16 Hot Photos Of Natalie Dormer, Because Westeros Will Never Be The Same

If you have ever seen Natalie Dormer on the screen – big or small – you’ve probably fallen in love with her just a little bit. There’s something extra seductive about her. I mean, yes, she is gorgeous. She also has a great body. But, there is something deeply seductive about her that goes way beyond just her physical traits. Maybe it’s that her eyes kind of look into your soul and her smile is always so playful, y’know like she knows the nuclear launch codes but she won’t tell you. With how hot Natalie Dormer is, Game of Thrones fans are sure to miss her in season seven.

Along with almost every other breathing person, I’m looking forward to the Game of Thrones season seven premiere on July 16th. Some people would even say I’m counting the days, because I am counting the days. Even though there is so much to look forward to – winter finally being there, Daenerys finally being in Westeros, Sansa being an all-round gangster – most fans can’t help but feel sad that Margaery Tyrell won’t be returning. She was cunning, manipulative, and smart. In fact, I would have put money on Margaery lasting a bit longer in the battle for the Iron Throne. But alas, Westeros’ hottest seductress died in the final episode of season six.

Instead of mourning my main girl Margaery Tyrell, let’s all look at these wonderfully hot pictures of Natalie Dormer and mourn the loss of her hotness on Game of Thrones.


16 Her Eyes Can't Actually Be Real, Right?

Natalie Dormer may have the lightest color blue eyes, ever. I would definitely think her blue, blue eyes are fake, but she has the same brilliantly light blue eyes in every picture. Also, are these super light blue eyes what makes it seem like she’s looking right through your soul? I don’t know, but it’s totally possible.

By the way, with her crazy blue eyes, Natalie Dormer probably should have been cast as some sexy White Walker seductress, no? Quite frankly, the White Walkers would shut sh*t down if they had Dormer’s power of seduction on their side. Though, Dormer probably wouldn’t have been interested in being a White Walker, as there is very little meat to those characters. They’re basically just zombies. On picking her roles, Dormer’s stated, “I'm interested in playing women who feel real, who are fighting for something or desire something or are scared, as all real women are – or let’s not make it a gender thing, as all human beings are.”

15 Has A Pool Ever Looked So Inviting?


In this photo, Natalie Dormer looks both gorgeous and kind of scary. Like, you want to hook up with her but you also don’t know if you could handle her. Also, look at her eyes! This is what I was talking about! Natalie Dormer can totally see into all of our souls, right? What is up with her deep, deep stare? It could be that she actually has x-ray vision. That may be a long shot, but I don’t know what else could account for the way she can look like that. She may also be able to hear people’s thoughts, and thus she is able to seduce you with her stare. Or, maybe she’s just one of those people who can REALLY look at someone, like Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie can totally see into people’s souls too.

Also, the blue button-down tied at her waist is totally working for her too. I mean, meow.

14 This Silk Pyjama Set Looks... Comfortable

Silk pyjama sets are not traditionally thought of as sexy. They are comfortable and formal. They're the thing someone's dad wears to bed. But, Natalie Dormer makes the comfortable and formal look smokin’ hot. The undone look of the pyjama set not being buttoned all the way and her hair being messy make her look even more attractive. And, of course, she’s doing that staring-into-your-soul and smiling like she has a secret thing. Clearly, she was perfect for the role of Margaery Tyrell, who was able to seduce three potential kings – Renly Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon, and Tommen Baratheon – into marrying her. Also, I have to point out that girlfriend had three husbands and all three of them had the same last name. Technically, Joffrey and Tommen were pure Lannisters, but no one else knew that. I guess once you go Baratheon, you don’t go back.

13 As Margaery Tyrell


Natalie Dormer is most known for her role as Margaery Tyrell and that’s because girlfriend left one hell of a mark. She first appeared in S2,E3 (“What Is Dead May Never Die”). When we meet Margaery, she is already married to Renly Baratheon, who was the one man she was unable to completely seduce, as he was gay and preferred to have sex with her brother, Loras Tyrell. Margaery was not deterred, and even suggested that they all have sex together in order for her to get pregnant. GET IT, MARG.

Renly, of course, died shortly after, which resulted in Margaery’s engagement to Joffrey, aka the worst character ever created. Impressively, Margaery was able to slightly control Joffrey by pretending to be interested in his hobbies, like shooting arrows at things. Joffrey died at their wedding, proving that Margaery may have the worst luck in marriage, only behind Sansa Stark. Margaery, then, wasted no time in seducing young Tommen, who didn’t even stand a chance against her kind of heat.

12 Her GQ Spread Was Straight Fire

The caption to this photo should just be 1,000 fire emojis, because… well, Natalie Dormer is on fire. She is stunningly attractive in the way that her face is very interesting. Many actresses are beautiful, but not many actresses have a face that makes you want to stare at it. Natalie Dormer has a face that makes you want to stare at it. The fact that she’s half naked in this photo also ups the hot factor, because being half naked almost always ups the hot factor.

