15Lovely In Red

This photo exemplifies all that we love about Deepika – the long legs, the gorgeous looks, the perfect figure, those beckoning eyes. Who would not fall in love with her? This hot photo presents Deepika in her most fabulously attractive pose. She looks completely at ease in that languid pose

on the couch. Yes, there is an elegant couch in that photo – in case you missed it. She is not at all uncomfortable in front of the camera – after all, she has over two decades of experience as a model. She looks calm and hot at the same time. She will seduce you effortlessly and make you race after her. That long hair and the lovely red dress further accentuate her attractiveness. If ever a single photo could inspire a poet to write an epic, then this would certainly do it. Look at me and worship me, she seems to be saying in this photo.

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