15 Hot Photos Of Genie Bouchard Like You've Never Seen Her Before

Eugenie Bouchard has been a well-known Canadian tennis player for quite some time now. She made Canada proud in 2014 when she was the first Canadian tennis player to make the finals at Wimbledon. Even Prime Minister Stephen Harper took the time to comment on Twitter: “Congratulations @geniebouchard on being the first Canadian to advance to the Wimbledon semi-final! #CdnTennis #cdnpoli.” Bouchard was only twenty years old when she achieved that amazing accomplishment. Bouchard is a short and sexy blonde who's clearly a talented tennis player and who has adoring fans the likes of Justin Bieber and Jim Parsons. They're often seen in the stands cheering the beauty on. She’s got the big-name sponsors, and it doesn’t appear as if she's slowing down anytime soon.

She had a trying year in 2015 but then went on to have a huge winning streak. She's considered one of the best female tennis players in the sport, and there's no denying that talent. She took a hit in Paris this month, making a lot of people wonder if she really has the focus needed to stay at the top. Her career seems to be declining due to an injury and the fact that many think she lacks focus. If it weren't for the fact that she's genuinely a good tennis player, people would assume she was just another pretty blonde. We all want to see Bouchard pick up that career of hers and go all the way. We also want to tune into these photos that we’ve never seen before.


15 Pretty Smile

This is why we love Genie Bouchard, just look at that mega-watt smile. Her Instagram photos show a girl who practically glows with happiness. We can’t blame her; for a girl who's only 23 years old, she's had a hell of a career so far. When it comes to her career, Bouchard is a last-minute decision maker, even when it comes to the Olympics. Maybe she just has a hard time making decisions. She talked about her lack of decision-making: “I'm kind of a last-minute person, so I'm going to make a decision next week, I guess, the week before (the Olympics); it's just unfortunate because it would be my first Olympic Games, and to have a problem like this (Zika) kind of dampening the excitement of, potentially, your first Olympic Games, it really sucks, to be honest.”

14 A Girl Who Squats


What can we say? We like a nice bum, and Bouchard definitely has a nice one. She looks like she's relaxed and having fun on a getaway. Aren’t bathing suits a great thing? Whether she's working or playing, Bouchard always is at her best and looking good, which is so important if you're going to be in the spotlight. You might be surprised to know that Genie has a twin sister. Beatrice Bouchard is Genie’s biggest fan and often travels with her to her tournaments. They're super close and always have each other’s backs. “Genie and her twin sister Beatrice (six minutes older than the tennis princess) were named after Prince Andrew’s daughters. Their younger sister, Charlotte, was named after Princess Caroline of Monaco’s daughter, and to top it off, the youngest of the Bouchard clan – William – was, of course, named after England’s next king.” (Heavy)

13 Sexy and Scandalous

An Instagram photo of Bouchard showing off her amazing black outfit before she goes out. A great shot of a black one piece that has some pretty awesome cleavage. No matter what this girl wears, she manages to look amazing. While growing up, Bouchard idolized another tennis player, the gorgeous Maria Sharapova. She had a lot of admiration for her especially when she was 17 and already competing in international tournaments, though many people believe that she could rise above and be so much more than her idol. Her agent, Sam Duvall, believes she’s a step up from Sharapova. “I really think she has the ability to be more marketable than Maria. She speaks the two languages where the four Grand Slams are played. Maria was Genie’s idol when she was younger, but now, they’re competitors. But if Maria is the bar, Genie has the ability to exceed that bar.”

12 Beach Time


No wonder people are trying to win dates with this gorgeous tennis player. Just look at that body! This is a photo from a day at the beach during one of the short moments she has to relax while training to be the best tennis player out there. We can’t help but love this girl because she's not only beautiful but also a genuine talent in the industry. She has a clear goal in mind to reach the top. "I want to do the best I can right away. There's no point for me to just kind of be relaxed about it. Of course, in each match, winning is out of my control, but I want to try to do the best I can as soon as I can, and I want to have 10 successful years and not five slow ones and then five good ones.”

