15 Hot Movie Girlfriends Every Guy Fantasized About

When it comes to serious dating, the question is always: Are you going for somebody who is reliable, honest, good-hearted, and so on, or… will you just stick to your preference for smoking hot chicks, no matter if they are as evil as the Wicked Witch of the West, or infinitely stupid like Paris Hilton? In real life, things turn out to be more complicated than we expected when we were still jerk-off-under-the-sheets teenagers, dreaming about The Tigers’ leading cheerleader or Johnny's super hot sister from school. We may not have had sexy girlfriends so far, but we sure have seen a lot of them on the movie screen. You, guys, would be lying your heads off if you now try to convince us that you hadn’t fallen for a fictional female character even once! Of course, you realize girls like those are not to be found browsing through the history book shelves in a library. And yet, you can’t let go of this fuzzy sensation of excitement these big-screen girls are giving you by making you swoon.

You probably have your own list of all time favorite movie girlfriends, and ours surely match yours. Take a look!

15 Eva Mendes In Hitch (2005)


Eva Mendes’ performance in this romantic comedy may be lacking in vitality and conviction, but who cares when the girl contributes hugely to the Latina quality hotness with her "assets"! We’ve seen the movie, we’ve even taken our kids to see the movie, and we kinda liked it, because it successfully sells the idea that even if you are an unattractive, plump man with embarrassing dance moves (like Kevin James' character), you still can get the hot chick (Amber Valleta). If you apply the right tactics, of course. Eva Mendes plays career girl Sara, and although she is a gossip journalist reporting on the love affairs of others, she herself is not very much romantically inclined. She, in fact, claims that “relationships are for people waiting for something better to come along.” Her “better” thing happens to be the “love doctor” Hitch himself. Although the viewers can sense there is zero chemistry between those two, we can’t say anything but 'Bravo' for the interracial casting.

14 Scarlett Johansson In Don Jon (2013)


It would’ve been a serious crime not to include Scarlet Johansson on this list. The girl can play a tree and still be a bombshell. Even when she was that reticent, almost sterile-looking girl in Lost in Translation (2003), she was unable to completely bottle up her gigantic sex appeal. In Don Jon, Johansson’s character Barbara is convincing in conveying delicate, yet firm will underneath her stunning looks. She is “a dime”, and she is willing, and everybody likes her, but still, she can’t compete with her boyfriend’s laptop lover. Although we know it’s fiction, we can’t help but hiss at Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character, Jon Martello, who neglects his unfeasibly attractive girlfriend Barbara just because it’s hard for him to give up his love for internet porn. “Nothing," he admits, "does it for me the same way. Not even real p**sy!” Shame on you, Jon!

13 Cameron Diaz In There’s Something About Mary (1998)


Fresh from the modelling stage, Cameron Diaz first made herself known as a promising actress with her role in The Mask. The movie was among the highest-grossing productions of 1994 and launched the then 21-year-old as a sex symbol. And she stayed such for many years to come! What adds to the sex appeal of her character in There’s Something About Mary is the fact that we are made believe that seriously hot girls are not by default cruel monsters who’d chew your heart and spit it out. In the comedy, Diaz is a sweet-natured girl with a great sense of humor, who is an unfortunate object of affection for a diverse group of suitors. She finally ends in the loving arms of Ben Stiller’s character. Since this movie, Diaz has played many other girlfriends, but none of them turned out to be as cute and sexy at the same time as Mary did.

12 Mila Kunis In Friends With Benefits (2011)


She was trying to convince us she was not Justin Timberlake’s girlfriend for like an hour and a half! Yeah, right, as if this no-strings-attached sex thing has ever worked (for women)! In the movie, Mila Kunis is the super attractive corporate headhunter Jamie, who persuades the art media director Dylan (Timberlake) not only to accept the job at GQ magazine, but also to befriend her. But as history and personal experience teaches us, heterosexual men and women just can’t stay friends forever, and they both get involved in a sexual relationship. Jamie, however, wants to keep it casual. With all the “non-committing” caressing, passionate kissing, and climaxing going on, it becomes clear in the end that Jamie and Dylan cannot be just friends, and they cannot be friends with benefits either, because they care deeply about each other. Don’t you just love Hollywood when it tries to sell you sex intertwined with romance!

