15 Hot Franchise Actresses And Their Raunchiest Scenes

So here's how we're going to break down our list down today. We've got 15 actresses who you are absolutely going to recognize. They're going to be considered "franchise" actresses for a variety of potential reasons. One of the first criteria of making our list is having an appearance in a major television series or blockbuster movies. We're talking Avengers, Fast and the Furious, and even Star Wars. 

Then, we get to the flip side in which we take these actresses and their well-known personas and turn it on its head as we tackle the 15 raunchiest scenes these actresses have done; all of which included on-screen nudity or booty bumping. In fact, it's only the alluring Alison Brie who makes our list without baring it all.

Don't worry, we aren't going to cheat and include Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones...for Game of Thrones, but you better believe we include her movies that required some birthday suit acting.

To help give you an even bigger sneak peek at our list and to help further conceptualize the idea of what we have in store for you, here are some samplings of the names below, Elizabeth Olsen, Margot Robbie and even Daisy Ridley make an appearance.

Love these movies? Love these women? Get ready to also love this list.

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15 Amy Adams From Batman v. Superman - Raunchy Scene: American Hustle

Don't worry guys, we weren't going to let Marvel be the only superhero franchise to take a spot on our list. In fact, when the DC Universe sports some of the best looking women in the industry you can also make sure to note that they aren't only bringing one contender to the show.

Amy Adams is one charming Lois Lane, but perhaps Superman has checked her out in the movies in American Hustle or Sunshine Cleaning, both of which you don't need X-Ray vision to see every bit of Adams!

You also don't need to fight too hard to see some of her skin as she appears in see-through lingerie for The Fighter and decides to only wear a towel for a scene in Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day.

14 Jordana Brewster From The Fast And The Furious - Raunchy Scene: Nearing Grace

Let's be honest, there may not be a movie set that has more testosterone going on than the Fast and the Furious franchise. But one woman who is able to excel when surrounded by all those macho personalities is the gorgeous Jordana Brewster.

While she's not going to be letting the boys see her "wheels" for the series anytime soon, that was far from the case in The Invisible Circus in which it's her shirt that's invisible!

Brewster also gets up close and personal with Sara Foster in the movie D.E.B.S. but the shirt stays on. Not the case however for Nearing Grace and Home Sweet Hell, both of which feature Brewster forgetting to put on some clothes.

13 Scarlet Johansson From The Avengers - Raunchy Scene: Under The Skin

Scarlett Johansson may keep your attention with her skin-tight outfit and ass-kicking ways as Black Widow, but unlike in the Avengers franchise, Johansson makes sure to have her guard down for several adult situations in her acting career. The most prominent in the movie Under the Skin in which Johansson allows us to see under the clothes!

While she is covered up by other things such as a blanket, she also gets up close and personal with Penelope Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona.

If you'd also love to see Johansson act out herself "getting to the end" during an adult encounter, as well as some scenes with plenty of skin (but no nudity) then you also want to make sure you check out A Love Song for Bobby Long.

12 Elizabeth Olson From The Avengers - Raunchy Scene: Martha Marcy May Marlene

Anytime you're going to be cast in a movie franchise that Disney is backing, they're may be hope that you aren't spending your spare time doing anything too rebellious or revealing. But for Elizabeth Olsen who stars as the Scarlet Witch in The Avengers, there are plenty of films in which she leaves her superhero suit in the closet.

The most prominent may be in Martha Marcy May Marlene in which her character engages in some adult activities on multiple occasions, including a group setting. Olsen also let it all hang out for the movies In Secret, and Oldboy; the latter of which we took our screen cap from.

While she looks absolutely gorgeous as the Scarlet Witch, something tells us she won't be engaging in any hanky panky with all of the Avengers.

11 Melissa Rauch From The Big Bang Theory - Raunchy Scene: The Bronze

Melissa Rauch may play arguably the smartest character of anyone on our list as she plays Bernadette on The Big Bang Theory and while her character may have given birth, we definitely didn't get a scene behind closed doors to see how that all went down.

That isn't the case for The Bronze in which Melissa Rauch plays a circus performer who performs a variety of impressive moves (handstands, spins, rolls, etc.) all while in her birthday suit before doing some "adult moves".

The only reason the gorgeous Rauch doesn't top our list? She has come out and said that she used a body double for the scene. Sorry fellas, hate to ruin that fantasy for you!

10 Alison Brie From Community - Raunchy Scene: Sleeping With Other People

She doesn't actually rock out in her birthday suit for the role, instead she elects for a well-fitting corsage and some other bedroom appropriate clothing.

Brie talked about the lingerie in a past interview, saying,

"It looks pretty tame, I’m wearing my bra and it just looks like he’s shirtless, but in reality, I’m in the tiniest, thinnest flesh-colored thong and he is in like a sock just in case we get too wide a shot."

To make things all the more awkward, she had only recently met Marc Blucas when they filmed the scene.

9 Natalie Dormer From Game of Thrones - Raunchy Scene: Rush

We're sorry if you're going to consider it cheating to include Natalie Dormer in this list because she is also topless in Game of Thrones, but the counterpoint of that is that now you know another place where you can find Dormer without clothes on.

