15 Hot Instagram Posts Of Celebs Wearing Yoga Pants

While women love this tight yoga gear because of how comfortable it is, men love it because women look fantastic in it!

If you're a hetero male, you owe a man named Chip Wilson a beer. Maybe an entire pitcher of beer to be more accurate. While he isn't a household name by any means, his products are in nearly every household and are a favorite of men all over the world. He is the founder of Lululemon and is widely credited as the guy who started the whole "athleisure" fashion trend of absurdly tight (and apparently comfortable) women's workout clothing.

While they are not a "solve-all" in terms of making women look great, form-fitting yoga pants are a perfect way to hide or mask slight imperfections. On another level, though, a lady who is already fit generally looks like a supermodel decked out in this stuff. While women love this tight yoga gear because of how comfortable it is, men love it because women look fantastic in it, wearing it just about everywhere whether it be at home, at the gym, or even just out walking around in public.

While just about any woman with too much walking-around-money can buy yoga pants, whether Lululemon or one of the other numerous brands, celebrities are often the ones who spend tons of time in the gym that look best in these magical outfits. The best place to find these celeb workout pics? Look no further than Instagram. Here are fifteen examples of some of the most gorgeous, fit, beautiful celebrities we could find rocking yoga pants and looking phenomenal on Instagram. We have a decent mix of actresses, models, Instagram-famous hotties, athletes and of course, a workout enthusiast singer.

15 Lindsey Vonn

You don't become recognized as one of the greatest skiers of all time without having an incredible body. Anyone who has ever skied, even recreationally, knows how demanding getting down a slope can be, and anyone hoping to compete has to be in outstanding physical condition. This brings us to Lindsey Vonn, one of the icons of ski racing. Now 32 years old and having missed some time in recent years due to injury, she still looks flawless and routinely posts workout shots on her Instagram page, showing off her rock-solid dedication, but more importantly, her amazing legs and posterior.

Over the course of her career, she has dozens of race wins in each of the major skiing disciplines and off the slopes she made headlines in 2013 when she started dating Tiger Woods a few years after his marriage disintegrated because he was found to have been a world class booty chaser.

14 Charlotte McKinney

For those who aren't familiar (you poor souls), Charlotte McKinney is an American model and actress who some have suggested may be the next Kate Upton. The comparison is an apt one, as both are gorgeous blondes with ample "sweater meat." She has said that she always wanted to model in her younger days, but was unable to find representation, so she decided to use Instagram, a method that as we all see a few others have also used to great effect. More recently, since getting her name out on her own, she has been signed to a modeling agency.

She's been the face of a few major brands, including Carl's Jr, for which she was featured in a 2015 Super Bowl commercial that any football fan should remember. Outside of modeling and promotional work, she has some acting experience, including 2015's Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser and Baywatch.

13 Kylie Jenner

It is hard, when writing one of these "hot girl articles," to decide whether to include one of the Kardashian/Jenners or not. On the one hand, they are all pretty hot, but at the same time, given the publicity this family has, most people are fed up with their faces and names. So we'll only include one, and probably the least irritating one, Kylie. Since becoming famous on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she's become very successful in her own right, having started a clothing line with her sister Kendall, and her own cosmetics line. Earlier this year, she also got her own reality TV show, Life of Kylie.

As of the time of writing (early July of 2017), she is also the eighth most followed person on Instagram with about 95 million followers, between her sister, Kim, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. If you're into gratuitous selfies of a gorgeous 19-year-old usually showing off an awesome body and a lot of skin, then her page is the place to be.

12 Paige 

For those who don't follow WWE, meet Paige. She's been wrestling since her early teens and comes from a British wrestling family. She first got brought into WWE back in 2011, working a developmental contract before getting placed on the main roster, where she has been a mainstay since 2014. Between the equally gorgeous and fit body, the pretty face, and of course, a ton of dark makeup, there isn't much not to love. She's been inactive for a while due to injury, and there are some rumors suggesting that she won't return to WWE at all, but only time will tell.

