15 Hot Photos Of Bella Hadid At The Cannes Film Festival

Bella Hadid was once again the center of attention at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Bella Hadid was once again the center of attention at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. We all know that she made quite an impact last year with her stunningly sexy choice of attire. Who could forget that tantalizing red Jessica Rabbit style dress, with its scandalous slit down the side and dangerously low neckline, showing off miles of leg and acres of cleavage. Some said that there was no way she could top such a sexy appearance on the red carpet. They were wrong. This year, Bella Hadid showed everyone that she's just getting started when it comes to showing the world just how sexy she can dress.

The film festival lasted several days, and with each passing day, Bella Hadid wowed her audience with one sexy dress after another. Some were classy, some were chic, and some were downright mouth-watering. Last year she had a little bit of a wardrobe malfunction, showing everyone that her panties matched her dress. This year, she pulled the exact same stunt. Now it seems like it's almost to be expected that you'll get a peek up Bella's dress every time she hits the red carpet. She doesn't even make an effort to hide it anymore. If you haven't already seen these stunning, sexy pictures, you're in for a treat.

15 The Naked Dress

The first dress we will analyze is the so-called "naked dress." This is the dress that has most people talking. It's a vintage Galliano gown which she wore to a Cannes Gala. As you can see, it's completely and utterly transparent. You can see right through this dress. She's really pushing the boundaries of what's considered acceptable on the red carpet, and we love it. To call her fashion sense bold would be a massive understatement. She is taking all of our preconceptions about what is considered "acceptable" and "proper" to wear at a formal event and chucking them straight out of the window. This is an amazing time to live in if you appreciate the beauty of the female form...

14 Let Your Eyes Wander...

Don't be shy... Let your eyes wander down this amazingly hot model's incredible body. After all, she wants you too look. In fact, she wants the whole world to look and salivate over her tight, irresistible frame. Why else would she show up to the red carpet wearing nothing but this transparent gown? She might be walking around in just a pair of panties. Everything else is on glorious display. Of course, Bella Hadid is no stranger to showing off her body in public. I mean, she's a model after all. She's probably worn much more revealing outfits than this on the catwalk for her various fashion shows. At least this outfit hides her nipples... But that's pretty much the only part of her body it hides!

13 Twirling For The Camera

Okay, one more of the naked dress! If you thought the front of this dress was revealing, wait until she turns around. That nice little behind of her is making a stellar appearance on the red carpet once again, although I'm not sure we've seen it quite this explicitly revealed in any of her prior public outings... At least not to a formal event like this. How does she keep getting away with this? Not that we're complaining or anything... I wonder how other women feel about her showing up to events like this. She's pretty much outshining every other girl when she wears this type of outfit... Even other certified hotties like Kendall Jenner. I wonder if they're secretly jealous. Or if they call her a slut behind her back!

12 A Fan Favorite

We all remember Bella Hadid's incredible red dress back at last year's Cannes Film Festival. It was sexy, chic, and it showed off every inch of her leg with a daring slit down the side. And it showed off a lot more than just her leg. As eager photographers snapped her walking down the red carpet, more than one caught glimpses of her red panties that matched her dress! Fans loved it, and were counting down the days till the next Cannes festival, hoping they would get a repeat of that famous upskirt action. Well I guess Bella Hadid heard their prayers, because she wore a very similar dress this year. It has that same leg slit, and the dress shows off her matching panties, just like last year. Is this going to be Bella Hadid's new red carpet trend? Seems that way...

11 Flaunting It

Last year, the whole panty flashing debacle was played off as "wardrobe malfunction." But can she really make the same excuse this year? Even last year, it seemed laughable that her clearly visible panties were somehow an "accident." She didn't seem to care that everyone could see right up her dress, and looked as confident as ever. Some people seemed sure that it was fully intentional, and served as a kind of publicity stunt. This year, she's done the same thing again, and she's even more nonchalant about showing the cameras her panties once again. She seems to literally pull aside her dress as she walks up the stairs, giving the cameras a clear view of what's up her dress. Maybe she's trying not to trip on her dress but still...

10 Fashion For Relief Gala


Transparency was a key theme in many of Bella Hadid's outfits this year at Cannes. This dress is by Roberto Cavalli, and it looks positively ravishing on Bella Hadid. In fact, it looks like this supermodel was born to wear this dress; it fits her just like a glove. It's the overwhelming tightness of this dress and its sheer quality that make it so undeniably sexy. She wore this masterpiece of a dress to the Fashion For Relief Charity Event, which was held in Cannes in connection with the Film Festival. It's a charity event started by Naomi Campbell to raise funds for people who have been impacted by natural disasters. It's good to see that Bella Hadid is lending a hand to this powerful cause. And I'm sure the fact that she was going to be attending while wearing something as sexy as this caused ticket sales to skyrocket...

9 Outshining Them All

In the world of high fashion, it's sometimes hard to stand out. Think about it. You're surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world. Competition must be fierce. But there's always one girl in a crowd that catches your eye. And that girl is undoubtedly Bella Hadid. Even when she's surrounded by hotties like Kendall Jenner, she still captures the most attention. Everyone knows that type of person that pulls people's gaze like a magnet when they enter the room. Bella Hadid is definitely one of those people. This event was actually a fashion show, and you better believe that Bella Hadid took to the stage that night along with all of the other models. But funnily enough, nothing she wore on the catwalk that night even came close to comparing to her gown she wore when she first arrived.

