15 Hot Photos Of Anna Nicole Smith In Her Prime

February 8, 2017 marked the 10-year anniversary of Anna Nicole Smith’s death. The model, actress, and television personality died in 2007 at the age of 39 of “combined drug intoxication”, although no illegal drugs were found in her system.

In the final year of her life, Anna had been dealing with the death of her son Daniel and the birth of her daughter Dannielynn, which then led to an ongoing paternity and custody battle. There is no doubt that it was likely one of the most stressful times of the former Playmate’s life. But even so, her death was ruled an accidental overdose.

Anna Nicole was found at a Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, and when she was pronounced dead, it came as a shock to the world. The fun, frisky, flirtatious personality that was Anna Nicole Smith was suddenly gone, and she left behind a brand new baby daughter. The model, actress, and sex symbol also left behind a legacy of scandal, entertainment, and intrigue.

This month, the 10th anniversary of her passing, many are celebrating her life and commemorating her death with various tributes. TheRichest would like to join in by offering this list of 15 stunning photos of Anna Nicole, who has been gone for one decade but will be forever gorgeous. For a reminder of just how gorgeous, read on to see some of her most beautiful photos.


15 Down on the Farm

It is hard not to be drawn in to Anna Nicole in this photo. She is obviously in the middle of a photo shoot, but she looks glamorous, anyway. She also looks happy, friendly, inviting, and playful, wearing her signature blood-red lipstick and with her platinum-blonde mane pulled back. Anna Nicole’s outfit is that of a classic sexy farm girl, and she is even rolling in the hay in a barn. This photo, like many of hers, is sexy without being trashy (although she has a lot of trashy ones, too). She was born and raised in Texas, so perhaps this setting and this photo are appropriate. Her humble beginnings ultimately led her to her first husband; it was while working at Jim’s Krispy Fried Chicken in Mexia, Texas that she met Billy Wayne Smith, whom she married in 1985. They later divorced in 1993.

14 Playmate


Here is a photo of Anna Nicole that is probably more recognizable to people. She was, after all, famous first and foremost for being a Playboy Playmate and model. Before all of that though, she did some major modeling for huge brands like Guess, H & M, Marie Claire, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and more. She also had a film career, appearing in films like To the Limit, Skyscraper, and Naked Gun 33 ½: The Final Insult. In addition, she worked on some television and even had her own reality show that premiered in 2002 called The Anna Nicole Show. This was due to her being all over the tabloids, but ultimately E! Network and Anna Nicole did not really mesh and they went their separate ways. Finally, she was a spokeswoman for Trimspa and PETA. She spoke out against (and posed with her dogs in campaigns against) companies like Iams, Procter and Gamble, and Eukanuba.

13 Black and White and Blonde

Looking as sultry as ever, here Anna Nicole poses for a photo shoot in a silk corset amongst silk sheets, with diamonds draped from her neck. She looks gorgeous as always, and perhaps even more so than usual. This is a photo that was obviously taken in her younger modeling days, long before her children ever came along. She would go on to have two children, a boy and a girl born two decades apart. Tragically, Anna Nicole lost her 20-year-old son just three days after she gave birth to her daughter in September 2006. He died in the hospital while visiting his mother and baby sister, Dannielynn. His death was a result of a combination of the pills Zoloft, Lexapro, and methadone, which is used in the treatment of heroin addiction and chronic pain. Anna Nicole and her son had been inseparable, very close for a mother and son of that age. She took his death very hard, and died, herself, only five months later.

12 Fun and Frisky


Fun and frisky are two words that the world would likely use to describe Anna Nicole Smith, and this photo embodies that perfectly. Although I do not know if what she is wearing could be considered a dress, she still looks hot AF in it. The flirty blonde looks like she was in the midst of much happier days than her last ones, which were overwhelmed by the loss of her son and the birth of her daughter. Dannielynn Hope Birkhead was born in Nassau, Bahamas, and was originally given the last name Stern because Anna Nicole was sure the baby was her boyfriend Howard K. Stern’s and not entertainment photographer Larry Birkhead’s. As we all know now, it turns out that Birkhead was the father, and he had filed a lawsuit to prove it. Other men were rumored to be Dannielynn's father, too: there were claims that Anna Nicole had used the frozen sperm of her ex-husband J. Howard Marshall. Other potential baby daddies were Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband Frederic Prinz von Anhalt with whom she’d allegedly had a decade-long affair, and Alexander Denk, one of her former bodyguards with whom she'd also had an affair. Anna Nicole never learned who the father truly was before she died.

