15 Hot Photos Of Kaley Cuoco In A Bikini

Everybody knows Kaley Cuoco, am I right? After all, this is the actress who became a mega-star for her roles in 8 Simple Rules and Charmed. She hasn’t done much since then but she sure was awesome in those two roles, wasn’t she??? Alright, alright, guys, hold your horses- I’m just messing with you… Of course, Kaley is a household name nowadays for a little role that has won her more fame than just about any other sitcom actress ever. I’m talking about her work as Penny on the long-running and intensely popular The Big Bang Theory, one of the biggest sitcom hits in the history of…well, in the history of sitcoms.

Kaley has been there right from the start, playing the “girl next door” role to perfection and providing much-needed relief from the nerdy main characters who make up the bulk of the show. Oh yeah, she’s kind of easy on the eyes too. That never hurts. It’s hard to believe that the Big Bang Theory has been going on for 10 years now, but there you have it. In that time, Kaley has taken her place with the all-time greats. I’m talking about actresses like Jennifer Aniston (Rachel on Friends), Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Elaine on Seinfeld), Tina Fey (Liz Lemon on 30 Rock), and Mary Tyler Moore (do I really need to tell you her character’s name?).

But let’s get back to that little statement I made about how Kaley was easy on the eyes. Guess what guys? She’s even easier on the eyes when she’s not playing Penny but is romping by the water poolside, oceanside, and anywhere else like a fountain, water bubbler, hose, or sprinkler. Don’t believe me? Check out these 15 hot pics of Kaley by the water.


16 Black Bikini

Let’s start off with a nice little, introductory pic of Kaley, shall we? Here’s Kaley rocking a classic black bikini. I don’t see any water around anywhere in this photo but I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say where there’s a hot chick in a bikini, a beach towel, and a bunch of sand then the water can’t be too far off. If there’s such a thing as formal bikini-wear (and there should be) this would be it. It’s hard to look “classy” when most of your, ahem, assets, are exposed, but Kaley pulls it off here quite well. I’m not sure who she might be looking at off-camera but that’s quite an expression she’s got going on. A little bit sugar, a little bit spice, and a whole lotta sexy. By the way, did anybody else notice how toned Kaley is? I’m just asking- just in case you guys weren’t paying attention.

15 Playing In The Sand


Ahh, here’s that water I was talking about. Remember, we’re supposed to be looking at pictures of Kaley on, in and around water, right? She is certainly close enough to it here. Kaley’s going with the black and white bikini ensemble this time- a bit more casual than our first pic. What’s cool about this picture is that we get to see a few of her tats. I’m a big fan of tattoos- they’re a whole little work of art unto themselves- when they’re done right, that is. I know some people who have some of the world’s worst tattoos. They’re also like an addiction; I have four myself and I always want more. I can guarantee you one thing, though - not a single one of my tats looks as good on me as Kaley’s do on her. That’s a fact. I could definitely get into sitting by the water’s edge with Kaley discussing our tattoos. I’ll just put that out there in case anybody wanted to hook me up.

14 A Young Kaley By The Water

And here we have Kaley expanding her boundaries (and ours, I might say). No more plain old black and white pieces for Kaley. She’s going for the sweet and innocent look in this photo and man, is she pulling it off. If I were strolling along the beach and saw her like this I would almost certainly have to stop and ask her what she was reading. That’s right guys; Kaley’s got not one but two books lying by her on that beach towel. C’mon, wasn’t that the first thing you noticed about her in this pic- what an avid reader she is? I really do wonder what she might be reading though. War & Peace? Harry Potter? Her grocery list??? Whatever it is, Kaley sitting on a beach towel reading is hotter than just about any other image of someone reading I can come up with. Now if only she had glasses she could complete the whole “sexy librarian on vacation” theme I’m sure she was shooting for.

13 The Lifetime Network Bikini Scene


Check out that bikini top she’s wearing. I think we can all agree that even though she’s apparently not near any water (not obviously anyway) she should be near water in that outfit. That’s good enough in my book, at least. Once again, check out Kaley’s toned physique here. Apparently she is a big fan of yoga, to the point that they’ve even incorporated it into Penny’s character on The Big Bang Theory. Myself, I’m 6’5” and weigh 240 lbs. I would break myself trying to do yoga. But it sure is working for Kaley. I’ll tell you something else too. If you were driving down the street and saw Kaley out on her front lawn in those Daisy Dukes and bikini top, mowing the lawn, you just might drive yourself into a body of water without even realizing it.

