15 Hot Photos That Prove Paris Jackson Is Perfect For Madonna’s Biopic

Can you believe that we're finally on the verge of a Madonna biopic? Right now, it's being called Blonde Ambition. I mean, come on. You don't have to be a Madonna fan to look forward to this. The controversy created by the Queen of Pop onstage is nothing compared to the magnitude of what went on in Madonna's life to influence those actions. There are only two problems. First, this isn't going to be her life biopic. In fact, it's only supposed to cover Madonna's come-up and career through the '80s. That we can live with...for now. Although, only the deepest, darkest reserves of her life would bring the sort of all-in audience that Universal is most likely hoping for.

Second, the biggest rumor to put everyone in a tailspin was that Paris Jackson was a favorite for the lead role. Who would fit the role better than the King of Pop's daughter? Paris is insanely hot. She's the new it girl that everyone wants to see more of and she knows how it feels to be somewhat misunderstood. Besides, Paris does bear an uncanny resemblance to an '80s era Madonna. This would've been an epic move on Universal's part. However, it turns out that it wasn't even close to being true. Nobody’s contacted her. Paris Jackson is perfect in every way possible for Madonna's biopic. So, will someone please go on and get in touch with her reps? Meanwhile, we're going to spell it out for you. Paris Jackson is perfect for Madonna's biopic. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that she's seriously hot too?

There are plenty of other reasons that Paris really would be a game-changer for this film. In fact, here are 15 hot photos to prove just how perfect Paris Jackson is for Madonna's biopic.

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15 They'll Make You Do A Double Take

It might be hard to grasp these days, but Madonna in her prime was a serious knockout. Women wanted to be her. Men wished they could have her. Her style set the fashion trends for girls of the '80s. Madonna was the it girl of pop for over a decade. She writhed around onstage in a wedding dress, for Pete's sake. (More on that later.) She was controversial, misunderstood, and hot AF! She had a style that was all her own. It was unique, timeless, and classic.

Meanwhile, Paris Jackson is shaping up to be a lot like a 21st-century Madonna. Paris is totally hot, but she's also been misunderstood through her expression of herself. Hell, it's possible that she's got as many tattoos as Madonna had bracelets, but that hasn't held her back. Calvin Klein recently signed her to a seven-figure deal, for example. Then, there's the plain-sight evidence seen above. Stay tuned. You'll be doing a few more double takes ahead.

14 Similar Taste In Supporting Political Views

The image you see above is an example of how fearless Paris Jackson is when it comes to supporting her political views. Paris was only around 15 when Barack Obama was running for re-election, but this didn't stop her from adamantly pointing out who she felt should be in office. Over four years later, 19-year-old Paris shows up to the MTV Movie Awards turning heads while wearing a T-shirt paying homage to Michelle Obama. Paris' fearless stance on political views are just another reason she'd be a perfect Madonna.

Madonna has always stressed her political views artistically through her music. You might recall that it was Madonna who pulled off her shirt to reveal a temporary "OBAMA" tattoo on her lower back in 2012. That was her way of endorsing him for the upcoming re-election. That might've been more extreme, but Madonna has also gone the more subtle approach with a simple Obama tee, too. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to foresee moments like this in Paris Jackson's future. We can only hope it'll be before she hits 50.

13 Both Look Great With Multi-Color Hair Styles

It may seem that dying one's hair with blends of blue, pink, and orange is a fairly new phase, but it's not. It even appeared to put people into shock when Madonna went with the flow and added pink tips at 56 years old. This probably gave off the vibe of someone old trying to be hip. This wasn't a major style change for Madonna, though, who was dying her hair neon pink and yellow back in the '80s. Those were the days that Madonna was first building her career. She was blazin' hot. On fire! Untouchable, even.

However hot the look was for Madonna in the '80s, it was ten times hotter on someone younger now. Perhaps someone like Paris Jackson? Both ladies look fire with multi-colored hair. Only it was 2015, not 1980. The look was smoldering on Paris only a year later at 18; while on Madonna, it was more than just a little weird. Kind of like stripping onstage in your 50's no matter how in shape you might be. It's still awkward.

12 Cheer-Sisters

Who doesn't love a hot cheerleader? I mean, what else would we look at during timeouts and boring plays, right? Well, guess what? The queen of controversy was once a straight-A cheerleader! Yep, bet you never saw that one coming. Madonna grew up under a strict Catholic upbringing. She claims was a "religious zealot." Her mother died when she was only five, but it was apparent from her early days that this was a heavy influence by her artistic themes found in her videos and music.