Oddly enough, Natalie Dormer looks much different than the way Margaery Tyrell was described in the book. In the books, she is said to have large brown eyes and long brown hair, but Dormer has the bluest eyes ever and her hair looked more reddish on the show. Of course, there are often physical changes to character when source material is adapted into a television show or film, so it wasn't a huge deal.

11 Anyone Who Is Brave Enough To Cut Their Hair Like This Is Hot


Alright, I get that some dudes may not totally be into Natalie Dormer’s hair in this photo, but she is so smokin’ hot. Get on board, dudes.

First of all, any woman who shaves off part of her hair like this is a total badass. I mean, any woman who is willing to shave off half of her hair and totally rock it is a straight queen. That takes a hell of a lot of confidence. Secondly, Natalie Dormer still looks hot... even with that haircut. Like I said, a straight up queen.

Natalie Dormer debuted this look when she took the role of Cressida in Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 1 and Part 2. Though, that wasn’t Dormer’s first Hollywood blockbuster role. She was in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, as a smaller role of Pvt. Lorraine. But still, Natalie Dormer is technically in the Marvel Universe so that’s pretty cool.

10 Try Not To Stare At Her Eyes For Two Hours Straight

I would like to take the color blue that Natalie Dormer’s eyes are, distill it down into a perfume somehow, and sell it. It would be the sexiest perfume ever. I keep going on about her eyes, but how can I not? Eyes like that could stop world wars, right? The fact that Margaery Tyrell was, however, brown-eyed is interesting, because it added to a plot in the book series that was left out of the show.

In the books, a few people feel that Margaery Tyrell bares a resemblance to Lyanna Stark, who also had brown eyes. Since Robert Baratheon was still obsessed with the deceased Lyanna Stark, Varys planned to introduce Robert Baratheon to Margaery Tyrell, with hopes that he would be smitten with her and finally kick Cersei to the side, because, yes, everyone had hated Cersei for a while. This plan was foiled by Robert’s untimely death.

In the show, this plot was completely cut. However, much of Margaery’s story on the show matches up with her story in the books, except for her death, as she is still alive in the books.


9 A Beauty In Black And White


Black and white photos of Natalie Dormer are at a disadvantage because they lack the insanely beautiful color of her eyes, but girlfriend still looks plenty hot in black and white. Actually, Natalie Dormer looks straight up stunning in this photo.

Natalie Dormer’s first big break was before Game of Thrones. Dormer’s appearance on Showtime’s The Tudors was when everyone started talking about the up-and-coming actress. Of her performance, LA Weekly wrote, “Natalie Dormer presents a painterly exquisiteness and complexity in her portrayal of Anne Boleyn... her enigmatic, time-halting loveliness is a boon for The Tudors, and damn near worth losing your head over.”

Most critics agreed that Dormer played the notorious Anne Boleyn with a haunting realism that breathed life into the long-gone tragic heroine.

8 Making Anne Boleyn Look Hot

Speaking of The Tudors, this is what Natalie Dormer looked like on The Tudors… so, yeah. We get it. Natalie Dormer is the hottest seductress on any and every show.

Natalie Dormer was actually rumored to have an odd connection to Anne Boleyn, who she portrayed on The Tudors. You see, Jane Dormer was a lady-in-waiting to Queen Mary I of England, who was the daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. Henry VIII had annulled his marriage to Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne Boleyn. So, it would be kind of crazy that Natalie Dormer's relative was a lady-in-waiting to Mary I, all while Natalie Dormer played Anne Boleyn, the woman who got in between the marriage of Mary’s father and mother. However, Natalie Dormer says it’s very unlikely that she has any connection: “It's one of these fabricated Wikipedia facts that is completely false. I don't know my heritage at all; I've never traced it! There was a woman, called Jane Dormer, in the Royal Court who happened to have the same family name as me, but I think that's as far as it goes."

7 In An Oversized Sweater


This photo feels like an ad for a J. Crew way of life, right? I feel like Natalie Dormer is living in a chic beach house and probably making breakfast in that oversized sweater. Her and her husband will take their sailboat out later. Ah, it's so perfect. Even if you maybe can’t totally see my vision, we all have to agree that girlfriend looks hot in that oversized sweater. But, I have a feeling that Natalie Dormer would also look hot in a garbage bag. She just oozes sex appeal, which may be why she keeps getting cast as a seductress of some sort. Even though she plays the seductress role often, Dormer stated that she’ll be stepping away from these sexier roles: “I love those women that I play that have sexual power. But I'm trying to step away from it for me, and my artistic growth. It's more about who I am. I'm not that woman.”

Say it ain't so. Natalie Dormer, if you're good at something, why take it away from us?

6 Does Natalie Dormer Ever Not Look Seductive?

Natalie Dormer always looks like she’s seducing someone. I feel like the barista probably thinks she’s coming on to him when she’s just ordering her soy latte in the morning. (No, barista, that’s just how Natalie Dormer always looks, now go back to your sad barista life.)