11 Puppy Love

It just seems characteristic of Anna Nicole somehow that she would have a photo like this, with a tiny little pooch wearing a bow matching her own. Of course, Anna Nicole is perfectly primped, nearly nude, all dolled up with her hair and makeup, and outside on a deck somewhere. Even if a bit silly, she looks beautiful in this photo. In her real life, Anna Nicole was a devoted dog lover. At the time of her death, she had a white Maltese named Marilyn (because of course), a black toy poodle named Sugar Pie, and two Shih-Tzus named Puppy and Frankenstein. She enjoyed being photographed with her dogs, and apparently after her passing, her pooches helped her boyfriend of two years, Howard K. Stern, cope with her death. Stern has stated that he believes the only thing that got him through that time were her dogs, who followed him around everywhere.

10 Classy Lady


While Anna Nicole was certainly not known as the classiest lady there was around, some of her photo shoots would suggest otherwise. She cleans up well, no? In this vintage-looking shot, the blonde beauty wows in a black ensemble and matching gloves. Although she looks more serious than she often does, she still manages to retain that playful quality that is so characteristic of her. The pin-up model lived 39 years that were, for the most part, full of vivacious fun, living large, and spontaneity. People have noticed her whole career how striking her resemblance is to Jayne Mansfield, who is for all intents and purposes, an earlier version of Anna Nicole, herself. Both women were actresses and Playboy Playmates (in fact, Anna Nicole became Playboy Playmate of the Year in 1993). And both had the whole platinum blonde, Marilyn Monroe thing going on.

9 Pretty in Pink

Here is the classic Anna Nicole Smith, sex goddess. It is hard to believe that the woman seen here was once a high-school dropout-turned-chicken restaurant employee and was on the cover of New York magazine,  in which her section was titled “White Trash Nation” (it should be noted that she sued for five million dollars over that; it was settled). Another court battle she dealt with in the early 90’s was that of the billion-dollar estate vocally gifted to her (key word: vocally) by her husband of 13 months when he passed away in 1995. The oil tycoon was richer than rich, and Anna Nicole took the issue of his estate to court after he died. The two met in 1991 at a Houston strip club. A relationship followed, and a marriage which was rife with speculation that Anna Nicole was only in it for the money. But reportedly, after 26-year-old Anna Nicole married 89-year-old J. Howard Marshall, she never lived with him, made love to him, or even kissed him on the mouth more than 10 times. She did, however, always maintain that she loved him.


8 Erotic Anna Nicole


If ever there were a word to describe Anna Nicole Smith, “erotic” may be it. She had a long line of suitors in her short life, including three husbands (Howard K. Stern, J. Howard Marshall, and Billy Wayne Smith, who is the father of her late son Daniel). Other significant romantic relationships include: Larry Birkhead (the father of her daughter Dannielynn), Christian Audigier, Peter Nygard, Frederic von Anhalt, and even (rumor has it) Donald Trump! Her relationship with the newest POTUS was labeled an “encounter”, and is not out of the realm of possibility. Other men who may or may not have dated or “encountered” Anna Nicole are Mark Lenard, Jason Schnuit, Christian Gann, and Morgan Daniel. Although Anna Nicole and attorney Howard K. Stern (not to be confused with the obnoxious radio personality and America’s Got Talent judge of the same name) are listed as “married” by several sources, they wed in the Bahamas and were not legally married in the United States.

7 The Seductress

Here we see Anna Nicole in a seductive pose, a pose that seems to come naturally to her and that she is comfortable in. Wearing a tight black corset, fishnets, and her signature red lips, she wows as always. The leopard-print background doesn’t hurt the sex appeal, either. And in her real life, Anna Nicole was every bit as scandalous as she appears in her photos. The major scandal was, of course, the paternity of Dannielynn, to which multiple men claimed they may be the possible father. That in itself says a lot, especially when you consider the fact that Anna Nicole moved to the Bahamas while pregnant with Dannielynn, an act that was reportedly specifically to avoid or prolong the DNA tests. That says a lot, too. The majority of the other scandals have to do with the obvious: money and sex, like her marriage to a man 63 years her senior who died a year later and the ensuing court battle for his billion-dollar estate.

6 Beach Babe


Anna Nicole obviously had a body that was made for the beach, and now that I think about it, she could have played the role of CJ on Baywatch and done just as well as Pamela Anderson (she had the assets, anyway). She was more than just a Playboy model, after all; she was an actress. Her films and television shows never made her as famous as her modeling did, though. Her last appearance in a film was in the direct-to-video movie Illegal Aliens, in which she played Lucy. It was released posthumously and given bad reviews, unfortunately. Although Anna Nicole took a stab at acting and undoubtedly did her best, it was never her strong suit, according to critics. Besides her own show, The Anna Nicole Show (2002-2004), she appeared on television in Ally McBeal, N.Y.U.K., and Veronica’s Closet. Her films were Illegal Aliens, Be Cool, The Hudsucker Proxy, and as I mentioned earlier in the list, Skyscraper, To the Limit, and Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Result.

