won’t soon forget and no one would want to. Selena has a very close bond with her mother as she was raised for the most part solely in her care. Her mother knows all about showbiz as she used to be a former stage actress. Her mother, Mandy Dawn Teefey, is the person that inspired Selena to get into the acting industry after she saw her mother performing on stage. It must be great to know that she has someone she can turn to in the business, someone who knows exactly what the acting industry is all about. Between the two of them, they make one hell of an acting family duo.

8 A Night Out

Via Tollywood

Selena Gomez knows how to get herself red carpet worthy and this outfit is proof of that. This striking red sequined dress is to die for. The best part is the fact that it’s backless and goes all the way down to there. It’s a stunning portrait of a woman who can keep the cameras on her all the time. Not only has Selena been linked to Justin Bieber but she also spent some time with another singer, Nick Jonas. In 2008, the two hooked up for a period of time, but in the end, it didn’t work out. Maybe she was still holding a candle for her old beau, Justin. When asked about her relationship with Nick, Selena said, “We were babies. That, to me, was like puppy love, you know, it was very sweet.” Maybe Nick was her first love after all and not Justin; only Selena knows for sure.

7 Striking Starlet


This photo is a great example of how Selena has truly turned into a stunning lady. It’s a great outfit and can we say SEXY!!! Wow, she sure knows how to dress for events. This dress has the front slit that goes down to the waist revealing a tasteful but sexy side view. Selena is certainly a fashion icon when it comes to being seen in public. I don’t recall a time that she showed up looking less than perfect. Selena is named after a famous singer who was shot and killed in 1995. Considering the fact that she was named after the singer, her mother took her to the memorial statue that was built in Texas. Selena has also seen the movie in which Jennifer Lopez portrayed the famous singer. After she saw the movie she begged her mother for a rhinestone corset.

6 Falling Apart

via Twitter

There is so much awesome going on with this picture. The outfit is outstanding, and it shows off Selena’s bad girl side. It was one of the first outfits she wore as she was transitioning from a Disney star to a bonafide lady. Like I said before, Selena really knows how to dress for an event and this outfit has all five stars. You can buy some of Selena’s clothes from her fashion line right from K-Mart. Her style is more bohemian than it is Hollywood, but that’s what we love about her. It’s a laid back style that anyone can love. She believes that everyone should have access to stunning clothes. All her clothes are made from eco-friendly materials, and she even puts quotes on the clothes as well. “Tags will all have some of my inspirational quotes on them. I’m just looking to send a good message.”

5 All in Leather

Via NewsLocker

No this is not a scene from a Dominatrix movie, it’s just Selena going out for a night on the town. This foxy lady looks amazing all in black leather with her midriff showing. We can’t get enough of this beautiful woman. It may surprise you to learn that Selena Gomez was bullied in high school. So many stars in Hollywood have experienced bullying which is shocking since they all turn out to be some pretty cool people. Hollywood is filled with people that have been bullied, and it makes you wonder why it happens at all. It’s something that doesn’t seem to go away in our society. One thing for sure is these people do become stronger despite what they go through. She mentioned in an interview once that her bullying occurred in middle school as well as elementary school. “It makes you a stronger person to turn your cheek and go the other way.”

4 Lounging in Bed

Via It's Girly Blog

Not only is this look sexy but it’s glamorous as well. It’s a great look that makes you want to stay in bed all day long. Wearing nothing but a sweater, Selena has pulled off a comfy look that is also red hot. I love the fact that her hair is super short as well; this girl is incredibly sexy. Selena loves being at home and why shouldn’t she? She has six rescue dogs at home to keep her company. She loves animals and hates to think of any of them without homes. These dogs all have fun names like Wallace, Chazz, Wille, Chip, Baylor, and Fina. She even rescued one of those dogs while she was dating Bieber. “We went to a shelter just for fun … and we saw this adorable, adorable puppy, I literally felt like he said my name. So, I had to have him.”

3 Ready for a Workout


This sexy photo shows that even in a workout suit Selena can look jaw-dropping. This outfit shows off all her best features. This girl is a knockout no matter what she wears. Whether this girl is wearing sweats or a stunning cocktail dress, she does good things all around. She’s not just in Hollywood to make a name for herself but to make a difference in peoples' lives as well. She spends a lot of her time making movies and music, but that’s not all she does. She is also a part of which advocates safe driving; the organization works through State Farm. They are always hosting charity events for UNICEF. She is a strong believer in the foundation and works hard to make sure that people know about it. It’s nice to know that Selena cares for others and uses her time and money to support important causes.

2 The Bad Girl

Via OceanUp

Since she left the life of a Disney star, Selena has worked really hard to get rid of that good girl image. After all, she wants to be an actress and sometimes that means showing your bad girl side as well. When it comes to stars transitioning from being child actors, it can be difficult not to be type-casted in that role. Look at James Van Der Beek from Dawson’s Creek, he never really got away from that “nice guy” image that everyone saw him as. He even had to make a TV series based off of himself as a struggling actor trying to get his next big break in Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23. Great show, but kind of sad when you know, it’s true. The same could easily have happened to Selena, like most young girls they try to become adults long before they need to in the hopes that they will be seen as grown-ups and different from their childhood roles.

1 The Movie Life

via youtube

If you want to see a whole new side of Selena Gomez then watch Spring Breakers. It’s about a bunch of teenage girls who go on spring break and basically become their parent’s worst nightmare. They are gun-toting girls that even go to the extreme of robbing a bank to get more spending money. Their lives are turned upside down when they meet James Franco. He ends up convincing the young girls to work for him, and they go from bad girls to even worse girls. It was one of the first movies that Selena Gomez ever starred in after her Disney days and it was the perfect role to showcase the fact that she wasn’t a little girl any longer; she was now a sexpot. Whether she is a Disney star, a musician or a movie actor, Selena Gomez has proved to Hollywood that she has some serious talent and she’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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15 Hot Photos That Prove Selena Gomez Isn’t So Innocent Anymore