15 Hot Final Fantasy Characters Men Secretly Fantasize About

In spite of what the title may suggest, Final Fantasy has had many permutations since its dynamic debut into the video game world in 1987. Spreading across gaming platforms with very nearly one hundred games and expansions, Final Fantasy has also toured with orchestras, been posted on the walls of fans, been played with in the form of action figures, been read in comics and tons of fan fiction, had thousands of cosplay adventures and photo shoots (for which many a young man are thankful), and has even hit the big screen with the iconic film semi-sequel of FFVII, as well as the latest FFXV, and the seemingly unrelated Final Fantasy film, The Spirits Within, directed by the creator of the FF franchise, Hironobu Sakaguchi, featuring Steve Buscemi.

There is a massive fan base for the games, and their merchandise, but one constant, since the dawn of Final Fantasy, remains to be the enticing and electrifying characters through which so many people frame and fantasize their lives. True of many Japanese games, like the Tekken franchise, or Tales series, the female characters are created in such a way to hook those green-gamer, pre-teen boys, hormones raging, and keep them gawking at their final fantasies all the way through adulthood, and no franchise has captured the hearts, minds, and masturbatory fantasies of men and women alike, quite so well as Final Fantasy. Now, of course, you're likely only here to see the selection of fantasies, so here is a modest selection of the 15 hottest fantasies to have graced our screens.

15 Crowe Altius


Though little is known about her, Crowe Altius, orphan from the outskirts of Lucis, has an affinity for magic and is the only female member of the Kingsglaive. Run out of her village, the only family she has ever cared to accept as her own is that of her fellow soldiers. Being able to conjure up flaming cyclones to hurl toward her enemies is not the only thing that's hot about this character. Her deep brown eyes, her form-fitting, back leather uniform, and her skill on a motorbike are more than enough to attract the attention of any man and, not to spoil it for those who haven't yet watched the film, sometimes incredibly unwanted attention. Given the three beautiful women who embody and voice this character (Alexa Kahn, Andrea Tivadar, and Ayumi Fujimura), it's absolutely no surprise at all that Crowe has swooped in to some people's fantasies.

14 Ashelia B'nargin Dalmasca


This barely legal beauty, Ashelia from FFXII, better known as Ashe, was once the Princess of Dalsmasca, and is the sole remaining child and heir of King Raminas, having lost her eight brothers and, eventually, her father. As innocent and vapid as she might physically appear above, Ashe is a feisty little sprite, hellbent on revenge. Determined, and proud to a fault, Ashe has lost many beloved friends and family members, as well as her rightful kingdom. Underneath the hard shell of indignity, and skimpy clothing, this atypical princess does have a sweet heart, and she wishes not only for her kingdom to be restored to its former glory as she sits, the queen of Dalmasca, but she also wishes for the love, and warmth of her past. While one might not consider such a singularly focused person as a viable lover, Ashelia B'nargin is just the type of pretty princess one might wish to know better; one who knows what she wants, will stop at nothing to get it, and will come on top every time.

13 Rinoa Heartilly


Rinoa is a staple fantasy among fans, and while you can't be convicted of thought crime, it should be noted that, according to FFVIII, Rinoa Heartilly is "just seventeen... you now what I mean". Perhaps it's that the fan base for Rinoa was of an age or younger when they played this Final Fantasy, and now that it is many years later, feel they have grown with her, though she remains the same age. Regardless, and keeping this segment within legal limits, Rinoa has many attractive qualities. Having rebelled against her father, joining a resistance group to fight the army he leads, Rinoa is a compassionate but naive woman. First off, for any would-be fantasy maker here, the fact that she's already rebelled against her father is a bonus, and that she is compassionate is more than welcome also. Her naivety could be welcomed, depending on how manipulative one is with one's fantasies. Inexperienced and a tease, Rinoa is an open book who just wants to be read.

12 Yuna


Determined to finish anything she starts, Yuna is a once pious person of faith, rather reserved, and removed from the world, turned adventurous, outspoken, and openly loving young woman. A certain typical level of naivety accompanies her, as with most Final Fantasy females of her character. Supporting, protagonist female characters in Final Fantasy seem to share a number of traits like naivety, shyness, sweetness, and an unhealthy desire for people to love them, and get along with them and those around them, and Yuna is no exception to these traits. Polite, playful and soft-spoken, Yuna does go for her own desires, but will often jump right into danger for the desires of others. What more could one want given this gun-wielding, booty-short-wearing, humanitarian summoner with a desire to make the desires of others come true? If none of this is attractive enough, then perhaps looking into either her eye of blue or her eye of green might entice? The David Bowie effect: making things immediately more attractive in an odd way.

