15 Hot NBA WAGs Who Stole Their Spouse's Spotlight

We know all too well just how hot NBA WAGs can get. However, there are some instances where these gorgeous women manage to do so much more than just look hot on the arm of their famous spouse. Hell, you probably already know it's possible for NBA WAGs to steal most, or even all of their spouses' spotlight. Sometimes, they were already famous before meeting the NBA star. It's also possible that their relationship built their fame, but they still ended up famous from modeling, TV shows, or maybe they just became Instagram-famous. Most NBA WAGs are so stunning that they instantly take the spotlight. In fact, there are a couple unbelievably hot women in this article who stole the show from the entire sport while sitting court-side for their spouse's games.

It doesn't really matter how they did it. What really matters is that they made their own brand somehow. Besides, they add something beautiful to an otherwise competitive world with their glamour and skills. Not that basketball WAGs aren't competitive. If you've ever watched Reality TV, then you already know they are. Take Basketball Wives for example. They fight trying to keep their men in check from groupies, and fend off those that are jealous of their status. Then they're always trying to one-up the each other, of course. However, they also bring the controversy that gossip sites love, keep their social media accounts alive with fun, and sometimes interesting facts. They also give us something hot to look at on the sidelines. Aside from the cheerleaders, that is.

The only downside is that the attention that's attracted to these beautiful ladies isn't always positive. You often see more controversy than glamour, and/or more negativity than hotness. You're going to see them all here. Here are 15 NBA WAGs That Stole the Spotlight From Their Spouse.

15 Ayesha Curry - Steph Curry

Steph Curry's wife, Ayesha Curry, is one of the finest NBA wives, but she has stolen the spotlight with just as much controversy as she has looks. Before, she was a model and had done a little acting as well. But she gave those jobs up after having her first child. She later started up a YouTube channel called Little Lights of Mine, which featured her cooking skills and family life. However, most of her current fame came from a 2015 Tweet which read "Everyone's into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters."

The comment led her name to trend anytime a celebrity showed a lot of skin; or was viewed as being Twitter wanted to draw up a comparison of what a good wife/girlfriend does vs what other women wear, say, or do; or being accused of shaming other women herself. Then last year’s Tweet accusing the NBA of rigging the NBA Finals further catapulted her fame. Now, she has her own family-based cooking show on Food Network, Ayesha’s Home Kitchen.

14 Khloe Kardashian - Tristan Thompson

There is no denying how popular and talented Tristan Thompson is. He's no LeBron James, but he is a major part of the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, his new girl, or soon-to-be wife (depending on which source you would like to believe) is way more famous. In fact, Khloe Kardashian's fame exceeded his, before they were ever an item. So, now they are often trending news. And that's not because of Tristan Thompson's fame, but because they are the latest of the Kardashian-Jenner lovebirds.

They are one of the leading celebrity couples to appear as trending news right now, of course. It's all about how they are such a cute couple. Did Tristan leave his pregnant WAG for Khloe? All anybody really knows is that they have been seeing each other since before last Labor Day, and that they are obviously happy. Aside from that, you might as well call him Mr. Khloe Kardashian, since you rarely see his name without hers connected.

13 Gabrielle "Union" Wade - Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union has been a star in the making ever since her teenage years and Bring It On. What followed was a slew of hits, which all saw Gabrielle as their leading lady. Some of her best work has been in Deliver Us From Eva, Think Like A Man, Think Like A Man Too, Good Deeds, and I could go on forever. Dwyane Wade is a star playing for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA himself. However, I don't think he would shine near as bright without Gabrielle to steal his spotlight.

There are entire articles based solely on this couple's freaky ways, which they love to share on Snapchat with everyone. Then, there are those Tweets that she loves to post during Chicago Bulls' games on Twitter. Her most recent Tweet came on April 16th, in response to Bleacher Report asking "Who moved the rim on D. Wade?". Gabrielle's response was "I did. Next time...Put-The-Seat-Down." If that's not stealing your spouse's spotlight, I don't know what is. I guess you could say it was positive to take away the spotlight in that moment though.

12 Teyana "Taylor" Shumpert - Iman Shumpert

Teyana Taylor. Whew! Where do I even begin? Let's start off by saying that Iman Shumpert is one lucky guy, right along with the rest in this article. Sorry ladies, not trying to leave any of you beauties out. Still, I don't think that there was too much mention about Shumpert and the Cleveland Cavaliers' first NBA Championship in 52 years, by the time the MTV VMAs hit in August.