12 Kaley's Abs



Kayley often looks a little bit too perfect for real life herself. Am I right or am I right? Her sultry, tempting tigress look here (hey, I’m just going off her style) blends right in with her surroundings, real or imagined. Did you know that way back in 1994 Kaley played “Little Ellen” on the Ellen show? Not the talk show guys- that wouldn’t make any sense. No, I’m talking about Ellen’s old sitcom that everybody has forgotten about. Kaley was only nine-years-old at the time so she was already practicing for what would eventually become one of the great sitcom roles of all time.

10 Playing In The Sand

There’s a reason I’ve always wanted to go to Cabo and no, it’s not because the ancient and bloated former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar has some lame club there. Nope, it’s more for the opportunity to view the local beach scene. I mean, what could be more fun than seeing something like this in action? That’s Kaley in the middle there, in the black bikini bottom. I’m sure you knew that, right? You weren’t distracted at all by the rest of the group. What are they all doing anyway? My first guess is that somebody lost an earring. The ladies are just being helpful! But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it’s some kind of new beach sport I hadn’t been made aware of yet- anything’s possible. Maybe it’s Beach knee-football and they are all huddling up; we just can’t see the other team, that’s all. All I know is that, whatever it is, I’m so in. This is the kind of thing I can definitely get behind! Nudge, nudge, wink, wink…


9 Kaley Enjoying The Water


Here’s a nice candid of Kaley on vacation in Mexico in 2014. I’m not sure if Kaley is the kind of star who appreciates, tolerates or totally loathes the paparazzi but I do know I’m the kind of entertainment writer who doesn’t really mind the paparazzi one bit. How else would I be able to write these highly informative articles without their invaluable help? Anyway, Kaley is rocking a really weird looking black and yellow swim top that still manages to make her look good. At this point I’m not sure if there’s anything that doesn’t make Kaley look good. My one question about this pic would actually be whether she’s in a pool or the ocean. The picture looks like it could be either. I mean, after all this is an article about her on, in, or around the water and I need to know- my hard hitting investigative instincts are coming to the fore, I tell you! I’m probably going have to ask my boss to expense account my next vacation to Mexico so that I can delve deeper into the story.

8 That Body....

How about some more of Kaley’s Mexican vacation for everyone to see? Yeah, that’ll work. While this pic might not be classically “hot” or “sexy,” there’s something about seeing a beautiful woman enjoying herself and relaxing that is still fun for everyone. I don’t know if Kaley is drinking straight lemonade or a cocktails but I do know her fashion sense seems occasionally impaired. After all, get a look at the top she’s wearing; that doesn’t quite seem like the type of thing an A-list starlet would necessarily be wearing, even in a supposedly private moment. Not that it detracts at all from her incredible abs and generally buff appearance. That hat on the other hand? That hat has to go. It looks like she wandered onto the set of The Godfather and stole one of Marlon Brando’s fedoras. Kaley- that’s not the best look you’ve ever given us. But we forgive you; your abs are too hot not to.

7 Going For A Sandy Walk


Sometimes less is more, especially with a celebrity like Kaley who we already know is an absolute stunner. Take this beach look she’s got going on, for example. At first glance, you want to be like “Why Kaley? Why do you have to wear that ridiculous wrap?” But then you realize the wrap is kind of cool. It accentuates Kaley’s awesomeness more than it detracts from it. Combined with her wraparound sunglasses it adds up to give her a sense of mystery we haven’t seen yet in her other pics. Plus, and let’s be honest here guys, we know that sooner or later Kaley’s going to have to doff the wrap to get into the water. I’m sure the paparazzi stalking her that day knew that as well. What I don’t know is whether that guy behind her on the left is her dad or not. I sure hope so because otherwise Kaley’s got a creepy old man stalker and that would not be cool at all, dude.

