15 Hot Photos Of The Women From Power Rangers Out Of Costume

They run the full gamut: Pink Rangers, Yellow Rangers, even a couple of the villains.

What is it about Power Rangers that has made the franchise last since 1993? It’s the Japanese influence, the campy settings, the wild costumes, the nutty monsters and more. But there’s also the cast. It’s fun seeing a new team of Rangers come out every season and handle these events and the series has done great choosing the right actors to play them. From the U.S. to New Zealand, the casting department has chosen good actors who are believable as teenagers and also able to rise up well for the wild storylines. They had to go a bit more “innocent” at times as the show is still focused on kids but they can still choose some very attractive ladies. Several of them have gone on to some notable careers afterward, most sticking to fan conventions but others bigger deals outside the franchise.

They run the full gamut: Pink Rangers, Yellow Rangers, even a couple of the villains. But they all have in common amazing beauty, great fit bodies and can be surprisingly hot when they try. It’s even hotter when they’re away from the series as several of these ladies can show off much better than on the show. As great as they look in these uniforms, it’s out of them that their true sexiness shines. While some are among the hotter Ranger babes ever, others can surprise you with how hot they come off in the right circumstances. Here are fifteen of the hottest pics of Power Rangers actresses out of costume and why the show is popular thanks to their great presence.

15 Brittany Anne Pirtle

After being thought finally over following the cancellation by Fox, the Power Rangers franchise was revived by Nickelodeon with Samurai. They had some issues with storylines and some fans trashing the acting but it was still a hit that got the entire ball rolling all over again. At least it kept to the old tradition of some very attractive lady Rangers. Pirtle played Emily, the Yellow Ranger living up to the legacy of her heroic sister. Her character was notable for very short shorts, some nice charm and between her looks and singing talent, can be called a Power Rangers version of Kellie Pickler. Sometimes clumsy, she still handled herself well in a fight. Pirtle sure had the all-American looks to pull it off and very fetching in the black ninja robes. As this photo shows, she could be hotter off screen in her purple pants, mid-riff showing and bra peeking out under shirt. She was the first Yellow Ranger of a new generation and fit the role in many ways.

14 Karan Ashley

For the first season and a half, the Power Rangers cast got along well as the show became a monster hit and made them famous. However, midway through the second season, Austin St. John (Jason), Walter Jones (Zack) and Thuy Trang (Trini) left after they demanded more money. So a trio of new Rangers were chosen, with Karan Ashley cast as Aisha, the new Yellow Ranger. Skilled in marital arts, she handled the change well, she and Kimberly good friends and Ashley would improve in her acting, showing a tougher side with some nice humor and attitude. She kept up with the show for the 1995 movie but left near the end of the third season, not able to put up with the long and demanding hours. Ashley has been busy with various TV shows as well as hosting the popular “UnCensored Radio” program and currently on the web series Class Dismissed. This photo showcases her feisty beauty and attitude that made her so popular with fans and how the replacement Yellow Ranger made the role all her own.

13 Christina Masterson

When Christina Masterson auditioned for the role of Emma in Megaforce, she expected the challenge of doing martial arts scenes and stunts. But she wasn’t prepared for how her character was an ace bike rider and unsure she could do it as she’d been terrified of bikes since a childhood accident. But she got through it and that determination nicely showcased the skills she brought to Emma, a great lady in a fight but better friend. She and Yellow Ranger Ciara Hanna are good friends in real life and Masterson’s social media page is packed with great photographs. Indeed, her affinity for taking photos was integrated into Emma as Masterson has a good talent for them. But this pic proves she’s just as great taking them. A great rider and photographer, Masterson shows that on either side of the camera, she’s a lady that cannot be ignored.

12 Monica May

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While many of the Rangers shows of the 2000s were shot in New Zealand, Monica May was actually born in Florida, moving Down Under to land the gig of Elizabeth “Z” Delgado on SPD. A feisty street thief turned space cop, Z could duplicate herself and stand out with her tomboy nature while still looking hot in the costumes. Since the show ended, May has had a few acting gigs in various TV shows but felt a bit wanting. So, on a lark, she took burlesque dancing classes and found a new career. Since 2012, “Miss May” has been a popular figure on the L.A. burlesque scene as well as the one in Las Vegas, thrilling audiences with her great strip teases. May also works as a model, often very risqué but this fantastic photo shows off her stunning body shining in a glittery lingerie set. She sure has her flexibility down pat and this is a May fans love to see rise at any time.

