15 Hot Hilary Duff Selfies You NEED To See

If the last time you saw Hilary Duff was when she was a teenager playing the plucky Lizzie McGuire on the Disney channel, you have a surprise coming your way. Not only did she grow up to be a strong woman, managing to avoid the whole ‘going off the rails’ thing that many child stars do, she also grew up to be quite the selfie queen.

Yes, Duff looks absolutely gorgeous on the red carpet, in photoshoots, and when she makes live television appearances. Yes, pretty much every Hollywood celebrity knows which side her ‘good side’ is and how to pose for the camera to make her body look best. However, Hilary Duff is a woman who knows exactly how to work her angles to her advantage in a selfie. While she posts shots from her world, including of her adorable son Luca, every now and then, the large majority of her Instagram feed is composed of selfies– and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whether she’s rocking a bikini or pyjamas, whether she’s fully made up and super glam or not wearing a stitch of makeup, she looks crazy gorgeous in basically every selfie she takes– if you haven’t checked out her Instagram feed yet, you totally need to, ASAP. It’s a little bit startling how the woman can’t seem to take a bad picture of herself.

Here are 15 Hilary Duff selfies that will make you admit that she’s without question the selfie queen– and crazy hot, to boot.

15 Lip Balm Queen

via: mamamia.com.au

Okay, if Eos hasn’t offered Hilary Duff a sponsorship of some kind after this post, they’re totally crazy– this is exactly the type of shot that would make literally everyone want to buy lip gloss. Her lips look perfectly plump, her skin is flawless, her nails are clean yet don’t distract from the rest of the shot, she’s rocking a cozy sweater– everything about this photo says natural, relaxed and pampered. I mean, it kind of makes you want to run out and immediately buy some vanilla-mint lip balm, which is probably not what she was trying to do– she was just trying to post a clever selfie showcasing her adorable lip balm. We get it. But seriously, if the whole celebrity thing doesn’t work out, she could very easily rake in some cash by selling her branding skills to big companies. We’re pretty sure Eos couldn’t have come up with a better ad for their balm if they tried!

14 Bikini Babe

via: popsugar.com

Even if you haven’t yet checked out Hilary Duff’s Instagram feed, chances are you’ve seen the bikini selfie at some point– when she first posted it, countless websites picked up the sexy shot and shared it with their audiences. It’s not hard to see why! While Duff has looked stunning in countless styled, photoshopped spreads before for various magazines and publications, there’s something about seeing the sexy side of her at home that many people loved. The teeny black scalloped bikini shows off all her curves and those toned muscles she worked so hard for, yet the little glimpse of makeup on her counter proves it isn’t a staged shot, like many celebrities take– it’s just her capturing her physique with pride and celebrating her achievement. Hey, more power to her! She worked her butt off in the gym to tone her physique, why not show it off a little bit?

13 Car Cutie

via: zimbio.com

Look, a lot of people take selfies in the car– it’s practical. When the sun is shining outside, you can get that great natural sunlight that makes the photo a thousand times better. Plus, you often find yourself sitting around in the car with nothing but your phone to keep you company as you wait for a friend to meet you. However, Hilary Duff’s car selfie puts pretty much everyone else’s to shame. First of all, that crazy bold pink lip is majorly stunning. Second, the messy hair, just enough blonde strands falling out to give it a sultry edge. The casual overalls, paired with the sparkling diamond earring. I mean, there are celebs who would be lucky to look this good in a styled photoshoot, let alone in a quick selfie opportunity they took in the car. Seriously, this woman needs to give classes in the art of the selfie.

12 Poolside Lounging

via: dailymail.co.uk

Obviously, if there’s a selfie that Hilary Duff takes while rocking a bikini, we’re going to share it with the world because the world deserves to see that. And yes, while we won’t be crude, her body looks absolutely phenomenal. However, again, she just nails all the teeny elements in the shot— from the retro glasses and retro striped bikini to the messy hair pulled up and the crazy tropical drink in a literal pineapple. While some other celebs might opt to go full sex kitten in this type of selfie, posing with their hair flowing down and a glam cocktail in their hands, Duff is all about having fun and sharing glimpses of her real life– not her glamorous, red carpet life– with her fans. I mean, she looks to be in some kind of a cabana so obviously being a celebrity has its perks, but it’s nice to know that this babe doesn’t take herself too seriously.

