15 Hot Nurses From The "Other" Industry

Role playing isn't new for the girls from the "other" industry. The world's most famous XXX stars have been filmed wearing a never ending barrage of garbs. Imagine the possibilities, huh? Maybe some of you have found yourself and your significant other discussing your own fantasies, dreams, and desires. Things like that can be fun, or at least they're supposed to be. If you haven't had that kind of open relationship with your boo then maybe after reading this listicle you'll reconsider.

It's no hidden truth that the lengths in which the adult industry are willing to go to gain viewership are extreme. Beautiful, scantily clad women (if dressed at all) can be seen with a few clicks of your mouse. Anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Whether that be through erotic modelling or the film industry, sex appeal is the name of the game when it comes to sales. Hot girls enacting a personal fantasy via roleplaying are unquestionably available. They're all over the place, hiding inside of unsuspecting pop-up windows, and lurking in email inboxes.

Various actresses from the erotic film industry have done the roleplaying for you. That's if you happen to be stuck on the outside of your fantasy, looking in? Men who've imagined a fairytale hook-up have probably daydreamed of their lover in a nurse's outfit. But what happens when the professionals take your fairytale to a different level? You get photos like the ones you're going to see on this list we put together.

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15 Masuimi Max

via fuskator.com

Starting the list off today at number 15 is a well known fetish model named Masumi Max. She looks pretty damn good in her cute little nurse's outfit, doesn't she? Masuimi is the perfect girl to begin our list today, and it only gets better from here. This well known XXX employee was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. Wait, a southern girl? She happens to also be half-German and half-Asian. She must have gotten the best of both worlds wouldn't you agree? The ex-army brat lived overseas when she was young before relocating to the United States. She's also been successful in and outside of modelling and owns her own cosmetics business amongst other endeavors.

14 Little Caprice

via sexhound.com

Little Caprice is relatively new in the adult film industry but don't go thinking that means she doesn't have a litany of films under her belt. She's filmed over 100 movies to date if you can believe that. Apparently, she has been a busy girl. I suppose that is that industry's version of getting paid! Little Caprice is making hay while the sun's shining and looks like a cutie photographed here in her nurse's costume. Not too bad, huh? Her long brunette hair and full lips only add to the sex appeal of her all dressed up to role play. She also claims that she's open to suggestions! Shocking, I know! No one doubts that claim one bit.

13 Lisa Ann

Next is the adult film star who defies the XXX industry's logic that there's an age limit when it comes to feature films. Lisa Ann understandably enough is one of the hottest actresses in the industry despite the fact she first started appearing in erotic films in the early 1990s. It's hard to say that it gets much sexier on the list of hot nurses from the "other" industry than Lisa Ann looks here. That's a dope ass nurse costume that's for sure! If you're out in cyber world reading this article and you wouldn't let your girl into the bedroom wearing that nurse's outfit then you have a problem my friend.

12 Rikki Six

via rikkisixnude.com

Here's a smoking blonde for you fans of the other industry reading today. This nurse's name is Nikki Six, and damn does she look real freaking fly in this photograph. A guy can only hope that whatever hospital room he ends up dying in has a nurse that looks like she does. Hell, even a little bit like she does. Nikki Six wears her nurse's scrubs as well as any other female on the list today. She's also just as popular. A quick look at a naughty website reveals that she's had over 65 million views of her videos. That's on one site alone people! The website will remain nameless in this article for obvious reasons. That data blew my socks off, though, that's for sure.

11 Denise Milani

via ck101.com

Denise Milani is a glamor model, not an XXX adult film star but who cares, honestly? She has all the right curves in all the right places wouldn't you agree? 34-20-34 for those of you who are curious. After I discovered that she won Playboy’s Belle du Jour in 2009, looking fabulous in a bikini, I figured why not add her to the mix of gorgeous women on the list today flaunting a nurse's costume. She's undoubtedly amongst some very attractive company. This brunette bombshell is from the Czech Republic and is no stranger to men falling all over her. Big surprise, huh? Denise claims that her unwavering confidence is one of her many appealing qualities. Yup, that and her amazing, but fake, rack that photographs oh, so well!

10 Alison Tyler With A Hot Nurse

via amsterdamredescort.com

Alison Tyler is hot enough all by herself in this photograph of her with a sexy blonde nurse. I don't know about you, but I love the nerdy glasses her lesbian lover is wearing. Cast a woman as stupid hot as Alison is in an adult video with a crazy hot blonde nurse and you have a recipe for success. By the looks of one of Alison's fan pages she's been a very busy girl, and popular amongst viewers as well. No surprise there, right? Born and raised in Orange County, California and standing a tall 5'11'' it's not hard to understand why Alison has had well over 179,000,000 video views to date. In only her mid-twenties she appears to be giving her fans exactly what they desire.

9 Gina Lynn

via coedcherry.com

Gina Lynn, you Puerto Rican vixen you! Any female with the kind of street credit Gina Lynn has belongs nowhere else but in this article. Well, as long as she's wearing a hot nurse's costume of course. Gina's been photographed doing her thing in the most famous of erotic magazines throughout the years. Additionally, she stars in the kind of films you watch with your boo, or she trashes them angrily while you sleep on the sofa if you're lucky. Depends on what some of you guys can get away with at home. Either way, she's earned herself a spot in the AVN Hall of Fame. An honor that goes out to those that have gone above and beyond in the XXX industry.

