15 Hot Hollywood Divas Nobody Wants To Be Around

Do you think you know what your favorite star is like? Think again. Our impressions of a celebrity, whether actress, model, singer, or reality star, is what they project and want us to see. What makes a hot diva? Well, she's got to be hot, s*xy, and desirable. That's just obvious. But the diva bit? Divas make unreasonable demands and usually treat people like dirt. Oh, yeah! They often pitch loud screaming fits when they don't get their way too. They have a scary sense of entitlement. Like, do this and give me that or I'll walk and then sue you. Take the actress that demands a private luxury trailer well away from everybody else on a film set. Or the singer who is said to make more demands than the President. Which, when you consider the diva status of our current Commander in Chief, that's a heck of a lot of demands. Then, there's the model who made so many diva demands that she was almost bumped from the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition. Here come 15 hot divas nobody wants to be around, let alone work with.

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15 Jennifer Lopez - $27 Million Bum, Custom Germ-Free Toilet Seat Diva

Talk about a royal "throne." Business Insider claims that Jennifer Lopez has insured her backside for $27 million and refuses to sit on any toilet seat other than the germ-resistant one that was custom-made for her. So, she carries around her own toilet seat? Obviously. And, in 2010, she demanded a 45-foot trailer, white drapes, candles, white couches, white lilies, white tablecloths, and apple pie (a la mode) in order to agree to shoot (wait for it) 8 seconds of footage for a charity concert. And, where J-Lo goes, her entourage, now in the hundreds, follows. TV appearance? She'll need ten or fifteen dressing rooms for her and her badly-behaved staff.

14 Kylie Jenner - Spoiled Brat Diva

By all accounts, Kim Kardashian is a "nice" celebrity. In general, she works hard and is reasonable and fair. That cannot be said for other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, though. And, the queen of the Kardashian-Jenner divas is baby-of-the-family Kylie Jenner. No contest. When her boyfriend, rapper Tyga, gave her a white Ferrari worth $325,000 for her birthday, she pitched one diva fit and demanded that it should be repainted gray and fitted with red tire rims. And her makeup routine? She hires a professional makeup artist to come in and get her looking gorgeous while she's still in bed asleep. Even her spoiled siblings think that is a bit too much.

13 Blake Lively - Get Me Outta Here Diva

Pictured above is Blake Lively, every young boy's fantasy, in her Gossip Girl uniform. In one corner, we have the oh-so-gorgeous smiling actress who is famously married to Canadian actor, Ryan Reynolds. In the other corner? The diva who, even before she was one, considered herself a major star. Some even say she married Ryan Reynolds to get a "leg up" in Hollywood. What a leg, though. But diva? When she was doing Gossip Girl, rumors ran wild that Blake was pitching diva fits on set and letting everyone know that she was way too good for the show. Celebitchy gleefully reported that an "insider" in the show had told them, "Blake is a huge diva! She sees herself as the star of the show." Ask Ryan's ex, Scarlett Johansson, if she hangs out with Blake. Not.

12 Katy Perry - The Unexpected Diva Nobody Saw Coming

Katy Perry seems so down-to-earth when you see her interviewed on TV. But, the reality of life with Katy is totally different. She has one member of staff that only cuts her vegetables. She's a healthy eater, you see. When Katy's on tour, staff are told that they can't speak to her unless she speaks to them first. Oh, and asking to take a picture with her will get you fired. She's also got to have her own dressing room that nobody else can set a foot into. Don't forget the director's chair with her name embossed on it or the pink rug. She totally needs 24 rooms at a 5-star hotel, so she can have a little privacy. The best rooms, please, even if you have to kick somebody out.

11 Kate Upton - Wicked Witch Of The Bikini Diva

Kate Upton and the two reasons why Game of War: Fire Age pulled in $1 million a day when it was first released. Kate now considers herself to be an "actress." No, we don't think she is joking. Apparently, when she was shooting the 2017 Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition, she presented the magazine with a list of demands, including giving them a list of the only hair and makeup pros she was willing to work with. One "insider" reportedly called her a "f*cking diva," who thought she was better than anybody else because she was an actress. The magazine was said to be so fed up with her behavior that they considered dropping her from the 2017 cover. She can't act, but she and her assets sell films. By the way, she made the cover.

10 Ariana Grande - Die Fans, Die Diva

Oh, where do we start? She demands to be photographed only from the left side of her face. And, gossips say that she has walked out of photoshoots when photographers have not complied with her every command. Infamously, it is said that she has more demand lists for appearances and photoshoots than the President. Once, she was all smiles as she signed autographs for fans outside a New York building. When she went in and got in the elevator, she watched the doors slide shut, lost the smile, and said she wished her fans would die. And, pity her long-suffering staff. When diva Ariana Grande is tired, she demands to be carried around in the arms of a beefy staff member. Sometimes, she is sucking on a pacifier. We kid you not.

9 Jennifer Aniston - Too Good To Hang Out With Nobodies Diva

Jennifer Aniston is a subtle diva. When filming a movie, reports say that she demands a luxury trailer that is positioned miles away from other film trailers. Does she muck in and lunch with others? No way! She grabs to-go food from the cafeteria and goes back to her luxury trailer, where she eats in splendid isolation. And, when most people will travel from one place to another crammed in with others in a people carrier, Ms. Aniston usually demands a luxury (there's that word again) SUV or some such to ferry her back and forth. The words "unapproachable" and "isolated" come up an awful lot as far as our Jennifer is concerned. Gossips say that in between the sheets, she's also a spoiled princess. Figures. Friends must be few and far between for our Jen.

