15 Hot Stars Who Went From Class To Trash

When you’re a modern-day starlet in Hollywood, the pressure to act a certain way can be pretty big. All it takes is one tantrum or public meltdown and you go from an A-lister to a total joke fast. So many careers have been ruined that way, most not truly the fault of the stars but in other cases, clearly their egos and attitudes pushing them the wrong way. Sean Young had a promising career before going wild trashing people and acting up in public. She’s not alone and even big stars have gotten into major problems. It’s been the way of Hollywood for decades but seems to increase today as social media makes it easier for such tales to get around and these women to be judged, fairly or not. Again, in some cases you can blame addictions or other problems but so many times, the women take it on themselves.

It’s more notable for the top stars who seemed to have a good image before suddenly going wild. Kim Kardashian basically rose to fame off a sex tape so you can’t really accuse her of “giving up” class. Likewise, several stars had rough starts and even some hard times before they became truly famous so you can’t be as shocked by their moves. But some women are different in how they seem to be doing great then suddenly toss all that class out the window. Drunken meltdowns, arrogant attitudes, even arrests, so many women have gone through some crazy stuff. A few have even chosen the biggest stages imaginable to suddenly get wild. Here are 15 Hollywood stars of music and film who basically tossed their image out for a good time and how in some cases, it proved pretty damaging.


15 Jennifer Lawrence

To be fair, it wasn’t meant as an act on purpose but you can’t deny how it shifted a usually clean-cut image. Jennifer Lawrence went from a small-time indie actress to A-list Hollywood star in just two years thanks to mega-hits like The Hunger Games and X-Men First Class. At only 22, she had an Oscar and was a favorite on the red carpets, fans loving her for her down to earth style and focusing on her craft. But there were stories, many told by Lawrence herself in interviews on how much she loved to drink and could be less than politically correct in her talks. However, in 2014, Lawrence was the star of the infamous celebrity photo hacking scandal now known as “The Fappening.” The shots of her stark naked in a variety of positions was shocking and even though they were meant to be private, that Lawrence took them all in the first place was derided as a very dumb move. Lawrence would come out looking the better for it all but has continued to be criticized for slams on wage gaps in Hollywood and tales of her bad attitude toward waiting staff showing that while she’s a hot star, she can also be too “real” for her own good.

14 Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie always had a “wild child” edge to her as a youth and that actually helped her in her early movies like Hackers. However, she kept to it a bit too much when she hit the big time and that could give her a rough reputation. When she won her first Golden Globe in 1999, Jolie jumped into a hotel pool while wearing a $7000 designer gown. She caused a firestorm when her Oscar acceptance speech began with her saying “I am so in love with my brother.” Then there was her relationship with Billy Bob Thornton, which involved them having vials of each other's blood around their necks and showing up at red carpet events in jeans and t-shirts and bragging of their sexual exploits. To many, Jolie crossed the line in 2004 when she and Brad Pitt engaged in an affair on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith while Pitt was still with Jennifer Aniston. This had Jolie slammed a lot and her outgoing manner didn’t help either. In the last few years, Jolie has toned her image down, hailed as a humanitarian and serious about her craft. But that wild behavior does follow her around, showing how it’s hard to label her as a serious gal.

13 Ariana Grande

The actress rose to fame playing the dim-witted but loveable Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon hit Victorious and then on its spin-off, Sam & Cat. A funny lady with a sexy appeal and a great voice, Ariana Grande did have her fair share of stories circulating about her being a diva on set and clashing with co-stars. Indeed, a key reason behind the cancellation of Sam & Cat was due to reports of Grande and co-star Jeanette McCurdy hating each other’s guts and arguing on set too much. Grande would move to a hit singing career but her diva behavior continues— like dismissing fans who come to her for autographs and some wicked social media postings. Of course, her biggest indiscretion has to be when she was caught on video licking a donut and then bad-mouthing America. While she has apologized, Grande’s wild performances hardly help her in rebuilding her image. And we can't forget the most recent incident of her claiming to be “the hardest working 23-year-old human being on Earth” which has been massively mocked by her own fans. She’s one of the hottest singer/actresses around but Grande’s ego has led her to some very unladylike moves.

12 Reese Witherspoon


One wouldn’t expect to see Reese Witherspoon on this list. Starting as a clean-cut actress, the starlet rose to fame with critically acclaimed performances in Election and mega-hits like Legally Blonde. She reached the height of her career by winning an Oscar for Walk the Line and is among Hollywood’s best loved stars. But in 2013, Witherspoon made headlines the wrong way when she was pulled over by police while driving with husband Jim Toth. Toth was drunk and arrested and Witherspoon protested, yelling right in the policeman’s face “I am a U.S. citizen.” This got her arrested for disorderly conduct and the police car camera caught Witherspoon on video shrieking “do you know who I am?” She was held overnight and had to pay a $213 fine while the tabloids had a field day ripping her apart for the incident. Witherspoon has apologized, with her career not suffering too much but it goes to show even a “sweetheart” can turn into a truly arrogant diva in certain circumstances.

