15 Hot Photos Of Anna Faris That'll Make Chris Pratt Jealous

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris may be going their separate ways, but these pics will make him regret that decision.

The world was stunned when news broke in August that Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were separating. The two had been married since 2009 and have one son, Jack, who was born premature and spent his first month in the NICU. An experience that helped bond the couple even more, as well as making them all the more endearing to the general public.

It seems we can't get enough of Pratt, with Guardians of the Galaxy being one of the biggest franchises; not to mention his upcoming new venture in the Jurassic Park universe. But Faris is no slouch herself, with her series Mom coming back for a 5th season this fall.

Plus, we're sure you would much rather stare at Faris in revealing outfits (such as several swimsuits!) then get to stare at Starlord. It may be shocking that Faris and Pratt are no more, but here are 15 Hot AF photos that are going to make you glad that Faris is now officially single. Included are fun quotes that give further insight into their relationship and Faris as a person, including Pratt's attempt at a sex mixtape and Faris' stance on marijuana.

15 Wearing A White Bikini In Maui

If Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were still together, we're sure the above photo would be a great reminder of a fantastic day. The photos were taken by the paparazzi when Pratt and Faris decided to take in the sandy shores of Maui, Hawaii. Though we're sure you don't mind us finding a photo without Pratt in it.

It was taken on June 2009, only a few weeks prior to the two officially tying the knot. Which means instead it may just be a reminder of a time in their life where they may have arguably been the happiest. But to be fair, getting to stare at Faris in a bikini probably makes you pretty happy too! Now that she is single, let's hope she tries to move on by spending some time at the beach.

14 Revealing Outfit (And Interview!) With GQ

There aren't many magazines out there that are successful at taking revealing photos of celebrities than GQ. They put their talent on display yet again back in 2009 when Faris stopped by. The photo wasn't the only revealing thing about her time with GQ though, as she also admitted she's a fan of embracing the occasional use of marijuana including the fact that she won a Stony Award (given by High Times magazine),

"Seth [Rogen]’s won more—like three. Mine’s up on the mantel. And occasionally, it gets used.

While we're sure that took a backseat more as she raises her son, perhaps she'll soon find herself with more free nights to herself and a need to unwind. You know, provided she does so in areas where the drug is legal.

13 Bombshell In White For Last Ever Arena Magazine

It's always going to be a sad thing when a business closes, at least for the people who put the time and effort into making it work. The reason we open this blurb with that is that the above photos were published in the last ever issue of Arena Magazine which folded back in 2009.

To be fair, getting to go out by shooting the gorgeous and fantastic Anna Faris is as good a way to end as any. Especially when they clearly had the money to help pay for a wardrobe that helps accentuate her already envious body.

While it may have been the last hurrah for the magazine, Faris' time in the spotlight is still far from over; something we're sure you're also very grateful for.

12 By The Pool For GQ

If we're going to be critical of the above photo, the outfit isn't exactly the most logical. She appears to be by a swimming pool, which makes what appears to be the swimming bottoms make sense. But the top seems unfitting for a dip in the pool, not to mention the high heels!

However, why focus on the critical aspects when the end result is a photo of Anna Faris that we're sure has left your jaw on the floor? While this list gives you the opportunity to see Faris showing you more skin than you see in the above photo, we're sure that won't make this one any less appealing to you.

We believe the photos were taken for GQ magazine.

11 Wearing A Yellow Bikini For Her New Film

Anna Faris' biggest current acting project is the television series Mom which is coming back for its 5th season this upcoming Fall. But outside of that Faris also found the time to film the leading role in the film Overboard which is set to release in 2018.

The film is a remake of a film that originally came out in 1987. Eva Longoria is also involved with the project as one of the leads so you can rest assured that there will be plenty of eye candy. Especially because you're going to get to check out Anna Faris in a bikini.

The above photo was taken by the paparazzi towards the end of June who caught Faris walking around set between takes.

10 Putting Her Assets On Display At The Observe And Report Premiere 

When it comes to the movie Observe and Report, there aren't too many positive things to report about it (heh). While the score of 50% on Rotten Tomatoes isn't terrible - especially for a comedy - something tells us you probably didn't see the film in theaters. That's because with a budget of $18 million, the film still only managed to pull in $27 million at the box office.

Some blamed the lack of success to the similar premise of Paul Blart: Mall Cop. When talking about it, Rogen (the lead of Observe and Report) said

"We knew the whole time, actually. And we're friends with those guys, so we would literally send each other pictures of the wardrobe, just to make sure we weren't stepping on each other's toes. They're totally different movies."

And while Anna Faris looks fantastic in her role for the film, there's nothing in the movie that is quite as breathtaking as the outfit she chose to wear for the premiere.

9 Embracing Her Musical Side

Music plays a fundamental role in helping set the tones throughout the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. And judging by the photo above, even if she may or may not have musical talent, it's clear that Faris looks fantastic when holding an instrument in her hands.

When talking about music at home, Chris Pratt admitted in an interview with Stephen Colbert that he attempted to make a 'sexy mixtape' that failed miraculously after he started with Al Green's "Let's Stay Together."

