15 Hot Photos Of Sofia Vergara By The Water

There’s a huge TV star out there that you may have missed out on, especially if you’re addicted to streaming shows (you know you are, all of you Netflix and Amazon Fanboys!). She’s the highest paid actress in the world to grace the small screen and has been for five straight years. In fact, she is now the highest paid actor on TV, not just at the head of the “leading lady” class. She is the absolute glue that binds the show Modern Family together. How do I know that, you ask? Well, check this out: four Golden Globe nominations, four Emmy nominations and an amazing seven Screen Actors Guild (SAG) nominations. If you’re not impressed by that, just check her out on the show sometime- she’s worth it.

I’m talking about Sofia Vergara, of course, and I’ll let you in on a little secret- it’s also worth checking out this leading lady’s looks. This Colombian-American beauty may be past 40 but she is an absolute stunner, the kind of MILF everybody dreams about. And don’t even get me started on that sultry voice of hers… If you like hot Latinas, and honestly, who doesn’t, then Sofia is the lady for you!

Of course, she wasn’t always a red-hot superstar like she is now. She actually got her big break on Univision, of all places, and parlayed that into a small movie career. She was in a few Tyler Perry movies (Meet the Browns and Madea Goes to Jail), of all things, before exploding into our living rooms on a weekly basis. But she was always hot and we’ve got the pics to prove it. Here are 15 pics of Sofia Vergara in a bikini by the water doing what she does best- being absolutely gorgeous.

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15 A Mouthful

via celebritiezzz

Let’s start off with a bang, shall we? Here’s a little number I like to call “Sofia by the water making us all think very naughty thoughts.” This is one of those times that you’ve just got to love the existence of the paparazzi, isn’t it? I mean, I understand that those guys can be like a pack of rabid raccoons attacking a trash can in their persistence and sheer orneriness, but hey, sometimes they get us exactly what we want to see. This is one of those times, wouldn’t you agree? The fact that our lady of the moment seems completely unaware that she’s being ogled kind of cheapens the whole thing while also making it somehow hotter- that’s the mark of a truly excellent piece of work by the photog who took this shot. Sofia appears to really like vacationing in exotic spots, as you will see as we move along.

14 She Loves Her Some Gold

via blogspot.com

Guess what? Sofia was once young and she was also hot then- go figure. This is one seriously sexy lady; one who has known for a very long time how to use her considerable attributes to get the most, ahem, exposure possible. I have to say, the plain gold bikini thing she’s got going on here is not a problem, is it? Who needs fancy wraps, Jackie O. sunglasses, floppy hats, and conch shell jewelry when you’ve got this? Before she hit it huge on Modern Family, Sofia used to co-host shows on Univision. I could definitely listen to Sofia talk all day but I’ve got to say, I’d rather see her like this, by the water, showing off what she’s got. I’m not sure if any of you guys have noticed either, but she also has quite the stunning pair of…eyes. Ha- Gotcha! Sofia’s eyes are really cool; she knows how to make them smolder, that’s for sure.

13 Is She About To Remove Her Bikini Top?

via wordpress.com

Well, let’s get back to it, shall we? Just because Sofia has intensely beautiful eyes doesn’t mean that we should ignore any other paired items on her body. No, I’m not talking about her ears, arms or legs. I think you guys all know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, take another gander at the picture above why don’t you. Yup, those are what I was talking about. Even Sofia’s change of hair style here can’t distract us from our primary viewing purpose. I’ve gotta say, it’s not entirely unfun watching her adjust herself, is it? Not even one little bit. For those who are interested, her measurements are 38-28-39. Her bra size is 32F. That last one is not a typo- just a glorious fact of the laws of nature. In my highly detailed research for this article I also stumbled across the fact that Sofia has “hazel” eyes, which would explain their exotic appeal.

12 She's Got Nice Eyes

via wikifeet.com

Here’s living proof that Sofia’s bra size is just exactly what I told you it was. I found this little image on a certain website called Wikifeet. I’m sure none of you out there have ever visited it, right? Wikifeet is devoted to the art of celebrity chick’s feet. That’s about all they care about over there. Now me, I’ve got nothing against a nicely shaped ankle but my interest tend to lie in a slightly different direction- like maybe just a few feet north of the feet, as it were. Actually, Sofia seems to be into her feet herself in this picture, like she’s pondering get a Pedi or something. If I were her I would be more concerned about the fact that my bikini top appears to be heading south but, hey that’s just me, I’m often concerned about Sofia Vergara’s bikini tops.