11 Christina Aguilera

When she broke out in 1999, Christina Aguilera was the counter to Britney Spears as the “bubblegum pop princess” with a wholesome image. While hot, she still presented a down-to-earth persona and humor that made her a hit with fans. But in 2002, Aguilera transformed her image big time with her “Dirrty” phase. She had her hair colored and multiple piercings while wearing chaps and revealing outfits. Her music videos were far more sexualized and her attitude in public became more outgoing as well, including posing nude on the cover of Rolling Stone with just a guitar covering her. Aguilera has tried to go back to a wholesome image recently but shows some rough edges now and then, combined with diva behavior. Reports abound that at Seth McFarlane’s 2015 Christmas party, Aguilera was too drunk to sing and stumbled into a tree and more reports of her hung over have surfaced. While she has a glorious voice and very sexy manner, Aguilera can get pretty dirty for a beautiful lady.

10 Mischa Barton

Few careers in the 2000s saw a faster rise and fall than that of Mischa Barton's. Born in England but raised in New York, Barton was a wide-eyed ingénue when cast in a key role in The Sixth Sense that put her on the radar. That led to her cast as Marissa on the Fox smash The O.C. and she took off as a huge star with magazine covers, awards and more. However, rumors abounded of Barton acting up on set with partying and clashing with her co-stars. This culminated in her character killed off in the third season finale which basically ended the show. Rather than build off her fame, Barton just fell apart with arrests for drug use and some hard partying in the press that cooled her star big time. Her would-be comeback, The Beautiful Life, was canceled after just two episodes with reports abounding it wasn’t just ratings but the CW worried about Barton ruining it. Her next chance for a comeback was on Dancing With the Stars but was stained by her complaining constantly about the work, her bad performances, refusing to talk to other contestants and basically storming off when she was eliminated. Then there was her tweet in 2016 talking about the death of Alton Sterling accompanied by a picture of herself in a bikini sipping wine on a yacht. That’s not to mention her legal issues, bankruptcy and more that turned a rising star into a total train wreck.

9 Amanda Bynes

If there was one star who seemed the least likely to become a train wreck, Amanda Bynes was her. The star rose to fame on the Nickelodeon sketch show All That. She followed it up with a leading part on the sitcom What I Like About You and then movies like What A Girl Wants. Bright and funny, Bynes was also growing into a sexy lady with magazine spreads showing a developing body. Bynes seemed to have it all together, a bright talent ready to shine more as she grew. Then in 2012, she basically came apart overnight, starting with a stint of strange Twitter rants including her talk of retiring from acting. Then, Bynes was photographed getting completely smashed at some parties and pulled over on a DUI. That was followed by two more arrests and then Bynes going on a massive rant on how her father had put a microchip into her brain to control her actions. That landed her into a psychiatric hospital for a time and her public appearances were a mess. Bynes has stuck to “retirement” which is something considering she’s pretty much persona non grata for casting agents.


8 Madonna


Really, when you name yourself “Madonna,” you’re just asking to be judged by your behavior. And the Material Girl has sure left a lot to judge her on. There’s her arrogance and behavior on sets of movies and music videos. Her marriage to Sean Penn with talk abounding of them fighting it out and later clashing with the press. The Catholic imagery in her videos and concerts with taking on the Vatican at times. Bad-mouthing various singers who look up to her as an icon. Dropping the F-bomb seventeen times in a 1994 David Letterman interview. The red carpet dresses in often ludicrous outfits that show off an aging body. Throwing a tantrum when the Oscars didn’t nominate her for Evita and not performing at the ceremony. Texting during a showing of Hamilton and acting like she was the one being bothered. Making out with younger men and playing up sexual material in concerts. And finally, her social media postings including very private ones that no one wants to see on body grooming. Madonna may be one of the biggest musical acts of all time but her behavior is hardly that of a good gal to say the least.

7 Lindsay Lohan

It’s almost too easy to mock Lindsay Lohan and that’s a damn shame. She came to fame playing twins in 1998’s The Parent Trap, cute and outgoing and a true delight. She rose to further fame with hits like Freaky Friday and Mean Girls while also amazing with a developing body including a great chest. She seemed to have it all and then everything fell apart. Word came from the set of Georgia Rule where Lohan showed up late to set and dehydrated from partying. Arrests for DUIs followed combined with stays in rehab and Lohan’s career hit the skids. She attended Cannes instead of showing up for court and her appearance on the red carpet turned horrible with a thin body and horrible blonde hair. She’s tried to repair her image with a reality TV show but more arrests and talk of her arrogant behavior sink her totally. It’s a shame a once-promising sexy starlet could see her star fall so far and so fast but Lohan has only herself to blame for it all.

