15 Hot Photos Of Stars We Don’t Think Are Actually That Hot

Being attractive in Hollywood has always been a fickle thing. With tastes and trends changing daily, one day you could be “in” and the next you could be “out.” Unfortunately, for this bunch of stars, they are usually thrown into the “less attractive” or “not hot” category with very little thought or consideration.

Some of the following stars are given their “ugly” name simply because of a role they may have played in the past. Other women on this list are considered by some to have been born less attractive and only became something to talk about after they were born into a wealthy family. There are even women on this list that aren’t considered “hot” because of the strange and outlandish things they’ve done during their careers. Regardless of where these stars came from, how they are portrayed, or how weird they seem, all of the following women have been thought of as ugly at one point or another.

We, however, have a different opinion. Beauty isn’t just something that is simply skin-deep, and these women clearly have some things going for them or we wouldn’t spend so much time talking about them in the first place. And although some, or in a few cases, most, would think of these women as “not hot,” we have found some pictures that beg to differ. Not all of these photos show these women half-naked, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still hot. Check out these drop-dead gorgeous women and see for yourself.

15 Tori Spelling

When Tori signed up to participate in the photoshoot that resulted in this image, she might not have known that she was going to get such sizzling results. The shoot was for a healthy lifestyle program but who would have thought that Tori was so hot! Not only is she super sexy in her bikini but the luxurious backdrop creates the illusion that she might just have fun after the shoot’s a wrap. The only thing this photo makes us wonder is what’s the deal with the heels? We get that they’re for the “sexy” effect during the shoot, but really, who wears heels to the pool? Even with the heels, this picture of Tori is certainly a hot one.

14 Anna Kendrick

Although she had been in other films before, Anna didn’t really get shoved in our faces as an actress until her supporting role in the Twilight saga. When she came onscreen as Jessica, she was cute but not much more. Others thought that even outside the movie she was less than attractive. Despite their thoughts, we have found an image that proves Anna is definitely hot enough for Hollywood. She, like others on this list, is wearing a bathing suit, which is a plus for most people. She also did a photoshoot with a bunny, which is pretty awesome too. We just sincerely hope that the fur they are laying on is fake and not made from the bunny’s family or another type of animal.

13 Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah has had the misfortune of being compared to an animal on more than one occasion. Her unusual looks and obvious talent may have landed her one of the main spots in the hit HBO TV series Sex and the City, but that didn’t stop the critics from saying their piece. She does have this picture, though, which shows that at just the right angle, she can be just as hot as anyone else. She might have been compared to horses in the past, but if you were seeing this picture, you wouldn’t be thinking she looks like one at all. She’s just another hottie walking around the city; she has those “come hither” eyes too, which makes her even hotter.

12 Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart played Bella in the Twilight movie series. Because she played her awkward character so well, people began to associate the awkward ugliness with the actual actress. Contrary to that belief, we have seen our fair share of beautiful pictures from this woman. This picture though is one of our favorites. Not only is she, like Uma, wearing stockings, but she is also literally undressing in the photograph. This isn’t the beginning of a pornographic photoshoot, so you won’t find any other pictures bearing more than this one, in this shoot’s series at least. Still, even though she might not actually be getting naked, this picture of her is most definitely hot.

11 Renee Zellweger

Obviously, when this picture was taken, the entire goal was for Renee to ooze sexiness. If it wasn’t then she wouldn’t have been in a bathtub filled with bubbles and, of course, she has heels too. Some might think that Renee has a rather pinched-looking face that looks like she is constantly eating a super sour lemon, but this photo goes to show that Renee is seriously hot! Maybe it’s the angle of her face or the other distracting elements of the picture but she doesn’t look like she’s eating sour anything. People may think that she’s not “hot” in the rest of her endeavors, but she certainly is in this picture with the bathtub.

10 Mayim Bialik

Mayim is one of the poor actresses that seem to get a bad rap from the person they portray on the set. Playing Amy Farrah Fowler on the hit comedy The Big Bang Theory makes Mayim seems like a frumpy super nerd that was created solely for Sheldon; they’re that compatible. However, behind the glasses and the never-ending sweaters, lies a woman that is stunningly beautiful. Although you might lean toward “beautiful” as opposed to “hot” when describing this photo of the actress, we think that just because it’s a headshot doesn’t mean that it can’t be considered “hot” too. The best thing about this hot babe is that she can probably hold a better conversation than any of those women you meet on Tinder.

9 Julia Roberts

Although there are people out there that absolutely adore Julia, there are still a lot of folks out there that think of her looks as “manly.” We think they’re wrong. Just look at this picture, not only is she in a sexy pose, but it also looks like she’s wearing nothing. That’s probably just a photography trick and she is really wearing a minuscule amount of clothing, but the shadows make it look like she’s not. Either way, whether fully naked or just almost, she shows just how hot she is in this photo, that’s for sure. After seeing this picture, we’ll never be able to watch Pretty Woman or Eat Pray Love the same way again.