11 Two For 1

via nydailynews.com

Remember all those paragraphs ago when I told you that Sofia likes to vacation in exotic locales a lot? C’mon, it wasn’t that long ago- Sofia’s pics must have distracted you already. Well, here’s Sofia in a few different little numbers. Hey, variety is the spice of life, am I right? Sofia sure seems to think so as she rocks a rainbow-effect one piece on the left and your “formal-wear” black on the right. I honestly don’t know which one of these looks is better for our favorite Latina. On the one hand, that colorful one really, really accents her frontal assets in a very cool way, if you know what I mean. But on the other hand, Sofia appears to have lost half of the black one-piece somewhere. Aww, what a shame. I really wish that swimsuit had more fabric… Wait, who am I kidding- Sofia’s curves are so hot and the lack of an actual suit on her here just adds to that effect. I’m pretty sure that was the intent.

10 One To Remember

via gazetesok.com

I hope everybody’s sitting down for this one. This lady has seriously got it going on! Again, she’s not in the least bit camera shy, is she? Nope. Our Sofia knows what she’s got and likes to strut it. I mean, look at that smile. That’s not the smile of someone who is upset that they are being gazed upon. That’s the smile of a woman who is saying “That’s right, you can check me out; I know I’ve got the full package.” That’s the smile of a star still in her prime flaunting it for the whole world to see. I like the addition of the beachwear necklace or whatever that is. I’d pay good money to walk along the beach with Sofia looking for shells to add to her necklace. Now don’t lie, I bet you would too. I have to say- “Sofia, I think I’m in love.”

9 Her Rear Taking Some Much Needed Sun

via blogspot.com

Sometimes a star just needs a break from the hustle bustle of Hollywood- it’s such a hard life after all. Sometimes you just need to know that there’s a nice quiet spot where you can go to relax in private. Hey, why not Hawaii? At least, I’m assuming that’s what Sofia said to herself before heading out across the Pacific. Unfortunately for her, and as always, fortunately for us, those pesky photogs went right along with her to document her every move. Which seems to consist of lying by the pool reading. I wonder what the hell she’s actually reading. The picture on the back of her book looks like former rock superstar Peter Gabriel. Why would Sofia Vergara be reading a book by Peter Gabriel? Why would old Pete even have written a book??? You know what- I digress. Let’s just look at Sofia’s backside for a while- that makes more sense.

8 Look At Those Pearls! Again!

via streeetchypants.com

Hey look guys- it's Sofia Vergara, leading lady of the hit ABC TV show Modern Family! She’s lying by a pool on her stomach looking hot- did you ever hope to see such a day? OK, OK, I’m just having a little fun with my favorite lady of the moment- I shouldn’t get snippy. If I had a body like hers and had made almost $200 million in the past four years from my TV show alone, I’d probably spend as much time at exotic vacation spots as I could too. This is one of my favorite pics of Sofia on this list as it actually makes us use our imagination a little bit. It’s also a great shot of her laughing. This isn’t one of those sultry, steamy shots that she seems to do so well. Nope, it’s just your average everyday hot mama hanging out poolside. If Sofia had been one of my friend’s Moms growing up, I would have been begging to have a sleepover pretty much every night.

7 Look At Those Pearls...

via ulstertatler.com

Here we have Sofia rocking the classic beach hat and wrap look. At least this time she seems to be a lot more aware that the cameras are on her. And she doesn’t seem upset by that, which is a nice bonus. Celebs who have issues with the paparazzi often have very good reasons for their unhappiness but they just never seem to win, do they? It just becomes an eternal dogfight for them. Sofia, on the other hand, certainly appears to enjoy being the center of attention. And we certainly enjoy her being the center of attention. She is one heck of a good-looking lady, with what they used to call the “hourglass figure” on full display here, despite the wrap. Does anybody even know what an hourglass is? These are the questions that keep me up at night. Well, that and pictures of Sofia like this one.