That was when Kanye revealed his explicit music video for "Fade," which featured Teyana working out in nothing but a sports bra and a thong. Boy! Can she jiggle her junk, or what? Iman Shumpert also made a small cameo towards the end in a shower scene with Taylor. However, I'm not sure how many fans noticed him over Teyana. She also has her own music career under Kanye's label, and she acted as Byron's baby mama, Sabrina, in Madea's Big Happy Family. But, the "Fade" video really put her fame on blast mode.

11 Amelia "Vega" Horford - Al Horford

Al Horford reeled in a seriously hot catch when he married Amelia Vega, who is an actress singer, and model. However, what makes this NBA WAG super-extraordinary is that she was the very first Miss Universe from the Dominican Republic, and she is also the tallest on record at 6 feet 2. I'm sure you already guessed that she has legs for days, but this gorgeous lady is sexy in every possible way.

Bleacher Report commented that Horford had perhaps found a match "out of his league," following the news release that they had wed back in December of 2011. They also went so far as to say that he would be more well-known as Mr. Amelia Vega, than as an NBA player. Horford is a stellar player. However, he's no Miss Universe nor Mr. Universe. Horford was playing for the Atlanta Hawks back then, but he's since moved on to play for the Boston Celtics.

10 Kate Bock - Kevin Love

Speaking of hot NBA WAGS who outshine their spouses using their beauty, here's Kevin Love's latest girlfriend, Kate Bock. She's been busy doing photoshoots for Sports Illustrated, while Love is making playoff headlines. In fact, she just posed for her fifth swimsuit edition this past January. Maybe Kate will be the one to settle this Cavalier down. She's smokin' hot and a lovely lady. She isn't Love's first hot girlfriend, although it does appear that their relationship has been going strong for at least a year. He took her to the Cleveland Cavaliers' 2016 NBA Championship parade back in June of last year.

Kate has often been seen at his side ever since, and they won LeBron's Costume Contest last Halloween, when the pair dressed as Harry and Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber. Bet you can't guess who was the hottest Harry ever. It's pretty obvious that Kate is where Kevin gets that pep in his step, and that she is a total showstopper.

9 Michelle Game - Charlie Villanueva

Michelle Game is one seriously hot WAG! She got engaged to Charlie Villanueva back in 2014, but there hasn't been much news about their relationship status since. They had already been together for some time, so there's no rush. Michelle manages to steal the spotlight from Villanueva on occasion. She is a video vixen, model, and well-known for her tight body and luscious curves. Michelle has appeared in music videos for Meek Mill and 50 Cent. She was featured in Meek's video for "Burn."

Michelle's been soaking up a lot of attention on Instagram. Meanwhile, Charlie Villanueva has been a free agent for some time now. The last time he played was in last year's playoff series, when he was still playing for the Dallas Mavericks. They played that series against the OKC Thunder, back when Kevin Durant was still their guy. There's no denying who's getting all of the spotlight from this relationship, even if both parties are low-key.

8 Amber Alvarez - DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, and his hot NBA WAG has been Amber Alvarez since around 2013. Amber is a fashion icon who's been aspiring to be able to pose for Sports Illustrated. She obviously steals DeAndre's spotlight on many occasions with her beauty. She was also chosen to play Chris Brown's love interest in his music video for "Sweet Love." Aside from that, she is also inspiring and promotes a positive outlook which can be seen from her Tweets.

However, she and DeAndre have faced some recent conflicts in their relationship. Last year, DeAndre took a DNA test, which came back positive that he was the father of his side-chick Ashley's 3-month-old baby. By December, it was reported that he was involved in a custody battle. He also ended up signing a new deal with the Clippers despite initially making a deal with the Dallas Mavericks (which are based in Texas where Amber is from). However, it has been reported that they have worked things out.

7 La La "Vazquez" Anthony - Carmelo Anthony

Meanwhile, Carmelo was thought to be the savior of the New York Knicks, who hadn't had a good season in damn-near a decade. However, Anthony's career hasn't produced as expected, while La La's acting career has really taken off, with shows like Power and movies such as Think Like a Man. The couple is now going through a brutal divorce, with accusations that Carmelo was unfaithful.

6 Eva Longoria - Tony Parker

Eva Longoria and Tony Parker may have been divorced since 2011, but she will always be known as one of the most famous, hottest NBA WAGs in history. They were both on top of their game when they first met back in 2004. Eva Longoria was still co-starring as Gabrielle "Gaby" Solis, with the other ladies on Wisteria Lane. Tony Parker was coming off of a championship season with the Spurs. As their careers blossomed, so did the rumors of Tony's infidelity. How anyone could cheat on Eva Longoria is beyond me, but he did and it eventually ended their marriage.