11 Goodnight Glam

via: tcmwebcorp.com

Okay, take a minute to think about how you look when you’re all tucked in and ready to go to bed on any given night. Chances are, you look, well, 'comfortable' would be the nicest way to put it. Not exactly selfie ready, to say the least. It seems that’s not true in Hilary Duff’s case, though. She shared this selfie with some text overtop confessing her crazy Friday night plans of staying in and getting to sleep early, and she looks absolutely gorgeous. And honestly, who hasn’t had one of those long weeks where Friday night rolls around and literally all you want to do is curl up in your bed with a hundred pillows and just get comfortable and relax? We feel you, Hilary. And probably every person wishes they looked this gorgeous when they were just laying around in bed taking an impromptu selfie, but alas– that’s the domain of the selfie queen.

10 Red Hot Pop

via: 4.bp.blogspot.com

This is the Eos lip balm situation all over again! Look, it’s obvious that Duff looks absolutely stunning – the tousled waves, the bold red lip, the natural yet sultry makeup, everything is on point. However, while most people look either silly or just plain childish eating a popsicle, Hilary Duff somehow manages to take a selfie that makes it look like she should be in a popsicle ad. I mean, take a look at the perfectly coordinated red lips, red nails, and red popsicle– it’s almost like she planned it on purpose. Chances are, though, that she didn’t– this is just how amazing she looks in selfies all the time. Popsicle brands, take note, she might be a celebrity, but Duff may also be the perfect popsicle consultant for your next advertisement. She’ll make sure the models advertising the product are selling it flawlessly, or in case of emergencies, she’ll step in herself.

9 Silly Selfies

via: abcnews.go.com

One of the reasons that everyone loves Hilary Duff’s selfies way more than any other celebrity’s isn’t because she’s that much more gorgeous– although she definitely is beautiful. It’s because she’s not afraid to let her silly side show. While many other celebs’ Instagram feeds look like a curated selection of shots taken from their latest photoshoots– all carefully posed to be as flattering as possible– Hilary Duff is totally fine with sharing a few over-the-top, crazy shots. Just take this one, for example: we’re not sure exactly what was going through her head when she took the shot (exhausted from a long day on set? Ate too much spicy take-out at home?) but she felt confident enough to go full on, with her hair swept back, tongue hanging out, and cozy t-shirt on. You’ve got to respect a woman who’s not afraid to let her silly side show every now and then.

8 Black And White Beauty

via: quebecormedia.com

Hilary Duff is a woman who wears many hats– she acts, she appears on talk shows, she poses for magazine covers, and perhaps most importantly to her, she’s mom to her adorable little boy, Luca. It’s safe to say that her schedule is probably pretty packed at all times, which is why we kind of love this photo even more. Sure, she looks totally stunning, even with what looks like little to no makeup on, her hair messy, just rocking a plain black tank and showing off her teeny tiny heart tattoo near her wrist. However, the reason this photo is so amazing is that we’ve all been there before– a little bit tired, a little bit weary, just wishing for a brighter day tomorrow. Of course, most people don’t look quite this lovely in black and white, but hey, that’s just another lesson for the selfie queen to teach the rest of us.

7 Lollipop Mama

via: dailymail.co.uk

Again, this selfie just proves how much we love that Hilary Duff isn’t afraid to get a little silly in her selfies. In a shot taken by the paparazzi, she probably would have looked totally glam– the delicate white top, the funky hat, and the edgy bob is a look that’s crazy on point. However, for her own selfie to share with her fans, she’s taken a bit of a sillier approach to the photo, posing with her mouth open, lollipop balanced on her tongue, bright orange ‘malaria sucks’ sticker in the middle of her gorgeous white top. Most celebrities would look ridiculous if they attempted to pull off a photo like this, but Hilary Duff just looks unbelievably gorgeous. And, this photo kind of makes us want a lollipop, so again, her selfies are basically flawless sales tactics for pretty much every item found within them and she needs to capitalize on those skills.

