15 Hot Photos Of Ariel Winter By The Water

There’s this little show out there called Modern Family, which has, slowly but surely, become a huge hit. When it debuted way back in 2009, it didn’t seem like it would get the attention it has garnered since, but attention it has surely gotten. That’s what happens when your show has the highest-paid actor on TV in Sofia Vergara and has won 22 Emmy awards. Those awards include five straight wins for Outstanding Comedy Series, so it has really gotten some serious, deep respect from the industry.

Something else the show has is a whole bevy of beautiful ladies. For those whose attraction runs toward the exotic, there’s the aforementioned Sofia Vergara, a Colombian-American bombshell. For those who are looking for the All-American mom type, there’s Julie Bowen, who has also won two Emmys for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. If your tastes are along the lines of the current “It” girl, there’s 26-year-old Sarah Hyland, who plays the ditzy high-schooler to perfection.

And then there’s Ariel Winter. On the series, she started off playing the middle-schooler who was kind of nerdy but has grown over the years into the 19-year-old woman we’re featuring here today. Ariel is definitely one of a kind, both in the talent and in the looks department. She not only plays Alex Dunphy on the show but also voices Sofia on the hit Disney show Sofia the First. She started young and was a guest star on many major network shows (Bones, ER, and Monk among them) before landing her current role. She also has an impressive body -- so impressive that she actually got breast reduction surgery in 2015 as a 17-year-old. That hasn’t seemed to stop her from being one of the most photographed young starlets out there. In fact, it only seems to have heightened her stature as a budding sex symbol and paparazzi favorite. In case you don’t believe me, here are 15 hot shots of Ariel Winter looking awesome on, in, and around the water.

15 Red Goes Where It Belongs

Now we’re talking! Ariel is wearing her red, this time, in the right place. Back on the beach where she belongs (at least when wearing a swimsuit), Ariel appears to be balancing in the shallows for no good reason except that she wants to and is young and on vacation. What's she doing, though? Waving to someone? Calling them over because she’s stuck in the sand? Whatever she’s doing, she looks cute and lively while doing so. And that’s all that really matters at the end of the day. When she’s not on the beach stunning us all with her hotness, she can be found getting ready for college, which she plans to attend next fall. She's been accepted into UCLA but deferred admission for a year to work on Modern Family. To prove that she’s not just an airhead, she said about going to school: "You gotta have something else you can do. I've always been interested in law, so I think it'll definitely be something that I'll love to do and also go to school for.” Good luck, Ariel!

14 Outré Gal

Since it’s so odd, I immediately decided I loved it and felt a burning desire to share it with you. I think this one kind of sums up Ariel in a nutshell. She’s bright, she’s sexy, and she’s not afraid to be a little bit “weird” in service of both her art and her happiness. I honestly don’t know what I like most about this pose. Is it the fact that she’s got leather knee-high boots on while sitting on a diving board? Or is it the fact that she’s sporting a fake fur coat that’s pink? Maybe it’s her "come hither" smile? Or maybe, it’s just that, in my world, eccentric is cool? This means that Ariel is cool. You see how it all ties together so nicely at the end? That’s because of Ariel -- she’s that good, gentlemen.

13 Look What Came Out Of The Ocean!

Does anybody remember Botticelli’s Birth of Venus? Of course you all do -- it’s only one of the most famous paintings of all time. The painting shows Venus, the Roman Goddess of Beauty, (based on Aphrodite, the Greek goddess -- everything is recycled) rising out of the sea’s foamy waves on a giant clamshell. Art historians like to call the painting “Venus on the Half-Shell.” Yeah, they’re a funny bunch of guys, those crazy art historians. Well, here we have Ariel doing her own version of the seminal painting. Doesn’t it look just like she just rose up out of the ocean and is stepping onto land, a modern goddess who's come to educate us all in the art of love? OK, maybe not, but one can dream. Her friends all seem to think something on their phones is more important than witnessing the birth of an ocean-borne goddess. Losers.

12 Windswept Beauty

It must be hard to be the youngest and least well-known actress on a major hit like Modern Family. You’ve got Sofia Vergara, who is the highest paid actress on television and is also considered a sex bomb by most people in the industry (and out of it, for that matter). You’ve got Julie Bowen, the consummate professional actress who has also been awarded multiple Emmys. There’s Sarah Hyland, who epitomizes young Hollywood and is considered by many to be a breakout star from the success of the show. And then there’s poor Ariel, who was barely into her teens when the show broke out and has lived in the shadow of her costars for years. But one look at this pic, and you know she’s going to be alright. Ariel’s definitely a looker whether she’s all dressed up or just casually hanging at the beach. She’s got a great smile, beautiful eyes, and a bright future.