8 Uma Thurman

When it comes to the less attractive stars of Hollywood, besides a slew of ugly dudes, Uma is almost always at the top of the list. We did, however, happen to find a picture from a photoshoot that completely blew us away. After seeing this hot lady posed on that couch, we had to look twice. We couldn’t believe that it was Uma in the green dress. But, it is, and she’s even wearing fishnet stockings, which might make the picture even hotter if you’re into that sort of thing. Uma is a prime example of why you shouldn’t judge a woman’s looks by just a few instances because this one clearly shows that she is a hot woman who knows how to be sexy. While her face may look odd sometimes, she's still a total bombshell.

7 Melissa Rauch

Melissa may play the squeaky-voiced doctor on The Big Bang Theory but after she did this photoshoot, no one can say that this woman isn’t super hot in real life. Her part in the show makes her into a woman only a person like Wolowitz could love; the voice alone is enough to end the date after the first paragraph. However, she doesn’t talk like that in real life, nor does she wear the things she wears in the show. This photoshoot feeds into the hot world of fetishes with the BDSM inspired outfits she wears. Some of the pictures leave little to the imagination and others, like this one, almost make you beg to see more. This picture proves that even though people may think that Melissa isn’t hot on a regular basis, she certainly is one hot lady in this picture. Who knew?

6 Paris Hilton

Paris is another one of those babies that were simply born into immense wealth. Due to her looks and her less than ladylike actions she hasn’t always had the best reputation. She may have gotten better in more recent years, but there are still a lot of hot photos from her partying past. This picture of her was taken during her Carl's Jr. commercial where she munched on a hamburger in a bathing suit. The commercial itself was either loved or it was banned because of the inappropriate content. Regardless of whether or not it played in your city, it is still arguably one of Paris’ hottest moments. Just look at the picture. Like Uma Thurman, she's another star with an odd face, who can still pull off sexy shoots like this.

5 Anne Hathaway

Unfortunately, when Anne played the ugly duckling turned glamorous princess in The Princess Diaries, the thought of her being the “ugly ducking” just seemed to stick long after the movie went from theaters to DVD. Despite certain crowds booing the way she looks, she is a model citizen and humanitarian, as well as an amazing and accomplished actress. Even though some won’t agree that Anne is hot, we know the photographer that took this picture could not only see how hot she was, but they were able to capture it for the rest of us to admire. The dress she’s wearing hugs her in all the right places and still leaves something to the imagination. If you don’t think that she looks hot in this picture, well, you would be wrong.

4 Amy Poehler

Amy is known around Hollywood for being a funny woman. Not only is she best friends with Tina Fey, but she also happens to play a funny woman in just about everything she does; that’s not just coincidence. Sadly, even though she is thought of as a funny individual, she’s also thought of as a funny looking one. She might have a hard time shedding that label but we think that this picture is a good start. Not only does Amy look happy, as she always seems to be when hanging with her best friend, but she’s wearing a stunning pantsuit without a shirt. Her jewelry leads your eyes down to her cleavage and her high heels complete the daring look. She actually has a lot of gorgeous photos in uber fancy gowns and such, but this outfit was hands-down the hottest.

3 Miley Cyrus

Ever since Miley cut her luscious locks off and changed her lifestyle to better emulate whatever or whoever she was trying to portray at the time, she lost a lot of fans after they saw the extent of her crazy antics. Since her “crazy phase” she has gone back to her country-hearted ways but there was a time, not that long ago, when Miley Cyrus went absolutely bat-sh*t, off-the-wall crazy. Although we have a little bit of that in all of us, Miley did manage to calm herself down for a few moments to take a few shots like the one you see here. The first thing that makes this picture hot is her sultry eyes, the second, of course, is the semi-revealing bathing suit she’s wearing. Even though she has short hair, she’s rocking it in such a way that takes this photo to the next level of hot.

2 Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is another one of those who has been judged by the crazy things they have done, worn, or said. Remember her really weird meat dress? Or any of the other strange and bizarre outfits she’s worn to set herself apart from the rest of Hollywood? We wouldn’t want to date someone who is wearing beef either, but if you peel back all the many layers of weird Lady Gaga has surrounded herself with, there is a rather beautiful woman underneath. It looks like it took awhile to unearth the hot Lady Gaga you see here, but it was well worth the time. She is definitely a bombshell blonde and as long as she keeps this minimal, non-crazy look up, she’ll remain a “hot” star of Hollywood in our book.

1 Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings always seemed to have a minor or unmemorable part in a few different movies, but in 2011 she became the co-star of the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls, where she shared the lead role with Beth Behrs. Her looks, while not ugly, haven’t landed her the lead spot in everything she’s ever been in before the CBS sitcom. Although some might not like the way she looks, we think you’ll change your mind after looking at this picture of her. Yes, it’s just another headshot, but there are times when even headshots are hot. In this photo, her hair has that fresh out of bed from afternoon sex look to it with its tousled appearance. Her lips have always been one of her hottest features and they don’t disappoint in this picture one bit. To top it off, her eyes are just daring you to say that she isn’t hot and that kind of confidence is an attractive feature all in itself.

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