Eva's career didn't end following the final season of Desperate Housewives either. In fact, she worked behind the scenes as an executive producer for Devious Maids and is currently starring as a sexy vixen-type seductress in a British TV show, Decline and Fall. Eva has found fame in all circles, whereas Tony Parker was mostly known for his NBA career, which he recently retired from.

5 Iggy Azalea - Nick Young

Iggy Azalea is another ex-WAG who is probably still followed by NBA fans despite her split from Nick Young. Sure, she isn't near as famous as Eva, Gabrielle, or Khloe, but her booty speaks for itself. That and a couple of hits like "Fancy." Meanwhile, I'd much rather watch her bikini-clad videos, follow her Instagram, and check out her bootylicious magazine covers than watch Nick Young play.

Speaking of Nick Young, the only headlines that you'll find about him either include his baby mama drama or the sale of the couple's former abode. Although, this past season did see a slight improvement when you consider years past. However, the Lakers didn't make the NBA Playoffs. On the other hand, Iggy Azalea's headlines are stealing his spotlight. You can read about how her twerking assisted her in losing 15 lbs. Plus, she's been dropping snippets of her upcoming album on Snapchat. The latest being her upcoming single "Switch." Who do you think's owning the fame right now?

4 Kim Kardashian - Kris Humphries

Here is Kim Kardashian-West, formerly known as Kim Kardashian-Humphries. She is the reigning queen of reality TV and social media. Even her booty has its own fame. Just think of it this way. Half of the world loves Keeping Up With the Kardashians, while the other half just loves her nude selfies. Especially, those of her booty. It's no wonder that her marriage with Kris Humphries didn't last. Fake or not, he was never going to be as famous as Kim K.

Kris Humphries started out last season with the Hawks, and appeared worth keeping. However, this season, he's not doing near as well. It's been over. Kim's got Kanye. It's been six years since their split, and yet you still can't Google Humphries' name without finding Kim's attached to most of the headlines. I think it's safe to say that this hot NBA WAG never needed to steal Humphries' spotlight, because she was his spotlight.

3 Masha "Marino" Kirilenko - Andrei Kirilenko

This NBA WAG has several headline-grabbing reasons to steal her husband's spotlight. For starters, she's a total fox. Her name is Masha Kirilenko, and she is the wife of Andrei Kirilenko. He is a retired professional basketball player, who played for the Utah Jazz, Minnesota Timberwolves, and the Brooklyn Nets. He also played for three stints in his home country, Russia. Andrei is the current commissioner of the Russian Basketball Association.

His wife, Masha, is the founder of Fashion IQ. She's also a former Russian recording artist, but her fame exceeds her foxiness, careers, talent, and that of her husband's. Why? Because her name has been in headlines for the same reason since at least 2006. The reason? She gives him a yearly allowance to cheat on her. Although, he claims that he has never taken her up on the offer. The last time this we checked was 2016. Yeah, I think she gets to steal some of his shine.

2 Shaunie "Nelson" O'Neal - Shaquille O'Neal

Shaquille O'Neal still gets a lot of attention as an analyst on Inside the NBA. In fact, he's one of the most talked about players who no longer plays. However, it's his ex-wife that takes most of the spotlight these days. For one, she's a smokin' hot cougar, who recently had a young actor boyfriend. Second, she is the Shaunie O'Neal. She's the executive producer of VH1's Basketball Wives and Basketball Wives LA. Aside from all of that, she is also a headline-grabber herself.

It doesn't matter if it's positive or negative attention. Shaunie sells both, and she does it so well. As for being a basketball wife, she knows all about that first hand. The controversy, beefs, cheating scandals, and divorce. You name it, Shaunie's been there. She also helps keep Shaq's name front and center as they battle over family issues much like in the drama that her latest show, Shaunie's Home Court, has caused.

1 Khloe Kardashian - Lamar Odom

If any NBA WAG was going to make this article twice, you should've known it would be a Kardashian. Khloe is arguably one of the hottest and most down-to-earth of the Kardashian family, but she also has a history of falling hard...and fast. It also appears that her whole "Revenge Body" thing is making her less unique and more like her sisters. Earlier, we mentioned how her new relationship has proceeded to make headlines over Tristan Thompson's career, but he isn't her first NBA spouse.

Lamar Odom came first as her husband. As for the Kardashian curse, I'm not buying it. However, I do believe that it's easy to get distracted or feel like less with a woman as hot and famous as Khloe Kardashian. Lamar already had his problems long before Khloe, but he was more famous before they got married. Her fame probably required for him to take a back seat. A hot NBA WAG can always be an asset, but only if they use that stolen spotlight for positive vibes.

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