15 Hot Photos Of A Young Rebecca Romijn

You could study her entire body for years and you still wouldn't find a single thing about her that you didn't like.

Rebecca Romijn was once the hottest girl around. Back in the 90s and early 00s, everyone knew her name, and almost every guy dreamed about her. She was the hottest model around, and everyone knew it. It's hard to pin down exactly what makes Rebecca Romijn so hot. There's so many factors to consider. It's probably easier to talk about the things that don't make her hot. And what makes her unhot, you ask? Absolutely nothing. That's why it's easier to talk about - it doesn't take a single breath. And if you wanted to talk about what makes her hot, you could probably write 5 books about all of her delicious features and curves. If anyone could be called flawless, it's Rebecca Romijn. She's a clear example of a "perfect ten." You could study her entire body for years and you still wouldn't find a single thing about her that you didn't like.

Of course, she isn't quite as ravishing as she once was, though nowadays, she's still looking pretty great. Her peak was definitely in the 90s and early 00s, and she left behind some undeniably intoxicating pictures. She started her career as a model, and so it's not surprising that she looks picturesque in every , especially from her heyday. In fact, old pictures of her are much hotter than a lot of the sexiest models alive. She definitely made her mark. And one of the best things about being a model is that your hotness is immortalized in the photos you leave behind, even if today you're not quite as hot as you were in your youth. We've collected 15 of Rebecca Romijn's hottest pictures from when she was young, and looking at them almost makes you want to go back in time to when she was still in her twenties...

15 Blonde Bombshell

This picture totally sums up what Rebecca Romijn is all about. There's definitely somewhat of an 80s/early 90s vibe to this look with her frizzy blonde hair and the style of the photo, but there's also something very modern about it. It looks like Rebecca Romijn, even at a young age, was completely ahead of her time. She was a sign of things to come, and perhaps this is what made her so hot. She was exciting - a sign that women were just getting hotter and hotter as we edged closer to the new millennium. She's deliciously wet in this picture, and although you can't quite make out her boobs underneath the white t-shirt, you can definitely see their shape and their unbelievable fullness. And you better believe those things are real! The cleavage that's shown off in this picture is incredible, and it's classic example of Romijn not being afraid to show off her body, and she never quite lost this type of bravery.

14 Classy Broad

Rebecca Romijn is perfectly capable of looking just as classy as she does sexy. In this picture, she tastefully mixes her undeniable hotness with her classy side. Again, her cleavage is just plain epic. Although her shirt isn't wet and transparent like the previous picture, her boobs are still just as present. It seems like the tiniest slip would cause both her breasts to burst forth. We can only imagine what that looks like. Rebecca Romijn probably finds it easy to pull off the "classy" look, because she's very used to success. From the very beginning of her modeling career in 1991, she seemed destined for great things. She was a model for Victoria's Secret by 1994. She quickly rose to the top echelons of the fashion industry, and she moved to Paris to pursue her career at an early age.

13 Femme Fatale

When you look at this picture, it comes as no surprise that Rebecca Romijn went into film. A girl like this seemed destined for Hollywood. She's got everything - the body, the face, and a certain "je ne sais quoi" that every major film star has. There's this slight air of mystery around her, as if she has an interesting story to tell. Her first major role was of course as Mystique in 2000's X-Men, but she did have some brief stints in film before then. She also appeared as herself in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, as well as a few other minor roles. She joins a long list of models who have successfully made the jump from the fashion industry to the film industry, and you have to say, she did it with style. Her first real role as Mystique was a very major one, and she managed to jump headfirst into success rather than gradually work her way up to bigger roles.

12 Killer Body

Something that probably helped her win the role of Mystique was her incredible, jaw-dropping, and breath-taking body. This is part of what makes her perfect. Her long, five foot eleven frame is taut with the perfect amount of tight, wiry muscles. She has just the right amount of curves in all the right places, and she's the kind of woman you dream about. When X-Men was being cast, they were no doubt looking for a woman with exactly this kind of body to play Mystique. This is because Mystique is essentially naked - all the time. She's a shape-shifter that prefers to walk around without any clothes on - and the only thing that covered Rebecca were some strategically-placed prosthetics to cover her nudity. This was a huge part of what made the character of Mystique so hot, and it was Rebecca Romijn that made the character such a massive fan favorite and such a big talking point of the film.