11 Chrysti Ane

She’s the newest face on the list as she currently stars on the latest incarnation of the series, Ninja Steel. Ane plays Sarah, who looks a perky blonde but is really the brains of the team inventing items including her own hover board. Naturally a brunette, Ane dyed it for the series and manages to handle it well. Ane had credits including the Brazil soap opera Young Hearts but is better known for her fitness. Her twitter and Instagram feeds are packed with photos of her at the gym, including some fantastic selfies showing her abs. The woman is amazingly fit and it’s clear how much of that is used for the series. She hasn’t shown off skin as of yet but her pages focus on how Ane enjoys showing off her shape and quite the shape it is. She may be new to the show but Ane is showing she lives up to the legacy of very hot Rangers ladies.

10 Alycia Purrott

Born in Canada, the lovely blonde had an early inclination to acting, working in various plays and shows. Moving to New Zealand, she landed the job of Syd on SPD. Despite having the looks of a model (and a sometimes b-tchy attitude), Syd was a great fighter and hotter than she seemed. One episode had her as a magician’s assistant rocking a great pair of fishnet stockings and showing off well even as she fights. This pic from an indie movie shows off Purrott’s great body nicely in red underwear, a nice full chest and still the sexy smirk that made her so famous in her time as a Ranger. Today, Purrott has retired from acting, happily married and raising a family and better known by her married name of Armstrong. But she still showcased one of the more buxom Pink Rangers in the franchise's history and made herself a sexy presence to remember.

9 Katrina Devine

Devine is on the unique list of ladies to star in two different Rangers series. First was playing Marah on Ninja Storm, dressed in a bizarre costume with what looked like a double beehive on her head. She and her sister, Kapri, were the nieces of villain Lothor who were shown as a pair of idiots who were a disgrace to evil. But they handled themselves well in fights and eventually revealed to be much smarter than they seemed, ending up training with the good guys. The producers liked Devine so much that they brought her onto Dino Thunder as Cassidy, the local queen bee of the high school who was a reporter often causing some messes with her stories. A classic scene during a team-up of the instalments had Marah and Cassidy passing by each other and each remarking on how she was more attractive. Today, Devine is retired from acting, running a pub in Canada. However, this pic showcases how amazingly sexy she is in underwear and that no matter what role she played, Devine was a notable face for the franchise.

8 Anna Hutchison

Hutchison got her start early starring in the New Zealand soap Shortland Street to show her talent off. She would later be cast for Jungle Fury as Lilly, the Yellow Ranger. A fun gal with a good humor, she could get surprisingly hot like when a spell turns her into a rough biker chick. With that show ending, Hutchison stayed busy with the popular New Zealand dramedy Go Girls to show her style off more. Hutchison then starred in the hit horror movie send-up Cabin in the Woods that included a topless scene. That was followed by a role in the final season of Starz’s Spartacus series as a Roman woman with Hutchison going all out baring all in some very steamy scenes. While she kept on a dress for this pic, it’s a hot one, the green garb almost sheer in some places. The ocean setting helps show her off more with her lush hair and nice eyes. Clothed or bare, Hutchison is a serious looker and roaring in her hot side majorly.

7 Emma Lahana

Like others on this list, Lahana was born and raised in New Zealand when the Rangers franchise moved there for several years. She had roles in some of her native land’s various TV shows when she was cast as rocker Kira in Dino Thunder, standing out with her fun style. Lahana even wrote and sang her own songs for the series to show her talents off while engaging in a fun season. Her performance made Kira one of the more popular female Rangers as she would reprise the role for both SPD and Operation Overdrive. Since then, Lahana’s credits have included playing Ashley Tisdale’s cheerleader sister on the cult series Hellcats which showed her moves off. She also had a recurring role on the supernatural show Haven and continues to work music and acting today. This great pic shows off Lahana lying on her front with a unique “crown” and showing off her legs nicely. It's a great pic that shows that while Lahana’s voice is great, her body is nothing to ignore.

6 Erin Cahill

As a former model, Cahill already had the great looks to stand out as a Ranger. Yet her performance as Jen in Time Force was notable in how all-business she was. The rare time a female was team leader, Jen was tough and trying to be all business but her teammates helped her realize how good it was to cut loose a bit. A great scene was a team-up with Wild Force where Jen wore a mid-riff baring leather outfit. Cahill has gotten some coverage since then in How I Met Your Mother, Red Widow and the female lead in Call of Duty Black Ops II. Cahill is also quite busy with charity work, enjoying promoting schools in distant countries and will be soon seen in The Order, an independent action movie starring numerous former Rangers actors. This great shot showcases how hot she looks in black, to showcase one of the best Pink Rangers ever.