11 Quistis Trepe


The hot librarian of the Final Fantasy world, this learned and rather reserved (exposing only her midriff) Final Fantasy character is Quistis Trepe. An educator in Balamb Garden, clad in her SeeD uniform and slim-framed, silver glasses, Quistis is a young teacher that many a man would love to receive a lesson from... and she has a whip. Not the only orphan on this list, Quistis tries to play the role of the 'big sister', and while she graces the world with a beautiful resting-bitch face, and a stoic manner, she really is a sweetheart inside. Caring for those around her, and wishing to be closer with them, she is held back slightly by her rank, and given her young age, she is disrespected by those below and above her. Regardless of the snubbing she can face from people, when she feels at home with close friends, Quistis is more than capable of being playful, and there are few who wouldn't want a striking, super-intellectual, whip-wielding, fun-playing teacher with a little bit of something to prove.

10 Edea Kramer


Edea, the married owner and operator of the orphanage where Quistis Trepe happened to have been raised, is a gentle and caring sorceress who, having received a message from a future version of one of her orphaned children that he would take an evil sorceress to task, endeavours with her husband to create SeeD and Garden to train their kids and others to combat evil. Little did Edea know that the evil sorceress the future man spoke to her about would be her. Possessed by Ultimecia, Edea fights the very children she worked so hard to raise and protect. Though rather demure and unassuming before possession, after possession, Edea's outfit becomes tight black leather, with a plunging, black-feathered neck line. Sweet enough day to day, and surely wicked when possessed, Edea has a very attractive Jekyll and Hyde vibe to her that attracts many a man to her villainy. In the end, she does find her way back to her subdued, sacrificing self, but no matter how much of a pain she is in game, players always find a fatal attraction to her.

9 Celes Chere


A former general of the Gestahlian Empire, Celes Chere, having committed deeds she lives to regret, turns her back on her masters, and proudly faces execution. Convinced, however, to instead join a rag-tag group of rebels (another common Final Fantasy theme), Celes avoids her date with death, and works to fight against the empire she was once so proud to be a leader in. With a form fitted body suit, that only covers from chest to ass, Celes wears thigh high boots, accentuating what there is to see of her long legs and pretty posterior. Adding a bright, white cape that, along with her blond hair, sets off her intensely blue eyes, this surprisingly young general has not only physical skill, and the rank to prove it, but an undoubted physical beauty that, amazingly, does not get her in too much more or less trouble when playing through FFVI. Though slow to trust, and to be trusted, Celes Chere yearns for love and companionship, and comes to find both preferable to rank and pride.

8 Lightning (Claire Farron)


In personality, basically the male version of Cloud Strife: aloof, reserved, calm, cool, and uncaring, and willing to leave anyone behind if it means she can continue to search for her sister, Lightning is somewhat of an anomaly in the Final Fantasy universe, which may make her even more attractive as such a rarity. The common trends of 'damsel in distress', as well as emotional and naive maiden, are stripped away when it comes to Lightning. She has the savvy and prowess, and emotional stunting of any male lead character from the Final Fantasy franchise. The main difference is that Lightning comes packed with soft, rose-coloured hair, and pale-blue eyes, below which she wears her Guardian Corps uniform with cut neck line, slight midriff, and a whole lot of leg. In addition to all of these lovely assets, Lightning also has the potential for change and does, in time, find her way to trusting others, and even showing them compassion as their ultimate heroine.

7 Aranea Highwind


Who wouldn't be attracted to a Final Fantasy character nicknamed 'The Dragoon'? most comfortable in the skies, surely the 'mile high club' would be an enticing concept to her. Unfortunately a non-playable, antagonist character in FFXV, Aranea Highwind is the Captain of the Niflheim Empire's 3rd Army Corps 86th Airborne Unit, leading a band of mercenaries under the command of the empire. A sharp, flirty, and devilish character, it is so far unknown just where Aranea's loyalties truly lie, given her mercenary status, but certainly she will be a formidable, and fanciful opponent and fantasy for many fans. Apart from her platinum-blond hair (staple hair colour of Final Fantasy's most beloved characters), and black and crimson armour, one need only look to her Japanese (Miyuki Sawashiro), and English (Kari Wahlgren - same voice for Ashelia) voice actors to get an idea of just how gorgeous and desirable Aranea is at completion.

6 Serah Farron


Serah is an interestingly bubbly character who, though she dresses like a naughty schoolgirl, is herself a primary school teacher, who has been given the nickname "Meanie Miss Farron"— in spite of her bubbly personality, she can be quick to anger, and can be rather scary. Such a powder keg deserves, for sure, to be on the list, especially given that she has alternate outfits, including skin tight, black tactical gear, as well as a magic-using outfit that is very reminiscent of Aeris Gainsborough, and just as strong-headed, and strong-willed as Aeris, Serah does come across as the updated version of the famed fantasy in pink. With the same rose-coloured hair as her older sister Lightning, tied up over her left shoulder, and brighter blue eyes, Serah does command the attention of others, without the need for words... though this know-it-all does have many at her disposal.

