15 Hot Photos of Deepika Padukone — The Queen Of Bollywood

Deepika Padukone, one of the hottest young Bollywood stars, is definitely turning a lot of heads these days. And, why not? She is absolutely gorgeous and enormously talented – she has won several acting awards for her performance in various Bollywood movies – and with her prominent role in the blockbuster XXX: Return of Xander Cage, she is now well on her way to gaining an international fan following.

As a child, Deepika loved sports and was a competitive badminton player. Looking at her these days, it is clear that her early attraction towards sports has helped her gain one of the most glamorous bodies on this planet. She also took up modeling at the age of 10 and since then, has endorsed many popular products. Her poise and easy grace in front of the camera reflect her long career as a top model.

At the age of 21, Deepika moved to Mumbai to better showcase her natural talent. She quickly gained exposure through a popular music video and then, turned her sights to movies. Her first movie role was in the film, Aishwarya – a Kannada language film. After this, she had major roles in some of the biggest Bollywood blockbusters. She has starred in movies featuring some of the most popular Bollywood actors and has won a lot of acclaim for her performances. It was only natural then that Hollywood would beckon this gorgeous actress and she set the screen on fire as Serena in this year’s Return of Xander Cage. If you loved her in this movie, then you must look at these 15 hottest photos of this stunning model and actress.

15 Lovely In Red

This photo exemplifies all that we love about Deepika – the long legs, the gorgeous looks, the perfect figure, those beckoning eyes. Who would not fall in love with her? This hot photo presents Deepika in her most fabulously attractive pose. She looks completely at ease in that languid pose on the couch. Yes, there is an elegant couch in that photo – in case you missed it. She is not at all uncomfortable in front of the camera – after all, she has over two decades of experience as a model. She looks calm and hot at the same time. She will seduce you effortlessly and make you race after her. That long hair and the lovely red dress further accentuate her attractiveness. If ever a single photo could inspire a poet to write an epic, then this would certainly do it. Look at me and worship me, she seems to be saying in this photo.

14 Glamorous At The Beach

Didn’t we tell you that Deepika was a top notch model as well? Well, she is one of the few Indian actresses to have featured in the Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar as well. These pictures certainly highlight her perfect figure and ratchet up the hotness levels. Deepika first gained prominence when she featured in a television commercial for popular soap brand, Liril. She later won the Model of the Year award at the 2005 Kingfisher Fashion Awards. In 2006, she achieved even greater popularity when she appeared in the Kingfisher Swimsuit Calendar. Designer Wendell Rodericks, whose Matrix Agency represented Deepika, compared her to Aishwarya Rai, the former Miss World, and said that, “Since Aishwarya, we have not had a girl as beautiful and fresh.” Looking at these photos, we are bound to agree. Deepika is certainly one of the hottest models around. To add to her perfect figure, she has exotic good looks that will capture anyone’s heart.

13 Rocking Those Jeans

Deepika comes across as a simple and down to earth person and this photo captures that innocence in her. She has publically admitted that she was very awkward socially during her childhood years and she did not have a lot of friends. Deepika was born in Denmark and her parents later moved to India. During her schooling, badminton was a big part of her life. In one interview, she described her hectic daily routine during her school years, "I would wake up at five in the morning, go for physical training, go to school, again go for playing badminton, finish my homework and go to sleep.” Evidently, all that hard work paid off and she even participated in national level badminton contests. She had also played baseball and participated in state level baseball tournaments. It was only later that she decided to quit sports and moved to modelling and finally, movies. Well, this girl certainly knows what’s good for her.

12 Playing With Colours

Isn’t she cute as a button in this photo? This photo captures Deepika in one of the scenes from her Bollywood movie, Goliyon ki Raasleela, Ramleela (A Play of Bullets Ram-Leela). This movie is inspired by Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. In this movie, Deepika portrays Leela, the daughter of a noted gangster. The son of a rival gangster wins her heart and the two lovers decide to run away from their families and get married. However, before they could consummate their marriage, they are betrayed by their friends. Leela is kidnapped and returned to her family. A gang war then ensues and some members of either clan lose their lives. The two lovers attempt to get the gangs to negotiate a peaceful settlement and allow the two lovers to be with each other. However, the gangs are set on the war path and in the process, Leela’s mother is shot. Eventually, the two lovers realise that the attempt to stop the gangs from fighting each other is futile. Hence, they commit suicide together. Finally, the two gangs join hands and cremate the lovers together.

