15 Hot Photos Of Alison Brie Dave Franco Doesn't Want You To See

Over the last several years, Alison Brie has been finding more and more success, which has raised her profile in the public consistently. Perhaps best known for her role as Annie Edison in Community, her high-strung performance was pitch-perfect for the character and made her highly relatable. Also known for her work in the shows like Mad Men, BoJack Horseman, and the upcoming Netflix show, GLOW, it is clear that the medium would be worse off without her. On top of that, she has made several forays into the film world including in big movies like Get Hard, Scream 4, and much more. On top of that, she has also appeared in several well-received indie flicks like Sleeping with Other People and The Kings of Summer.

Recently married to her longtime beau, Dave Franco, an actor on the rise himself, despite them both operating in the artistic world, they still have feelings just like you or I. Being married to a beautiful woman is a big ego boost but there is no doubt that you need to be able to cope with unwanted attention from regular joes. When you then put that situation under the magnifying glass of fame on top of being married to one of the sexiest young actresses around, we totally get why Dave may struggle from time to time. Coming to that conclusion is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen hot photos of Alison Brie that Dave Franco doesn’t want you to see.

In order for an image to be considered for inclusion here, it needs to relate to Alison Brie in an obvious way. As a result, any picture of her was looked at, including those taken on red carpets, sets, photoshoots, or anywhere else she may appear. On top of that, any screengrab of her taken from any of her media appearances, including the movies, shows, or talk shows she was included in, could have found their way here. Each image doesn’t necessarily need to have her in it to be included here as long as it seems as though she’d rather people forget it exists. The only other thing to keep in mind is that we could only go off of our instincts and educated guesses since we can’t say for certain how Dave Franco feels about anything as we don’t know him personally.


15 No Stranger Than Love

You probably haven’t heard of the 2015 film No Stranger than Love, as it was far from a box office behemoth. Only given a limited release before it hit video on-demand services, saying it flew under the radar would be a massive understatement. Fortunately, in this case, that may be a good thing for the career of Alison Brie and her co-stars like Colin Hanks and Terry Jones, as it only holds an eight percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. We think they may not be the only ones that were pleased that at least parts of it went underseen, however, as we think Dave Franco is happy we didn’t see his love in that bra and pantie set.

14 Pool Side


Just imagine you’re on vacation and laying out beside the pool and then all of a sudden, in walks Alison Brie looking every bit as hot as anyone can and sporting a pair of high heels. Sounds pretty magnificent, doesn’t it? On the other end of the spectrum, try to think how it might feel if you were the husband of that gorgeous gal who everyone was gawking at and how frustrating and irritating that might be. Sure, none of that is happening here as it is clear that the pool area was closed for the purpose of this shoot and Dave doesn’t seem to be around. But in reality, it is far worse than the latter scenario. Instead of a group of slack-jawed onlookers, millions of people get to appreciate her body here.

13 Cowgirl Annie

The first of three photos of Alison from her arguably most popular project to date, Community, here, it seems as though the powers wanted her to be fantasy fodder. We’ve always thought people that are attracted to men are the ones that fantasize about the cowboy era from a s*xual perspective, but this screengrab of her character, Annie, could have changed all that. Carrying herself with the confidence only someone as incredibly sexy as her can muster, she makes the old west look about as enticing as possible. Dave Franco may love that he is involved with someone that could have that effect on him, but we’re dubious that he’d want to share that gift with the rest of us.

12 Esquire Shoot


There are certain magazines that are renowned for publishing sexy and shocking photos of celebrities for their fans to appreciate, including Playboy, Maxim, FHM, Loaded, Nuts, or Zoo. However, one that seems to fly under the radar is Esquire, the mag that oftentimes takes some of the most impressive shots of famous men and women that send the mind reeling with lust. That is probably because they do a lot of other things well too, but we feel they really deserve more credit in this single department. If you question that notion, then we present to you this photo of Alison Brie which is both classy and revealing at the same time. We can only imagine that Dave Franco may have expected something a little bit more demure from a shoot with this company due to its perception and wish those were the types of photos we got to see here.

11 Laying

People these days are much more forthright with their inner thoughts than any time in history, thanks in part to things like social media and a more relaxed view of what is socially acceptable. On the other hand, for the most part, people tend to allow only a select few people to see them in the clothing that they wear in their most private of environments. For instance, many of us wear underwear of sorts to bed every night and only allow those we are intimate with to see us in that state. Seen here wearing what appears to be a slip in a home, this image is hot because of the cleavage on display, but also, the feeling that we are getting to see inside of Alison’s inner sanctum is inexplicable. As great as that is for us, the man that she shares her life with probably isn’t nearly as pleased with the development.

10 Kissing Joel McHale


Kissing is an extremely powerful thing. When done right, it is extremely intimate and builds bonds between people physically and emotionally, that sometimes hours of talking may fail to accomplish. As a result, there have been several relationships that have been decimated when one of the participants discovered the other locking lips with someone else. Alison Brie is an actress, which means that oftentimes, it is her job to make out with others which may make it easier to swallow. But Dave definitely doesn’t want anyone reminded of her onscreen make-out sessions. When you, then, factor in that Joel McHale is someone she spent hours on end around and was said to be friends with at the time, that makes it all that much hard.

9 Evil Annie

A consistent element of Community is its episodes in which the lead characters of the show are seen in a different light. The evil versions of the people we’d grown to love are said to be from “the darkest timeline” and are intended on wreaking havoc on the stories we’d come to expect from the series. Sounding ridiculous in concept, they were interesting elements of the show, especially since Evil Annie was prone to being much more s*xually forward than her innocent counterpart. Shown here wearing a sexy and slinky dress designed to seduce Jeff Winger, yet again, it must be hard to see your girlfriend, let alone your wife, seduce one of her co-workers and friends while dressed seductively.