11 Julia Roberts In Pretty Woman (1990)


We are aware that we are stuck in a big cliché here, but we simply can’t ignore the one and only Pretty Woman! The movie is a modern version of the Cinderella fairytale, only here a Hollywood Boulevard hooker (Julia Roberts) is gradually transformed into the girlfriend of an incredibly rich, good-looking, and– surprise, surprise!– decent guy. Roberts is totally pulling off the classical 90s outfit for the profession– trashy tops, knee-high boots, blond wig– but she is no less sexy when dressed as Queen Elizabeth’s long lost child. Few of you probably know, though, that the original script didn’t provide for a happy ending. In an interview for NBC on the occasion of the movie’s 25-year reunion, Roberts revealed that “at the end, Gere’s character throws her out of the car, throws the money on top of her and drives away and the credits roll.” Fortunately, it turned out to be another Hollywood happy ending, and a quarter of a century later we are still very much charmed by the love story between a prostitute and a wealthy businessman.

10 Jessica Biel In Summer Catch (2001)


If you don’t wear protection, everything that you catch in summer is a venereal disease. But, if you happen to be a super lucky, average-looking, major-league baseball player wanna-be, and your name is Freddie Prinze Jr., it’s very likely that you may also catch Jessica Biel! The movie itself is a great waste of money and everybody’s time, but Jessica Biel is so pleasant to look at that at the end of the day, you don’t regret that much spending an hour and a half of your precious time on Earth watching it. The one really priceless thing this otherwise bush-league film offers is the pool scene, in which Biel and a wet t-shirt make a winning combination. Biel plays a rich girl (what else!) that falls for a poor boy (do we already smell Shakespearean motivated heroes?). Biel’s family spends all their summers on Cape Cod (only that the movie was shot in North Carolina), but this summer there is something really huge waiting for Biel’s character there– it’s love in the form of a local boy with a big… baseball bat.

9 Penelope Cruz In Vanilla Sky (2002)


No matter if she speaks in her native tongue, or in English (with a whiff of Spanish), Penelope Cruz always sounds sexy, which greatly adds to her soft, southern beauty. In this Hollywood adaptation of Alejandro Amenabar’s Open Your Eyes, she repeats her role from the Spanish original, this time as Tom Cruise’s girlfriend. In both films, Cruz portrays her heroine as a blend of vulnerability and sexiness that can drive anyone to the verge of madness. However, in Open Your Eyes her character seemed more vibrant, probably because the movie itself was more impressive and true, while Vanilla Sky was more of a vane production. Cruz has played girlfriends, mistresses, and wives in many other movies. She was Johnny Depp’s wife in Blow (2001), Javier Bardem’s wife in Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), Daniel Day-Lewis’ mistress in Nine (2009), and so on, and every time her sensuality and sex appeal work for us 100 percent.

8 Megan Fox In Transformers (2007)


We know a guy who had a lobotomy after having watched Transformers. Not because of the movie, of course, for, although the script is faint, the action is solid, and it can only bring you back from the dead, not vice versa. No, that’s not the case. The guy was in an accident and had to undergo some complicated surgical procedure. After waking up, he could remember zero from the past twelve years, but the one thing he still remembered was Megan Fox in that movie. We mean, the girl should be given a medal for this! She must have saved our friend’s sanity with that particular scene where she leans over to look at a car engine, and the camera takes a really long and close look at her bare belly and her gracious back. The main character, Sam (Shia LeBeouf), is himself quite fascinated by the sight of that willing body of hers. Evidence for this is the report of one of the Autobots, “The boy’s pheromone levels indicate that he wants to mate with the female.” Who doesn’t, brother?

7 Emma Stone In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 & 3 (2004, 2007)


What made the romance between Tobey Maguire, the 2002 Spider-Man, and Kirsten Dunst, the 2002 Mary Jane Watson, is their infamous upside-down kiss. But that was pretty much all of the action that we got from those two. The subsequent two movies lack in such emotional intensity, but make up for it in quantity. The passionate kissing in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 & 3 rarely takes a break, and Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man) and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy) get involved in quite a few make-out sessions. For those who are into the high-school girl fantasy stuff, Stone has a lot to offer in these two films. In many scenes, she wears a skirt that’s very minimalistic, but ultimately pleasing to the eye. Here is an audience warning: If you want to get for yourself a girl like Emma Stone, first you need to find a mysterious spider to bite you, then we can guarantee the action will flow fast and furious.

