15 Hot Cosplays That All Nerds Will Love

When trying to decide which shows or hobbies make someone a "nerd", the answer may vary depending on who you talk to. You'll be happy that the level of variety is reflected below as we present a list full of gorgeous women from no shortage of mediums.

Such as the comic book world, where we have Riley Reid's take on Harley Quinn, a much sexier look at the Spider-Man universe and a Supergirl that you're going to think is super (...we couldn't resist).

Speaking of not being able to resist, you better believe that the Star Wars universe can't get completely ignored including perhaps the sexiest take on Slave Leia that you're ever going to see and a Rey that might be even hotter!

And given that Game of Thrones is just around the corner, we even have a take on Margaery Tyrell that may even be more captivating than Natalie Dormer.

Trust us, it doesn't matter if you've seen the shows, played the games or read the comics; if you're into sexy women, then you've come to a right place to spend the next few minutes of your day.

15 Enji Night - Supergirl

There is no shortage of powers that Superman and Supergirl possess to make them formidable foes in any battle. But for the cosplayer Enji Night, she may rely on her overt sexuality to help turn the tides more than you would ever come to expect of Melissa Benoist who takes on the role of Supergirl in the television series.

Granted, Benoist has had some photos leak of her in the past of her getting into some pretty "adult" situations, so we suppose neither Benoist or Night are strangers to stripping it off for the camera. The only difference is Benoist wasn't expecting her photos to become public knowledge!

Night, on the other hand, is one of the most popular Cosplayers with over 330,000 followers on Instagram. Perhaps because she is definitely not shy about showing off her body!

14 Misty

If you grew up in the 90s, you may agree that you couldn't go long before finding a kid that was glued to his Gameboy. And if you weren't busy playing Pokemon anytime you got a chance, you were probably busy checking out the television show.

So naturally, we're sure you also wouldn't be alone if you thought Misty was a pretty awesome girl growing up. Which is great when you consider that Misty is also one of the most popular cosplay outfits there is.

And judging by the looks of the cosplayer that we have above, it's clear that she too is plenty familiar with going for laps in the pool! While we're sure Ash, Brock and perhaps even a Pikachu were not far behind, there may not be a more visually appealing member of the Pokemon world than Misty.

13 Kayla Erin - Velma

Jinkies, if you were trying to solve the mystery of who the most attractive cosplayer on our list is; you may have found your answer with our above entry! Just in case you may not be aware, the above look is Velma from the iconic television show Scooby-Doo. 

The series was also made into several live-action films, but they didn't do quite as well as they had hoped. We're sure if they had cast Kayla Erin, who you see above, there may have been a bit of a different vibe to the movies!

Erin has been a cosplayer since 2012 and hails from Australia. While she's keeping her clothes (mostly) on in the above photo, that definitely isn't the case with some of her cosplays - making her one of the more adventurous women on our list.

12 Slave Leia

If we were to describe movie scenes that are forever going to be etched in your mind, one that may hold a high place is the introduction of Princess Leia in her slave outfit. As if the Star Wars legacy wasn't badass enough, it introduced one of the hottest things out there - and perhaps understandably has left cosplayers inspired to give their own interpretation of the look.

While some of the cosplays definitely push the barrier far further than Carrie Fisher ever would, we're sure you're not arguing about the amount of skin we have shown in the cosplayer that is pictured above.

To be fair, there is no way of telling if she is super into Star Wars or not; but we're sure she'd still love to hear all your pick-up lines revolving your lightsaber!

11 Wonder Woman

If you want to identify cosplays that are going to become popular, you just need to look at the main trends in the video game or entertainment world. See for example all the various Harley Quinn's that came out, not that you're complaining about that! And with the latest huge hit at the box office (and with critics!) being Wonder Woman, you better believe you're going to be seeing a lot of the Amazonian princess all over every convention.

It was already inevitable, but the movie succeeding as much as it has all but locks it in. That being said, you may very well be staring at the sexiest Wonder Woman cosplay that you're going to see all summer.

At the very least you have to admit that she has the pose down and that's really half the battle!

10 Elissa Laurenne - Venom

Elise Laurenne also has a pretty bitching mask that she can put on to cover her face, but we're sure you don't mind getting to take a good look at her. With close to 1 million followers on Instagram, Laurenne is hoping to make a name for herself as a model. It definitely helps that she has cosplay outfits that clearly are tight to her body!

Before you get any ideas though, it's reported that most of her outfits are made by her boyfriend. Outside of cosplay, Laurenne also works as a Suicide Girl model as well as working on MyFreeCams.

With an Instagram page that is filled with Laurenne in various states of undress (...and her cute puppy), it's clear that she is comfortable putting her body on display - so why not do so sometimes while nerding out!

9 Riley Reid - Harley Quinn

One of the most popular designs in the last few years for Cosplayers has been Harley Quinn. While we don't know if anyone out there looks quite as good as Margot Robbie did when she stepped into the lead role, we're sure you aren't minding all the various women that have attempted to take on the look.

Especially considering that like Robbie, most cosplayers opt for little clothing! You better believe that was going to be the case for Riley Reid who took on the iconic DC character in her own version of Suicide Squad. Granted Reid works in a very different type of film industry!

