15 Hot Photos Of The New Princess Jasmine: Naomi Scott

The casting of the upcoming Aladdin movie was one of the most highly anticipated decisions in recent memory. Over 2,000 people auditioned for the lead roles before the studio finally elected on Mena Massoud to play Aladdin, Naomi Scott to take on the role of Princess Jasmine and Will Smith to give his interpretation on the Genie.

But regardless of your opinion on any 3 of those casting calls, we're sure you're going to love checking out these 15 photos of Naomi Scott. A talented singer and actress it will become clear throughout this list that Scott is one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood.

We'll also give further insight on Scott as a person, including her love of Friends that will help make her all the more appealing.

Everyone in the world is going to be talking about Scott, so make sure you take the time out of your day to check out 15 Hot AF Photos of the New Princess Jasmine: Naomi Scott.


15 At The Power Rangers Premiere

The biggest movie that Naomi Scott will ever appear in will most likely be Aladdin. But she was also cast as the Pink Ranger in the recent Power Rangers movie. Which means that when it came to the red carpet premiere, Scott may have known that all eyes were going to be on her. Perhaps that's why she decided to pick such a stunning outfit!

While the movie didn't do as well at the box office as people had hoped, there were talks of perhaps doing a sequel due in part to the fact that the toys that were sold in conjunction with the movie were doing well.

The red carpet event was extra fun as 4 of the classic Power Rangers, Austin St. John, Walter Jones, Jason David Frank and David Yost all stopped by.

14 Oh, Hi There


There are several actresses in Hollywood who have tried to make a name for themselves by showing off various parts of their body. But in the above photo, Scott makes it clear that you don't need to let everything hang out in order to look absolutely captivating.

That being said, you might not hate if Scott elects to let a little more skin show in future photo shoots.

The photos were taken for the online site which has roughly 10,000 followers on their Twitter account. We're sure if they were able to convince Scott to come back in for another photo shoot that it would definitely help boost their numbers!

13 Her Album Cover

Naomi Scott may be making waves for her acting as of late, but don't expect her to stick around Hollywood for long. Scott has always been active in the music industry, releasing two different albums.

"However, acting is an avenue that has opened doors. I will eventually switch gears to solely music, but at the moment it is both. It is simply a matter of right timing. People can smell when an act is inauthentic or manufactured," said Scott when asked to compare her two passions.

We're sure she's going to love the ability to let her singing voice shine when she takes on the role of Jasmine.

12 Showing Off Her Legs On Tour


Several celebrities have taken to Instagram to try and actively build up their fan base. In comparison to some, Scott's following of a little over 250,000 is paltry. But that doesn't mean that for her followers that Scott doesn't post some fantastic photos. She just doesn't blast her body all over the place wearing little to no clothing.

Which to be fair, is probably a great thing considering it may not have been the cleanest image for Disney to be backing.

The above photo, however, helps prove the point that you don't need to show off a ton of skin to still be looking fantastic. The photo was captioned "Mexico" as well as a hashtag revealing that she was on a press tour for Power Rangers.

11 Gorgeous For HypeBae

Naomi Scott has had plenty of opportunities to take part in photo shoots. The above one comes courtesy of the website Hypebae, who also had a chance to interview Scott.

When describing her personality in three words, Scott revealed

"I am British, sarcastic, (pause) … indecisive. Yeah, you can add indecisive (laughs)."

You can imagine her British accent won't be present when she takes on the role of Princess Jasmine though! We're sure her sarcastic edge will definitely add to the character though and look forward to her rendition.

10 Showing Some Skin At A Power Rangers Event


You can imagine that one of the coolest things about getting to be in a major movie is getting to get up close and personal with all the neat props. The helmets from the recent movie are on prominent display behind Scott, but we also wouldn't blame you if you hadn't noticed them because you were staring at her gorgeous outfit.

Many people feel that Scott's portrayal of the Pink Ranger was one of the stronger parts of the film, as was the overall aesthetic that the filmmakers were going for. We're sure if the film had gone for the R-Rating as had at one point been rumored, that it may have been more successful. Especially if it allowed Scott to show off some more skin!

9 Photoshoot For Marie Claire

Naomi Scott may have an incredibly bright future as an actress, but judging by the above photo it's clear that she also could have an outstanding career as a model!