8 Lindsay Lohan - Needy Nobody Diva Who Thinks She Still Hot

Is there a single "bad" celebrity list that Lindsay Lohan isn't on? We can't think of any. Her diva behavior is the unprofessional kind. You know, showing up late for filming or not showing up at all. Nipping into her trailer for a sip of something. It's so bad that she has diva-ed her way out of films. Why? Because most productions require insurance on the stars of the film. And, no insurance company will touch Lohan. Plus, she swans around and acts like she's still a big star, staying at luxury hotels like the Chateau Marmont, where she runs up a $50,000 tab that she doesn't pay. One director called her "needy" and "out of control." And, the really bad thing is that she thinks it's all just so funny. She's the only one. Who wants to be around her? Just about nobody.

7 Beyonce - Super Bowl's Most Difficult Celebrity Diva

When she did her Super Bowl Show, gossips say that she made so many demands to the point that the Super Bowl people labeled her "the worst celebrity ever." Some reports say that Bey demanded a $1-million nursery installed at the stadium for Blue Ivy and $6,000 worth of imported cigars and alcohol for Jay Z.  If Jennifer Aniston is a princess, Beyonce is Queen Bey. Typical demands for appearances include that all crew members must wear 100 percent cotton, alkaline water must be chilled to 21 degrees (exactly) and served with $900 titanium straws, bathrooms must have new toilet seats and red toilet paper at every location, and (finally) hand-carved ice balls must be made after each show to cool her throat. Ask her staff what it's like to work for her. Not good.

6 Gwyneth Paltrow - Gym Rat Diva

If there is one diva that is the chief honcho diva, it has to be Gwyneth Paltrow. Never mind her demands for this and that on a movie set. She's a gym diva big time. Staff members from her gym (who remain anonymous) say that her shower has to be wiped dry before she will go in because she refuses to touch "somebody else's shower water." And, because the gym doesn't stock Smart Water, she sends somebody out to buy it for her. And in the toilet? She demands an unopened package of toilet paper. What? No germ-free toilet seat? Apparently, she hasn't thought of that one yet. Perez Hilton had great fun with the story. Get a home gym, Gwyn, he giggled.

5 Sharon Stone - Thinks She Still A Hot Star Diva

Back in the 1980's, Sharon Stone was a hot young star with killer looks, legs that went on forever, and a tendency to make crazy (almost psychotic) demands of filmmakers. She's still doing it. It seems as though she thinks that she's still famous enough to get away with it. Well, she's not. Last year, she got dumped from a Cannes Film Festival party because the organizer wouldn't pay her $300,000 and give her eight rooms at a luxury hotel for a week. And don't forget the private jet, she shouted. They gave Kim Kardashian a pair of earrings and took the psychotic diva's place. A year or two before that, she walked off the set of an Italian film and refused to come back until her every demand was met. "Ridiculous," moaned the director.

4 Madonna - Ruthless Screaming Diva

Some divas are made by fame and fortune. Others are born divas. And, Madonna is one natural-born diva. Way back in 1984, before fame and fortune, she made her iconic "Like a Virgin" music video. It made her a star. But after that video, her then manager, Ron Weisner, walked away from her. Why? Because dealing with her was hell. She screamed and insulted everyone, calling them "f*cking idiots." He has said he would have made millions, but he couldn't stand her any longer. She is still making demands and still showing up hours and hours late for concerts. And, while she's still being followed around by an entourage, many say it's just outright rude and obnoxious. She is the screaming diva that makes life hell for everybody around her. Friends? Forget it.

3 Mariah Carey - White Lambs Or I Walk Diva

She shows up for a cameo in the film House like a tiny walk-on. They show her to her trailer, and she pitches a diva fit. Where are the white roses? Lots and lots of white roses. So, some poor slob goes out and turns the trailer into a rose garden. Her next fit? She wants little stuffed lambs–lots of them–because her fans are her "little lambs." "F*cking what's going on with her," said co-star Rob Huebel. Then, having been hired to sing one song, she refuses. She flat out says 'no way Jose' and demands the script to be changed. And, her feud with diva Nicki Minaj on American Idol is an f-bomb and flouncing explosion of shouting, hair-flipping, and dirty looks. The "B" word is everywhere. And Mariah Carey? She's proud of being a diva. She lives it. That's why her social calendar is so bare.

2 Tyra Banks - Screw You Diva

Former super model, Tyra Banks, doesn't discriminate. She's nasty to everybody. She's hell on wheels to her staff. She's nasty to the models on everybody's least favorite non-event, America's Next Top Model. She thumbs her nose at fans. Now, supermodel Naomi Campbell was bad, slapping and abusing staff. But, our Tyra is now running her a good race for Top Model Diva B*tch. She shows up late for gigs, ignores and puts down her fans, and then yells at anybody who's within earshot. Some say Hollywood took the top diva crown away from Beyonce and handed it over to Tyra. What's worse is that the 40-something model/TV star defends herself and her bad behavior. "I have high standards," she says. Yeah! Everyone around her agrees, saying that she too has no manners...and no friends.

1 Kaley Cuoco - Stuck On The B-List Frustrated B*tch Diva

Oh no! Say it isn't so. Kaley Cuoco, a b*tch diva? Some say yes. Apparently, she's constantly threatening to leave The Big Bang Theory, saying that she's tired of her character, Penny. Plus, gossips say there is friction on set because Kaley b*tches about salaries and just about everything else. Gossips say that she may get fired before she can quit because the cast and crew are sick and tired of her diva mood swings. It seems like Kaley thinks she should be fronting big Hollywood movies, but it just hasn't happened. She is still a B-List small-screen TV star and not the A-List movie star she wants to be. So, she takes it out on her TV family. Apparently, her co-star, Mayim Bialik, only speaks to her when it's absolutely necessary. Friends, family, and co-stars are fed up with her.

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