11 The Gorgeous Princess

This is another glamorous photo of Deepika – she looks like an enchanting princess in this photo. Or maybe, like the Queen of Hearts! Deepika has a huge fan following and she has enjoyed a huge amount of commercial success. The highly reputed Forbes has included Deepika in its list of highest paid actresses across the world – in fact, in 2016 Forbes ranked her as the 10th highest paid actress in the world. During the period from 2014 to 2016, she has been the highest ranked woman in Forbes’ list of top 100 Indian celebrities. She has also been ranked number 1 by the Indian Maxim in its “Hot 100” list. In 2012, the Indian edition of People magazine picked her as India’s most beautiful woman. That same year, Times of India, a leading English language newspaper, also ranked her as the most desirable woman. The UK magazine, Easter Eye, also listed her as 2016’s “Sexiest Asian Woman”.

10 Pretty In The Park

This is another enchanting photo of Deepika. Do note the exotic good looks and the wistful eyes. Deepika’s good looks and great camera presence saw her achieve great success as a model and also brought her prominent movie roles very quickly. Her first Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om starred Deepika alongside Shah Rukh Khan, one of the most popular Bollywood heroes. The movie was a commercial and critical success. Deepika’s performance in the movie was particularly praised and it fetched her the Best Female Debut Award at the Fimfare Awards. She was also nominated for the Best Actress award for her performance in this movie. The success of this movie brought a lot of acting offers for Deepika. In the next few years, she acted in many noteworthy movies, including Chandni Chowk to China, a movie produced by Warner Brothers. Many of these movies were highly successful commercially and her star power accordingly skyrocketed.

9 The Damsel In Distress

This photo captures Deepika in one of the scenes from her 2013 movie, Chennai Express. This movie starred Deepika and Shah Rukh Khan and was a huge commercial success. It broke several box office records and ranks as one of the highest grossing Bollywood movies of all times. In this romantic action comedy, Shah Rukh Khan’s character, Rahul, falls in love with Meena – portrayed by Deepika – who is the daughter of a noted mafia leader. Meena takes Rahul to her father, who does not believe that a common man is fit to be the husband of his beautiful daughter. So, the mafia men challenge Rahul to a duel. Rahul manages to escape but is caught by the police, who return him to the mafia. Finally, Rahul tries to make her father understand how deeply he loves Meena and agrees to the duel. Though he is badly beaten, he manages to defeat the mafia men and thus, wins Meena’s hand in marriage.

8 The Woman In Black

If you are as gorgeous as Deepika Padukone, you can look utterly captivating in any dress and any setting. This is what this photo proves. There is nothing glamorous in this photo, except for Deepika herself. And, she is good enough to steal our hearts without needing any glamming up. Many of her movies and photo shoots also capture this essential attractiveness and screen presence that she has. Taran Adarsh, while reviewing her first Bollywood movie Om Shanti Om said, “Deepika has all it takes to be a top star—the personality, the looks and yes, she's supremely talented too. She comes as a whiff of fresh air!” Aseem Chhabra while praising her performance in the film Chennai express stated, “Padukone is delightful in the film—beautiful, smiling, and often a lot more playful and funny than Khan.” Overall, Deepika has received 8 nominations for the Filmfare Awards (considered the most reputed awards for Bollywood) and has won three of them.

7 Dazzling In Black And White

This photo features Deepika in the simplest setting possible – a black and white photo with no hint of glamour at all. Yet, she is attractive enough to steal your heart. Didn’t we tell you that she comes across as a simple and down to earth person and her innocence is one of her most attractive assets? While Deepika has enjoyed a lot of commercial success with glamorous roles in many blockbusters, she has also tried offbeat and challenging roles that touch her heart. In 2010, she starred in the movie Lafangay Parindey, in which she portrayed the role of a blind girl, Pinky Palkar, who lives in a Mumbai slum and wants to win a skating competition. The movie won a lot of praise from many critics and Deepika’s performance was especially noted. Subhash K. Jha praised the film and said, "The movie is an inspirational tale told with as little fuss and as much feeling as cinematically possible. Not to be missed.”

6 The Angel Of Love

Doesn’t she look like the angel of love in this hot and, at the same time, cute and playful photo? Deepika has an innocent and effervescent charm and this photo showcases these aspects of hers. That polka dot top, that retro hairstyle, the thinker pose – that’s a brilliant photo. The camera loves her and she knows it. Her photogenic presence is the secret behind her success as a model and has seen her grace the covers of many magazines. She has regularly featured on the covers of many noted publications such as India Today, Stardust, Filmfare, Femina, Savvy, etc. She has also featured on the covers of the Indian editions of such magazines as Vogue, FHM, Women’s Health, Maxim, etc. Her fans still can’t get enough of her – and neither can we. With her exotic good looks, her perfect figure, her bubbly smile, this lady is all set to conquer many more hearts and win many more fans.

