15 Hot Photos Of Margot Robbie Before Fame

As an aspiring Hollywood star, Robbie took part in photoshoots and even walked red carpets at events we’ve never heard of.

One of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, Margot Robbie has legions of fans around the world. Someone who has appeared in a long list of major movies in the last several years, it seems like you’d have to live in a cave or pay zero attention to the movie world to not know her work. Someone who has appeared in rather revealing roles in some of those movies, including an infamous moment from one film where she wasn’t wearing anything but heels; the world has seen her body and loves it.

Still, there were several years in her acting career where much of the world wasn’t paying attention. Obviously someone as radiantly attractive as she is doesn't suddenly bloom in her early twenties, so in a lot of the roles and in her everyday life she looked phenomenal before a lot of us were paying attention. It just seemed wrong to us that there are photos of her through her earlier years where she looks great and most of us were likely never going to see them. After all, she appeared in three films and five series prior to the role that made her a star and several of them featured breathtaking images of her. Furthermore, as an aspiring Hollywood star, she took part in photoshoots and even walked red carpets at events we’ve never heard of. Reflecting on this it inspired us to put together this list of fifteen hot photos of Margot Robbie before fame.

For the purposes of our list, we’ve decided that the moment Margot became a star was when a movie she played a major part in, The Wolf of Wall Street, was released. As such, any image that was taken prior to the movie’s release date in 2013 were up for grabs. We do want to make it clear that she attained a certain level of fame from her work on television in her homeland, but as we are a website situated in North America we chose to focus on when she became big here. It doesn’t matter where the pictures originated from otherwise, however. That means that screengrabs from shows and movies were considered, as were images taken in photoshoots and on red carpets.

15 Red Carpet Trio

One of three gorgeous blondes featured in this shot taken on a red carpet in Sydney Australia, which is the country she originates from, we love what we are looking at. Shot at an event where the nominations were announced for the 51st TV Week Logie Awards, Margot is pictured alongside Kirsty Lee Allan and Jessica Marais, who are a pair of actresses themselves. A sexy trio to be sure, while both women that can be seen alongside the woman this list focuses on are hot, there is no question in our minds that their looks pale in comparison to hers. Wearing a blue dress that is loose fitting but cleavage bearing and fails to cover the majority of her legs, it hints at a truly angelic body underneath.

14 Nice View

A screengrab of Margot from the show Neighbours, we’re not quite certain what was going in the scene it was taken from, but there is no question that we love how she looks here. The marvelous part about that is that she isn’t even wearing anything in this shot that is especially sexy. Seemingly wearing three separate tops, all of which serve to cover up more and more of her body, there is still enough cleavage on display here that we can’t look away. Also looking like her face is perfectly made up, for us another highlight of this shot is the glossy lipstick she has on since we are drawn into staring at her lips as a result and everything about that is great.

13 Brunette In A Towel

The show I.C.U. is a 2009 Australian thriller film that we had never heard of prior to putting together this list and seems notable only for being the debut of Margot in a major movie. Evidently focusing on a trio of teens who end up being targeted by a serial killer, we have no idea if the film itself is any good but it apparently involves this shot of Margot in a towel. Also notable to us as it is the only example of her working with dark hair we’ve come across, it proves that no matter how she dyes her long locks she always looks phenomenal. Of course, when she is wearing next to nothing, that is always going to help in that department too.

12 Innocent Fun

Did you know that Australia has their own version of Nickelodeon that held its own awards show that Margot Robbie attended in 2009? We didn’t but now that we get a gander at what she wore and the huge and infectious smile on her face at it, we marvel that it isn’t written about more, especially now that she is a star. A channel that shows child-friendly entertainment, it is fitting that she is wearing a dress that at first blush looks quite innocent while attending the event. However, once you take note of how high on her legs the garment ends it becomes obvious that calling it that is quite the stretch. While it seems obvious that she isn’t trying to come off like a sexpot in any way here, this photo is sexy both because of the view of her legs and because of how happy she looks. After all, it sure is attractive to see her as someone we’d actually enjoy being around.

11 Elegance Personified

Prior to putting together this list, we had never even heard of the Logie Awards. An event that is held in Australia, it celebrates the best in television from that country. Seen here attending the 52nd annual event in 2010, Margot wasn’t up for any awards that night but we’re guessing she still stole the show, at least in any pictorial covering the show anyway. Wearing a white dress that looks about as elegant as possible on her, Margot looks like a woman who knows that every eye around her will be drawn in by her looks alone. Showing off her curves which are the personification of the hourglass look that so many strive for, this outfit should thank its lucky stars as it could never hope to look better than on her.

10 Lean and Look

One of three photos taken from a photoshoot Margot took part in at a young age, prior to gaining any major roles, that will appear on this list, it is obvious that she was trying to look sexy in these images. Shown wearing a simple outfit that you could easily see her wearing while bumming around her house, it isn’t because of a large amount of flesh being on display that makes us think she wants to titillate. No, it is the way in which she can be seen leaning on what appears to be a massive tree with her hand running provocatively through her hair. Additionally, there is her face which already is one of the prettiest out there but here she is trying to look far more mature and self-aware than her younger age at the time is typically able to allow.