6 Beach Babe

via: popsugar.com

If you take a closer look (and we know you’re going to), you’ll spot that this sexy scalloped black bikini is the same one that Duff was wearing when she took the selfie at home in front of the mirror, which proves that she actually rocks her swimwear in the water, not just lounging poolside like countless other celebrities. She proves her mastery over the filter game in this shot, because the blue-ish tinge to the whole shot, mixed with the blue water all around her, gives this thing a whole mermaid vibe that we’re totally digging. Seriously, this is a shot that many photographers would probably be happy to have gotten, yet she just took it as a selfie, like it’s no big deal. Selfie. Queen. (And possible mermaid queen– we’ll have to look into that one). If only everyone looked this gorgeous when they were hanging out at the beach with no makeup and messy, wet hair.

5 Classic Mirror Selfie

via: popminute.com

While Hilary Duff’s preferred selfie mode is the simple 'flip the camera around and extend an arm', that doesn’t mean she’s totally given up on the classic mirror selfie– from time to time, she indulges in that too. In this shot, she’s looking totally gorgeous in some form-fitting light-wash jeans, a basic white v-neck shirt that’s knotted to show off a sexy sliver of skin, and a funky head scarf– obviously, with a big cup of coffee in her hands. Even though she’s busy being a celebrity, even though she’s no longer together with the father of little Luca, even though her schedule is packed, she still makes being a mom look so, so gorgeous– and we admire her for that. While others run around in sweatpants and messy top knots, Duff somehow manages to look utterly polished and perfect even when she’s just kicking around drinking coffee at home.

4 OMG, 29

via: brit.co

We’re fairly confident that Hilary Duff is just getting better with age, like a fine wine, but, it’s no secret that she spends a lot of her time in Hollywood; a world notoriously age-conscious that prizes youth over just about everything. So, it’s not surprising that Duff would opt to share this adorable selfie with the caption of “OMG I’m 29 soon.” Duff has since turned 29, and looks even better than she did at 28. Although she looks pretty stunning in this photo. It just goes to prove that a true selfie queen needs to be able to rock all kinds of looks. While it’s easy to look gorgeous when you’re wearing a full face of makeup and a sexy outfit, it takes a true queen to look this beautiful while wearing a chunky, oversized knit sweater with casual hair and minimal makeup. All hail Queen Hilary Duff, supreme selfie artist.

3 Helicopter Hottie

via: fanshare.com

Okay, if you’re in a helicopter, looking insanely gorgeous and kind of badass, what are you going to do? Obviously, take a selfie. Although while most people look a little bit frightened and a whole lot wind-blown when they’re riding in a chopper, Duff somehow looks like they just planted a pair of headphones on her while she was in the midst of a photoshoot. And again, though she has more than enough on her plate with her successful acting career, if the owners of any helicopter companies are ever looking for celebrity spokespeople, they should consider giving Duff a call. She makes riding in a chopper look effortless, gorgeous, and totally relaxing, which is exactly the vibe you want to give off. We’re not sure where she was heading when she took this selfie, but we do know that we’d all be more than happy to come along with her.

2 R & R (Red Wine And Relaxation)

via: popminute.com

Hilary Duff’s Instagram feed is filled with all types of photos. Some are casual shots when she’s out and about, having fun poolside and goofing around in her car. Others are shots when she’s all dolled up with flawless makeup. And finally, there are all the shots that give a little glimpse into Duff’s home life, the types of things she does when she decides to have a night in– and if this photo is any indication, she’s doing it right. She looks to have minimal, if any, makeup on, yet looks absolutely stunning, with gorgeous, luminous skin. The plain white tank looks cozy, and who doesn’t want to unwind after a long week with a great glass of red wine? While the red wine and relaxation selfie is a classic amidst all the hard working #girlbosses out there, no one pulls it off quite this well– she looks like a total babe.

1 Girls In Glasses

via: cosmopolitan.com

The vast, vast majority of celebs who rock glasses in their time off camera opt for a plain black pair– something slightly nerdy, slightly hipsterish, that suits their face shape. Not Hilary Duff. She isn’t about to conform to the fashion choices that bind other celebrities. When it came time to pick out some glasses, she decided she wouldn’t stick to plain black – she’d get a pair that’s a fun colour, perfect for showcasing her fun personality. The glasses are funky and adorable, the little tough girl mouth pose is endearing, and basically, this whole shot is kind of perfect. Again, while others waste time checking social media on their phones, Hilary Duff is slaying the selfie game, time after time. We feel like she needs to start a YouTube channel dedicated solely to teaching her eager fans how to take the perfect selfie– with tutorials in getting the right angles and lighting, filter selection, and more.

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