15 Hot Female Tekken Characters Every Man Dreams Of

For anyone who has ever played a Tekken game (or any fighting game for that matter), it is a given that almost every female character, nearly without exception, will be an overwhelmingly well-endowed doll with damn near perfect features or, if not perfect features, very badass ones that make scars sexy, or masks magnificent. Either way, these characters are always unbelievably busty and ludicrously long-limbed.

It's unsure here just what is more odd: that the developers of games like Tekken design their female characters to be so impossibly appealing, or that players expect this of the developers, and relish in the robustness of these fighting "babes".

Regardless of this absurd "chicken or the egg" conundrum, gamers still find their favourite bit of sex appeal, one or the other, in these fighting games and, while they may not play those characters, they enjoy, perhaps all too much, gawking at them, and finding unusual pleasure in watching them execute certain moves of an obscenely flexible nature.

That being said, it's time to take a little tour of some of the top female character selections to see just what is so special and appealing about them.

15 Anna Williams


Sister to Nina Williams, Anna seems to have a lot to prove to her sister. Both fight over who is responsible for their father's death, but to be fair, Anna hardly spent any time with her dear daddy in the final years of his life anyway. Regardless, Anna is characterized by her red, silk dress (which does sometimes appear in an alternate blue) and her cropped, bobbed, brunette hair... and of course one cannot forget the signature cleavage that tends to belong to all female game characters (though in spades with regards to Anna and the cut of her dress). Nowhere near as serious as her sister Nina, Anna is a sultry and seductive little sweetie which, as it happens, also makes Anna the more emotional of the two sisters as well... or at least the most vulnerably emotional of the two. Returning for all of the sequels, save for Tekken 4, Anna is the Aikido-trained sister, learning from her mother, and ready to kick ass to get her point across.

14 Asuka Kazama


Related, however distantly, to the tournament host Jin Kazama, Asuka makes her foray into the Tekken universe in game five. Having learned traditional martial arts from her father, Asuka has a strong sense of justice, though her manner with which to deal with certain situations revolves around her ability to punch the crap out of anyone who crosses her; originally entering the tournament to seek vengeance on someone for having entered her father's dojo, and beating each and every member, including her father, who was put in hospital. Rather arrogant with regards to her abilities, and more punchy than bashful, there is a slightly humorous (though more odd) moment at the end of the game where, having revived Jin (who has just transformed back to human mode from his previous devil boss mode), he startles, then collapses face first into Asuka's chest... for far too long a period of time. After realizing the embarrassment of the situation, Asuka, thinking for sure that Jin is a pervert (especially since he's family in one way or another), gives him a good, heavy-fisted blast to the face.

13 Eliza


Well here is a quirky and exploitative character. Eliza was chosen, by poll, as an exclusive character for Tekken Revolution, making the top three of characters presented on the Tekken Facebook page. A classy, and sexily-dressed vampire, one would expect some pretty cool moves to come from this character, and perhaps a somewhat dark storyline... instead, however, it turns out that Eliza is a narcoleptic and occasionally falls asleep during battle (though that does recover some of her health). In addition to the silliness of her character, she is the epitome of the "big-breasted female character with not much else going for her". Eliza, however attractive one might find her, makes a running joke about the women of fighting games sprint to the Nth degree. Upon sucking a victim's blood, Eliza's breasts noticeably expand, and that is certainly not the only ridiculous feature. Once unlocked, there are several alternate outfits that can be unlocked for her as well. The first being a bikini outfit, the second being larger breasts, and the third being a bikini outfit with larger breasts... Way to go Namco.

12 Emilie De Rochefort


First appearing in Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, Emilie De Rochefort is a sweet, and caring young girl, though one might not notice right away through her snobbery, and clearly affluent manner. The daughter of a peaceful, and non-violent oil magnate, Emilie gets a hankering for fighting after being kidnapped for ransom. Fighting her way to escape, she craves hand-to-hand combat, in spite of how caring she may be. Using vacations as a pretense, Emilie takes her father's private jet to travel to street fighting competitions around the world, eventually leading to her invitation the King of the Iron Fist tournament, where she hopes to take down the very people who have been causing trouble for her father and his business, which leads to her inadvertently bankrupting her father's business. No rich character can exist without some class rivalry, and therefore, the much poorer Asuka Kazama lives to provide that humorous high school class divide between her and Emilie, though Asuka has combat training, and Emilie thrives off her gymnastic training in battle.