Scott stepped in front of the cameras earlier this year for Marie Claire. During which, she also revealed what her favorite late-night guilty pleasure is

"If I can't sleep, it's because my mind won't switch off. So I'll get on YouTube and watch Friends bloopers, like when they carry the sofa and Ross is yelling, "Pivot!" Makes me laugh and I don't have to think."


8 Cozy In White


Naomi Scott definitely looks like she is comfortable in the above photo. After all, that sweater looks incredibly warm and we're sure would be great to get all up close to.

Though the fact that she doesn't appear to be wearing anything on the bottom half may mean that she may still find herself being a little bit chilly.

We're not too sure if the hat is working for her, but we also aren't in any place to judge. Especially because the photographer was clearly just trying out different things to see how they would look on camera.

While it's not too clear as to which publication the above photo shoot was for, it is clear that Scott is gorgeous.

7 Wearing A Black Dress In Mexico

One of the biggest parts of being an actor is being able to go out and promote your film in a variety of markets. That's definitely what was going on in the above photo as Scott traveled to Mexico City back in March to raise awareness for Power Rangers.

Though with the above photo, you may agree that the main awareness that was raised is how gorgeous Scott looks. We're sure that even though the film didn't do as well as critics or fans had hoped that getting to travel and promote the film will remain an amazing experience for Scott.

It's also something she better be used to, as Aladdin is going to get promoted to an insane degree.

6 Beauty In Simplicity


You don't need fancy dresses or cleavage baring shirts if you're Naomi Scott in order to capture everyone's attention. All you need is, at least in the above cases, is to look into the camera and have your picture taken. That's not to say that you may be hating on if she decides that she wants to do a swimsuit photo shoot in the near future, but by no means does she need to in order to be easily considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

While there are plenty of reasons to be skeptical about the upcoming Aladdin, we're sure that Scott's performance isn't going to be one of them. Scott has no other projects scheduled in her near future, so here is hoping she is able to put all of her focus and energy into creating a memorable performance.

5 At The Premiere For Lemonade Mouth

You may be surprised to find out that taking on the role of Princess Jasmine is not the first time Scott has been affiliated with the Disney brand.

Back in 2011, Scott appeared in the Disney Channel original movie Lemonade Mouth that was also a musical.

"I think there's a lot of kids in the situation that [my character] is in. So I think there are a lot of kids that will be able to relate and I think it's about finding the balance of respecting your parents because that's so important," said Scott when talking about the role.

4 Relaxing In The Garden


Naomi Scott looks outstanding in the above photo as she sits and relaxes in what appears to be a nice outdoor garden. You can imagine her schedule is about to get a lot busier though, so here's hoping she still finds some free time to unwind.

When talking about how she loves to spend free time, Scott admitted

"I'm a very visual person, and other people's music and videos inspire me. I usually just have a little bit of an explore on YouTube and see what's out there."

We're sure Scott will spend a lot of her spare time also reading up on Aladdin and making sure she can nail "A Whole New World".

3 Rocking The Short Hair For PETRIe 68

You can imagine that every magazine company is going to be actively trying to get ahold of Naomi Scott and bring her in for a photo shoot. But the most recent company to succeed is PETRIe 68 who announced shortly after the Jasmine announcement, that Scott is going to be appearing in their February edition along with some of the photos.

You shouldn't expect Scott to have hair anything like that when she steps into the role of Jasmine, but good on her for having fun with her appearance and switching things up.

Scott also opened up about her thoughts on inequality,

"One universal form inequality takes is in how people are made to feel or be valued as less than someone else," which speaks volumes to her strong level of character.

2 Beautiful In Front Of Food


Naomi Scott looks absolutely beautiful in the above photo, but we wouldn't blame you if your attention got at least a little diverted by the food that is sitting behind her.

"I like a good chaat, with potato and chickpea and yogurt sauce, and I love spinach curry. My Indian nan passed away a few years back, and she made the best okra curry. I think that's what drew my dad to the family," said Scott when talking about some of her favorite dishes.

Scott also admitted that whenever she lands in a new location, one of her main goals is to try and find the best authentic Indian restaurant.

1 Sorry Fellas, She's Married

You might be left enamored with Scott by the end of this list, but we hope the above photos of Scott and her husband don't put too much of a damper in your day.

Scott had been dating Jordan Spence for several years prior to tying the knot back in 2014.

“I have an amazing bunch of family friends the best parents friends. But honestly…..the best man in the world @jordanjspence," wrote Scott on her Twitter the day of their wedding.

We're sure Spence will be a tremendous source of support for Scott during this exciting time in her life.

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