5 Marilyn Monroe

They really do look alike, don’t they? I suppose any woman in a white dress with bleach-blonde curls and red lipstick would bear some likeness to the iconic Marilyn, but Anna Nicole goes above and beyond with the similarities, and not only in looks. Both women met an untimely death in their 30’s involving drugs, of course, although Marilyn’s was a probable suicide and Anna Nicole’s was ruled accidental. Beyond that, both portrayed themselves as a ditzy blonde, both changed their names before becoming famous (Marilyn was born Norma Jeane Baker, and Anna Nicole was born Vickie Lynn Hogan), both had early failed marriages at age 16 and 17 respectively, both appeared nude in Playboy magazine, both later married much older and powerful men, and both lost children (Marilyn had at least two miscarriages while married to playwright Arthur Miller, and Anna Nicole, of course, lost her son Daniel). Since Marilyn died five years before Anna Nicole was even born, could this be a case of reincarnation? You never know.

4 Lovely in Lingerie


Sometimes it seems, through photographs, that Anna Nicole Smith felt most comfortable when wearing less. She looks comfy as can be in this awkward position on the floor, wearing a tight corset and thigh-highs with a garter. She looks smoldering! But the enchantress seen above, though she may not look it here, was also a loving mother. Her daughter Dannielynn Birkhead was only five months old when Anna Nicole passed away. Now 10 years old and in the fifth grade, she recently gave a rare interview for a 20/20 special about Anna Nicole that aired February 11. Dannielynn’s father, Larry Birkhead, was also interviewed. He wanted to clear up that while Anna Nicole did not necessarily use her prescription pills correctly, she was by no means on the street corner looking for heroin. Her death truly was an accident. Larry and Dannielynn live away from the spotlight in Kentucky.

3 American Beauty

The whole bubbles and roses thing sure is reminiscent of the iconic scene in American Beauty, is it not? Anna Nicole looks rather scary here though, not necessarily inviting like Mena Suvari was in the film. Still, it is a pretty photo, and as usual, Anna is pretty too. But would you believe that she actually holds the title of “biggest” Playmate of the Year? It is true, literally: Anna Nicole was the tallest and heaviest Playmate there has been, as she had the largest measurements of any of the women. But that should probably not come as such a surprise. Like Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole was known for her luscious, womanly curves, not for being a stick figure or Barbie doll. Of course, her enhanced breasts probably added on a little bit of the weight. She credited them for most of her stardom, in fact, saying in 2005 that everything she had was because of them. Hmm... wacky, spot-on, or just sad? You decide.

2 The Final Insult


Who remembers the crazy Leslie Nielsen movies based on the Police Squad! television series? Well, Anna Nicole Smith was in the third and final installment, Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult. Also starring Priscilla Presley, George Kennedy, O.J. Simpson, and Fred Ward, this movie tells the story of Frank Drebin, who comes out of retirement to help Police Squad infiltrate a gang of terrorists who are going to detonate a bomb at the Academy Awards. Anna Nicole played Tanya, who was not a protagonist, but still a character central to the plot. Fun fact: when Papshmir (Raye Birk) is reading a Playboy magazine in his Learjet in the movie, the cover of the magazine features Anna Nicole. This was, sadly, Anna Nicole’s biggest-ever role, and even playing it, people seemed to take note more of her boobs than any acting talent she may (or may not, as the critics seem to think) have had. Then again, that was probably just fine with her; it seems like she was quite proud of her assets.

1 Pretty Woman

And no, I do not mean “pretty woman” in the prostitute sense. I mean that here, literally, Anna Nicole Smith is a very pretty woman. She looks elegant and classy, and it is how she should be remembered 10 years after her death and always, no matter how many scandals she caused or how many transgressions she committed. She was a parent, an animal lover, and like everyone else, she had dreams for herself and her family. Also just like everyone else, she often had bad judgment. She was perfectly imperfect, beautiful in her flaws. She grew up poor and rose up from that, something she calls a Cinderella story. She was an abused wife, and a mother who lost her son. She was a “goody-two-shoes nerd” in high school. But perhaps most importantly, Anna Nicole was, according to her, a person who tried so hard her whole life, who was kind-hearted and a giver. She said of herself, “For some reason, people think I am this terrible person and it really hurts me to hear that. I am just doing the best I know how to do.”


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