I guess you could sort of call Paris Jackson a cheer-sister of Madonna's, seeing as she also took a shot at cheerleading when she was fourteen. Of course, neither ladies chose that path. Still, you've got to admit that the idea of Paris creating the visual of Madonna's cheer days in her biopic would be totally hot! However, they should steer clear of Madonna's onstage version that came in her 50's though. That was far from cool.

11 Spotlight Ready

There was a time when Paris Jackson seemed more like a lost little girl than a celebrity daughter. Her father died when she was only 11. Paris was bullied online. She attempted suicide multiple times. She was raped and traumatized. However, she still came forward later. Paris opened up about her childhood and being the daughter of Michael Jackson. Her words were often misconstrued in the beginning, but she only came back harder. She learned from her mistakes.

Now, Paris appears ready to take on modeling, acting, and the world's troubles. She speaks out against topics that matter in her own unique ways. In the photo for Vanity Fair above, Paris was called the magazine's "It Girl." Madonna has had to endure much of what Paris has in her lifetime, too. These women have so much more in common than just their looks. This lost little girl has grown into a self-assured, foxy young lady who is spotlight-ready. She would be perfect for Madonna's biopic.

10 Breathtaking In Black & White

It probably wouldn't matter from the biopic perspective that Madonna and Paris are hot AF in black and white photos, but it's still worth bringing up. There are several photos online of Madonna in black and white which will leave you breathless. Some of them are from when she was younger, while others are through the years from photo shoots. She is stunning in all of them.

Paris Jackson looks just as stunning in black and white photos, which is obvious from the photo above. The one thing that this hot photo of Paris does prove is just how similar these ladies still look. There's something about stripping away color, which almost strips away the time difference. Madonna and Paris really do look a lot like each other especially when you take away the makeup differences, hairstyles, and shades of color used differently between decades. Another similarity has been their choice in hairstyles.

9 Hairstyles

Paris Jackson has undergone many experiments when it comes to her looks...especially when it comes to her hair. Take the style above, for example. This is one of her looks from around 2013, or so. Later, it became longer and dark with pink splashed in, which you saw above. Then, she went very short blonde on us which led to the subtle changes in growing it back, sometimes mixed with bright colors. Always changing, always hot!

What does this have to do with being cast as Madonna in her biopic? Everything! In fact, Madonna had a similar look before. You see, Madonna is considered a chameleon of sorts for a reason. The Queen of Pop doesn't sit around and wait for something to get old. She simply reinvents herself accordingly. Paris has this ability, too. She has the style of her father without the added baggage. At least, so far.

8 There's More To It Than Just Dejavu 

There really is more to it than just the similarities of Madonna and Paris Jackson's faces. There was a point in time when Madonna didn't know if she wanted to go to college, to dance, be in a band, start a band, or even sing. Madonna made her voice heard. Once she figured out that she could express her opinions on politics, social injustice, and human rights through her artistic abilities, she found a way to do it. Every music video, concert, and interview expressed her innermost thoughts and feelings.

There's plenty of controversy in her music video for "Like a Prayer." There are burning crosses and s*xual content. Although, despite all of that, there was also a big message in it. Paris Jackson has been just as outspoken when it comes to injustice, politics, and the environment. She shot down the cover for Harper's Bazaar for twisting her words on the cover despite the fact that she's a new model. None of this means that she'll speak on behalf of a Women's March and threaten to blow up a White House ran by President Trump like Madonna did, but we'll see.

7 Paris' Hot Side

Okay, that's enough comparing for a minute. Paris is a seriously hot individual, without being constantly compared to the Queen of Pop. Just look at her. She's beautiful. She looks gorgeous no matter what color her hair is, or how she styles it. There are some fine women out there who lose their beauty by cutting off their hair, but not Paris Jackson. It might've made her eyes sparkle brighter...if that's even possible. The only problem is that we haven't seen her full potential just yet.

Paris is the daughter of Michael Jackson who was also a big '80s influence himself when it came to political views through artistry. You might recall that it was him who told us that color doesn't matter...if you'd only look past the drama that plagued his last few years, anyway. This came to be something the King of Pop appeared to have trouble facing. But then again, who could blame him. Meanwhile, he somehow passed down a shocking amount of self-confidence to his beautiful daughter. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more of what Paris' hot side is in the future.