While Reid's film may not have had the budget of Suicide Squad, you may find it a lot more enjoyable to sit through.

8 Amouranth - Rey

If we started describing characters from the Star Wars universe that have sex appeal, Princess Leia may always be the first person that is going to come to your mind.

But after seeing Daisy Ridley rock out as Rey, there is definitely a chance that she may take over in many people's eyes as being the sexiest woman in all the galaxy.

Though your chances of seeing Ridley in a slave outfit are probably pretty slim!

One thing that isn't worth debating, is if the cosplayer Amouranth looks outstanding as Rey because the answer is clearly yes.

Amouranth is no stranger to stripping off her clothes (or making sure they're tight!) for a variety of cosplay characters, we're sure much to the delight of her 360,000+ followers on Instagram.

7 Jessica Nigri - Rikku (Final Fantasy)

Whether or not you love staring at photos of Jessica Nigri, there is no denying that she is arguably one of the most popular cosplayers in the entire world.

There is no shortage of characters that she has taken on over the years, but we're going to have to let our bias for Final Fantasy show (at least a little bit) and select her jaw-dropping rendition of the character Rikku.

And while the haters of Nigri may claim that all she does is show off her body, she did admit that she made her entire outfit for Rikku so at least you need to give her some credit there!

With over 4 million followers on her Facebook page, it's clear that the love for Nigri isn't going to go away anytime soon.

6 Holiday D.Va's

One of the most captivating elements of the videogame Overwatch is the various events that they pepper in through the year. Included in the events, some of which are Holiday based, are specialized skins that you can only get by playing during the event.

Sadly, not every character can get a skin for every event and this past Winter several heroes were left out in the cold during the winter event - including D.VA who is a favorite among Cosplayers.

That wasn't going to slow down the two gorgeous women above, however, who created their own D.Va inspired bodysuits.

Blizzard would be smart to keep the photo close at hand if they decide to give D.VA a skin next December.

5 Xenia Shelkovskaya - Margaery Tyrell

If we're going to be completely blunt here, you definitely don't need to be a "nerd" to enjoy Game of Thrones. But are you really surprised that we couldn't find a way to leave the above photo out of our list?

There is no denying that Natalie Dormer set a high bar and was impossible to keep your eyes off of anytime she stepped onto the scene in Westeros. We just wish she had stuck around for longer!

The above cosplay was done by Xenia Shelkovskaya who also self-professes that she is a "gamer-girl", so you may even know how to break the ice if you ever run into her.

Xenia currently has roughly 69,000 followers on her Instagram account. We wouldn't blame you if you made subscribing to her channel something you do in the near future.

4 Princess Zelda - Kawaiihero91

As we take a look at the above photo, it is clear that the model took some serious inspiration from Princess Leia and her slave outfit. And while you may not see Princess Zelda and have your mind immediately go to what she would look like in chains, we're sure you aren't hating on us for helping bring that image to life.

The above photo was posted to Deviantart by KawaiiHero91, but her real name is Tiffany Jo.

Her profile on Facebook also shares her Xbox Gamertag and while that may open the door to far too many creepy messages, at least it also helps re-affirm the fact that Tiffany is no stranger to the video game world.

3 Vera Zaitceva - Elizabeth (BioShock Infinity)

We traveled around the world to bring you some of the sexiest cosplays to ever exist. That trend continues with the above entry which comes from Russia.

It was Vera Zaitceva who uploaded the Cosplay back in 2013, but you may not be surprised to hear that she has been cosplaying since 2008. She has also admitted that she always tries to do her favorite characters - which means like you perhaps, she spent some serious time playing Bioshock: Infinite.

While the above cosplay may not show off as much skin as some of our entries on the list, you have to admit that it probably would have looked pretty weird - at least for this character.

With an active Instagram page including several posts this week, you can be sure that Vera isn't planning to slow down anytime soon.

2 Soldier 76 Ready For The Beach

There are some cosplayers out there who are not actually super into video games. You better not make that mistake with Hailey S though who is easily one of the most passionate cosplayers there is. Including peppering throughout her Facebook page that she is a huge gamer and just wants to share her passion with the world.

And judging by the fact that she is rocking a (much sexier) version of Soldier 76 in the above photo, something tells us that she is probably a huge Overwatch fan.

While we aren't going to be expecting the character in the game to show off that much skin anytime soon, we're sure you don't mind Hailey's confidence!

You can believe she was in everyone's sight.

1 Andy Rae - Battle-Torn Snow White

Does Disney fall under a "nerdy" category? I mean sure, it's not the nerdiest thing in the world, but there is no denying that once we came across this outstanding cosplay that Andy Rae has put on that we had to include it on our list. Plus people seem to think it's pretty dorky that I'll spend at least a portion of every day singing Disney music!

Though we're very sorry if looking at her rendition of a battle-ready Snow White ends with you having any of the songs from the movie stuck in your head (and extra sorry if the song is "Heigh-Ho It's Off To Work We Go"!)

Rae is one of the most exciting up and coming cosplayers and currently has over 223,000 followers on her Instagram account.

We're sure if she elected to take on the other Disney princesses that her numbers would continue to soar!

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