15 Hot DC Heroines We Wish Were In The Justice League

Throughout the years, many (many, many) heroes have joined the Justice League... but surprisingly (and to our disappointment), these hotties haven't.

Surely everyone knows a few Detective Comics characters, in one way or another. And it's not hard to find one that's hot. Just look at almost any of the Batman films and one can find Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and more. One wonders what the skimpy outfits have to do with the agility and movements required for the situations they get themselves in. Regardless, no one is complaining that these comic book ladies are showing off their... "assets".

But with regards to female DC heroes... well there are probably over one hundred characters the average, casual comic book fan simply doesn't now. And as far as hot heroes you might wish to be in the Justice League...given that there are already one hundred and fifty members (from one point in time or another), it's hard to spot one who isn't already a member.

But here we still are. You may not recognize all of the characters listed here, but there are some obvious ones you might be surprised to find are not already a part of the JLA. Either way, here are fifteen hot, female DC heroes you might wish were in the Justice League.

15 Batgirl

Batman is such an incredibly huge part of the Justice League (especially considering his ego). That fact alone might convince you that Batgirl naturally made her way on to the team. Simply by being one of the bats. But that's sadly not the case. Hell, not even Robin makes it as a sidekick on the Justice League. The reason for this is that he had a heavier story line on Teen Titans. But given how many parallel universes there are in DC, that shouldn't have made a difference. Now think about how popular Robin is as a character. Now make him a hot woman, with a better outfit, better abilities, and better...assets. It's a no-brainer that, of the main JLA characters, there should be a hotter addition. Wonder Woman is great, but a little too severe. Especially compared to Batgirl, who is all curves, and cunning. She'd be a great addition (or two) to the team.

14 Cary Wren

Sure, there is bound to be a Green Lantern of some sort from the corps, in order to really give the Justice League a boost. So why not let that Lantern be a hot, and unbelievably powerful woman? Hal Jordan is cool and all...and so is Ryan Reynolds, but come on. There's no contest when it comes comparing men and women in superhero outfits. The tight fit always favours the woman. And in the case of Cary Wren, she only ever used her power to save people...and not build some creepy sculpture of another existing member of the JLA (yeah this happened with another Green Lantern who was apparently a stalker). And the only reason why Wren is a Lantern in the first place is because she shares the genetics of another Lantern, from a different era in time. So she has no agenda whatsoever. She's just good, good at what she does, and good looking.

13 Star Girl

So many people probably have now idea who the hell this superhero is. And before I started researching DC characters who weren't in the Justice League, I had no idea either. She might look like a Captain America rip off...but there's one big difference. No guy playing Captain America looks as hot as this. And if a cosplay this smoking can be done of a character no one has ever really cared much about, then imagine what could happen if people started to care! Now this character was originally called the Star-Spangled Kid (because she was a Captain America rip off). But DC just hasn't tried to capitalize on what could be a great success. She took her new name Star Girl to honour the legend of Star Man. So not only is she hot as hell, but she's even a David Bowie fan! Those seem like two good enough reasons to join her up.

12 Catwoman

Yeah, Yeah, Catwoman is a villain (sometimes). And cards on the table: she's not the only villain to appear on this list who should become a member of the Justice League. First of all, Catwoman's start to her vigilante career was all about doing good, and representing women. And if she wants to represent women in a tight, stitched leather body suit...far be it from me to take that away from her. And hey, if that particular Justice League version of Catwoman could be Michelle Pfeiffer circa 1992, then even better! Or Halle Berry, circa 2004.  She could even be Anne Hathaway circa any time she was of legal age, and that would certainly suit any fan. The point is, it's hard to mess up making Catwoman hot, and her goals were never about being a villain (At least not until Batman showed up and turned her into one). So why not let her join?