8 Stunning Face

It doesn't really matter what Bella Hadid decides to wear on the red carpet; she's going to look decisively hot no matter what happens. And most of that is down to her amazing, beautiful, and seductive face. Her every feature looks like it was chiseled out of stone by the most skilled sculpture of all time. Everything is perfect. Her lips are full and inviting, yet remain pursed and small in an extremely cute way. Her eyes have this coldness to them that is both shocking and intoxicating. Her whole image is a total throwback to a bygone era. She looks like a real classic beauty, like the type you'd expect to see in an old black and white film from the 1920s. She really knows how to be both sexy and classy, and I think she does this so well because of type of character in her face that shines through.

7 Loving It

It's clear that Bella Hadid loves the attention she receives on the red carpet. And she seems to deal with all the pressures of media attention extremely well. She seems relaxed, calm, and confident whenever she's in front of hordes of photographers. I guess that's to be expected, seeing as she's a model. But there are some pretty major differences between having your photo taken in a studio and having your photo taken on the red carpet. The cameras love her, and she loves the cameras. It seems like a marriage made in heaven. In case you were wondering, that guy next to her is her dad, Mohammed Hadid. He's worth hundreds of millions of dollars, but even he seems a little more cautious in front of the cameras compared to his sexy model daughter.

6 One More Look

Let's take one more look at that stunning "naked dress" we examined earlier on in the list. Take a good long look at it. It's even more stunning when you see the dress in full profile. Combined with those sexy, extremely high heels, this outfit is a total knockout from head to toe. You really get a sense of just how toned and hot her body is and those leg muscles are just outrageously hot. When you take a look at pictures like this, it's no wonder why most people nowadays are more in love with Bella Hadid than they are her sister, Gigi. It seems like Gigi has faded into irrelevance while Bella is soaking up all the attention. People have been saying that Bella has been threatening to overtake Gigi for some time now, but I think after Cannes, it finally happened.

5 Hottie In Red (Again)

There's one more dress that Bella wore to the Cannes Film Festival that you just have to see. This one is a little bit more conservative, but it's every bit as pleasant to the eye. The dress is a breathtaking Christian Dior creation that shows off Bella's classier side as opposed to previous dresses, which highlighted her sex appeal. This dress paints Bella as a refined, proper, and distinguished young lady who looks at home with all of the other high class people. This is a stark contrast to her previous dresses and outfits, which made her stand out a little on the red carpet. However, that was probably something that Bella wanted. Still, this dress makes her stand out as well, just in a different way. I love how sexy Bella Hadid looks in this dress...

4 Film Premiere

Bella Hadid wore this stunning dress for the premiere of one of the biggest films that was screened at Cannes: Okja. This movie made headlines at Cannes, but for all the wrong reasons. People actually booed the screening of this film, because when it was first shown it was projected in the wrong aspect ratio. The movie was then stopped, fixed, and restarted. Then the audience booed even louder. The film apparently contains some amazing performances from Jake Gyllenhaal, and is set for a limited screening in the US. But nobody was thinking about the movie when Bella Hadid was on the red carpet. She threatened to steal Okja's thunder, and she might just have done it...

3 Sexy Back

One of the most overlooked parts of a woman's body is her back. There something about dresses with open back that just adds so much sex appeal to the look. Bella Hadid's dress was no different. She has a gorgeous back, and it was fully on display with this Christian Dior dress. I just love the way she's looking over her shoulder, and it's a pose she's undoubtedly mastered considering her many years as a model. It's hard to believe this stunning model is only 20 years old. She looks much more mature in this picture. Maybe that's why she's such a striking figure. She's done many topless photo shoots before in her career, but in a way this picture of her with an exposed back is even sexier...

2 Casual

Of course, Cannes isn't all about the red carpet. You can't expect a girl like Bella Hadid to stay dressed up in formal gowns for the duration of the Festival. Some of her sexiest appearances at Cannes were made when she was just strolling through the town like any other woman would. But she hardly looked like a normal woman. This amazingly sexy outfit was clearly designed to soak up the sun, and you can tell she's really enjoying the hot weather. It's almost like she's managed to make lingerie into a casual outfit, and she deserves real praise for doing so. Maybe her aim was to remain a little inconspicuous with this outfit, but anyone who saw her pass by would have known instantly that she was a huge star.

1 Bikini

We're very glad Bella Hadid took the time to go for a dip in the water while she was in Cannes. She was spotted recently on a yacht with F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, and I bet he was enjoying the view of her in a thong bikini every bit as much as we did. In fact, we're slightly jealous of the fact that he managed to get a close up view of that amazing body. And it truly is amazing. Bikinis show off a girl's body better than any other outfit, and we feel blessed every time Bella Hadid squeezes her tight body into one. Are Lewis Hamilton and her dating now? Or are they just meeting up for a casual swim? It's easy to forget that Bella Hadid is still basically just a girl, and you know what they say... Girls just wanna have fun!

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15 Hot Photos Of Bella Hadid At The Cannes Film Festival