For those who are into this kind of thing, she also had some leaked videos several months ago. They left little up to the imagination, are much hotter than any picture of her wearing yoga pants (or anything for that matter), and probably aren't too hard to find.

11 Bella Thorne

There aren't many young redheads in show business who are quite as attractive as Bella Thorne. While we could just stick with that and list of reasons why we find her hot, that wouldn't do her career justice. Aside from her aesthetic appeal, she's one of the more talented among the new generation of stars. Her career started out with a few small roles in major shows like Entourage and The O.C. before getting picked up by Disney, who gave her the starring role on Shake It Up.

Since then, she's been acting and voice acting, along with a couple of major roles in The DUFF and Big Sky, which was not a great film overall, but she very capably played an agoraphobic teen who has to travel on foot through the desert to get medical help for her wounded mother.

10 Paige VanZant

Those who aren't familiar with mixed martial arts may still recognize this name, as Paige "12 Guage" VanZant was on a 2016 season of Dancing With The Stars. Off of that show, however, she's choking and beating people up in the UFC's women's Strawweight division. At just 23 years old, she's still a youngster among her peers and has a 7-3 record in competition (4-2 in the UFC). Her most notable win came after catching opponent Bec Rawlings in the chin with a brilliant switch kick (fake with one leg, follow through with the other) and finished the scrap with vicious strikes on the ground.

She's an animal inside the cage. But at first glance, one would not expect that this cutie, who looks unbelievable in this shot, makes her living cage-fighting.

9 Summer Rae

We already listed Paige from WWE but decided that her co-worker Summer Rae's unbelievable body deserved a spot on our list as well. Most of the women who get into WWE have some athletic or bodybuilding background, and in her case, she was a member of the Lingerie Football League's (now Legends Football League) Chicago Bliss. She played corner back for the team for three seasons.

In 2011 she signed onto a contract with Florida Championship Wrestling, then a developmental promotion for WWE, and since then has made her move to the main roster and became a regular on the reality show Total Divas. While there is plenty of speculation among WWE fans over whether or not she is one of the stronger actual wrestlers on the women's roster, she's a primo example of WWE eye candy.

8 Kaley Cuoco

There are plenty of reasons why The Big Bang Theory has done so well. The characters are fairly relatable to a demographic that has long been neglected by show business. That demographic includes the nerds, the intellectuals, and anyone who is just a bit awkward. Well, they found their sitcom, and it came with some of the hottest women on TV today. For the first few seasons, Kaley Cuoco as Penny was the only gorgeous woman among the series regulars. Later on, they added Melissa Rauch, playing Bernadette, and now the series' fans are torn over who is hotter. Without denigrating what a fine specimen Melissa Rauch is, we can say that this picture of Kaley shows off one of the most unbelievable derrieres in show business. This is the kind of thing yoga pants were created for.

7 Kate Hudson

Now in her late thirties, plenty has changed in Kate Hudson's life in the past decade, but she remains a gorgeous woman and an example of timeless beauty in the world of show business. While her acting schedule isn't quite as busy as it was back in the 2000's, she has plenty of interests occupying her time, including her two kids. Aside from her kids and acting, however, she is another person we have to thank for women in tight "athleisure" style clothing. Back in 2013, she and a couple of business partners founded a company similar to Lululemon, which they named Fabletics. The company started out as a completely online retailer. But since 2015, they have been opening brick and mortar shops and is approaching twenty of those.

Kate Hudson is known to be an avid yoga and meditation enthusiast and looks outstanding rocking her own brand.

6 Emily DiDonato

She may not be the biggest name in show business, but Emily DiDonato is one of the most beautiful women in the field of modeling. She's now 26, but has been working as a model since age 10. In recent years, the brands she has represented include Ralph Lauren, Guess, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Gap among tons of others. Since 2013, she's been a regular in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and some of those pictures are too hot for words. While this shot is focused on her body and the yoga pants, her eyes are captivating, to say the least.