11 The Kardashian Look-Alike

In this photo, she broke the internet when she posted her Halloween costume, something she was inspired by due to a photo that Kim Kardashian posted. It showed the kind of sense of humor that she has, which we totally love. She’s a good sport overall, though, and she proved that this year when she held up her end of the bargain when a fan Tweeted that he wanted a date with her if the Patriots won. She was going for the opposing team, and when she lost, she still went on the date with her Twitter fan. "It's going great -- he's normal. I was a little worried because his Twitter picture profile picture was a picture of Tiger Woods, and I thought, 'Oh my God, he's one of those super-fans. I don't even know what he looks like.' But he's awesome, such a sports fan; we're getting to know each other. It's great."

10 Her Fun Side


We see a different side of Genie Bouchard in this picture. While in Paris for her tournament, she was off seeing the sights and clearly enjoying every minute of it. During her time in Paris, we saw her play well and not so well, and it will be interesting to see which side wins out in her career. Whether Bouchard is allowing herself to be distracted enough to mess up her game is hard to tell, but she's also proven that even obstacles of her own making aren’t hard for her to breakdown if she really wants it. When it comes to her coaches, she looks for something special. “I'm looking for someone who can help me improve all areas of my game. I think it's very important to be able to address the technical side, the tactical side, the mental side, and the physical side.”

9 A Girl Who Lifts

Who doesn’t love a girl who lifts? This cute photo shows not only her fun side but her strong side as well. As a top athlete, it’s essential to be in the best shape of your life at all times so you can perform well. Not only is Justin Bieber a fan of hers, but she has a celebrity crush on him as well. Sadly, it’s true. She mentioned once that she wished his song 'Sorry' was a whole 20 minutes long. Many people believe that tennis players are at each other's throats all the time, but Bouchard claimed that it’s just not true. “It's not like that. It's pretty chilled, pretty relaxed. We're all friendly and talking to each other, and that's fine. When it's match day or game time, for me, I'm definitely in my own bubble, doing my own thing.”


8 Her Badass Side


When Bouchard decided to shave the side of her head, she became part of the badass group of women out there that just don’t give a f#$k! She looked hot in this photo, a casual snap from her Instagram page. It’s no wonder that she's sought after for photo shoots with a face and body like she has. If you’re fan and you like connecting with the tennis player, then you would know that she loves receiving gifts and hilarious memes from her fans. Bouchard is aware of her own struggles throughout her career, but she never seems to falter from knowing what she wants and what she can accomplish. “The journey towards success is not always easy or upwards.” We've seen that throughout her career, but given her talent, we know she'll stay on top. It’s just a matter of keeping the focus that you know you have and believing in yourself.

7 Halloween Love

Like most girls, Bouchard loves dressing up for Halloween, and in this picture, she opted for a sexier outfit. She was a black kitty cat with some serious cleavage, but who are we to complain? It’s fun dressing up for Halloween, and some people take the opportunity to live out fantasies, dressing up in ways that they normally wouldn’t on a day-to-day basis. She has some great words of wisdom to say to anyone who wants to be an athlete. It’s all about hard work, and there's no easy way to become the best in the industry. It’s always hard work. “Even if you're the greatest of all time, people are not just going to give it to you. It's a great lesson.” We couldn’t agree more. If you're always striving to be the best, then you're more likely to stay on top.

6 The Real Girl


We're not sure what’s going on in this photo, but it’s an interesting shot indeed. Maybe it was a hot day, and Bouchard needed to cool off a bit. But when she got in that pool, she got more than she bargained for and sent out a Snap about the freezing temperature. She’s a fun girl who doesn’t mind showing off her dorky side. In this photo, she was having fun and still looked amazing. We also get to see a bikini shot of the girl, which sure doesn’t hurt. When it comes to living a life in the spotlight, she isn’t all about red carpet events. Her tennis career is her life, and that’s the coolest thing that she wants to be a part of. “I see the US Open as glamorous. That's the word that comes to mind.” In Bouchard’s world, that’s where glamor lies and nowhere else.