11 Classic White

There are only two kinds of classic colors for swimsuits. One is black and the other, so amply represented here, is white. Ariel makes sure to stun us in white as she stands poolside while wearing a sexy two-piece that’s well within the classy range. The swimsuit is hot, that’s for sure, but it doesn’t cross the boundaries of good taste. It’s revealing, but not too revealing, if you know what I mean. Some female celebrities are all too good at showing off just a little bit too much of themselves when they get “accidentally” photographed at the beach or poolside. A certain somewhat famous non-celebrity celeb whose last name begins with a “K” certainly comes to mind. But not our Ariel. She’s content to rock the “I know I’m hot, but I’m not like that” look to perfection. Even the gold accents on the straps and sides are more classy than chintzy. They actually kind of add a Roman or Greek motif to her ensemble, and we already know that she’s Venus who's come back to save us all, right?

10 Jet Skis Are Cool, Right?

Poor Ariel. She looks just a little bit tentative here, doesn’t she? Like she’s worried she might fall off or crash into something by the docks. It’s OK Ariel -- you go, girl! This shot was taken while Ariel was on vacation in Maui with her boyfriend last year. Yeah, for a while there, Ariel was taken and was most definitely not looking. Her guy was some dude named Laurent Gaudette, who appears to be famous for, well, for having been Ariel Winter’s boyfriend. Basically, the guy was a high school sweetheart of Ariel’s who also likes making music. He has some songs that he himself wrote out on various social media platforms. But before you start running to listen to his music (not that any of you should be anyway), be forewarned that it’s not very good. Never fear, though. Ariel has split up with her boyfriend of two years and is back on the single scene -- lucky you!

9 Classic Black Mantra

Remember when I said there were only two classic swimsuit colors? Well, here’s the other one. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you our newest collection: “Ariel Winter in Black.” We think it’s going to be a big, big hit. How could it not be, really? I mean, take a look at Ariel. She's clearly cool, calm, and collected while in this look, and it suits her as well. The exceptionally simple, elegant lines of the one-piece are more than enough to make up for any missing sensationalism, don’t you think? This is simply a beautiful young woman who knows that she's beautiful relaxing in front of the camera for a very gracious candid. I’m not quite sure if she’s supposed to be meditating or is eating some kind of shrimp cocktail right before us (what is that in her hands?), but, really, who cares? What matters is that Ariel has captured our imagination once again.

8 Hanging With Friends

Here we have another candid of Ariel on a boat somewhere simply hanging out and enjoying an exotic location. I’m glad that she seems so happy in all of these candid photos. Ariel had a little bit of a rough go of it for a while. Her older sister actually filed for legal guardianship of her back in 2012 to get her away from the controlling hands of her mom, whom the older sister claimed was physically and emotionally abusive toward Ariel. She won her suit in 2014, and Ariel was placed under her legal protection. That has got to be seriously hard to take -- to have a parent treat you like that and then to have to leave them. Ariel herself announced that she was emancipated in 2015, and the sky's been the limit for her since. So to see her in a shot like this, where she's clearly enjoying some “Me” time and looking very relaxed is to see a great step forward for her -- although I do wonder who the people with her are... I hope you’re not making any mistakes, Ariel!

7 You Can Do It, Honey!

We go back to Ms. Winter’s vacation in Maui last year with the now former “Mr. Winter,” Laurent Gaudette. Apparently, Ariel wasn’t the only one who was doing a little bit of jet skiing during that vacation. Here, we see her giving the thumbs up to who we can only assume is Laurent. I’ve gotta say, Ariel looks great in a yellow bikini. I wasn’t sure she could pull it off (mostly because not many starlets can or should try to), but Ariel certainly knows how to go sporty. The only thing that bothers me about this picture is that she looks kind of scared or unsure of herself again. Who knows? Maybe she had a traumatic experience as a youngster out on water skis or something. Her thumbs-up gesture, coupled with her expression, almost seems to be saying, “I’m with you all the way honey, even though I know you’re gonna get into a terrible smash-up.”