One of the ways she keeps herself in such amazing shape is through tons of exercise. She's a bit of a health nut and a yoga enthusiast, and there are plenty of workout shots on her Instagram page.

5 Alexis Ren

There may not be a hotter body on Instagram than that of Alexis Ren. The word perfect is one that is thrown around a lot, but she has just about achieved a perfect body. She has opened up to her massive (over nine million) online following about her past, which involved eating disorders. She admitted that she had taken her diet and workout routine to a bad extreme in the past and had to overcome that issue. She clearly doesn't need anyone's approval, but we think that whatever she's doing now is working.

In August, she will be the cover girl for Maxim, and while we're sure that the pictures will be excellent, we question whether any photographer will be able to top what she posts on social media on a regular basis.

4 Julianne Hough

There are a few ways to achieve a flawless body. Obviously, eating right and diligently hitting the gym go hand in hand, but there are few exercises that create a body like dancing can. Julianne Hough is a singer and actress, but the majority of her fame comes from being an amazing dancer. Along with her dancing skills comes an amazing body. Amazing might not actually be the word for it.

Now in her late 20's, she started dancing professionally in her late teens and won season four of Dancing With the Stars, which (as of 2014) she is now a judge of. Her abilities to sing and dance have helped her find success in acting, as she has worked as a main character for the 2011 remake of Footloose and in the 2016 made-for-TV remake of Grease. 

Hough has also gotten involved in the business side of women's athletic wear, teaming up with MPG Sport to create her own line of workout wear. While she would probably look good even in a muddy tarp, we obviously prefer yoga pants.

3 Demi Lovato

Along with being one of the hottest names in the music business, Demi Lovato is also a fitness buff who frequently posts awesome workout shots on Instagram. Earlier this year, she partnered up with Fabletics and has designed her own line of gear for that company, the Demi Lovato Collection. Aside from the clothes looking great (and looking great on her by the way), the partnership is in support of a good cause. That cause is the UN's "Girl Up" campaign, which aims at supporting girls and young women around the world. One of their main initiatives is to get funding for these girls to buy bicycles with hopes that more of them will have better transport to and from school.

While the cause is a good one, we're much more entertained by these promotional shots of Demi looking hot and working out in tight clothes.

2 Jen Selter

We can't do an article about stunning women showing off their assets in yoga pants without a shout out to the empress of this topic, Jen Selter. Were it not for Instagram, we might not know who she is. She made a name for herself by posting pictures of herself on the social media site. A fitness buff, she started out just posting workout pics and selfies, but since gaining some renown mostly due to her amazing body and absurdly beautiful assets, she has created a brand for herself. She has workout plans aimed at women that focus primarily on shaping the tush and toning the core. For the purposes of most people who clicked this page, though, you're here for the yoga pants and Jen's flawless derriere. Just think, in the past, before the internet, a body like this might not have been appreciated by so many people. What a time to be alive.

1 Brittney Palmer

We already featured one mixed martial artist, but we couldn't help but show some love to this stunning UFC ring girl. There is some debate over whether Brittney is the hottest of the UFC models, and while many people love Arianny Celeste (probably the more famous of the two), we made our choice and stand by it.

While most of her fans know her for carrying cards that announce the round while people beat each other up, Brittney is a passionate artist and attended UCLA to hone her skills. It shows, and much of her work is comprised of colorful, beautiful, vibrant paintings of deceased pop culture icons. Among them are Jimi Hendrix, John Lennon, and Tupac Shakur.

Getting back to the point at hand, however, Brittney Palmer is an incredible-looking woman, and her Instagram periodically has shots like this of her showing off her body in yoga gear.

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15 Hot Instagram Posts Of Celebs Wearing Yoga Pants