15 Hot Marvel Heroes You Wish Were In The Avengers

The Avengers: everyone's new, favourite group of superheroes. Somewhat disregarding Disney's lack of marketing for the female portion of the all-star superhero team, people are of course thrilled by t

The Avengers: everyone's new, favourite group of superheroes. Somewhat disregarding Disney's lack of marketing for the female portion of the all-star superhero team, people are of course thrilled by the Black Widow and, at least in the one X-Men film (thanks to Fox), the Scarlet Witch. The latter could have more significance, but since she has not, and will not (for the foreseeable future) make it into an Avengers movie, perhaps it doesn't matter. That being said, there are other, supposedly core members of the Avengers who have yet to make appearances in this new blockbuster franchise: Captain Marvel, Spiderwoman, and Wasp have all missed the boat it seems, and they are meant to be a part of the goings on.

But perhaps that's a good thing. That could leave room for more exciting and extravagant superheroines to make their debut on the Avengers' stage. Of course it's so unlikely that there's no real point in thinking about the reality of it. But thinking about the fantasy of it... there could be some real inherent value there. Imagine Rogue, or Storm, or Jean Grey as members of the Avengers. Of course this wouldn't happen in Hollywood, again because of Fox, but in that realm of fantasy, where these larger-than-life characters should solely exist for us anyway... one can wonder at some striking new additions to the ol' boys' club that is The Avengers.

15 The Invisible Woman

First, one must turn away from the atrocities that were the Fantastic Four films... all of them in the past fifteen years. Apparently this is something that Fox (unfortunately another household name that they own the rights to) simply can't do justice, and that's fine. But imagine Sue Storm, perhaps played by Kate Mara... or maybe by Jessica Alba... and then imagine that character with the likes of The Avengers. As a matter of fact, one should see, very heavily depicted, Sue Storm (or Richards by this point) in Captain America: Civil War. Her husband Reed spends the entire arc of the story working alongside Tony Stark, while Sue opts to go against "mutant" registration, siding with Captain America. So in that realm of fantasy, imagine the Invisible Woman, deceiving enemies in a far more certain way than Black Widow ever could, popping in and out of site, and blocking all manner of attack via invisible force fields and the like (a power Sue eventually discovers after Marvel realized the invisibility thing wasn't enough). Now picture Jessica Alba doing all of that in the tight, Fantastic Four outfit... the image speaks for itself.

14 Storm

Of course another example of a character who wouldn't be able to make it into any Avengers film, given Fox's hold on the rights, but that realm of fantasy ever present, the work that Storm could do alongside Thor would be incredible. Imagine a lighting strike from their combined efforts... devastation. Much of the power that comes from The Avengers, apart from Thoras he's a god, is simply from human experimentation, and R&D. Hulk exposed himself to gamma rays (also the reason for The Fantastic Four, but not in the same way), Captain America was the perfected, non-grotesque version of Banners' work, and Stark created all of his own toys. But to have Storm's pure mutant powers at hand, it would be amazing to see just which side she would take when it came to Civil War, and regardless, picturing Halle Berry cooking up a storm (pun intended), while everyone gapes at the spectacle... she would be a sweet addition to The Avengers. 

13 Silver Sable

Already having some connection to Spider-Man (though not entirely positive), this hard, bad-assed, mercenary would be the perfect counterpart for Black Widow. The two of them would have wonderful story arcs with Black Widow wanting desperately to clear the "red in her ledger", and Silver Sable caring very little for the damage she deals to those she's engaged to subdue. Beautiful and deadly, though aesthetically brighter than Black Widow, Silver Sable's intense training with hand-to-hand combat would make for absolutely scintillating battles between not only her and her opponents, but her and the now (according to the films) far more conscience-ridden Black Widow. Having two deadly assassins would make for story arcs and nuanced moments that would be both devastatingly awesome, and unbelievably hot. Of course forever relegated to that realm of fantasy, but no less potent is the thought.

12 Satana

The great thing about Satana (besides the fact that Marvel thought it would be a great idea to introduce a story arc about groups of Satanists, Satan himself, and his family) is that, while she might come across as a villain, and has had very little opportunity to prove otherwise, she has for sure proven herself to be superhero material. Every opportunity she gets, in the brief storylines afforded her character, she turns her back on her father, Satan, who torments her at every turn to test her. Not having any of that nonsense, Satana opposes her father, as well as her brother's reign of Hell. She even takes to Hell the soul of a reverend who was bringing souls from Hell back to Earth, in the guise of saving the innocent. She has a sure sense of justice, and while she would be the source of much conflict within The Avengers (which is the basis of all the excitement between these characters), she would also be a sinfully sexy addition with her no-nonsense form of justice, able to pull her enemies' souls to Hell.

