15 Hot Photos Of Sofia Richie Her Father Doesn't Want You To See

While the world has already become acquainted with Nicole Richie through her various television appearances and acquired status as a fashion icon, it is only now we're starting to get to know her younger sister, Sofia. Although Sofia Richie has actually been in the modeling world since 2014 and has grown up with some major celebrity childhood friends, it was the social media war involving her new relationship with Justin Bieber that really put her on center stage. There are just some relationships that the world simply can’t seem to get over. From Jennifer Lopez and Diddy to Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, sometimes the public’s obsession with past relationships can put added strain on the new boyfriend or girlfriend. That is exactly what happened with Sofia Richie and Bieber fans were quick to pounce on her via social media. While it wound up becoming a huge fight that even pulled in Selena Gomez, at least it helped to get the world more acquainted with Sofia Richie.

She has become a huge figure in the world of young celebs and has even formed her own girl squad at various red carpet events. From a growing social media presence to lucrative endorsement deals with designers, Richie is starting to make a name for herself outside of being Justin Bieber’s on-again/off-again girlfriend. People are starting to see her as the ultra-sexy daughter of Lionel Richie and thriving model and, most of all, they want to know more. Check out our list of the 15 sexiest photos of Sofia Richie and see what all the fuss is about with this sultry up-and-coming hottie.

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15 Complex Magazine Cover

It isn’t exactly a new concept for a celebrity to be featured with a snake in order to show off their incredible sex appeal since it’s been done a variety of times over the years. From Britney Spears’ infamous snake performance for “I’m A Slave 4 U” at the VMAs to Rihanna’s Medusa look for GQ magazine, there is something about this slithery accent that photographers love to pair up with ultra-hot celebrities. This particular photo was chosen at the cover picture for the other side of the December 2016/January 2017 issue of Complex magazine. Richie can be seen wearing a scantily-clad pink two piece and a lathered up physique that helps to showcase her chiseled abs. Her makeup is left looking neutral with an emphasis on her sultry eyes but the real focus is on her incredible form.

14 Criss Cross Suit With A Snake Accent

When posing for the December 2016/January 2017 issue of Complex magazine, one of the photos showed Richie with a snake wrapped around her hand. While other celebrities have posed with snakes in the past, they’re usually larger than life pythons. Instead, this photo shows a relatively small snake with a striped pattern that makes it look almost venomous. There could be something said for the symbolism behind the photo since it seems like she has a dangerous animal wrapped around her fingers. This may be a nod to her relationship with Justin Bieber since he has certainly been known for flying off the handle a time or two and there was a time when she appeared to have a definite hold on him. However, the real focus of the photo is the incredible cut of her one-piece swimsuit that shows off just enough to get tongues wagging.

13 Snake On Snake

Proving that there is more than one way to look sexy with a snake, Richie is seen posing with two different snakes for this Complex magazine photo shoot. Both are a light beige tone that perfectly matches her snake print jacket. There is probably something to be said about animal rights in the symbolism of the photo since the snakes look far more beautiful as living creatures rather than skinned for a jacket. However, it’s undoubtedly not a real snake skin jacket and just chosen for the effect in the photo. Whatever the case, Richie looks extremely sexy with the jacket left open and wearing nothing underneath except a pair of skimpy white bottoms. Her cleavage is covered by a jewelry piece and the curved body of the snake but the sex appeal is definitely still there.

12 Wet And Wild

Who says one-piece swimsuits aren’t sexy? This black ensemble is the epitome of sex appeal since it shows off major sideboob and has an extremely high cut that practically runs up to her naval. She accented it with a sheer black cover-up with a draping design and, of course, a red striped snake wrapped around her arm. She wore red lipstick to play off the colors of the snake and it gave her a far sexier look than any of her other pictorial photos for Complex magazine. Her hair is slicked back to make it appear a little wet but still has a sophisticated look to give the photo a chic appearance. The overall result is a great representation of Richie’s long and sexy legs and incredible physique.

11 Thrust Motion With Clear Heels

This has taken the sex appeal factor of women with snakes to a whole new level. Richie can be seen lying on her back with a thrusting motion in her hips, which shows off her incredible side profile. Obviously, she has an amazing body that is the fit physique of an 18-year-old but she also appears strong and muscular. Her legs and arms appear toned and sexy but she still manages to hold onto her femininity. Her swimsuit has an ultra creative design that allows the camera to show off all of her natural curves and even her shoes don’t help to hide any of her exposed skin. Clear heels may conjure up thoughts about strippers but these are undoubtedly a luxury brand that are befitting an A-list celebrity. She completed the look with a dark lip and a parted mouth, with a few snakes draped over her body.

10 Topless And Sultry

While snake photos with celebrities usually highlight the body of the snake, this particular photo actually highlights the snake’s face. The photo is taken in a way where Richie’s face and the snake’s face are angled towards the camera to force a comparison between the two. The viewer can appreciate the beauty in both while showcasing all of the facial features of Richie. From her sultry light eyes to her pouty lips and high cheek bones, Richie is strikingly beautiful with a creamy complexion that draws in the eye. Her smooth skin is showcased in her topless pose and is a stark contrast to the snake’s pattern and texture. The composition of the photo just makes for increased appeal and creates a super sexy look that really shows off her beauty.

9 Showering On A Yacht

In July 2016, went on vacation to St. Tropez with a group of friends that included a number of supermodels, including Alessandra Ambrosio. The paparazzi caught her having fun in the sun and even jumping off into the water with her gal pals. Yet, no luxury yacht would be complete without an on-deck rain shower. This photo shows Richie wearing an olive green swim top with a pair of black bottoms and using the on-deck shower head. Unlike pictorial spreads, this photo is much more natural and shows what she looks like when there aren’t a million lights and people telling her how to pose. Proving that she can be sexy in her natural state, Richie is seen as a true beauty even without all the makeup and glitz and glamour.