6 Miley Cyrus


Few stars have transformed as massively as Miley Cyrus has. She was as clean-cut as you could get when she exploded to stardom as Hannah Montana. The Disney machine pushed her big time as Cyrus rose to fame in sold-out concerts, a movie and more and looked to be as innocent as you could get. Indeed, Vanity Fair created a storm when they did a photo spread of Cyrus showing bare shoulders. That’s almost laughable considering what the lady has been up to since then by transforming into a tattooed gal who loves to flaunt her body around. Her “twerking” display at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards was shocking with its lewdness, grinding against Robin Thicke and putting her wholesome image behind big time. That was followed by various magazine spreads, including one of her nude with a pig. Throw in her feud with Nicki Minaj and her outrageous videos and it’s clear Cyrus has tossed her Disney image aside big time. It’s made her more famous than ever but not the role model she once was.

5 Britney Spears

True, when you grow up in a small Mississippi town, you’re not really used to a high class life. Yet it’s still astounding how unladylike Britney Spears could get when she hit the big time. It wasn’t just the usual diva behavior (demands for great clothes, arguments on set, etc.) but Spears seemed to go the extra mile to make herself a joke. She clashed with PETA over the use of animals in her act and then there was her infamous 55-hour long marriage in 2004. Then there was her relationship with Kevin Federline that included Spears photographed driving with her son in her lap. Then came the infamous collapse after her divorce with Spears shaving her head bald and attacking a paparazzi’s car with an umbrella. That’s not even mentioning such antics as her horrible 2007 MTV Video Music Awards performance and the train wreck of her reality TV show. She’s managed to put her life back together with successful albums and a hit Vegas show but this period was a rough one that turned the one-time singing sweetheart into a major mess.

4 Rose McGowan

That dress. Rose McGowan can make as many movies and TV shows as possible and she’ll always be remembered for that dress. The actress had been rising up in the mid-1990s with movies like Scream, a fresh talent who enjoyed flaunting her body. She and rocker Marilyn Manson began a relationship in 1998, a mix of two rather goth folks. At the MTV Video Music Awards, they walked the red carpet with McGowan in a “dress” that was basically a sheer sheet and chain thong that flaunted her body majorly. It got attention but much of it the worst kind with McGowan slammed on her lack of sense. The actress broke up with Manson and later joined the hit show Charmed but still got into issues with her sharp mouth and speaking her mind such as a 2014 posting on how “gay men hate women.” Not helping was a car accident requiring McGowan to alter her looks with surgery. She did get hails for a post slamming sexism in Hollywood although others say she went a bit far calling guys out on it. McGowan’s rebelliousness is part of her appeal but it's still hard to take seriously a lady who let it all hang out like that.

3 Vanessa Hudgens

She’s not the first clean-cut Disney starlet to undergo a transformation but Vanessa Hudgens still stands out. She was rocketed to fame when the Disney Channel movie High School Musical became a massive phenomenon and boosted her up majorly. Two sequels followed as well as movies like Mysterious Island as Hudgens looked wholesome and nice. But like many Disney starlets, Hudgens moved to change her image with the sexy Spring Breakers and showing off her hot body a lot in magazine spreads. However, Hudgens got on the bad side of the law on Valentine’s Day 2016 when she posted an Instagram photo of she and her boyfriend carving their names into a rock in Arizona. The problem was that the rock happened to be in the Coconino National Forest, a national preserve and marking anything in that area is a federal offense, especially with the rocks considered a state treasure. Hudgens was forced to pay a thousand dollar fine and showing how common sense can vanish from a starlet’s mind too often for some classless acts.

2 Cher

Cher always had a unique style, starting with her fun fashions in the 1960s and ‘70s and partnership with then-husband Sonny Bono. As she adapted to a solo singing star, Cher became more iconic by her fashion choices and a sharp attitude. She soon moved onto becoming an actually acclaimed actress in the 1980s with some box office hits. However, Cher became more infamous for her crazy outfits and behavior. She showed up at the 1986 Oscars in a bizarre chain bikini with a massive Mohawk (“As you can see, I did receive my Academy booklet on how to dress like a serious actress”) and when she won an Oscar for Moonstruck, she had a nearly sheer dress on. Her music videos included prancing around in fishnets and it just increased as she underwent surgeries and Botox to make herself look worse. Cher also just let her mouth run rampant like calling David Letterman an a-hole on air and almost never censoring herself in interviews for off-the-wall remarks. She may have a massive following but it’s not for her behavior as Cher shows age does little to silence a lady without much real class.

1 Melissa Leo

The actress had gotten her big break on the acclaimed drama Homicide: Life on the Street, playing a cop who wasn’t glamorous but believable and tough on the job. Melissa Leo moved onto a successful career in movies, winning raves as a character actress not afraid to deglam for a powerful performance. In 2011, Leo got some of the best reviews of her career with her performance as a tough mom in The Fighter, soon winning various Best Supporting Actress awards. When the Oscar campaign began, Leo stunned Hollywood by taking out ads in trades that had her in a revealing dress with plenty of cleavage and the single word “Consider.” It was slammed by critics as way too pandering and sexist and many thought it would cost her the Oscar. As it turned out, Leo did in fact win but in her speech, on live TV in front of a billion viewers, blurted out how “Kate Winslet makes this look so f----ing easy!” Leo has gone on to a great follow-up career but showcased how you can look less than classy when you reach the top of the Hollywood mountain.

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