6 Madonna's Hot Side 

Paris is still so young that it's hard to determine if or how she will slide into the role of a s*x symbol although from her recent pushes on the right for nudity, that's changing fast. Meanwhile, Madonna has been a s*x symbol for decades. Maybe not for all crowds in more recent years, but in her prime, she was "it." The photo above brings you back to that wedding dress scene that I mentioned earlier.

It was 1989; Madonna's first time performing for the MTV VMAs. The song was "Like a Virgin." She wore the dress that you see above. Came down off of a huge wedding cake display and slayed the song. However, not without putting on a very controversial performance that included writhing and crawling across the stage. You want to see hot. Just look it up. Although, it was that same hot shock-factor that led older Madonna to become more of an oddity and less of a s*x symbol in later years. Again, cheerleading outfits, stripping, and kissing girls isn't near as hot when you're 45-plus.

5 Material Girls

We have always lived in a material world, but not all women are material girls. It's also apparent that both Madonna and Paris are material girls, however. Don't judge me! I'm just going off of their fashion sense. For the image above, we have about three options on how this went down. One, Madonna bribed Paris Jackson to dress like her from the '80s. Two, Paris saw the outfit on '80s Madonna and thought it looked awesome. Three, Paris has the same fashion sense and figured the outfit out all on her own.

Any thoughts? Cause I'm going with two. Although, three would've made this so much more fun and easy. In any event, Paris wears it better. It was suggested that Paris was working on an unknown project at the time. This might be where the rumors about Paris' involvement in Madonna's biopic started. However, it's also important to note that her clothing was the only resemblance that the star had to '80s Madonna. Nope. Not a single similarity. Except the shape of their eyes, maybe. I don't know. What do you think?

4 Paris Could Be Madonna's Comeback

Madonna was always unique. She never cared about what anyone else was doing. She made that clear in the interviews where she discusses her choice against shaving her armpit hair, or how many lovers she likes to have. It's also a good reason for her decision to strip at every available opportunity despite her age. She simply doesn't give a crap. This was where her appeal came from as a singer, dancer, and trendsetter.

Meanwhile, Madonna hasn't gotten any younger. Paris is the new "it" girl. She's young, hot, and mysterious. Everything that Madonna once was. Madonna's story should be told. Paris would be the perfect girl to draw in the new-age crowd that Madonna can't reach. Madonna pointed this out personally in a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar. She stated herself that "you don't get to have your music played on Top 40 if you're above the age of 35."

3 Paris' Father Was Close To Madonna

Madonna recently admitted the full story behind her short-lived relationship with Michael Jackson in the '90s. Not that this was a huge secret. They were photographed together on several occasions. In fact, she even brought Michael as her date to the Oscars in 1991. She went into detail about how far things did or didn't go. They made out...kissed. That was about the bulk of it.

This is where things could get kinda weird for Paris. I'm not sure how she would feel about acting as the Queen of Pop in a romantic scene with her father. Fortunately, it was after the '80s era that Blond Ambition is set to go by. Plus, it doesn't sound like there was much to it. Michael Jackson and Madonna were friends for years, however. So, Paris might have some old stories from pop that might make it easier to channel Madonna.

2 Paris Loves To "Express Herself" Too

Another similarity that would make Paris Jackson perfect for Madonna's biopic would be their common interest to "express themselves." I'm not talking about the song, despite the quotations which could indicate that. They are in place to imply the extra meaning of "express yourself." (Like as in nudity.) Madonna's never been one to shy away from showing a little skin. This has been discussed to describe both her hot days and her icky fifties. Aside from that, you could always go by the butt cheeks she shared on the red carpet.

Paris recently made it known that her stance was likewise when it came to "expressing herself." She did this by posting a couple of photos to Instagram being topless. The photo above is just one of the milder ones. Nothing too risque about a little side boob these days. Although, the original one sparked more ire, and ogles. In it, Paris was on her back but she did censor it with ladybird emojis.

1 Shock-Factor

That whole expressing yourself bit was also about shock-factor. Madonna might not have always meant to be as controversial as she turned out to be. She was just being herself, but it did get tongues wagging and men drooling. Paris Jackson has the hair, the looks, and the shock-factor needed to pull this off. She responded to shocked haters of her nude pics by expressing how unapologetic she is about being natural. She also took things a step further and described how she does nude gardening.

The shock-factor is hot for Paris right now. Although, it was a similar sort of hot shock-factor that eventually led older Madonna to become more of an oddity and less of a s*x symbol in later years. Paris Jackson would be the perfect fit for Madonna's biopic. Madonna fans are already in, but wouldn't Paris Jackson make you want to see it too?

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