11 Seductress

You can say many things about Rebecca Romijn, but one thing you can't deny is her sex appeal. In every picture she appears in, in every photoshoot she's even done, and in every movie role she's ever taken, she never fails to seduce the viewer, but she does also have a great sense of humor to boot!

This picture perfectly sums up just how seductive Rebecca Romijn can be. Those sensual eyes seem to beg for pleasure, and everything about her body language is just dripping with sex appeal. And it's this quality that made her such a successful model, with appearances in all kinds of publications. These include ElleMarie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Allure, Esquire, GQ, and of course, Sports Illustrated (you'll see much more of that later). That's just a few publications, and she has used her sexy seductive look to get all kinds of jobs, giving her a wide and ranging career that probably never left her bored, as she was doing something different every day.

10 Bikini Babe

Like pretty much every model that's ever lived, Rebecca Romijn looks amazing in a bikini. This picture once again shows off her scorching hot body in all its glory, and it's one of her hottest pictures from back when she was young. This is the body that made so many guys fall for her back in the day. John Stamos was one actor who saw this hot babe walking down the catwalk at a Victoria's Fashion show in 1994. He was so taken by her that he decided to ask her out, which she accepted. They dated for four years before he asked her to marry him, which she accepted. Although they had a joyful marriage for many years, they decided to go their separate ways in 2005, when they got a divorce. It's no shock that John Stamos fell head over heels in love for this girl. Just look at those amazing curves. Even though they got divorced, John Stamos must have been a happy man for many years being able to come home to this every night.

9 Sports Illustrated

As promised, here is one shot from her famous Sports Illustrated appearance. She made a huge mark with this appearance in the Swimsuit Issue, and she's considered by many to be one of the hottest girls to have ever appeared on the magazine. Looking at this picture, it's hard to argue with those statements. She's wearing some kind of metallic bikini that's semi-transparent, and the result is a scorching hot photograph. If you were going to be trapped on a desert island with one woman, Rebecca Romijn would be an excellent choice. Especially if the only clothing she had to wear was this skimpy bikini. This is actually a very beautifully taken picture. The lighting is glorious, catching her face wonderfully. It's probably a beautiful sunset. Being raised in California, she's probably no stranger to walking down the beaches in a tiny bikini and having guys stare wide-eyed at her.

8 Naughty Girl

Rebecca Romijn has always had a little bit of a naughty side. This picture shows off that side very clearly. She seems to revel in showing off her sexy, tight body and making guys sweat over her overwhelming hotness. And why shouldn't she enjoy it? There's something about sexy women that is extremely powerful. Just like Helen of Troy, the woman who launched a thousand ships, hot women have always had the power to make men do crazy things. And maybe this is what made her so perfect for the role of Mystique. After all, if she didn't do a good job in the first X-Men movie, she wouldn't have been included in the next two sequels. Mystique is character who has a lot of power over men, and time and time again she's shown that she can seduce men and make them do whatever she pleases. On some level, you get the feeling that Rebecca Romijn is equally capable of getting in men's minds and manipulating them with her intimidating sex appeal.

7 Body Paint

And now for the main event people. We've talked before about Rebecca Romijn's appearance in many magazines, as you would expect from a model of her quality. But probably her most famous experience was in the 1999 Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated. And why did this make her so famous, you ask? It's simple. She wasn't actually wearing anything in these pictures. That's right - take a closer look at those pictures... Those aren't swimsuits she's wearing - it's all body paint. Of course, Rebecca Romijn would later get a lot more experience with body paint during her role as Mystique, where she would be sprayed down with blue paint on a daily basis. But this type of body paint is a lot hotter than Mystique's. There's something kind of off-putting about Mystique's alien-like body and face, but this is just plain sexy.