5 Leather Suits The Lady

As this photo proves, Deepika can easily turn enchantress and set the screen on fire without any hassle. We have already mentioned that this dazzling model and actress has featured in many top magazines and has appeared in many photo shoots. This photo appears in her GQ shoot – and boy that is one hot photo shoot. Deepika adorns leather in this shoot and turns on the heat. She is extremely versatile both as an actress and as a model. One minute, she can appear graceful, delicate and shy – the epitome of the girl next door. The very next minute, she can turn seductive, enchanting dark and mysterious – in short, the complete opposite of the girl next door. This versatility has made her an enduring star and has brought her a lot of commercial success, critical acclaim, and fan following. Unlike some other stars, she is not limited in the work she does. Her image is not restricted to any particular category.

4 Setting Hearts Racing

Deepika is no stranger to action thrillers. This photo captures Deepika in a scene from her movie Race 2. This 2013 movie was a big hit internationally and it showcased Deepika at her glamorous best. In this movie, she portrays the role of Alina, the sister of powerful gangster, Armaan. Ranvir and Armaan are involved in a plan to con Thapar, a wealthy casino owner. As a result of the con, Thapar is forced to hand over 5 of his casinos to Armaan for a fraction of their real value. Meanwhile, Ranvir and Alina have an affair. It is later revealed that Ranvir is planning vengeance on Armaan since he was responsible for the death of Ranvir’s wife. Ranvir then traps Armaan in another con wherein he steals the Shroud of Turin and hands it over to Armaan for 15 billion euros. The shroud turns out to be fake, thus rendering Armaan bankrupt. This movie was commercially quite successful and it helped Deepika reinvent her girl next door image and move on to more glamorous roles.

3 The Traditional Indian Look

Bajirao Mastani is another Deepika Padukone movie that was a huge commercial success and ranks high on the list of all time highest grossing Bollywood movies. This historical biographical drama saw Deepika portray the role of Mastani, the second wife of Indian military leader, Bajirao. Mastani is the daughter of a king and she meets Bajirao for the first time when she infiltrates his tent and convinces him to help her father fight off a group of invaders. Bajirao helps her father defeat the invaders and then proposes marriage to Mastani. When Mastani comes to Bajirao’s court, she discovers that he is already married. She is humiliated by his mother and first wife, who do not wish to allow her to stay in court. Despite their objections, Bajirao marries Mastani and builds a new palace for her. Later, while Bajirao is fighting another war, his first wife and mother conspire to capture Mastani. As Bajirao dies on the battlefield, Mastani dies in captivity. Deepika’s performance in this film was praised by many critics and was considered pivotal to the success of the movie.

2 The Girl Next Door

One of the most acclaimed of Deepika’s many movie performances came in the movie Piku. In this movie, she played the role of Piku, the daughter of Bhaskhor, portrayed by noted actor Amitabh Bachchan. Deepika’s role in this movie won her the Filmfare Best Actress award. This movie revolved around Deepika’s character and the commercial success of this movie established her as a bankable star. In this movie, Deepika is a simple architect who cares for her old and eccentric father. Due to family issues, Deepika and her father hire a cab driven by Rana, portrayed by Irffan Khan, and take a road trip to Kolkata, a city in India. Along the way, Bhaskhor’s eccentricities irritate everyone. However, it also helps them bond together and Rana decides to stay overnight at their house. Soon, Bhaskhor passes away in his sleep. The family cremates him respectfully and renames their home after him. This sentimental comedy-drama was another feather in Deepika’s cap and is considered one of her best movies till date.

1 Charging Ahead

We have already seen that Deepika is a multi-faceted star and has enjoyed tremendous commercial success as a model and as an actress. Her fan following in India is second to none and with Return of Xander Cage, she is now all set to enchant a new set of fans. Her upcoming movies include Padmavati, a historical drama, and a special appearance in Raabta, another Bollywood movie. Her numerous fans hope to see a lot more of her and with the success of her first Hollywood movie, it is fair to expect that she will star in many more such movies as well. Meanwhile, Deepika charges on with her life. In the past, she has been romantically linked with several of her co-stars. At one time, she has dated Ranbir Kapoor, another Bollywood actor. Reportedly, she has a tattoo of his initials on the back of her neck. Later, they broke up, apparently due to his infidelity. Can you imagine someone cheating on this lovely lady? Anyways, we wish this gorgeous lady all success in her personal and professional life and hope to see her in many more movies.

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