6 Alice Eve In She’s Out Of My League (2010)


The main character, Kirk (played by Jay Baruchel), is an airport security agent, who is described by his own buddies to be like a “moodle”, or a man poodle– that is someone a girl wants to walk, feed, and cuddle, but would never want to do. But luckily for Kirk, he meets the perfect girl in Alice Eve’s character Molly, who is, as the movie title suggests, apparently a bigger challenge than he is ready to handle. Due to Kirk’s “moodleness” and the influence of his malicious friends and family, the relationship is about to hit a wall. The romantic comedy teaches both young and old one lesson though: we need to believe in ourselves regardless of our looks. Well, there's certainly no need to tell this to the voluptuous Alice Eve, for she must have learnt so far that you can achieve everything in life if you have… a good heart, of course.

5 Tara Reid In American Pie (1999, 2001, 2012)


We all are familiar with the plot: four teenage boys make a pact to get rid of their virginity before they go to college. No prostitutes allowed! The film is mostly gross, but the female cast compensates for it. It may be the guys who make you laugh, but it’s the girls who make you exit the theatre with steamy feelings and thoughts. Before turning into a poster girl for plastic surgery gone bad and hard-core partying, Tara Reid was a juicy piece of Hollywood meat. She made her break-through role in the original first version of American Pie from 1999. She played Vicky, with whom Thomas Ian Nicholas, the nerdy leader of the group, was very much willing to lose his virginity. Many years have gone since then, and now, the only thing a guy would like to lose to Reid is probably his house mortgage.

4 Olivia Newton-John In Grease (1978)


Don’t you feel the heat spreading all over your body every time you call up the image of Sandy wearing the iconic black skin-tight pants and the red open-toe high-heels in the scene when she was about to steal Danny’s heart? Almost forty years later, during an interview on 60 Minutes, Olivia Newton-John remembered that those pants had changed her life. When she appeared on the set in her black ensemble, an expression of awe was written all over John Travolta's face, who played her boyfriend Danny Zuko. Obviously, not only his character was quite happy at the sight before him. And who wouldn’t be? Newton-John was simply electrifying!

To the interviewer, the actress said that if she had to do anything with the pants, that would be to sell them to raise money for her cancer foundation.

3 Jessica Alba In Into The Blue (2005)


While Paul Walker might not be remembered for his epic acting, no one will forget the feeling of jealousy that came over them when he got to make out with Jessica Alba, his on-screen girlfriend in the movie Into the Blue. It offers such a wide range of bikini and muscle shots that, at some point, we kind of forget about the people to whom those amazing bodies belong, and also about their mission, which is to search for undersea treasure. The characters do find the treasure, only that it happens to be next to a stack of heroine— a discovery that will make them question their morals. All in all, this is not a movie you’d bring your 10-year-old to– there is a lot of skimpy clothing on land and underwater, people get attacked by sharks, they drink, do drugs, and fight with knives, and in one scene, a woman even chops off her hand with a machete! Not that we object to any of those, but a ten-year-old might have some questions. As for Jessica Alba… Man, can she sell a blue bikini.

2 Brooke Shields In Blue Lagoon (1980)


We are not quite sure if it’s appropriate to call a 14-year-old fictional character who’s just got her period smoking sexy, but, goddammit, the girl IS smoking sexy! By the way, the movie was declared the dumbest of 1980. If you haven’t seen it, here is the plot in a nutshell: A beautiful boy and a beautiful girl, who we presume are siblings, are stranded on an exotic island somewhere in the Pacific. The plot follows their coming of age, discovering the mysteries of their own bodies, sex, and so on, mostly in a series of cheesy sunset scenes. If it wasn’t for their scarce clothing, we could have mistaken him for any average teen sweetheart, who has the looks, but is not among the brightest students in school. The bad reviews, however, can hardly spoil the sweet emotion one gets from Brooke Shields’ screen appearance. Or rather say, outer appearance. If it wasn’t for the palm trees thoughtfully coming in the foreground to hide the special areas of the actors, and Shields’ long hair always carefully concealing her bare breasts, Blue Lagoon could have been rated as soft-core porn.

1 Mena Suvari In American Beauty (1999)


Although Mena Suvari’s character is technically no one’s girlfriend, we put her on the list because at the end she makes a move to become Kevin Spacey’s girlfriend by trying to seduce him in his own house. To her (and our own!) disappointment though, instead of taking advantage of the situation, he decides to blow his brains out. We know what you are thinking about right now– you are trying to conjure the movie’s official poster image of a woman’s bare abdomen with her hand holding a red rose against it. This poster, no doubt, has become kind of legendary. However, here is another disappointment for you to swallow: the hand and the stomach on the poster do not belong to Mena Suvari. And yet, nobody can steal from you the memory of the innocent sex appeal radiating from her character, Angela Hayes; a girl who’s pretending to have promiscuous sex in order to disguise her insecurity and the fact she’s actually virgin.

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