And you wouldn't be alone if that makes you "rush" (see what we did there?) to the movie theater, as she gets "dirty" while getting clean in the shower in the 2013 film. Dormer also clearly enjoys herself with a gentleman lover in The Scandalous Lady W and The Fades.

And just in case it has slipped by your radar, do yourself a favor and also make sure you check out The Tudors.

8 Margot Robbie From Suicide Squad - Raunchy Scene: Wolf Of Wall Street

Let's be honest, if you had to think of an actress who has had her hands in a massive movie franchise, but has also had some experience acting in some adult situations, Margot Robbie may be the first one to come to mind.

Robbie's two biggest roles meet both our requirements as even though Suicide Squad was panned by critics, people still fell in love with her portrayal of Harley Quinn. Though to be fair, she would also fit for her appearance on the Australian soap opera Neighbours or the unsuccessful series Pan Am.

Her other most famous role is in the wildly successful The Wolf of Wall Street where DiCaprio gets to also see her wild side with several raunchy scenes.

7 Kristen Stewart From Twilight - Raunchy Scene: Personal Shopper

In fact, her character, like Bella, decides one guy isn't enough for her and elects for some booty bumping with two males!

That isn't the last time that Stewart lets the world take a look at her body, in fact, if you check out Kristen Stewart's newest movie Personal Shopper which opened on March 10th in North America, you'll get another look as she bares it all.

6 Gillian Jacobs From Community - Raunchy Scene: Choke

Alison Brie is not the only lovely lady from Community to grace our list, and there was no way that we would be able to finish without including Gillian Jacobs.

Jacobs has had a variety of attempts in major films, but the two that showed her in her birthday suit also both see her playing the role of a stripper. If you'd love to see Jacobs without her books to cover up, both Blackbird and Choke are worth your time.

Jacobs also gets herself into some pretty adult situations in her Netflix series Love.

5 Natalie Portman From Thor - Raunchy Scene: Hotel Chevalier

The Thor franchise is full of talented actors, but none may be more established than the Oscar winner Natalie Portman who played Jane Foster. Yet sadly for fans of Portman, she won't be making an appearance in Thor: Ragnarok and when interviewed about it, seemed to indicate she may be done with the franchise,

"As far as I know, I’m done. I mean, I don’t know if maybe one day they’ll ask for an Avengers 7, or whatever," but did state that she loved the experience of working on Thor. 

Portman is comfortable with her body, showing it all off in Hotel Chevalier and Goya's Ghosts, and also electing to sunbathe topless in Planetarium. Not to mention the fact that she plays a stripper in Closer!

4 Liv Tyler From Lord Of The Rings - Raunchy Scene: Stealing Beauty

There are plenty of outstanding male actors that helped make the Lord of the Rings one of the most successful franchises of all-time. But one of the strongest elements of the film that needs to be talked about is the outstanding job that Liv Tyler did as Arwen.

But if you want to see what Aragorn saw on their wedding night – judging by the fact that you've come this far, you absolutely do – make sure you check out Stealing Beauty which also stars a nude Rachel Weisz (who is known for her own blockbuster with The Mummy). 

Tyler also gets herself into plenty of adult situations in One Night at McCool's, including wearing some pretty intense latex!

3 Katie Holmes From Dawson's Creek - Raunchy Scene: The Gift

You may think of the name Katie Holmes and immediately think of her relationship with Tom Cruise, but she has also had plenty of time as one of America's sweethearts in the sitcom Dawson's Creek from 1998 to 2003.

Holmes also would have garnered a spot on this list for her one-time portrayal of Rachel Dawes for Batman Begins, but you're probably more interested in the other reason she is here.

Holmes decides to let her white shirt hang open in The Gift, a scene that was famously also referenced in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Holmes also gets up to some pretty adult behavior in the movie Disturbing Behavior but does not bare it all.

2 Nicole Kidman From Batman Forever - Raunchy Scene: Big Little Lies

Now we wouldn't blame you if when you think of the big superhero franchises going on right now, you decide to forget some of the past ones like Batman Forever which starred Kidman, Tommy Lee Jones, Jim Carrey, and of course, Val Kilmer as Batman.

But the movie was still a huge success and earned over $336 million at the box office. But appearing it still can cement Kidman as a "franchise" actress in our books and it leads to us informing you of one of the more recent appearances of nudity. We aren't lying when we say the 39-year-old Nicole Kidman looks gorgeous in her birthday suit in Big Little Lies which is an active series on HBO.

Need another reason to watch? The series also stars the captivating Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, and Adam Scott.

1 Daisy Ridley From Star Wars - Raunchy Scene: Silent Witness

If you lived in Britain, there would be a pretty good chance that you would have at least heard of the long-running series Silent Witness. In case you are unfamiliar, the series follows a team of forensic pathology experts; similar to what you see on the show CSI. But one thing you wouldn't see in CSI? A topless Daisy Ridley, but that's exactly what viewers got during a season 17 episode.

Now granted the scene isn't sexual, as it features a dead Ridley lying in what appears to be a morgue, but she is without clothing nevertheless!

We don't have to bother spending nearly as much time talking about the other franchise you know her from, as people are going to spend the rest of her career talking about Star Wars.

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