11 Batwoman

So here we go. In sound at least, it's as if Batman, and Catwoman had some incredibly hot offspring, and they called her Batwoman. But realistically that would be very strange since Batwoman originally had a thing for Batman. It turns out that Batgirl was her sidekick for a time (which makes sense). And also, in her modern rendition, she is a lesbian. Now sure that might not mean that much for many people. People are of course very accepting, and that is the same for at least some JLA members. But the point that is being missed here with this detail is that that could mean some very interesting story lines. After all, Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman was a bit flirtatious with absolutely everyone, including other women. Maybe there's something to come of that fact. If Catwoman can't have Batman, then why not get into it with Batwoman in a very sexy way?

10 Harley Quinn

Yes, again, another villain...of sorts. She did, after all, join up (or was forced to join) the Suicide Squad. She's not incapable of doing good. She's just very good at being bad. It might have something to do with her being completely bat-sh*t insane. But given that Batman is also a little bat-sh*t, there shouldn't be any trouble in that department. And besides all of that, she's certainly hot. And even beyond that, she's hotter, and more interesting than most of the possible candidates for the Justice League. Even more than most current, or former members of the  Justice League. Sometimes you just need someone on your side who is ready to hit every base. Who wouldn't want a home run with this bit of crazy? Unless it actually had something to do with that bat she's got...either way, Harley Quinn would be a perfect addition to the JLA.

9 Star Sapphire

Now who reading this right now has ever heard of Star Sapphire? If you have, congratulations! You've earned...some degree of nerdy respect. But ultimately who has to know who she is? Just look at the outfit that this cosplayer is wearing! That is the signature outfit of Star Sapphire! How she keeps her breasts in check is beyond anyone's guess. When even the cosplayer has to hold them up just to be able to get a shot of the outfit without flashing the's then that you know they've got the right outfit for the job. Maybe she can make a good pass at Batwoman. One might notice the ring that doesn't match this girl's outfit. Essentially Star Sapphire is very much like one of the Lanterns (and is in fact part of what is now called the Violet Lantern corp). So essentially, much like the female Green Lantern above, the Justice League would get the same phenomenal, and cosmic powers....but a way hotter wielder of those powers.

8 Katana

And here she is, the last of the big baddies on the list. Some may have flirted one way or the other, at one time or another. But Katana is the last, and perhaps even the most skilled of the villains on this list. And given her abilities in combat, why the hell wouldn't she be a good addition to the Justice League. Sure, her dead husband's soul is trapped in her blade, so that might make some things a bit awkward. But ultimately, she'd be a great force for good. After all, she's not really a villain. She's just a really badass vigilante who wants to free her husband's soul. And in that process, she also works at freeing the souls of all the others who have been trapped in the blade. The only strange thing about that, is that a soul is trapped when slain by the blade. Considering the number of people she's killed...she just keeps adding souls, and then working to free them. At least she'll never be bored with the League.

7 Phantom Lady

Depending on which iteration of Phantom Lady one goes by, she was one of the earliest female superheroes out there. That's already a great start for being considered a member of the Justice League (with more experience than all of them). There was also an eighties version of Phantom Lady, who was a famous actor, and incredible scientist. The above version of Phantom Lady however, is a bit younger, and simply the daughter of a murdered journalist. The mini man in her hand is Dane Maxwell who is the genius behind this rendition of Phantom Lady. He created the suit she wears (of course a guy fashioned the form-fitted, zip-up suit). But the suit isn't just revealing. It's also concealing. It gives Phantom Lady the ability to turn invisible, as well as manipulate shadows. Imagine the possible antics there. And of course an invisibility cloak couldn't hurt in the Justice League.

6 Dawn Granger

Dawn Granger, or Dove, if one would like to refer to her equally unknown superhero name. She's really only a superhero because of responding to voices in her head. When her mother is trapped in an embassy, due to a terrorist attack, Dawn is met with voices. They offer her power to deal with the situation...which she of course takes. And she is then transformed into Dove. The Dove powers only occur when Granger is in the suit. And she can only transform into Dove when there is danger about. She has a sort of "spidey sense". In addition to that, she can fly, she is incredibly agile, and durable...and she can also focus her radiance into an intense beam of light. This can be used to light a darkened passage, or to blind enemies. Either way, it never hurts to be able to fly without the help of technology (like in the case of Batman).