6 Vergara Looks Great In Blue

via pinterest.com

Here we have the not-so-young but not quite internationally famous MILF Sofia striking a nice pose somewhere nearby to some beach. Sofia’s first big break came when a talent scout saw her on a beach in Columbia and offered her a part in a Pepsi commercial. Since Sofia was only 17 and “apprehensive” about doing any modeling work, her teachers (at a Catholic school, no less), had to give her their “permission” to get her to take the gig. Thank you teachers, wherever you are! But seriously, let’s get back to more important things. This is a big-time picture of one very hot lady. I like the accent of the hip-chain. Did you know that Sofia’s natural hair color is actually blonde? She was told to dye it a darker shade because she didn’t look “Latin” enough. More importantly, do you care about that? I don’t- not really. She’s hot no matter what color her hair is.

5 She Can Even Pull Off Ugly Bikini Wear

via sexygossip.biz

Sofia is hot just about any time she steps in front of a camera (or a camera hunts her down). That’s just a fact of life, like the sun rises in the East. But sometimes even the hottest ladies make some odd wardrobe choices. I think this must be a function of the fashion industry inundating Hollywood with freebies. The designers get their look out there and the celebs get free stuff. However, that free stuff is often kind of weird and outré. Now I don’t know if Sofia got this odd little ensemble for free or if she suddenly lost all fashion sense but it does detract from what is normally an incredible beach-body look for her. It’s not a swimsuit and it’s not really a wrap. It seems like it wants to be a formal beach dress. Is there even such a thing out there? If there is, why??? Sofia herself even seems like she’s having some technical issues with it.

4 Vergara In A Black And White Bikini

via blogspot.com

I don’t know where this one was taken but I kind of like it. Sofia is obviously on a boat in a harbor somewhere and clearly enjoying herself. Her swimsuit this time is only a little bit odd and actually kind of cool. Well, it highlights all her best parts, anyway. One of the things I really like about Sofia is that she is always rocking the funky, sexy sunglasses. Some celebs make really bad choices for their sunglasses accents but Sofia always seems to be spot on. Did I mention she’s got a great smile as well? Sofia may just be the perfect woman. She’s also a Cancer. Hey, I’m a cancer! Maybe she and I have a special bond that we don’t even know about yet. Maybe I should drop everything and go follow Sofia around until she realizes our deep, personal connection. I’m sure she would really appreciate that, right?

3 Oh My God

via blogspot.com

Let’s get back to young Sofia. And why not? As I may have mentioned once or twice or a hundred times, Sofia is hot at any age. Hell, Sofia is probably still gonna be hot at 6o. Maybe not as hot as this picture is but you get my drift. Have you ever noticed that there’s something about the clichéd “sunset” shot that always speaks to tropical romance, isn’t there? Well, that and the hot chick in the foreground of those palm trees helps too. The white bikini also seems to suit our lady quite well. I’m not sure what doesn’t suit her, at this point. Sofia's middle name is “Margarita.” I don’t know about you but sharing a few margaritas on a deserted beach like this with Sofia by my side would be pretty much my definition of heaven. Oh well, at least we have her pics.

2 Hottest Model Ever

via paparaco.mex

Check out this odd and steamy little photo. I seriously hope that this was part of some ad campaign for a line of lingerie and “lacy underthings,” as they like to call them. I mean, it looks like Sofia’s car broke down on a bridge over the river and then she somehow lost her clothes. It’s actually kind of a weird shot. Even the way she’s got her hands placed makes it seem kind of awkward. I also have a thing about heights and, to me at least, it looks like Sofia is standing right on the edge of cliff. I’m not sure if it’s the implied great height or simply Sofia’s jaw-dropping sultriness but I’m getting vertigo looking at this pic. I think I can handle it though- or I’m willing at least to go through with it for Sofia’s sake.

1 The One-Piece Bikini

via zimbio.com

For our final look at the incredible beauty that is Sofia Vergara, let’s go back to the resorts, shall we. I know what you guys are thinking when you look at this pic- you’re thinking, "is that swimsuit really leather?” There’s no way you’re thinking, “Geez, I wish I were the hands that are going to use that suntan lotion.” There’s no way you’re thinking, “I’d settle for simply being that suntan lotion.” No, you would never think that, would you? Well, guess what. That swimsuit is leather. So you got your answer. I can’t imagine it’s actually comfortable but then, what do I know? It’s not like I spend as much time at the beach, in the pool, and generally by the water as we’ve seen Sofia spend. I’m just gonna let her be the boss- whatever she decides is good enough for me. As long as she keeps on wearing any kind of swimsuits at all, that is.

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