11 Jaycee


Jaycee is a luchadora who makes her first appearance in Tekken Tag Tournament 2, but the character behind that luchadora outfit has been in the Tekken universe since the third instalment of the game. Julia Chang, left by her true family in the ruins of an ancient Native American settlement, is adopted by one Michelle Chang, who raises little Julia with care and love and then subsequently disappears along with several prominent martial artists, leading Julia to enter the tournament and find the truth. Her ultimate goal to reforest her home state of Arizona might be a lofty one, but makes this character not only a Native American stereotype, with a Chinese last name, and an alter ego as a Mexican wrestler, but also one of those environmental yuppies people criticize so much. It must be said that Namco really does know how to make players care about the incredibly deep, original, and gripping backstories of Tekken's female fighting roster.

10 Josie Rizal


Josie, being one of four characters leaked online early this past year, is a playable character for Tekken 7 (the other three characters were Jin, Devil Jin, and Gigas... a very equal and fitting selection). Adding fuel to that ever feministic fire, Josie has been known to be, from a young age, an incredible crybaby. To try and change this, Josie's parents enrolled her in kickboxing classes, much to Josie's initial displeasure, but having found enjoyment enough to make a living from competing in kickboxing, as well as modelling (two professions one could only imagine produce healthy environments for crybabies),  Josie has stuck with it and flourished. Somehow overcoming the pressures of modelling and kickboxing, Josie is given something far worse to cry about as her home country is ravaged by a typhoon. The Tekken Forces comes to the aid of the country, which leads to Josie's goal to enlist and become a Tekken Force member.

9 Christie Monteiro


Making her Tekken debut in the fourth instalment of the game, Christie is the granddaughter of the the very master who taught Eddie Gordo in the style of Capoeira (perhaps better known by the name of break-dance fighting). Swearing an oath to teach Christie, Eddie passes the torch to new blood, making room for yet another big-breasted, scantily-clad character and allowing there to be the pretense for Christie to enter the tournament via Eddie's disappearance. Of course these are characters from a fighting game, so one cannot expect incredibly deep character development or backstories. Either way, Eddie was certainly a fan favourite (for those who could master his devastating dance moves) and replacing him with Christie is perhaps a breath of fresh air, but more than likely just as said before, a way to make room for a new big-breasted character without changing up the character dynamics much from Eddie, given that they fight the same style.

8 Jun Kazama


A mysterious character, there is little directly known about Jun. Making her debut in Tekken 2, Jun is a wildlife protection officer of one sort or another, who leans heavily on the spiritual side of nature; making close bonds with the wilderness and the creatures all around her. The mother of Jin Kazama, Jun raised her son alone in the forest, protecting him from possession by the devil (though she clearly doesn't protect him forever). This rather seemingly innocent and demure Tekken character does have a darker side to her as well, never mind the possession of her son. She might love nature, and may think herself a spiritual, earth-mothering, hippie type, but she becomes the final boss in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Only known as... The Unknown. It doesn't help that Jun disappears for years at a time, leaving Jin all alone left to wonder who is responsible for her death, only to discover that she is one of the opponents in the tournament. Thankfully she does transform back to her human self after defeat, but she then vanishes from Jin's arms, which drives the devil gene in Jin to transform him as he flies into space... where an apparition of Jun consoles him, thus turning him back to normal— a complicated relationship to be sure.

7 Katarina Alves


Here is another Tekken 7 character, hailing form Brazil like Eddy Gordo, and Christie Monteiro, this very fit and surprisingly not as young, or ample-breasted-looking-as-most character, Katarina Alves, fights in the style of Savate, as opposed to the Capoeira style used by both Eddy and Christie. What is known of this stylish character is that she is sass-mouthed and proud of it; not afraid to tell others what she thinks— as loudly as possible. Running with a common theme of messed up family situations, loss, revenge, and adventuring, Katarina was orphaned at a young age, eventually adopted, though she didn't (at first) very much appreciate her adopted father. Then, of course, if it wasn't bad enough for her to lose her real parents, her would-be father disappears, so she then (you guessed it) registers to become a part of the tournament in order to find her father.

6 Kazumi Mishima


The occasional spattering of reference to this character is found in the Tekken universe a couple of time in the second instalment of games, as well as in an unofficial Tekken film (which surely was garbage, if Mortal Kombat is any glimpse into how well tournament-based fighting game films do at the box office). Kazumi is the wife of Heihachi, the mother of Kazuya, and the grandmother of Jin. How Heihachi ever landed such a sweet-looking woman would be mind boggling until it is revealed that Kazumi is in fact the main villain of Tekken 7. Perhaps not so surprising is that this demure and respectful fighter has a mean streak that is directed towards her husband and son, but she does as a fighter, present all proper manner before and after combat, even admitting how impressed she can be with certain characters' abilities. She fights in the style of her husband Heihachi, but can also bring her pet tiger to bare, unlike her husband who may have trained Kuma, but cannot use him in battle.