8 Katya Sambuco

via keywordsking.com

This is a hot photo of Russian erotic model Katya Sambuco. She's well known within her industry and as you can see, that's for a good reason. She's a sexy woman, isn't she? She looks ridiculously hot in her pink nurse's outfit rocking long blonde hair with a warm tan. Katya is also married to adult film producer Bob Jack, so her access to the erotic modelling industry runs deep. Katya says that she enjoys cooking and has even attended school in the culinary arts. After reading a bit about Katya, I found it quite interesting by the way; the uber famous Mick Jagger discovered her cooking in a restaurant. Are you kidding me? That's awesome!

7 Madison Ivy

via fapdu.com

Madison Ivy didn't get hit with the ugly stick, did she? There's no doubting she looks pretty damn good in any role she's found playing onscreen. If this picture of her in a cute nurse's outfit doesn't get your mind wandering a bit then maybe girls just aren't your thing. To each their own, as the old expression goes. Madison is well known in her industry and for a good reason. She's even been nominated for awards as far back as 2012. She first appeared in raunchy films in 2008 after meeting fellow adult film star Aurora Snow. If you're attracted to petite, German girls with blue eyes that shimmer in just about any photograph then look no further than Madison Ivy.

6 Sofia Goldfinger

via k2sporn.com

Sofia Goldfinger has to be one of the best names I've ever heard in my life. Maybe it's just me, but the name gets me giggling every time I say it out loud or write it for that matter. With that said after locating this photograph of the Russian bombshell online in a nurse's uniform, I knew it belonged nowhere else but on the list today. Hell, I was even half tempted to watch her video, but duty calls and I just don't have the time. Bummer, huh? The two men in the background as you can imagine won't be looking the other direction for much longer. After all you don't get a name like Sofia Goldfinger because you teach kindergarten, do you?

5 Erotic Model

via eroticspam

Erotic models like the girl pictured here wearing her cute little outfit are eye candy without a doubt. I suppose models don't have to get their brains banged out of them on video either. Obviously, that's a career changing decision. To be in adult films, or not to be in adult films, that is the question! Naturally, looking a bit softer and avoiding the revealing side of skin flicks, models can be found easily flaunting their nursing costumes online and posing for the camera. Most of us have heard of varying fetishes that both men and women fantasize about, right? An Asian girl in a nurse's costume is surely one of those fantasies that most guys loving this photograph today can relate too.

4 Miri Hanai

via pinterest.com

Miri Hanai is certainly cute as a button don't you think? Particularly in this photograph of her wearing a sexy little nurse's outfit. To say that she's part of the adult industry is a bit of a half-truth, though. In reality, she's what's known as a gravure model. For those of you who don't know the definition of a gravure model, I've got you covered. It's a Japanese woman who poses for magazines, provocative men's magazines in particular, as well as appearing in films. The name of the game for models like her is sex appeal, and this Japanese princess has that and so much more. From the research I've done on Miri Hanai, the meaning seems to fit her quite well. She's a hottie, no doubt!

3 Gracie Glam


Gracie Glam... the name just rolls off your tongue, doesn't it? Well, that's not the only thing rolling off of this famous XXX video star's lips on the day-to-day you can be sure of that. Currently ranked in the top 1000 adult film actresses in the world this southern girl was born in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1990. Gracie Glam has had close to 100,000,000 million fans indulge in her videos, and she doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. Yup, that's Million with a capital M people! She certainly looks seductive in her nurse's costume, doesn't she? After reading this article, who knows, maybe there will be an increase in nurse's costume sales all over America. Hard to blame you.

2 Natalia Spice

via pinterest.com

"Her measurements was 36-25-34, tell it." Do those lyrics sound familiar? Give up? Alright fine I'll tell you. That line is from a famous Nelly song called "Ride Wit Me." Maybe you've heard it, or maybe not? Either way, the song still sounds good so give it a listen if you haven't heard it before. It was a pretty big hit for Nelly back in 2000 when it was initially released. Latin adult film star Natalia Spice is from Venezuela, and we're all thankful she found her way in front of a camera. Weighing in at a tiny 112 lbs Natalia is one of the sexiest females from the other industry wearing a nurse's costume in this article today. She's definitely muy, muy caliente.

1 Janine Lindemulder

Here is the best photo, wildly famous and instantly recognizable, of an adult film star featured in a music video back in 1999. Ringing any bells? Enema of the State was the album and the song was "What's My Age Again". The badge on her uniform reveals the band is none other than Blink-182 and the actress, model, dancer, is Janine Lindemulder. This photo of her in a skimpy nurse's outfit is magnetic and proves why she inevitably made the list today. Who knows, maybe she's half the reason Blink-182 sold so many albums that year? Regardless, the woman from La Mirada, California has spent much of her life capturing the attention of all of us, while looking undeniably hot doing so.

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