While we’ll all miss Natalie Dormer as Margaery Tyrell, Dormer has admitted that she actually wanted off the show. I KNOW, RIGHT? While filming a previous season, Dormer asked the showrunners, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, if she could be written off in order to pursue other projects. The showrunners then told her that she wouldn’t be written off in that exact moment, but her character would be killed off at the end of season six. YO, so Natalie Dormer wanted OFF Game of Thrones? Who in their right mind would want off of Game of Thrones? You could try to hold that against Natalie Dormer, but she’s so hot that it’s hard to really stay mad at her.

5 She WEARS That Dress


This dress kind of feels like it could literally slip right off of Natalie Dormer, which is probably the point, right? Unfortunately for all men in the world, Natalie Dormer is taken. She’s been engaged to filmmaker Anthony Byrne since 2011. The pair met while she was filming The Tudors.

Anthony Byrne, aka the luckiest dude alive, has directed quite a few episodes of television series, including Upstairs Downstairs. Later this year, his feature film, In Darkness, is set to premiere. The film was written by both Byrne and Natalie Dormer, because, yes, Natalie Dormer can apparently write on top of everything else. The film is said to be about a blind woman, who hears her neighbor in the apartment above hers murdered. It’s a horror film of the Don’t Breathe variety, which killed at the box office. If this does as well as Don't Breathe, it could mean big things for both Anthony Byrne and Natalie Dormer.

4 Little Blue Riding Hood?

I’m not sure why this photo was taken. It’s got Little Red Riding Hood written all over it, but it’s blue… so, Little Blue Riding Hood? I don’t know. I don’t know who threw this hood on Natalie Dormer, but she still looks pretty good. Actually, she looks better than good, as the blue in the clothing brings out the blue in her eyes.

While she may be draped in excessive clothing in this photo, Dormer is no stranger to nudity, as Game of Thrones fans very much know. I mean, you don’t become Westeros’ #1 seductress by keeping your clothes on, right? On the equality of nudity on Game of Thrones, Dormer stated, “Well, during the first season, Alfie [Allen], Richard [Madden], and several of the men got naked, although not all the way. I suppose it's just the rules of broadcast television, isn't it? I think Thrones has been better than your average show with the equality, but they could definitely ramp it up! Absolutely.”

So, Natalie Dormer is calling for more peen on Game of Thrones, which is reason #628 to love her.

3 Okay, But Natalie Dormer Makes Sweaters Look SO Hot


There’s just something about Natalie Dormer in an oversized sweater that looks so very attractive. Maybe it’s because she’s not wearing pants? There’s just something extremely sexy about her looks so comfortable. And, fans are definitely not used to seeing her in comfortable clothing. In The Tudors and Game of Thrones, Dormer would have to wear a corset, which are notoriously uncomfortable. I mean, corsets literally crush your ribs, so yeah, they're uncomfortable.

Dormer now seems to be moving away from period pieces and the corsets that come with doing a period piece. Her most recent credit was 2016’s The Forest, which was a horror film about a woman confronting supernatural forces in a forest. No corset needed.

You can’t blame a girl for wanting to star in projects that require much less work in makeup and wardrobe. But, we’ll definitely miss Dormer in a corset, since she wore them so very well.

2 Always Smiling Like She Has A Secret

Is this the most perfect photo of Natalie Dormer’s smile ever? WHAT IS HER SECRET? I mean, she clearly has some secret if she’s constantly smiling like this. Maybe, she knows the cure to cancer or the meaning of life...? I don’t know what it is, but there is something she’s not telling the world and it’s totally causing her to smirk like no one has ever smirked before. Of her smile, Dormer has said, “I get accused of having a haughty smugness. I have a lopsided mouth. I can’t help it. I was born with it. It looks as if I am smirking. I have had my publicist tell me, ‘Don’t do that smile on the red carpet.’ I’m, like, ‘That’s my smile.’”

Okay, so who the hell is that publicist telling her to smile different? This smile is everything. Also, Natalie Dormer saying that she as a lopsided mouth is extra adorable. There's nothing more adorable than someone just owning their quirks.

1 Westeros Will Be A Little Less Beautiful In S7


Natalie Dormer isn’t just sexy; she’s a beauty through and through. Between her eyes, her smile, and her classic good looks, Natalie Dormer may be one of the most beautiful up-and-coming actresses in Hollywood.

Of course, Game of Thrones is a show with an abundance of beautiful actresses. Lena Headey, who plays the resident bad bitch Cersei Lannister, is gorgeous… outside of costume. Now that she’s rocking the short hair on Game of Thrones, her character is a tiny bit less attractive, even if the actress underneath the bad wig is totally gorgeous. There’s also (OBVIOUSLY) Emilia Clarke, who men basically fall down over. Oh, and Sophie Turner, who literally grew up into a smokin’ hot woman on the show. So, it’s not like Game of Thrones is going to be a gross, disgusting, completely unattractive show. It's far from that. But, it is certainly going to be just a little less beautiful now that Natalie Dormer is no longer on the show.

RIP, Margaery Tyrell. You played the game of thrones well... and you were really hot.


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