9 Siren of Old

One of a pair of images taken of Margot in relation to the period drama series Pan Am to appear on this list, here we’re greeted with what appears to be promotional material for the show. Seen wearing a dress that covers up almost every bit of her body, holding a pair of white gloves in her hand alongside a modest bag, and sporting an old-timey hairdo, some may see this image and think nothing of it. For us, however, it is the best proof that we’ve come across something we’ve always thought, Margot would be seen as exquisite in any generation. Looking like a starlet of old in this photo, we could easily see her headlining movies when women weren’t able to wear outfits that are nearly as revealing as we regularly see these days.

8 Cheerleader

Another screengrab from Margot’s work on the long-running soap opera called Neighbours, it is no wonder that she made her mark on the series if she appeared dressed like that on it. A show that focuses on the drama that takes place among the occupants of an Australian cul-de-sac, whoever happened to come of age there alongside a beauty like her character won a lottery of sorts. Wearing a cheerleader outfit here, she can be seen alongside one of her peers and even she seems incapable of looking away from her in this image. Sporting an outfit here that is quite tight to her chest, it gives us a great view of what she is working with, which is a part of a simply astounding body.

7 Old School Swimsuit

The second image of Margot that is related to the show Pan Am, this time around we see her lounging by a pool wearing a style of swimsuit that was popular at the time. While it wasn’t socially acceptable for women to wear clothes that are nearly as revealing as what we see regularly these days, that doesn’t mean that what they did sport wasn’t sexy. That is perfectly evidenced here as Margot’s swimsuit covers up the majority of her torso but is still infinitely appealing on her. Showing off that her stomach is incredibly tight and hinting at her legs which we always salivate over, it is clear here that she makes pretty much everything look arousing.

6 Talk Show Dress

An image of Margot when she was interviewed by Jimmy Fallon in 2011 ahead, she finished up on the show Neighbours that year and took on Pan Am but was far from a star in North America then. It was also years before Jimmy would take over The Tonight Show at the time, though, and as is the case with most talk shows that air after midnight they can’t be too choosy with their guests. Wearing a black and white dress that looks tight enough that it might make breathing itself difficult, to say she looks amazing is an understatement.

5 Nice Trench Coat

The second photo from the photo shoot that was taken when she was younger we wrote about earlier, each time we include an image from it, her outfit will get more simple. This time around visibly wearing nothing but a black coat that looks similar to a trench coat but shorter along with a pair of black heeled shoes, it is incredible that the next shot is even less complicated clothes wise. While the come hither look on her face here is certainly eye-grabbing right from the start, it is another aspect of this photo that inspired us to include it here. Everyone is likely to know that trench coats are associated with people who go around flashing others with an eyeful of their nude body. While that is a serious crime and we take sexual assault very seriously that doesn’t stop us from being overjoyed by the idea of her wearing nothing under that garment.

4 Blue Towel

An image taken from the movie About Time, it is simply tragic in our opinion that more people aren’t aware of that movie which came out just prior to The Wolf of Wall Street for two reasons. The first is that is a beautiful film that combines simple sci-fi elements with a romance story that men and women are both likely to love. The other reason is that it features two of the hottest moments of Margot’s career prior to becoming a star. The first of which can be seen here where she can be seen sporting nothing but a blue towel as far as clothing goes. A beautifully shot film that captures some of the best examples we’ve seen on film of Margot’s gorgeous looks, she may not play a main role in the film but she is an unforgettable part of it in our view.

3 Long Leg Dress

The final shot on this list that is connected to the Logie Awards, this one emanated from the 2009 show that was the event’s fifty-first iteration. This time up for Most Popular New Female Talent for her work on the show we’ve already touched on called Neighbours, it is a great testament to her abilities even at a much younger age. Someone who is clearly gifted with a plethora of charisma, she has obviously had a star quality about her from a very young age. Wearing a dress here that is clearly designed to draw the viewers' attention to her long legs, it allows us to get a view at her gams which look soft and supple to the touch. Also sporting a look on her face that seems to say she realizes that she rules the room just by entering it, even we marvel that this image didn’t take our top spot.

2 Beach Fun

The final image from the now fabled photoshoot of a young Margot, we told you that her clothing choice would be even less nuanced here and we’re betting you know what we mean now. While we can see the slightest hint of a white garment on her back here, it isn’t really noticeable at first glance and even once you see it, ignoring it is quite simple. That gives us the incredible ability to imagine that just obscured by the beautiful sand of that beach is the body of one of the most beautiful women in the acting world wearing nothing at all. The mental image of that is more than stimulating enough to earn this snap a high spot on this list and ensures we are unlikely to ever forget it.

1 Pure Beauty

The photo we chose for our top slot may not be what some people might have expected but in our opinions, it is was the obvious option. In this screengrab from the movie About Time none of the assets we usually associate with a woman being hot are on display. We can’t see her legs, chest, butt or even her midriff, but what we can see is even hotter if you ask us, though. Quite possibly the best photo we’ve ever seen of her magnificent face, including her dazzling eyes, it is proof positive that she is definitely a beauty for the ages.

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15 Hot Photos Of Margot Robbie Before Fame