6 Sultry

Who said Ariel always has to look the part of the innocent? It may seem like she’s often putting out beach shots that don’t reveal much of anything, and that’s her prerogative. But this one tips the balance back the other way just a little bit. You can’t take a look at this picture and say to yourself, “Well, that Ariel Winter might be a nice gal, but she’s not that sexy.” Hold that thought, Buster! Ariel may not be right by the water in this picture, but she’s definitely wearing an outfit appropriately suited for being by the water and making heads turn. Perhaps she just wanted to show off a new purchase, perhaps she actually is in a cabana or pool house or something, or perhaps she has a secret fetish wearing swimsuits out and about. Hey, I certainly don’t know. I also don’t really care why she chooses suits like this as long as she keeps choosing suits like this!

5 Beaching It Again

Back to the white two-piece we go for an “action” shot of Ariel messing around with her ex-boy toy. You know, it must be nice to romp around in the sand at some exotic location wherever you want and pretty much whenever you want. I could really get my head wrapped around that idea. I mean, I suppose I would have to make myself magically hot or talented in order to be able to go to both Maui and the Bahamas every winter, but hey, a guy’s gotta have a goal. Clearly, Ariel looks good in this picture. While she's still obviously well-endowed, Ariel underwent breast reduction surgery in June of 2015. She has stated in many interviews that it was the best thing she's ever done as she was in terrible pain and feared that going through life without making any changes would only cause her additional pain and stress. Hey, whatever floats your boat is my motto, and it looks like Ariel’s still got plenty left to float anyone’s boat, so more power to her.

4 Ariel Goes Red

We've seen Ariel Winter in yellow, we've seen her in black, and we've seen her in white. What we haven’t seen, until this picture, is Ariel in red. Well, never fear! The “Dragon Lady” is here! And what a number she’s got on. I’ll be honest: I didn’t think she could fit into that outfit, so more power to her. My biggest question about this shot is actually “Where the hell are they?” Ariel and friends look to be in a busy parking garage -- in their beachwear! Maybe the beach is right behind them there, but it doesn’t really look like it. Instead, it looks like they wandered into the wrong place and decided to snap pics. I just hope they’re wearing sandals or beach shoes. The red on Ariel’s swimsuit is awesome, but I’m sure she doesn’t want any red gum from the pavement sticking to her feet -- gross!

3 Time To Adjust

Well, it turns out even Ariel can’t be perfect and beyond classy every waking moment. Sometimes, a girl’s just gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. The case in point here seems to be a minor backside wardrobe malfunction. I guess that’s what you get when you hang out all day on a beach chair with Sarah Hyland, soaking up the rays and gossiping about your TV mom's exes. Alright, alright... I have no clue what they’re talking about, but that seems like something the younger female stars on a hit show would tap into as a way to keep themselves entertained. Really, the best part of this pic, other than admiring Ariel’s adjustments, is the fact that it’s a twofer. Not only do we get Ariel Winter; we also get Sarah Hyland chillaxing and looking quite good while doing it. Hell, they both look great. Now, if they could just color-sync their outfits, we would be all set.

2 Modern Teen

This is a little bit tame, but since this pic is a still from an actual Modern Family episode, tame is what you’re going to get. Apparently, the show did a whole “family vacation” episode wherein all of the leading ladies got to show off their various “assets” during beach scenes. I’ll tell you one thing -- even if this particular photo is a bit on the G-rated side of things, the idea of having Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Sarah Hyland, and Ariel Winter all prancing about on the beach in bikinis is enough to make anybody sit up and take notice, if you know what I mean. You have to wonder (well, I do at least) how any of the men on the set, from the director down to the lowliest grip, were able to concentrate on their jobs with such a parade of beauties surrounding them. In any case, I really like Ariel’s sweet and innocent look here. She’s not afraid to just be herself rather than try to look like what others might want her to be.

1 Hot Tub Dream

And then there’s this. Just in case you thought Ariel only did shots by the water in t-shirts and shorts, we‘ve got your baser instincts covered. This is apparently a photo from a publicity shoot that young Ms. Winter did last year. Hmm, she sure did change her beat between relaxing on the beach in a pink t-shirt and relaxing in a tub wearing nothing but those ever-so-strategically-placed bubbles. "Seductive" and "unforgiving" would be the adjectives I’d probably go with here for Ariel -- she’s like a siren or temptress calling you to your doom to break up and sink upon her uncaring shores. OK, OK, I might have gotten a little carried away with the classical allusion there, but the fact is this is a very different Ariel in the water looking smoking-hot from the "America’s Sweetheart" shot of the last entry.

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