11 Rogue

Now sure, no one would want to be touched by her... or rather everyone would want to be touched by her, but only while she wore gloves, the scarred, and seriously sexy Rogue would make a great addition to The Avengers (especially if Fox ever cared to rid themselves of the rights to allow full Marvel crossover productions). Again, in that lucid realm of fantasy, imagine Anna Paquin in that oh so tight X-Men outfit. Unfortunately tortured as Rogue is, picture just which member of The Avengers might try to involve themselves in the complicated story arc; imagine the satisfyingly sexy moments that might ensue. RDJ, Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, and Chris Hemsworth... and perhaps Mark Ruffalo, are plenty jacked enough for the female fans to get their kicks, but some people might want someone a bit more filled out than Scarlett Johansson (apart from how filled out she might be up top). Rogue can never disappoint... unless she lays hands on you...

10 Psylocke

Besides the fact that having a model as part of The Avengers would cause some great hilarity, and add an element of sex appeal that should be obvious, Psylocke also brings heroes from across the pond. Psylocke's brother is Captain Britain, and given that they already have story arcs with Captain America, the connection is made easily. The ability to bring a pre-cognitive telepathic into the midst of The Avengers, who is in every way more attractive than Professor X, is absolutely the right direction to go. Unfortunately, she might be pooled into the realm of the missing superheroes of Fox as she had a certain amount of time with the X-Men. But regardless of that, this beautiful, alluring, young woman, capable of seeing the future, and communicating with her mind would be a great addition to this group of misfits. Her ability to comment on the budding relationship between Banner and the Black Widow would be hilarious, and communicating through her mind to any one of the other members could be a source of humour, or of steamy scenes that will likely only ever be played out in one's mind.

9 Polaris

Lorna Dane, orphaned at a very young age, always knew she was different, but she didn't know just quite how until she was captured, and her latent powers of magnetism were brought to light. Basically the sexy, scantily-clad, female version of Magneto, Lorna Dane (Polaris), was recruited by all manner of groups, good and evil, and was even possessed by Malice at one point. Opened up to superhuman strength, and an incredible level of invulnerability, Polaris eventually was able to quell the powers of Malice, and joined the X-Factor. Originally, Lorna Dane had wanted to live apart from the truth of her mutant abilities, but forced into conflict after conflict, she did decide to fight for good. The incredible stories that could come of her involvement with The Avengers would be wonderful in not only her incredible powers of magnetism (mutantly, as well as sexually), but also in her struggle to want a normal life.

8 Mirage

Of course also associated with the X-Men and therefore barred from appearing in any film adaptation of The Avengers, Mirage (Danielle Moonstar) possesses the psionic, or psychic ability to telepathically create illusions of her opponents' fears or wishes. She eventually developed a wide range of psionic and energy manipulation powers in addition to her debut abilities, as well as some magical abilities after a series of adventures in Asgard (so perhaps given her connection to Thor, she might be readily accessible). A Cheyenne mutant born in Boulder, Colorado, Mirage dreams of an evil bear that supposedly kills her parents, and nearly kills her later on in her life. Aside from the incredibly ridiculous cultural insensitivity that Marvel exercises with regards to her heritage and villains, let's exercise some blatant sexual objectification when stating that Mirage would be a very attractive addition to The Avengers, indeed.

7  7. Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones has a fairly farcical backstory... starting off with a crush on Peter Parker, and a fantasy fixation on the Human Torch, Jessica was granted her special powers after some serious tragedy, in an unfortunately ridiculous way. On vacation with her parents and brother to Disney World (what foreshadowing), distracted by the siblings fighting, Jessica's father got into a collision with a military truck that dumped some form of experimental materials (likely nuclear) onto the family car. Killing her entire family, and placing her into a coma for months, the material gave Jessica the ability of flight, as well as super strength. Having been rescued by Thor, and attacked by The Avengers at one time or another, this provocative, and humorously tortured character would be a great addition to the team. One of the older heroes would engage in some sort of father-daughter relationship that would of course border on that romantic level, a la Leon The Professional, and that would just be the beginning.