5 Kunimitsu


Kunimitsu, sadly, only appears in the first and second instalments of the canon Tekken franchise, but this could be because her character game play is not as intuitive and simple as many of the other characters; one actually has to think to use her effectively (though of course she appears again, a decade later, in the Tekken Tag games). A thief, joining the band of ninjas run by Yoshimitsu, this devious little, cat-like plunderer pilfers little amounts here and there from the ninja bands' stores, getting herself the boot from the clan. Learning of the tournament, Kunimitsu joins in order to walk away with a Native American treasure that Heihachi happened to steal from the tribes originally (part of the reason why Michelle enters the tournament). Returning to her grandfather, defeated and without having pilfered the Native American treasure (good to know that some times that can't happen), Kunimitsu learns of the value of Yoshimitsu's sword and enlists in the tournament the following year in order to take the sword so that her grandfather, a great swordsmith may study it and forge a copy of it.

4 Ling Xiaoyu


This adorable, at first difficult to play, childish but deadly character hit the Tekken stage in the third instalment, and has returned for every subsequent game since. The ultimate goal of this Chinese schoolgirl is to earn enough money through the tournaments to build the ultimate amusement park in China. Finding herself stowed away on one of Heihachi's ships, she is caught but lays waste to every crew member, leading to the appearance of the big boss man himself. Discovering his men defeated, he offers to build Ling the amusement park of her dreams, should she win the tournament. Upon completion of the game with Ling (who by the way has her own panda bear... an actual panda... not a stuffy), she is over the moon at the great "Xiaoyu Land"; bright, and fun, and full of everything she could want in a park— only to discover that she was daydreaming, and the true park built for her is a run down, dingy, and dark-looking place called Heihachi Land. Furious, Ling beats Heihachi and storms off in a huff... but apparently never gives up on her dreams.

3 Lucky Chloe


Here is yet another new character to look forward to in Tekken 7, though one might wonder just what the deal is with this flamboyant feline. Having been taken to a Japanese expo with her parents, Chloe was introduced to the wide world of idols. Wanting to become the world's greatest idol and naming herself Lucky Chloe, she hones the hell out of her dance moves, and takes pros down, one by one, putting them to shame. Although, for some reason, North Americans seem to hate her, her dance videos go viral, and Lucky Chloe becomes world famous. Working with the G Corporation, which of course has come to blows with Heihachi, Chloe has always got a smile on her face, even when in combat. Using her freestyle dance as the basis for her combat style, Chloe fights in a similar style to Eddy and Christie's Capoeira style, with regards to her upper body, but not so much with regards to her leg attacks.

2 Miharu Hirano


Making her Tekken debut in Tekken 4, Miharu Hirano is the best friend of Ling Xiaoyu, and is only playable as a palette alternate to Ling in Tekken 4. She does return in the Tag Tournament games with her own character slot though. At the end of Tekken 4, given that Miharu shares the same story line as Ling, the two characters are in an office, where Ling sits behind a large desk, seemingly having taken over as the Chief Executive Officer of the Heihachi Zaibatsu, and upon asking what she can do to help, having failed all of her college entrance exams, Miharu is asked to help Ling create, what appears out the window to be a gigantic amusement park. Playing into a huge Japanese stereotype, regarding young girls, huge amusement parks, and big, fluffy animals, Miharu is basically the skimpier version of Ling, simply devoid of a panda to walk around by her side.

1 Nina Williams


This incredible femme fatale makes her first appearance in the very first Tekken game and has been a part of every subsequent game since. Though, of course, very sexy, and ample-breasted, Nina is perhaps the most serious, most put together, and most powerful female character in the entire franchise, with devil versions of female characters as the only exceptions. As aforementioned at the top of the list, Nina and her sister Anna had some sort of feud over who was truly responsible for the death of their father, but too many things happen to these characters to really keep them at odds with each other. Nina is impregnated against her will shortly before going for a very long sleep, giving birth to Steve Fox, a playable character from Tekken 4 and onward. Both Nina and her sister Anna were then subsequently placed in cryogenic sleep for fifteen years to be experimented on, though keeping them young and nubile for the entire run of tournaments that they continue to compete in. Nina, a gorgeous and deadly assassin, is the star of her own action/strategy game, Death By Degrees.

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