5 Adelaide Kane

The Australian-born actress broke out starring on the long-running Aussie soap Neighbours and showing her nice talent off. She was cast on RPM as Tenaya 7, the cyborg agent for the major villain of the series. Her skintight dark outfit accented Kane’s nice curves and she matched it with a wicked side that enjoyed being bad. There was a twist in that Tenaya was actually human and soon fighting to help the Rangers defeat her former master. Kane has been busy since such as starring on the MTV series Teen Wolf and some low budget horror films. Most notably has been her starring role on the CW series Reign where she plays Mary Queen of Scots, looking gorgeous in classic 16th century gowns. Kane is also popular on social media and enjoys being a geek girl (once dressing up as Wonder Woman for a comic convention).

4 Rose McIver

As RPM began, Summer was shown to be a tomboy gal who loved riding motorcycles and into action. So it was a surprise when flashbacks showed Summer had been a rich, spoiled brat more into shopping and parties than doing anything responsible. Having the world conquered by machines forced her to grow up fast and Rose McIver was fun showing off that nice drive that made the character stand out. This photo shows more of McIver with this amazing dress, her light skin making her look unearthly in a way but still very sexy. McIver has gone on to a role in Masters of Sex that included flashing her body in several scenes. Currently, McIver stars on the CW hit iZombie and manages the epic feat of looking hot as hell with white skin and often gory situations. In many ways, she’s sexier the less she shows but this pic proves that McIver has got the skin to flaunt and taking off nicely in any role she chooses.

3 Cerina Vincent

From the start, Vincent stood out on the cast of Lost Galaxy. This show had a future Earth colony in space trying to find a new home with the Rangers a mix of soldiers and technicians coming together. Vincent played Maya, a member of a jungle planet tribe who joins with them. She was showcased by her very flattering outfit showing off leg and a dip in cleavage, a nice sense of humor and handling the action scenes well. Vincent showed off further with this great Maxim magazine spread. Vincent showed even more with her famous role as the foreign exchange student in Not Another Teen Movie who spends her entire on-screen time totally naked. Once a columnist for the Huffington Post, Vincent returned to acting full time playing the mom on the Disney comedy Stuck in the Middle. While she’s older, Vincent is still quite attractive and a body (in every way) of work to remember.

2 Ciara Hanna

Megaforce was a big series, celebrating the franchise’s twentieth anniversary and having several past Rangers guest star. The set-up was classic as five teens are recruited to stop an alien invasion. Ciara Hanna played Gia, an ace student and athlete whose desire to excel leant herself well to being a Ranger. She did a great job in various battles and fun bits handling everything from a spell making her jealous of best friend Emma to the epic conflicts. Hanna had already been a contestant on America’s Next Top Model and thus a very gorgeous lady who got to flaunt it a bit in the uniform. She’s moved on to various guest star roles in TV shows (including being in the background of one of Gordon Ramsey’s infamous tirades on Hell’s Kitchen) as well as music videos. While she may be known for a Yellow Ranger, Hanna showed she could wear orange even better in this stunning bikini pic. It’s amazing to see how hot she is soaking wet and showcasing one of the best examples of a Ranger hotter out of costume.

1 Amy Jo Johnson

The first is still the best. Kimberly was the Pink Ranger who basically paved the way for all others, a fun and bright shopaholic who was also an expert gymnast. Amy Jo Johnson was already skilled in gymnastics when cast and integrated that into the character. She was also funny and bright, had a great style and sense of humor that made Kimberly a winner that helped push the show along. Johnson has had the best post-Rangers career, starring in the hit WB drama Felicity. She also starred on the popular Canadian cop show Flashpoint, still looking great in a different type of uniform. Johnson is also a successful singer and even rewarded fans for a fundraiser by performing for them in a Pink Ranger outfit. She showed her hotter side as a sexy horse jockey in the series Wildfire and this pic also shows her great style off. The white underwear is great as is the open shirt teasingly set and the sultry look she throws at the camera. She looks back on the show with more humor but Johnson is still the Ranger many fans hail as the best of the bunch.

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15 Hot Photos Of The Women From Power Rangers Out Of Costume