5 Holly Granger

"You're pretty tough. But I'm a war machine. I'm unstoppable. I can tear through a tank, a battleship, an entire army. I'm built for this." If that one quotation isn't enough to make Holly a candidate for the Justice League, then just look at the physique on her in the picture above. Holly's superhero name is Hawk. Now, there was another Hawk at one point. The only problem is that he used to powers of chaos, and turned against Dove. Holly, who one might have guessed by her last name, is Dawn's sister. While Holly is a bit more aggressive than her sister (and who doesn't mind that), she is able to use the power of chaos for good. Both Holly and Dawn were members of the Teen Titans, and they worked pretty damn well together. Hawk also becomes a Black Lantern at one point, which is one hell of a story line. Either way, getting the sister duo in the Justice League could really spice things up a bit...

4 Dawn Star

Those wings are not just for show. Those are indeed a part of Dawnstar. A native from the planet Starhaven, this superhero can breathe in space without aid...and obviously can fly. If those are not fit enough reasons to accept her into the Justice League, then just gaze at the orgasmic look she has on her face as she soars through the air in her very tight suit. Who knows...maybe Phantom lady is up there with her? Aside from her ability to fly (at light speed mind you), and to survive in space...she can even track any living being from light years away! So not only is she stunning, but she's also more useful, than almost any other member of the JLA already. Even if she was dumb as a post, she could still race Batman to the Moon, beat him, and not need tech assistance to do it! I think it's time some heroes stepped aside, and let Dawnstar take the reins for a bit.

3 Raven

Alright, so she clearly has contacts in her eyes...but she's still a very attractive cosplayer. And she is cosplaying one of the original founders of the Teen Titans. Thankfully though, the above cosplayer is old enough so as not to make this entry creepy. Raven, who is part demon, can teleport, astral project, and heal. Not a bad start for superhero. She also has prophetic dreams, and is able to grasp intentions, and justifications of others' actions very easily. And besides, there aren't enough pallid, and pretty members of the Justice League already. Most of them are bronzed, and brazen women, or jacked up jocks in spandex. Why not give this demonic mediator a try? There might be less warring. And everyone knows what people want instead of! So maybe she'd help open the door for a few sexy escapades...or sexcapades.

2 Wonder Girl

Wonder Woman is part of the Justice League. So why in the name of all that is holy, is Wonder Girl not? It just makes no sense to me. Like how Batgirl, or Batwoman aren't a part of the JLA, but Batman is. Now sure, Donna Troy (the original Wonder Girl) did manage to find a spot in the JLA. But let's get it all out right now: this Wonder Girl is the daughter of Zeus! That's right: "father of Apollo? Mount Olympus? Don't f*ck with me or I'll shove a lightning bolt up your ass?" It also helps her cause that she's got certified, godly gear. She has the sandals of Hermes, as well as the gauntlet of Atlas. So she's super fast, super strong, and part god. She also has a few additional power boosts that she got from her daddy when she became a teenager. The only issue with that is that Zeus made sure Wonder Girl's mom could disable her powers whenever she wanted (but this was hardly ever used). Imagine this girl when she gets to college...

1 Elasti-Girl

Now there's a reason for the framing of this photo. She is meant to look gigantic. Though Elasti-Girl has appeared in Justice League comics, she is a member of the Doom Patrol. It would do the JLA a world of good to recruit her though. She can grow hundreds of feet tall, and shrink down to a tiny little thing as well. It's like if Ant Man were a woman, and hot. In addition to her size shifting, Elasti-Girl has a number of other powers. They include: elasticity (which would make sense), duplication, healing, super strength, and chameleon-like abilities. Like so many of the hottie heroines above, Elasti-Girl already surpasses the abilities of many of the Justice League members. So why not replace a few with the hot superheroes listed here? The only thing it could do is make the Justice League even more powerful than it already is with its one hundred and fifty members.

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15 Hot DC Heroines We Wish Were In The Justice League