6 Jean Grey

There really needn't be any explanation as to why Jean Grey would make a fantastic addition to The Avengers, but of course it wouldn't be an article without some justification. Apart from the unfortunate fact that Fox owns the rights to this character as well, just imagine Famke Janssen... or indeed Haley Ramm, or the currently beloved Sophie Turner (whose stunning eyes would be more than enough reason to accept this addition). Imagine these beautiful women clad in the wonderful wardrobe of the overwhelmingly intelligent, and romantically conflicted Jean Grey. If Fox didn't have its say, then perhaps Jean Grey would replace Psylocke as a member of the team, given her added power of telekinesis. Though that being said, Jean Grey is no super model... so perhaps imagine any of the actors who have played Jean Grey as the future Psylocke. Sophie Turner would play a fantastic model character, and being able to gaze into those eyes every time she made a mental connection with another... yes, yes, yes.

5 Felicia Hardy

Oh, The Black Cat. No one can say no to Felicia Hardy (except maybe Mary Jane). Given her already very clear connection with Spider-Man, it makes perfect sense to connect her with The Avengers. In addition to her degrees of separation from the team, her incredibly smoking outfit and personality would go a long way to making an impact on the group. A master cat burglar (pun intended), and martial artist, Felicia Hardy has a fairly dark past, given the criminal mastery of her now deceased father, and the fact that she was raped by her former boyfriend (whom she didn't have a chance to seek revenge on after her training, since he died in a drunk driving incident). So the alluring, but closed off, and mysterious nature of The Black Cat would lead to incredibly exhilarating tension within the group. And while she might sit on the fringes of the team, she would be found as a valuable asset when needing to find their way into heavily secured places, where force just doesn't work.

4 Emma Frost

Another, of course, character who wouldn't be able to make the film version of The Avengers due to her connection to the X-Men, Emma Frost would be another terrific, telepathic addition to the team. In addition to her telepathic abilities, and her desire to harness knowledge from people's minds, Frost can also turn herself into an organic, diamond state which increases her strength and durability... which could be said to be hot for more than one reason. But apart from any sexist statement in that sense, take into consideration just who could be playing Frost in one's realm of fantasy: the tumultuous Tahyna Tozzi, the frivolous Finola Hughes, the captivating Kari Wahlgren, or the joyful January Jones... this author's bet is that most fantasize over January Jones, or Kari Wahlgren... and wouldn't be surprised to learn that many fantasize over both fighting for the role in some sensual way. But honestly, in terms of power and possible story arcs alone, Emma Frost would be the diamond (pun intended) of The Avengers.

3 Elektra

With low-level telepathy, and incredible martial arts skills, this electrifying (pun intended) would-be superhero could certainly aid The Avengers. Predominantly kept to the Daredevil stories of the Marvel universe, Elektra, much like Felicia Hardy, has been held as an anti-hero, and even simply as a villain. However, her love of Daredevil shows her potential for superhero-dom. Willing to take the law into her own hands, given its failure to save her father, and indeed its mistake in killing him, Elektra has got just the right amount of badass for the team. And like several of the above listed, one is able to choose from a list of players for fantasy purposes. One could choose between Jennifer Garner, or Elodie Yung. And there are plenty of reasons one might enjoy either in the above outfit. Unfortunately Elektra does meet her end at the hands of Bullseye... but she's of course resurrected like every other character of significance who finds their way to death.

2 Crystalia

This seductive and stunning member of the royal family of inhumans has already had her run-ins and connections with The Avengers so it makes all the sense to add Crystalia to the roster. She's also been connected, in one way or another to Quicksilver, and the Fantastic Four, but considering she actually joined The Avengers for a time, the rights of this character should be found with Marvel still. With the powers to manipulate earth, air, fire, and water, Crystalia possesses power that none of the current Avengers has. Of course she cannot mentally sustain those powers forever, but she does have, in every aspect, a genetically superior physiology... which surely could be easily fantasized about to mean many things. Superior to humans in strength, reaction time, stamina, resistance to injury and speed, Crystalia's only intense weakness is apparently the pollution that humans have worked so hard to throw into the atmosphere.

1 Aurora

Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier) is a Canadian superhero who should absolutely be a part of The Avengers, especially with the addition of Mirage. To have a Canadian, as well as an American First Nations character on the team would add to the cultural diversity, and therefore philosophical diversity of the team. Struggling with dissociative identity disorder for years leading to two distinctive personalities, the quiet, religious Jeanne-Marie and the outgoing, heroic, uninhibited Aurora, this character would be endlessly interesting. With superhuman speed and reflexes, the faster she moves, the more durable her body becomes. She also has an incredible degree of endurance and stamina, and is able to use her speed to create cyclones and bursts of light to attack and blind her enemies. And how hot would it be to have someone this... cool, from up North (pun intended) as part of the dynamic group of misfits that is The Avengers?


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15 Hot Marvel Heroes You Wish Were In The Avengers