8 Sleeping With Other People


Arguably one of Alison Brie’s best films to date, Sleeping with Other People tells the story of a relationship between her character and one played by Jason Sudeikis. A pair of people that are quite s*xually adventurous, they get busy with a number of other folks before finding their way in each other’s arms. As a result of her character in the film being someone that is far from ashamed of her body, something we can’t blame her for in the slightest, there are several scenes of her wearing lingerie. One such example, here, we see her wearing a sexy top while sitting on a couch and looking shell-shocked. A double whammy of sorts for Dave. If we were him, we wouldn’t want to see her in a tortured headspace as well as not wanting random people to see her in a state of being under-dressed.

7 Fast Times Recreation

Probably the best high school film ever made, Fast Times at Ridgemont High had the courage to portray the s*x lives of teens in a realistic manner. Featuring a legendary cast, the film has gone down in history and the wardrobe worn by the leads are pretty much instantly recognizable. That is why we love that a photographer decided to take a picture of the cast from Community, a show that loves paying tribute to cultural phenomenons, dressed like them. Also remembered for one of the sexiest moments in movie history, when Phoebe Cates exited a pool and took off her top, it was seared into the brains of millions of people. That is why only someone as stunning as Alison could pull off her look. If we were lucky enough to convince your lover to dress like one of the sexiest characters in movie history, you wouldn’t want anyone else to see the results either.

6 Building A Beauty


Many artists receive a lot of accolades, including people like Alison Brie and Dave Franco. But there is one group that often seems to be forgotten. Architects serve a practical purpose, designing the buildings that make city life possible but it shouldn't be forgotten that they are artists in their own right that at the best of times make our environments beautiful. When you then put Alison amongst some buildings that look decidedly unremarkable in a one piece outfit that draws attention to a body, it is already hard to ignore. Architects never had much of a chance. Sporting an expression on her face that makes it seem like she knows exactly the effect her figure would have on those that view it, that is a gaze her husband may want to be reserved ONLY for him. We know we probably would if we were in his shoes.

5 Up To Her Waist

We’re just going to say it. There is little in this world that is sexier than an alluring woman who is all wet. After all, the fluid gets to invade the most private regions of her body with impunity as it is an inanimate object, and we get to imagine that we were allowed the same access. On top of that, we know that she will eventually leave the pool she is in and the liquid will run down her skin and draw attention to her as gravity pulls it away. Even if those thoughts don’t occur to you, there is something instinctual about an elegant woman like her in the water, and we all know that on some level, including Dave Franco. Knowing the effect this photo may have on those that see it, we believe it is only reasonable for him to wish he could limit its availability.

4 Attempted Seduction


One of the biggest comedy stars since the dawn of the millennium, if not of all-time, landing a role in a Will Ferrell film is a huge deal, especially if you want a career in the comedy field. That is why Alison Brie must have been elated to be cast in Get Hard alongside him as his gold-digging love interest. We’re also sure that Dave Franco was likely pleased that the love of his life was receiving the opportunity, but that wouldn’t make this moment in the film much easier to take. Seeing the woman you are committed to dressed in revealing lingerie and actively trying to seduce another man, is a pill virtually nobody could easily swallow. When it is then upped by the world at large getting to watch to it, that only becomes that much harder.

3 Out And About

As much as any young couple likes to spend intimate nights alone in the privacy of their homes, there is no doubt that there is something great about hitting the town together. Knowing full well that you are about to go out among the rest of society, you should expect that people may send a fleeting glance your way, but your time together really should be your own. At least, that is the case unless you are famous, because society appears to have decided that they own you once you’re well-known. At least we act like we believe that is the case because we can’t imagine why else we think it is okay to snap pictures of a couple that just want to enjoy their time together. How much would you hate it if you couldn’t go out with your loved one without the world invading your privacy and then spreading the results everywhere? That is how much we think Dave Franco must hate that we get to see this photo of him and the woman he married.

2 Inopportune Photo


Take everything we just wrote about the last photograph and multiply it exponentially. Yet again going out together, this pair looks as though they are having a leisurely time and do not seem like they are prepared to have their photo taken at all. Think about when you are bumming around your home or town and thought little of it as you aren’t doing anything special. Then, you run into someone you know and for whatever reason, they decide they want to take your picture. You’d tell them you don’t want to, so you put your hand in front of the lens, or cover up, right? Now, imagine the picture is taken from a great distance by an opportunistic stranger who shows the image to everyone. Finally, multiply that one more time because your wife is involved and you can’t stop her from being embarrassed. That is what we think this represents for Dave Franco.

1 Reported Leaks

If you’ve never heard of the fappening, then you probably don’t pay much attention to the internet. An event where loads of private pictures of various famous people in the nude and/or in s*xual acts were released, it was one of the biggest invasions of people’s privacy in the history of our culture. Not content to flare up only once, on top of that, it seems as though it pops up again and again and a new slew of famous ladies have had their bodies revealed to the world.

Alison Brie and Dave Franco were caught up in the second iteration of it as pictures that were said to be of them in the buff were released to the public. Whether the supposed images were legitimate or not, if someone made people think they were seeing images of our significant other naked, we’d be absolutely furious and want the photos to go away. Here, we have only a single image of the plethora of coverage Alison’s supposed pictures received which Dave must have hated.

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