“I could tell right away, big miss. Big miss, and it’s a long song. She’s like, What? Who are you? You don’t listen to Al Green. What are you trying to pull?"

Pratt admitted he threw the tape out after the first song!

8 Looking Alluring In One-Piece Swimsuit

The above photo may feature one of the sexiest one piece swimsuits that any celebrity has put on. The photo may be a few years old, but that definitely doesn't discredit how smoldering and alluring that Faris is looking. I mean logically all of that beautiful makeup is going to wash off if she jumps in the water, but we're sure she'd still be able to look captivating.

Pratt admitted in the past that prior to his big breaks, that he used to feel somewhat invisible standing next to Faris

"I've had those moments where I was like the guy holding the purse at events and people just looked right through me," but at least you can understand why everyone would love looking at her.

7 Dressing Down In A Seductive Nightie For Movie 43

The above photo might be the most appealing thing about the trainwreck of a movie that is Movie 43 (yes, that's seriously the movie's title). The film followed 14 different story arcs and included several powerhouse actors including Anna Faris and her now soon to be ex-husband, Chris Pratt.

The movie failed on multiple levels and at that year's Raspberry Awards, which highlight the worst movies of the year, they took home the award for Worst Picture.

We're sure Pratt and Faris had fun filming together at the time, especially considering Faris was in a seductive outfit, but that's probably the only positive for them that came from the film.

6 Loving Her Legs On The Couch

Anna Faris has several parts of her body that may help capture your attention. But in the above photo, it's clear that the photographer wanted to get a picture of her fantastic legs. So much so, that he told her to put those sharp looking heels on the couch!

At the end of the day though, he got what may be one of the most seductive photos that Anna Faris has ever taken so we're sure everyone was happy. Similarly, we're sure you're incredibly happy that this photo made the cut for our list. But when looking at it, is there really any denying that it wasn't well deserving?

We're sure this isn't the last time in Faris' career that her legs will be the focus of your attention.

5 Her Hard-Earned Body In The House Bunny

If you were to compare Chris Pratt's film career with Anna Faris', you may find Pratt as being the person who has found more success. One of Faris' biggest hits came in 2008 when she appeared in The House Bunny. The film failed to make $100 million at the box office and scored 43% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it did have Faris wearing the outfit that you are probably gawking at above.

Faris admitted in an interview that she shed 10 pounds to help make her scantily clad character all the more appealing,

"It was awful; I had to work out a lot and could only eat certain things. It was the regime of it all that I didn’t enjoy."

4 Looking Beautiful As A Brunette

With a large majority of the photos on our list, you're going to get to stare at Anna Faris with the blonde hair that you've become accustomed to seeing. But the above photo makes it clear that she doesn't need to be blonde to be beautiful.

While it's not clear as to which publication the photos were taken for, it definitely seems like they were taken several years ago. Though Faris looks perhaps even sexier today, so it's not like we have to look at her younger years for her to be a knockout.

We're sure with an outfit like that, that she'd love for the limo that she appears to be sitting in to take her out somewhere fun.

3 Showing Off Her Features At The Roller Rink

Anna Faris looks unbelievable in the above photo, but that's not shocking considering the list you've entered. While we aren't too sure if she actually has any roller skating skill, we're sure you'd agree that it was a pretty fun place to do a photo shoot. Though we wouldn't blame you if as much as you love the skates, you are an even bigger fan of the revealing outfit that Faris finds herself in.

Faris is not only beautiful, she also knows how to have a good time. When talking about her favorite ways to unwind and have a drink, Faris admitted (along with wine),

"I love gin and tonics, and I like beer. I drink the light beers and the crazy draft stuff. But in L.A. people don't really drink beer. And I also love champagne. Those are my vices."

2 Casual But Hot In Shorts And T-Shirt

Many of the photos on our list feature Anna Faris having her make-up getting done up for a fancy night out on the town. And while she may be looking done up, at least as far as her face is concerned, the outfit is definitely a lot more toned down. But when talking to an interviewer in the past, Faris admitted that she feels the sexiest when her clothing is simple and she's just relaxing at home,

"Probably at home with my husband. He makes me feel really beautiful even when I'm feeling disgusting. I'll be in boxer shorts and a grubby T-shirt with greasy hair, and he'll still be like, "Whoa, honey. Whoaaa."

We're sure she is hoping her future partner will make her feel the same way.

1 Unbelievable Dress And Lingerie For What's Your Number?

Anna Faris may have spent plenty of time booty bumping with Starlord, but in her film career she also got up close and personal with Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

The two played the leading roles in the 2011 romantic comedy, What's Your Number? And while the film may have been somewhat forgettable, the two outfits that we have for you above of Faris are anything but.

The film earned only $14 million at the box office in the United States, which means that not many people got a chance to check out the outfit on the big screen though. However, with a score of 23% on Rotten Tomatoes, you can probably understand why so many people passed on it.

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15 Hot Photos Of Anna Faris That'll Make Chris Pratt Jealous