6 More Body Paint

Just a couple body paint pictures aren't enough, right? Here's a couple more pictures from that famous Swimsuit Issue from the 1999 Sports Illustrated. And it was famous for a very good reason. You see, this Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated was the very first issue where body paint was used. That's right, you may not think that body paint is that big of a deal when you see these pictures, but you have to remember this was the very first time that this was done in Sports Illustrated. For all you young folks out there, imagine never seeing body painted girls before, and then stumbling upon this wonderful issue of Sports Illustrated. It would be a life-changing experience. And what better woman to take this magazine into uncharted territory than Rebecca Romijn? Her body seems perfect to walk around without clothing, so she was an excellent choice to be the first ever bodypainted Sports Illustrated model.

5 Even More Body Paint

Thought we were done with showing you pictures from that Sports Illustrated Issue? Think again. We have one more body paint outfit from that fateful issue, and it's just as hot as the rest. This one seems to be just carelessly sprayed onto her hot, tight body, and it's blatantly obvious that she's completely naked. Pictures like these made her one of the clear choices for the one of the sexiest girls who has ever appeared on Sports Illustrated, if not the hottest. Think about that. She was the first ever girl to get bodypainted, and a lot of people still to this day, think that she's the hottest girl ever. No one has ever been hot enough to take her crown. Some people might disagree, as there have been some extremely sexy girls to get bodypainted in the magazine through the years. But you have to admit, she does look incredibly hot in these pictures.

4 One Piece 

Sometimes body paint isn't even needed to make a girl look hot. In the case of Rebecca Romijn, she could probably be wearing a full on burka and still look insanely hot. It doesn't take much for her to get men's minds whirring and their blood pumping. This is another shot from that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue from 1999, and it's just as sexy as those body paint pictures. The one piece swimsuit this hot model is wearing is insanely tight, to the point where you can make out every little detail of her nude body. And the one piece is so tiny that it doesn't even cover up most of her body. This is why I will always say that one piece swimsuits are way sexier than bikinis. I don't know what it is exactly about them, but they're just way hotter. The back of this one looks like it's pretty much a thong, and she looks insanely hot wearing it. This is probably one of the hottest pictures of her as a young woman.

3 Hot Body

This picture really shows off Rebecca Romijn's amazing body, or at least what it was like when she was young. This hot body made her first lead role in Femme Fatale so popular. In the role, she played a woman with a very interesting personality. She was a mercenary thief who was tasked with seducing a woman in order to get her diamonds. A Rebecca Romijn movie with lesbian sex scenes? Yes, please... That's what everyone else was thinking as they rushed to see this amazing movie. It got mostly mixed reviews, but some critics praised it. It also went on to achieve cult status, with a small army of fans who absolutely loved the film. This was Rebecca Romijn's first shot at having a lead role in a film, and she did not disappoint. And how could she? She was perfect for the role of a femme fatale with that amazing body of her's and that undeniable sex appeal.

2 Milk Moustache

Throughout the years, Rebecca Romijn has been involved in many different ad campaigns. This is no different that most models, but Romijn managed to make every single one of those ad campaigns sexy as hell. Her long career has seen her lend her sexy body to ad campaigns for companies like Escada, Christian Dior, La Perla, Tommy Hilfiger, Furla, Liz Claiborne, J. Crew, Victoria's Secret, bebe, La Senza, Dillard's, Pantene, Got Milk?, Miller Lite, and Maybelline. But for me at least, the "Got Milk?" advertisement she was in will go down as the most memorable. You can see by this picture that she looked incredibly sexy in it. I don't know why, but there's something incredibly sexy about a girl with a milk mustache. Maybe it's because the "milk mustache" reminds people of... Well, I'll leave you to figure out the rest of that sentence...

1 Angel

For such a body paint pro, it seems only fitting to finish off with another shot of her with clothing that's merely painted onto that breathtaking body of her's. That's right, those aren't clothes she's wearing! That sexy blue one piece is 100% paint, and it once again shows just how sexy Rebecca Romijn was back in the day. Will there ever be another woman like her? Sadly, probably not. Although Jennifer Lawrence is hot as a younger Mystique, the truth is that she could never hold a candle to the incredible work of art that is Rebecca Romijn's body. Anyone who disagrees need only look at this picture to see the truth. She's still acting today, and although she's much older these days, she still has that charm that can make you heart skip a beat. Thank you Rebecca, for all you have given us in your amazing career.

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15 Hot Photos Of A Young Rebecca Romijn