5 Fun in the Sun

What more could you want from summertime than some pretty sexy beach shots? In this photo, we can’t help but love this blue bikini that Bouchard is wearing perfectly. It looked like she was enjoying some much needed R&R as she lounged on the beach. When it comes to working in the industry of sports sometimes, you make friends, while other times, you make enemies. Some people just don’t want to see you succeed, and that’s the unfortunate part of society as a whole. Bouchard has learned not to mix business and pleasure when it comes to her career as a tennis player. It’s best to just focus on the game and not worry about anyone else. “I don't think the tennis tour is the place to have friends.” It’s hard to be friends when you're competing all the time anyways, and it could end up just being a distraction.

4 Dragon Lady


This particular costume of Bouchard’s makes her look like a dragon, and that might be exactly what she is; it’s hard to tell. Just kidding. She’s actually dressed as a sexy Bowser from Super Mario Bros. On the right, she injured herself while at a tournament but seemed no worse for wear when she posted on Instagram. She actually sued for her injuries, so she received some flak for posting her Bowser picture on Instagram. “Bouchard sued the United States Tennis Association and the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center last month in United States District Court seeking damages for the effects of her Sept. 4 fall — caused, she stated, by 'a slippery, foreign and dangerous substance on the floor' — that forced her to withdraw from the US Open and multiple subsequent tournaments this fall.” (NYPOST) It doesn’t take a lot of physical activity to go out for Halloween, so it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

3 A Day At The Spot

Genie Bouchard has never looked so relaxed than she does in this picture. A day at the spa is what you see in this photo, and Bouchard is looking as beautiful as ever. She may tend to keep to herself when she's working as a tennis star, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t stay connected to some of her peers. She's actually really close friends with Laura Robson, a British tennis star. The two of them have trained together in the past and have kept a close friendship. The two even made a video on YouTube that went viral in 2012, the two of them dancing to 'Gangnam Style' while they were both touring in Beijing. Talk about a great life. Considering Sharapova used to be an idol of hers, Bouchard feels differently about her these days after Maria's doping scandal. “I don’t think it’s right. She’s a cheater, and I don’t think a cheater in any sport should be allowed to play that sport again. It’s so unfair to all the other players who do it the right way and are true.”

2 Stunning Tan


Bouchard looks amazing in this photo with her blonde hair and tanned skin. It’s a great image that shows her in a white cleavage-baring top. She’s never looked better, and her Instagram photos prove that. These days, it seems that Bouchard is on the outs with her former idol Sharapova. Sharapova was banned for 15 months after a doping violation, and Bouchard has been calling her a cheater ever since. Things don’t seem to be getting any better for the two either. Bouchard is totally vicious in her attacks and even went so far as to make a mockup of a book she wrote and then put it on Twitter. The book was called, Insufferable, My Life So Far, I Wish I Was Maria Sharapova. She beat Sharapova this year in a match and said, “I definitely had some extra motivation going into today. Obviously, I had never beaten her before and also given the circumstances.”

1 Topless

It’s photos like this that made a lot of people wonder if Bouchard was just another Anna Kournikova -- a pretty face but not a lot of talent to take her to the top, just the kind of tennis player that would be better suited to do bikini shoots. But Bouchard has proven them all wrong. If you've ever watched a game of hers, she has the speed and power to be considered a top athlete. “I just feel like I haven't been quite Eugenie Bouchard, my confident, aggressive game lately, and that's something that I've been working on very hard in practice. I have the belief, and I know my skills are still there and nothing can just vanish... It's just about working hard to getting back on track.” Bouchard is fully aware of where she needs work and where she'll do just fine as well.


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