8 Sunbathing On A Yacht

When Sofia Richie was photographed by the paparazzi during a yachting trip with some of her girlfriends in St. Tropez, it was a little surprising how well she matched up to some of her Victoria’s Secret gal pals. Throughout the trip, a number of different photos surfaced online with Richie wearing a variety of different mismatched swimsuits. Whenever she wore the olive green top, she paired it up with a pair of simple black bottoms. Yet, this photo shows that she had the matching olive green bottoms but decided to pair them when she was sunbathing topless on the yacht. She wound up posting this photo to her social media site and it’s easy to see why. Although she doesn’t show her face in the photo, there is a major view of her sideboob and her incredible profile with her lying on her stomach.

7 Sporty And Sexy

When the world was first starting to get to know who Sofia Richie was, there were instant comparisons to Selena Gomez. Since Sofia Richie became Justin Bieber’s new squeeze, Selena Gomez fans instantly pounced on Richie via social media. Even Bieber’s fans needed a bit of time to get used to the idea that he had found love with someone new and this particular photo became a huge source of contention. There were a number of outlets comparing Richie’s two piece to a similar black one that Gomez wore and begged the world to ask the question, “Who wore it better?” While it didn’t come as a surprise that Bieber and Richie never did make it down the aisle, it sure did raise her fame points while they were together. Regardless of whether or not you agree that Richie looked best in her black two piece, there is no denying that she had major sex appeal and legs for days in this photo.

6 Early Days As A Swimsuit Model

With a body like Sofia Richie’s, it should come as no surprise that she spent quite a lot of time as a swimsuit model. Early on in her modeling career, she was a favorite for modeling various swimsuits and this was a shot from those former days. While people have become accustomed to her edgier look with the cropped hairstyle and the platinum blonde tone, there was a time when she let her auburn locks grow out. With the beach scene in the background, she looks similar to the young Brooke Shields from her days on The Blue Lagoon. Looking like a fresh-faced beauty and a bonafide hottie, it’s easy to see how she would grow to be the sexy celeb she is known as today.

5 ‘60’s Flower Power

There are some photos that show off a celebrity’s physique in a way that makes viewers jealous over the clothing or the environment they’re in. In other photos, the celebrity is able to surpass the foolishness of the ensemble simply because their sex appeal shines through. While no one is looking to seek out where to buy this hot pink crocheted ensemble with multicolor flowers, there is definitely some appeal to seeing it on Sofia Richie. She looks like she’s been transported straight out of the ‘60s and brings a whole new meaning to “Flower power.” From the long blonde locks to the see-through material, it’s easy to see how alluring this type of look would be in the right context. Her midsection is completely exposed to show off her toned abs and her sultry look only helps to amplify her sex appeal.

4 Satin On The Pink Carpet

Red carpet events don’t always entail an actual “red” carpet. In fact, some of the most prestigious A-list events have changed it up over the years and had the carpet in an array of different colors from yellow to green. This particular event had a hot pink carpet and Sofia Richie matched it with an edgy look with a huge amount of sex appeal. At such a young age, Richie is able to pull off this edgy look and she definitely isn’t afraid to take chances. The powder pink tone was ultra feminine and the crop top with the ultra short skirt was modern and edgy enough to go with her over-the-knee boots. The lace up front of the boots allowed her long legs to peak through and gave the ensemble that finishing touch to make it a standout look for the hot pink carpet.

3 Metallic Dress with Lace Up Detail

Celebrities are often caught by the paparazzi while out and about on the town and they don’t always have the best looking ensemble. Yet, Sofia Richie looks like she’s walking down the red carpet rather than down the sidewalk in this particular picture. Her dress has metallic tones with an illusion style to it. The deep V-neck top portion has a lace-up detail that brings attention to the neckline and the vertical striped pattern elongates her look. She looks tall, glamorous and super sexy. To complete the look, she’s wearing a pair of metallic cuff heels with a clear strap across the foot. While Richie is known for her funky style as a young Hollywood celebrity, this is a look that shows how stunning she can be when dolled up for a night out on the town.

2 Yellow Dress In Ad Campaign

Recognizing that Sofia Richie is the perfect celebrity to promote high street fashion for a particular age group, this is a photo for the Pretty Little Thing ad campaign. She is seen showing off their yellow ruched dress with long flowing platinum blonde locks to match. Oftentimes, the ruching detail can be used to cover up any problem areas on a woman’s physique and is a go-to style for plus size clothing. Yet, Richie definitely doesn’t have any problem areas to speak of. Instead, it gives the dress a bit of dimension that only further highlights her ultra toned form and sexy profile. Although Pretty Little Thing is known for their affordable clothing line, Richie makes the dress look like something found from a couture line.

1 Sheer Top At Fashion Week

In September 2016, Sofia Richie was spotted during New York Fashion Week and each ensemble was sexier than the last. This particular look was what she chose for attending a party thrown by Refinery29. While it wasn’t a couture gown or a slim-fitting catsuit like some of her fellow models wore during the runway shows, it had the same amount of sex appeal. She wore a pair of ripped black jeans with a clunky pair of combat boots. Yet, it was the top that truly stole the show. A skimpy lace bra was showcased underneath an oversized, sheer black top. Although the world seems to be obsessed with Jessica Rabbit style figures and oversized breasts, Richie shows that not every woman has to be top heavy in order to exude sex appeal.

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