5 Oerba Yun Fang


Intense green eyes, dark, wavy hair, and olive skin— of which the gamer sees a lot— are the first striking features of Oerba Yun Fang. Clad in a black bra, a sari-esque wrap, and fur, there is not much left to the imagination when it comes to this fantasy. Exuding confidence, and arrogance, Fang will go to any lengths to protect the ones she loves, and while she does come across as bull-headed, quickly dry-witted, sarcastic, and impatient (adding a wicked bite to this Fang), she is, as all Final Fantasy females seem to be, compassionate, and caring underneath. Hiding her past from others, it comes as no shock that she forces her intense personality on people, seldom takes no for an answer, and is more than willing to fight to the death, alone if need be. Her forcefulness, and passion coupled with the sexy voice of the beautiful voice actor Rachel Robinson places this FF character as a very good candidate for fantasy.

4 Jihl Nabaat


Super-intelligence is often a turn-on, and with this FFXIII antagonist, that is an understatement. Lieutenant Colonel Jihl Nabaat is one of the great enemies of Lightning, Fang, and company, but in spite of her non-playable status, and her deep-seated villainy, Jihl is one of the most attractive fantasies the Final Fantasy universe could promote. Nearing that platinum blond pedestal so many FF characters inhabit, her luscious hair cascades down to her thighs, and her thin-framed, Quistis-like glasses give her a similar, striking librarian feel though, in regards to Jihl, this appearance is a front for her true, commanding, conquering, and crushing personality. Though human herself, Jihl holds herself above and apart from those beneath her rank, and considers them to be no more than peasants. Impatient, sometimes to a fault, Jihl enjoys observing people, flawed as they are, trying to make a go of life. A cold and calculating villain like this, wielding her baton, would be just the fantasy for any S&M gamers out there.

3 Tifa Lockhart


There has always been a battle between fans over which FFVII character is the hottest. People don't usually factor in Yuffie, and so the battle rages on, white hot, over whether Tifa Lockheart or Aeris Gainsborough is the true eye-candy of the game. Tifa is a stacked, sporty resistance fighter for AVALANCHE, a so-called terrorist group fighting to take down Shinra Inc. Though she is clearly fit, and incredibly well put together, she is deceptively strong physically, and rather shy emotionally, but that doesn't stop her from keeping her chin up, and aiming for positivity as often as is humanly possible. Her shyness, coupled with her lack of a detailed back story gives Tifa a darker and more mysterious quality compared to the seemingly naive but secretive brightness of Aeris. Dark mystery is more than enough to entice most men, but add to it an athletic physique, and a cheery mood, and there isn't much to dislike.

2 Cindy Aurum


Perhaps not a significant character to the story of FFXV, other than her ability as a mechanic, Cindy Aurum is, regardless, certainly one of the hottest Final Fantasy characters of all time. Maybe this is coming from the opinion of a country-born boy who loves the sexy, though slightly tom-boyish women, but Cindy is undoubtedly gorgeous. Slim, with short, curly blond locks, and somehow piercing, olive-green eyes, Cindy does not leave much to one's imagination with her cropped yellow jacket, zipped to just under her breasts, revealing an incredible amount of cleavage, barely held back by her bikini top. Not to mention the Daisy Duke, denim booty shorts, thigh-high stockings, and white boots to accentuate the black up her legs, with a loosely fitted belt slung over, and drawing focus to her prominent hips. If there are any gear-head gamers out there, it is certain that Cindy Aurum will be the fantasized poster girl of their garage, and for very good reason.

1 Aeris Gainsborough


Perhaps a bit of sentimentality on the part of the author here, but Aeris (or Aerith) Gainsborough: a sweet, youthful, innocent, undaunted, though seemingly naive woman, aged twenty two at the outset of FFVII, is perhaps one of the most popularly fantasized Final Fantasy characters in the entire franchise. With long, light-brown hair, plaited with a bow, lengthy and overtly defined bangs, and deep emerald green eyes, one is taken to daydreams as soon as one looks at her. The shin-length, light pink dress, and red bolero jacket, signature outfit of this divine specimen, seem only to set off her eyes, as well as her perceived innocence. Aeris is the last of an ancient people referred to as the Cetra, and while she may admit loneliness on that score, she makes friends quickly, and makes the most of her time with them. As keeper of the white materia, given to her by her mother, Aeris is the catalyst for Holy to save the planet. A beautiful orphaned girl, raised in the slums, hunted all her life, positive as the world is round, returning to the lifestream to save the planet... She is all one would want to love, and more than one ever could.

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