6 Young Playful Kaley

Here’s Kaley in a silly pose while wearing a bikini. The clouds in the background count as her being near water, right? I’m wondering what she’s supposed to be pulling on…hey, keep your minds out of the gutter, guys! Maybe Kaley’s got a hold of the world’s biggest dog on the world’s largest leash. Maybe she’s actually about to swing back the other way on a rope swing into an old quarry lake we can’t see. Ahh, who cares? At least we get to see her in a bikini again. That’s what really matters at the end of the day, right? Did you know that Kaley’s first movie was some forgettable made for TV movie called Quicksand: No Escape. Yeah, neither did I. She co-starred with Donald Sutherland and Tim Matheson. Maybe nowadays she always keeps a big coil of rope lying around in case she actually falls into quicksand. Or maybe she just uses it as a whip to keep Donald and Tim away.

5 Ice Bucket Challenge


Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge for the ALS? Yeah, I hadn’t thought about in a while either. It was only two years ago but it seems like it was a lifetime. Well, never fear, I’m here to remind you about that worthy event and cause by the best possible method- a pic of Kaley Cuoco! Here’s our girl Kaley participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge. I know, I know, guys, you wanted to see the after pics, not the before ones. Sorry, this is a family website. Well, not really, but we do have our standards- that’s why you love us so much. But I digress. Kaley looks like she’s having a blast getting 10 gallons of freezing cold ice-water dumped on her head. I don’t know; I participated in four straight Polar Plunges a few years back and getting into ice-cold water in any way is decidedly not fun. Maybe Kaley is more of a trooper than I am, though. In fact, I can almost guarantee she is- I’m kind of a wimp, truth be told. Don’t tell anyone.

4 Hot Penny In A Hot Bikini

Finally, I give you a shot from the show that made Kaley famous. The Big Bang Theory at its peak (which in case you didn’t realize it is right now- where have you been?) has been the number one sitcom on TV for years and has also been one of the top five shows on all TV for five straight years. It has won multiple Emmys and People’s Choice Awards. So I guess it’s kind of popular. A big reason it’s so popular is Kaley. Hmm, I wonder why she’s such an important part of the show. Apart from her cool, down-to-earth, and engaging character that is. It couldn’t have anything to do with Kaley wearing little numbers like this bikini we see here, could it? Nah, that’s just a coincidence, I’m sure. But hey, if you’re going to have an episode in Vegas, then I guess you ought to have your main female character go to the pool in a bikini and wraparound skirt. At least, that’s what the producers seem to have thought.

3 Having Fun With Sweeting


I’m not even sure what to say about this one, to tell you the truth. I’m always up for showing you guys hot pics of Kaley frolicking on the beach. And she surely looks pretty cute in this picture. But honestly, why does Ryan Sweeting have to be involved in all of this? No one wants to see that guy. I mean, I know he and Kaley were married for a while. I know he was supposedly a big-shot pro tennis player. But seriously, this dude was never ranked higher than 64th in the world, and won a grand total of one tournament in his career (and no, I did not say that he won a Grand Slam- I said grand total of one). I know love conquers all but what did our girl Kaley ever see in this guy? Oh well, I hope she was happy while it lasted- that’s all that really matters in the end is finding your happiness where you can.

2 Penny In A Bikini, Pt.2

OK guys, you know exactly why I put this nice little still picture of Kaley from the show on this list. The eyes don’t lie. After all, I know that I could look at this picture all day and not once wonder what kind of detergent Penny prefers and whether she uses Bounce or Snuggle. I’m not saying, I’m just saying- some things are more important than cleanliness and a freshly starched shirt. Like how hot Kaley Cuoco is in just about any situation. Especially those ones involving swimsuits or lingerie. Hey, don’t shoot the messenger.

1 Yoga Pose


Well guys, we’ve made it the end of our little visit with Kaley. I hope you’ve enjoyed it- I know I have. Maybe you even learned a little something along the way, like the fact that Kaley’s last name Cuoco translates in Italian to “cook.” Which is pretty cool, by the way, because Kaley is smoking hot and I know I for one would jump out of the frying pan and into the fire for her. Or how about this little nugget- she used to do Barbie commercials when she was a kid. Who knew that someday the student would outshine the master, as the saying goes. Sorry Barbie, but Kaley’s got you beat. Anyway, I leave you with this ultra-hot pic of the ever-sexy Kaley Cuoco.

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